BBC deletes appalling tweet blaming Clapham Common vigil for police violence

But not in time to prevent yet more Establishment shame being captured

The BBC has deleted a tweet it posted this evening blaming those holding a vigil for murdered London woman Sarah Everard for shocking scenes of police violence.

The Corporation initially tweeted describing a “confrontation with police at ‘unsafe’ vigil” – ‘confrontation’ being a common Establishment media term for one-sided violence by those they support – after police waded into people gathered at a peaceful protest remembering Ms Everard and protesting against violence against women.

The BBC has now deleted the tweet after it provoked outrage, with one claiming that “Clashes break out between police and people attending a vigil for Sarah Everard in Clapham, London“, followed by another advising that “This tweet replaces an earlier tweet, which has been deleted following an update to the story’s headline“:

In tragic irony, footage taken at the vigil included police aggression toward mourners as horrified women called out in protest:

Labour MP Jon Trickett was one of the most outspoken against the conduct of police, pointing as well to the government’s ‘spycops’ bill legitimising state-sponsored violence against members of the public – a bill passed in a vote in which Keir Starmer whipped Labour MPs to abstain:

The Reclaim These Streets group issued a statement condemning the police for ‘manhandling women’ and working against the vigil instead of working with organisers:

Shame on the BBC and all those complicit in tonight’s scandal.

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  1. Cressida Dick should resign. Either she approved taking this inappropriate and provocative action or she’s lost control of her police force and should resign anyway. The Commander should also be checked out and uncover which script he was following, Metpol or one of his own?

      1. If you want to encourage others to sign this petition perhaps it would be helpful if you provided a link to it.

      2. I just found it in no more than 5 seconds, SteveH.

        You should take your own advice and learn how to use Google — the clue is at the end of the post.

      3. PW – Well bully for you, aren’t you a clever little boy/girl. My point was that if you are going to encourage others to sign a petition then it is sensible to provide a link because most people can’t be arsed to do a search. It’s just common sense really.
        Is there a reason that you also keeping the link a secret?

      4. Paul – Could you please explain what in my comment
        “If you want to encourage others to sign this petition perhaps it would be helpful if you provided a link to it.”
        led you to this conclusion.
        My comment is quite neutral and offers helpful advice, what’s your problem?

      5. It’s the way you address people as ‘little girls or boys’. Condescension at its most vulgar. You should apologise. ‘Nasty little man’ however will stick.

      6. Paul – Is mildly mocking someone for a stupid and childish attempt at one-upmanship really being nasty. What a sensitive little sole you must be. How on earth do you manage to get through each day

        ps: As everyone rather bizarrely appears to be incapable of providing a direct link.here’s the URL to the petition mentioned above.
        and yes it was easy to find, but my point was and still is that if you want to encourage others to sign a petition it is advisable to make the process as easy as possible. Do you disagree with this point.

      7. Paul – Soul

        Was your response intended to be deep and meaningful.

      8. Paul – Ha, Ha how Hilarious. Unfortunately I’m no better informed by what your response of “Soul” meant.

      9. Paul – My apologies, I hadn’t appreciated that you were distracting us by referring to my typo.

      10. I happily accept your apologises. I’m flattered to be graded a Distractor by the Great Distractor himself, somebody who knows what they’re talking about. You are good at it though I’ll give you that. Here I am talking to you about how to spell Soul while the World sails by. A Master time waster!

      11. Paul – It is hardly my fault that you chose to start this off with your silly insults. You are the one wasting your own time, please don’t blame me for your own failings

    1. Dick is a dangerous woman. She left the police force for a couple of years to work for MI6 when there was an investigation into rendition and torture. The sympathetic face on the news is a mask. I think she’s as hard as nails and fanatically pro establishment.

    2. Let us not forget also that it was the utter, panicky, incompetence of Cressida Dick in 2005 that led to the totally unnecessary shooting of the totally innocent Jean Charles de Menezes on the London Underground (folowed by a blizzard of mass media fake news cover-up bogus ‘eye witness’ bollocks afterwards) . From Wikipedia: ” In the immediate aftermath of 21 July 2005 London bombings, she was the gold commander in the control room during the operation which led to the death of the Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes, wrongly identified as a potential suicide bomber.”.

      Yet the Establishment saw this obviously judgement-weak, prone to panic, person to be Metropolitan Commissioner a few years later ! Obviously utter loyalty to the status quo trumps competence. But then we’ve recently seen that clearly too with the coronation, and mass media coverage honeymoon, of the ex DPP and Trilateral Commission’s creature , Keir Starmer, as Labour Leader !

    3. This is standard stuff. Why the outrage? Am I the last living picket in Britain, even though I remember 000’s of us even quite recently?

      1. I wouldn’t underplay what the effect of financial penalties will be on all sorts of organisations. It’s been an effective deterrent for serious crime and is rapidly becoming the favourite law enforcement method. It saves on a lot of very expensive prison space but keeps the defendant in total hoc to the Magistrates Court for not just months but literally years with requirements to make repeated financial disclosure and Court appearances. It provides an excellent jumping off point if further surveillance is required for ‘persons of interest’. And many will finish up paying, maybe having to up the mortgage if they ‘own’ a house. When they throw a £10,000 fine at you it’s a net that captures you in their Spooky digital police- judicial world.

  2. The BBC is getting even more right wing. This morning there was an interview by the right wing Amal Rajan with ultra right winger Andrew Neil. Basically it was free publicity for Neil’s new right wing TV channel.

  3. Sadly Dick has neither shame or empathy nor do the majority of those under her command

    1. She empathises with the thugs, torturers, military assassins and women beaters.

    2. Response to lundiel: the BBC is not run by the ‘Rothchilds’ whoever ‘they’ are. We have to look elsewhere for analysis as I am sure you do.

  4. There is worse to come

    Priti Patel’s new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021
    This is the work of a fascist state. I would like to describe it otherwise. I do not think that possible. When a state has the right to have someone imprisoned for being seriously annoying a line had been crossed. We will have crossed it if the Act becomes law, as no doubt and inevitably, it will.

      1. Labour Campaign for Free Speech meeting earlier was excellent. Jonathan Cook was brilliant he pretty much said it was useless arguing with Zionists, they are too brainwashed. They have to be confronted and demolished in the media without fear or appeasement.

      2. Come on, Skwawkbox – this “Zionist State” nonsense, and the previous nonsense by the poster, ‘Ellie’, is quite clearly anti-Semitic , a mindless anti-Semitic dog whistle bigoted slogan, not based on any serious analysis. And yet it gets six ‘Likes’ ! Such is the crap politics of too many who somehow consider themselves ‘Left Wing’ on social media . Anti Semitism is still, after a hundred years ” the socialism of fools”.

        And re thetiresome paid troll , posting as , SteveH’s, mischievous post, no matter how authoritarian the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill undoubtedly is , it is most undoubtedly NOT ” the work of a fascist state2 . FFS, all you daft little exaggerating snowflakes who seriously think our current bourgeois democratic state, even under the corrupt, cronyist Tories, bears any similarity with a real ‘fascist state’, need to do some solid reading on what life (and death) for minorities and Lefties was really like in history’s various fascist or military/fascist states, eg, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, Argentina, or even the clerico- fascist theocracy of Iran today . If we ever reach ‘fascist state’ status in the UK you’ll quickly notice the difference , not least because all Left-wingers will have all been rounded up and imprisoned – in conditions definitely lacking in internet access – or of course , freedom from random torture and execution ! ( though for too many soft, middle class, Lefties today the withholding of internet access alone would be viewed as torture in itself !).

      3. Jpenney – It’s not my fault that you are so politically naïve.

      4. jpenney, facism starts somewhere and it’s often in a country’s institutions of law and order such as the police and their bosses who give them the nod to rough up members of the public. If it is not quickly nipped in the bud it can escalate into full blown facism, particularly when there is a right wing government in charge, which itself gives little regard to the law and truth. Anything sound familiar?

        As for the remarks about Zionism, because of those in charge, the BBC has a pro Zionist agenda and it will always tone down or not comment on Zionist actions against the Palestinians. Nor will it ever allow a meaningful debate with well informed protagonists about the racist nature of Zionism for fear the public will become too well educated about the true nature of Zionism.


    1. There are few more obnoxious than Patel
      If she had her way she’d bring back capital punishment.

      1. There’s always someone. Some are very close to home. She is vile and someone at some stage of her development, told her she was geourgous. All that suffering for a knee trembler.

    2. It’s really serious. It will effectively close down mass protest. I wonder if they’ve considered the alternatives left open to those unhappy? I imagine this lot will say ‘Bring it on’?

    3. Is being seriously annoyed as bad as being offended? Good post by the way.

  5. The £10,000 fines are here to stay it seems and will have quite an influence when you consider it. Unlike any other financial penalty imposed by the law there is no financial enquiry to see if the defendant can afford such a large sum. It is a fixed sum imposed by police with no suggestion of graduating the fine as would be normal, it’s immediately £10,000.. as soon as it became law police gave one to Piers Corbyn -and then another. It shows how easy it is to target ‘ringleaders’. So with Patel deciding a mass protest might be too noisy or a nuisance the 10 grand tickets can be showered out. Send an email about the event and you’re ‘an organiser’. It’s surprising there hasn’t been a stringer blow back. There is no information about how many Appeals there have been and any results.

    1. A magistrates court yesterday reduced a £10,000 to £100 but only because of a technical issue, the law having been incorrectly stated. The magistrate expressed astonishment that such huge fines could be imposed without any enquiry if they could ever pay it and what effect trying to pay it might have on the family of the accused. Normally magistrates are dealing with fines of maybe £100 and even then have to find ways of mitigating the damage by for example ordering £5 a week from people on benefits but to pay back £10,000 that way would take a lifetime. No doubt we’ll see how the higher courts deal with contested claims and what to do with people who simply don’t have £10,000 and in fact have never had such a sum and almost certainly never will. It probably sounds a reasonable sum to Tories who have little idea of working class budgets. Hopefully people will contest the fines. A straight £10000 fine for speaking out of turn (and note it’s never say £8000 for less culpability but always the maximum.) is oppressive and typical of how this dreadful government thinks.

      1. As I understand it people are entitled to reject a FPN in which case they will be tried in the magistrates court who will if they find them guilty set the fine. The drawback for the accused is that if they are found guilty in the magistrates court then they will have a criminal record whereas with the FPN they would not.

      2. So it will cost £10,000 to keep you from getting a criminal conviction? Ok if you can afford it but how many have that sort of money in their bank accounts? It’s a badly drafted law that will rumble on for some years blighting people’s lives. If they protest there’s always another FPN that can be served; I wonder how many will be deemed acceptable? People with equity in their homes might be expected to pay up for 10? There seems no limit on the number that can be issued. Some people already have 3 = £30,000. The Labour Party says nothing presumably thinking it’s an excellent income earner and a way to keep ‘troublemakers’ under control?

      3. Paul – I suppose that will all depend on whether they have been found guilty of breaking the law or not.

  6. Can’t find a direct link to ‘ripples’ but just follow this:
    Type http://www.make@r.ippl.es into your search bar [don.t forget the full stops].
    One of the links you will see is About us – Ripples. Click on that
    Near the bottom of the page click on Campaigns
    The petition can be found on that page (along with many others that could be of interest).
    I think that, once you have signed a petition, you will get alerts about new petitions.
    Hope this helps

  7. The duty of any police force is to protect the public from harm. Yet it’s clear they’ve decided that their own reputation has been damaged. So have decided it’s far more important to try to defend their reputation by mishandling this protest.

  8. The Beeb obviously calculated that it had made a PR mistake. It had – not a good idea to bat for the Met using excessive force against women when a young woman had been murdered and someone who was a member of the Met has been charged with the crime.
    The Beeb is a big problem though. It see its’ function as projecting the narrative of the state. Management has a whole range of forms of words that they impose on junior staff. For example, the “White Helmets” must always be called a “humanitarian group” even though there is considerable evidence that they are hand-in-glove with, if not part of Al Qaeda and/or ISIS, and had faked the “gas attack on Douma” which the Beeb still refers to as though it really happened. The self styled “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” must always be called a “human rights organisation” when it is one bloke in Coventry who left Syria decades ago and had been in jail for fraud, had received £100k plus from the Home Office to set up his operation and seems to get his information from, guess who, the White Helmets.
    In the case of the Clapham Common incident, what probably happened is that comment was made before the official line had been established, and that the comment was based on the fact that the line is almost always that the police must have been right.

  9. Re: some of “ellie’s” posts
    It depends on the organisation that is hosting the website and how they are set up. With some hosts, the person who set up the site is the “webmaster” and can delete posts. Swawkbox may be able to do this. I doubt it though because, on the sites I have known where this is possible, the post has been accompanied by the IP address of the person who posted. That’s not the case with Skwakbox. It may be that the hosting company will delete posts if approached by the person who set up the site and it would be worth Skwawkbox asking.
    Just a note – I have known of two instances, on websites that I use, of very unpleasant things being posted. These were on sites where the IP address was displayed. In the first case it was concluded that the person posting was a genuine poster and the post was removed. There were no further such postings. The current one is being dealt with now but it is clear that the posting was made by what I believe is called a troll.
    The internet can be a minefield.

    1. goldbach – I know for a fact that Steve Walker (SB editor) has the facility to delete comments on this site. Ask him if you don’t believe me.

  10. If you listened to the news on Radio 4 this morning you will have heard the latest “accepted form of words”. Apparently the police “clashed” with those attending the vigil. I’d better go. I’ve just seen next door’s cat digging up my onion sets. I’ll go and clash with it.

  11. Ladies and Gentlemen the Tory BBC in all there scummy glory with this Tory approved message!

    Then they wonder why so many of us want to see the damn place broken up? I certainly don’t want to pay a penny for a Tory propaganda TV channel.

  12. I am 72 years old. I was born on Stapleton Road, Bristol 5 on the edge of St.Pauls. A road that Sajid Javid recently described as the most criminal & violent street in Britain. It wasn’t criminal nor violent during the 1950s & early 60s, just a busy ,major road lined with shops, an ordinary, traditional working class area.
    I moved away from Bristol, to Art College in South Wales, until one day I received a ‘phone call from my dad, can I come home immediately & bring a baseball bat or pick axe handle. My parents had just left a pub & moved in with my grandmother in a ‘Wool Shop’ on Stapleton Road. My mother & my 75 year old grandmother had made temporary beds in the safest space available, under the stairs. The riots in St.Pauls had started with armed gangs of different races fighting each other with clubs & stones & molotov cocktails. All shop windows were boarded & those that weren’t were looted.
    Many of my family still live in St.Pauls & the tension you can cut with a knife. I promised myself would never go back. & instead I lived for over 50 years in Toxteth.. I retired some 8 years ago, got married & live in a nature reserve. It is so quiet at night & really took a lot of getting used to; sometimes difficult to sleep without the sound track of street life & traffic through the night. Forgive me, but for many years I have had to look over my shoulder in St.Pauls; Pilgwenlly, Moss Side or Canton. Cardiff.when I was walking home at night. Violence is worshipped by armed forces Police & MSM & a normal part of everyday life innner city areas & not just a bourgeois gender issue.
    I cannot comprehend the horror being experienced right now by the young victim’s family. Was it just a coincidence that the perpetrator of the kidnap & murder was probably a police officer? I have had a lifetime of conflict with the Police, mainly on demonstrations, but not always; from being badly beaten up in Police cells to Hillsborough..Now that I am old, it seems that I am no threat, but then I am sheltering & I don’t get out much.. .. .

  13. An ‘independent’ report has denied that police behaved inappropriately and were heavy-handed at the Sarah Everard vigil in Clapham Common.
    HM’s Inspector of Constabulary said police did their best to peacefully disperse the crowd in an official review of officers’ actions.
    The watchdog also found that police stayed calm and professional despite receiving abuse from some of those who had gathered to honour Ms Everard, who was killed earlier this month.


    1. Why do you post things that are on every page of the MSM? We know Police Inspectors found Police at Clapham ‘very not guilty’. It was hardly a surprise. I don’t come on to S’box to read Daily Mail headlines!

      1. Paul – Whether you choose to ignore or engage with my comments is entirely up to you. I posted the above because I thought it was relevant and that it may prompt a wider discussion. What did you hope to achieve with your contribution.

      2. I’m hoping to distract and waste your time in the way you do to the rest of us. So why does SBox need Daily Mail headlines? Are you some sort of public information bureau? Or some sort of journalist? Or you just want to support the police? Or support Priti Patel?

      3. Paul – You won’t win any prizes for observation, the link is to the Daily Mirror not the Daily Mail.
        As for your ridiculous assertions that my post constitutes some sort of support for Priti Patel, well how daft are you? On the contrary I posted it as a warning that the powers that be are circling the wagons. I must admit that I am surprised and a little bit disappointed that you weren’t perceptive enough to appreciate that.

      4. We’re you once a school teacher? It’s your condescension that makes me think so. And have you ever supported Labour? Tories? Be honest now!

      5. Paul – Is not suffering fools gladly the same as condescension?

      6. Well obviously it could be but please refer to my previous enquiry of you.

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