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Left-winger Ibrahim to stand for chair of Labour’s top disciplinary committee?

Reasons for suspension of left-wing NCC colleague become clearer as rumours of bid circulate

Emine Ibrahim was re-elected to the NCC in Brighton

Left-winger Emine Ibrahim is planning a bid next week to become the new chair of the NCC, Labour’s ultimate disciplinary committee – at least unless and until Keir Starmer and David Evans get their new, supposedly ‘independent’ process (though in fact entirely Evans-appointed) into gear – according to rumours circulating among Labour insiders.

Ebrahim was re-elected to the NCC at last month’s annual conference and the left has a thin majority on the committee despite the best efforts of the Labour right to rig the vote by suspending as many left delegates as it could before the conference.

The rumour casts light on the party machine’s suspension of newly-elected fellow NCC left-winger Rheian Davies this week over years-old and entirely accurate comments on social media and in private groups.

In a typical example of the party’s selective and lopsided treatment of complaints, Labour readmitted a former councillor who quit the party, despite the fact that he had referred to Ibrahim with the Islamophobic term ‘Jezbollah’. Ibrahim has been highly critical of the party’s inaction over the widespread and entrenched anti-Muslim prejudice among the Labour right, so the machine will not be eager to see her elected to a senior position.

Insiders say the votes could still stack up for an Ibrahim win, despite the party’s gerrymandering tactics. If elected, she would succeed the respected Anna Dyer, who served on the committee for several years and ran a tight, quasi-judicial process.

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  1. I have met both Emina Ibrahim and Rheian Davis, I am afraid as talented as Emina is, the right wing of the Party rather have Emina as Chair than Rheian.
    It is the set of skills that Rheian brings to the table that terrifies them.

  2. Hezbollah – ‘party of G*d’. The LabourRight’s being more than Islamophobic here. They’re showing their fear of democratic socialism

    The ‘jezbollah’ aspersion shows the LabourRight’s dna-connection with the American Right (and thereby confirms its hatred of socialism). To the LabourRight (jand neocons everywhere) hesbollah means extremist, islamist, war-promoting. To everyone one else, especially if they know a bit of the history, it’s just an Islamic version of a Christian conservative party. It was formed in Lebanon in 1982, during the Lebanese Civil War. It promotes Islamic ethics (which, by the way, are exactly the same as the West’s and, supposedly, despite its apartheid, also the State of Israel’s) and appeals to the same sense of right and wrong as does The Bible and the Talmud.

    Anyway. The ‘Jez’ instead of ‘hez’ bit affirms their virulent fear of socialism, even a supremely moderate, economically stimulatory, collaborating version of it.

    This Blair-years re-run of Starmer’s (minus the electoral appeal) turns out to be slapstick at its very best, but, you know, it stops being funny when it is constant and unintended. They’re an embarrassment.

    1. qwertboi
      War Criminals electoral appeal
      FPTP exaggerates small swings, it was more to do with the abysmal and non existent opposition from cheap and nasties, they had less seats than we have now
      And the last time we had so few was 1935

  3. My understanding was that the newly created independent element to the disciplinary process applied only to the ‘protective characteristics’ and that the NCC continues with all the other discipline outside of this, ie made up stuff that does not involve, ‘pretective charactetistics’. Am I wrong?

    1. Goldschmidt, do you know whether, the badly maligned, Mr Miller intends to take these matters further? Employment reinstatement or other measures? I would be pleased to support any decision to fight this awful injustice. The background to this orchestrated bullying shows that if it were not forcefully addressed then things will just get worse for academia and democracy.

      1. My understanding is that Mr Millar is taking Bristol University to an employment tribunal. I’ll see if I can find out where in that process he is.
        May I take this opportunity to emphasise that I am not James Goldsmith, nor remotely related to him.

  4. …… and, in other news …….
    I am far from being a fan of Dominic Cummings but I do find this quote a little amusing.
    He has called Starmer “A pro-Remain lawyer who floats around SW1 burbling empty platitudes, parroting every cliche about sexism/racism/trans, so psychologically incapable of challenging the system that he even supports the Met management when they’re tweeting advice to women to ‘flag down a bus’ while the rest of the country clutches their heads.”

    1. You have no need to. If you want to feel sorry for someone, then feel sorry for the people living in substandard, expensive rented accommodation, for the unemployed, the sick, the precariously employed, those with mental health problems, those awaiting cancer treatment, those who have to choose between heating their homes or feeding their children, the people being bombed to smithereens in Yemen, the people fleeing drought and war who are existing in atrocious condition in “camps” (concentration?), those whose homes are being flooded or whose fields are being rendered lifeless as a result of climate change, and the families of those who have needlessly died early because of the government’s response to the pandemic.
      And, if there is sorrow left, feel sorry for those who voted for Starmer expecting that he would care about those things and want to do something about them.

      1. Be kind goldbach that list is effectively a list of why bedrocks lamenting that the New Labour party have already lost the next election and condemed the UK to a Conservative and unionist party government for the next decade at least and the Labour party will have effectively been bankrupted by a very poorly run business based around a crowded stage Now I will be pushing up daisys or bannana trees in the next decade but even I am not proud of the legacy we leave our grandchildren with a Right wing goverment in power and no Opposition to the warped ideology of the neo liberal alliance….PS I make no apology for descibing the Labour party as a Business..If I was a shareholder I would sell sell and quickly.

    1. Goldbach……very interesting and I have not heard of many admiting voting for the knight.I was feeling very sorry for what I assumed to be a nieve inexperienced young person.The fact that it was a 77year old suprised me being that a knight of the realm was a no no many years ago and for many still is but obviously not in the Labour party.Anyone with a title for whatever reason is a fully paid up members of the establishment and he and many others should have realised it.IT doesn’t mean a person with a title is effectively dishonest or immoral but there is no doubt that a title signifys beware establishment lacky.

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