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Bootle members unanimously demand Starmer’s resignation over S*n column

Motion condemns Starmer’s betrayal of Merseysiders, victims, survivors and families, despite party machine’s attempts to prevent it

Labour party members in Bootle last night unanimously demanded Keir Starmer’s resignation over his appalling decision to court Rupert Murdoch and write in the despised right-wing S*n – despite various attempts by the party’s right-wing machine to prevent it.

The motion, which unlike some of the city’s Labour officials condemns Starmer’s ‘betrayal’ of victims and survivors of the Hillsborough disaster and of all the people of Merseyside, reads:

Bootle CLP strongly condemns the party leader Sir Keir Starmer for his decision to renege on his promise to the people of Merseyside made during his leadership election campaign, to not speak to the S*n newspaper, and that as a result we call for him to resign the leadership of the Labour Party.

The decision to write in the S*n, is a betrayal of the people of Merseyside, and the 97 Hillsborough families, whose children, spouses, brothers and sisters lost their lives unlawfully on the 15th of April 1989.

It isn’t right that a leader of the Labour Party should ignore the Merseyside people’s feelings on this huge issue for Merseyside, the Labour Party’s biggest supporter, and it is not acceptable, which can only be rectified with his resignation.

Therefore Bootle CLP calls for the resignation of the Leader of the Labour Party Sir Keir Starmer, on the grounds we no longer have any confidence in his leadership, as he says one thing, and then does the other.

The motion properly expresses the outrage in Liverpool and surrounding areas. Any Labour representative who welcomes Starmer to Merseyside is putting their career and party before the people they were elected to serve.

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  1. Has Max Headroom arrived in Liverpool yet to “break legs” ?

    Do your job Bootle, solidarity to you all in Liverpool.

    1. Starmer should second Wes Streeting to liaise with Bootle CLP , & go there himself if Streeting gets nowhere. Wonder how long either of them would last? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙂✊🏿✊🏾✊🏼

      1. Nice one wobbly….I have no doubt that the ambulance chasers will be stalking this site soon for more mugs for the chop..A real Opposition leader would be charging commission for the number of oven ready Turkeys provided by the Labour party.ITs becoming a conveyor belt of Men in wigs and gowns….title inclusive….!

  2. I call on every other CLP to show solidarity with the people of Liverpool whose terrible suffering at the loss of so many lives and the was made worse by the lies and smears of the S*n to follow Bootle’s example and call for the resignation of Starmer who by writing for this filthy rag disgraced himself and the party.

    1. Smartboy, I am afraid Starmer doesn’t care for what ordinary members think of him. Coming into the open would only help with the stronger been pick on.
      Better to ignore the labour party comes election day and put forward socialist candidates and vote for them, this is something Starmer and his minions would hear loud and clear.

  3. Well that’s just signed there death warrant lets see how long before irregularity’s are found or Anti Semitism or some other excuse and it will be out into this cults supervision where a nice hand picked Tory-lite true believer will be put in charge.

    From then better have new elections guess who is going to win? Next your be told what you can and can’t say and meetings will be strictly controlled. With plenty of public removals to keep you rest scared and subservient.

    So keep on supporting these clowns giving your money and support and sending in pointless motions it will really achieve something this time…! Just not what you want! It’s more than time to stop this stay and fight endless madness and quit.

    Far better to poor your efforts into a socialist only Labour movement rather than this zombie party!

    1. DSG…I think we know what happens next if the party survives bankruptcy. The left will morph once again behind a unity candidate gardner, Andy mr Manchester or some other Blairite lFI who knows like bliar how to work a audience.I used to look back at the so called hard left who would have none of it or the nonsense about broad church and think why would you stand outside the tent?…Now I know why and I wish I had followed the old socialists and not wasted another few decades proping up the Labour party..Some live and learn but for the majority they have to suffer to see the light.

  4. Time neighbouring Sefton CLP stood in solidarity. Chair has just been suspended but we’ll contact secretary to organise.

  5. Solidarity to Bootle CLP.

    There’s many of us here down south who want to give Starmer the bum’s rush, too. I am no longer a member of the Labour Party, but I hope that their initiative is followed by many other constituency organisations up and down the country.

    What a travesty of a leader!

    1. A motion might make the members feel better or give a sense of some control,but like Maria pointed out it just identifys the the troublmakers without actually doing anything.ITs a good gesture but martyrdom doesnt win any battles but could help the New Labour party.You know the drill withdraw the funding and the unpaid help and smother the parasites.

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