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Socialist lawyer group condemns Starmer’s suspension of newly-elected NCC member

Haldane Society kicked Starmer out in Feb because ‘demonstrably not a socialist’

The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers has issued a condemnation of the targeting for suspension by Starmer’s Labour of Rheian Davies, the newly-elected left-wing of Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC), the party’s top – and only quasi-judicial – disciplinary body.

Ms Davies, who is a solicitor and a member of the society, was suspended by Labour last week over years-old and entirely accurate posts on social media and in a private group – days before the NCC is due to vote on its new chair for the coming year. The left has a thin majority on the committee since last month’s elections at the party’s annual conference. She was also expected to be selected as a council candidate in her home area.

Labour sources are concerned that Ms Davies, as a newly elected NCC member, has been suspended and are questioning why serious allegations regarding an existing NCC member have not resulted in suspension.

The Haldane Society posted a statement on Twitter condemning the attack by Starmer and his administrative sidekick David Evans on Ms Davies and on member democracy:

In February, Haldane banned Keir Starmer from membership, saying that he was ineligible because he is ‘demonstrably not a socialist’ and condemned him ‘in the strongest possible terms’ for his conduct since winning the Labour leadership election on a set of false promises. It’s hard to imagine that assessment has changed for the better.

There are rumours in Labour circles that Davies’s fellow left-winger Emine Ibrahim intends to stand for election as NCC chair – and that despite the Labour machine’s attempt to level the numbers, the left may still have just enough votes to see her win.

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  1. Resist! It’s better then just sitting on your arse and getting continually punched in the face. Resist is a broad based left of centre people.

  2. Chris Williamson..the only MP to stick is neck out for the socialist revival and they couldn’t even stand in solidarity with him on the Stage in the Liverpool arms debacle..Small moments like that slight to a comrade are the last Straw for me.and many others who don’t forget.

    1. Who couldn’t stand in solidarity with him Joe? Cold you elaborate?

      I assume you’re alluding to the falsehoods your shill buddies dissembled on here at the time!

      And you are of course spouting complete and utter bollox about Chris being the only MP to stick his neck out for a socialist revival. What did Jeremy do when contesting the leadership and then becoming leader, and endured and been subjected to none-stop vilification and demonisation and smears by the fascists as a consequence!

      As for Chris, the fascists could have taken Chris out any time in the years before they did, but were ‘saving’ him for later, and timed it so that he would be suspended when the snap election they knew was coming was called, knowing that he would almost definitely lose the seat standing as an Independent. And Chris was in actual fact criticising Jeremy when he said what he said (that led to him being suspended), although he didn’t actually mention him by name. There was no slight of Chris at the arms fair, and THAT is just complete fabrication, so it could hardly be the last straw blah, blah, blah. And it’s amazing how many times something has been the ‘last straw’ for you Joe!

      Jokeefe is a fraud and an im-poster who spends much of his time on here falsely discrediting Jeremy Corbyn and the SCG, repeating the same falsehoods over and over again, and has done so in literally hundreds and hundreds of posts during the course of the past 27/28 months since he started posting on here, and quickly became one of the most prolific posters, posting comments every day all day long in practically every thread. And the reason WHY he does is because he is a full-time paid shill! So please don’t be taken in by him.

      1. Allan Howard, you are the definition of a cultist. Most of us in this site supports Corbyn but most of us also know that our man doesn´t walk on water.
        Jeremy make mistakes during his tenure as leader and one of his mistakes was not to support Chris Williamson and throw him under the bus in a further attempt to placate the mutinous PLP.
        Jeremy backed down on Open Selections despite the Democratic Review supporting open selections. Back in 2015 to stand for the leadership while a vacancy at the top we needed 15% of PLP nominations, now it have gone to 20%. We don’t stand a chance of ever been able to stand a left candidate when Starmer’s resign after the next General Election.
        Jeremy Corbyn is a man of principle an integrity a great campaigner a man of the people but sadly he was a reluctant leader and that rendered him ineffective.
        I know you aren’t going to agree with me and you are going to blame the MSM, the right of the Party and everything under the sun.
        However, it was Corbyn that chose to seat in a bunker of his making and carry on placating rather than confront the mutinous PLP head on and assert his authority on them.
        After more than 4 years of Corbyn leadership we are worse off that before 2015: we have less internal democracy, we have not due process for internal complaints.

      2. Reply to Allan Howard
        Josephokeefe never has a good word to say about Jeremy Corbyn, the SCG or any Left of centre MP. He claims to be a working class socialist but there is no evidence of this in his postings – the reverse is in fact the case.
        When he has been previously challenged by me for his anti left postings he has either not responded or responded inappropriately by making mocking comments about knickers and dresses implying I am gay or Trans in order to deflect attention from my criticism of his posts. When he doesn’t reply one of the other right wing posters usually comes to his defence e.g. Mr Andrew Jenkinson.
        I note that he has not responded to your post and I doubt that he will unless its to post a barrage of insults and name calling. You were the first to see him for what he is and it embarrasses me that I was ever taken in by him.

      3. Between you I am the only one amongst you Mr allan Howard aka malcom colman and smarmboy who can say I use my own name and can be tracked.Neither of you can say the same.Rather than character assassination that doesn’t hold water,why don’t you two keyboard warriors go and seek psychiatric help.Both of you are guilty of stalking others you dont agree with.Both a couple of gutless saddos who cant be “checked out unlike me joe Okeefe who can be checked out for decades.So Batman and Robin ..the dynamic duo…go and have a rest till you get treatment.

      4. And what has anything you said got to do with the fact that Jokeefe is lying through his teeth that Chris Williamson was slighted at the arms fair demo Maria? Doesn’t make sense that you would respond to my response to Jokeefe with a ‘list’ of criticisms of JC so as to defend a falsehood/smear of him that the shills concocted so as to try and discredit him. It doesn’t make any sense at all Maria, and you apparently have no problem with the shills on this site doing such a malicious thing so as to paint him in a bad light to readers and influence what they think of him.

        So someone calls out a Big Lie – a poisonous falsehood – concocted and contrived by the shills on here to stain Jeremy’s character, and YOU then spout total garbage about them being a cultist! How did someone calling out such a despicable falsehood amount to them thinking that Jeremy walks on water? Give over Maria!!

        But you THEN come out with the total B/S falsehood about Jeremy not supporting Chris Williamson – and lined THAT one up first after FIRST trying to discredit me as a cultist etc – and throwing him under the bus, and you do so knowing of course that Jeremy, as leader, had no say in disciplinary matters, and you are of course dissembling a falsehood! And you ALSO know that Jeremy DID support Chris when asked by a journalist if he thinks Chris is an anti-semite.

        As for placating the right-wingers in the party, the vast majority of their smearing was in relation to A/S, and had he started removing the whip from them, he would have been vilified and demonised and accused of trying to silence his critics, just as he was when the LP said it was going to discipline Margaret Hodge, AND of course accused of purging the ‘moderates’ in the party. As for open selection, did it ever occur to you that THAT can work BOTH ways!

        The thing is Maria that all hell would have broken loose if Jeremy had started withdrawing the whip from the Blairites, 173 of whom voted no confidence in him in 2016, and it wouldn’t have just been Labour MPs, but ALSO LP peers. AND the JLM and CAA and BoD and LFI and CST and LAA and the Jewish newspapers, and the MSM of course!

        So anyway, given that you yourself repeat the falsehood/smear about Jeremy throwing Chris under the bus, you obviously have no problem with the shills concocting and fabricating something so as to tarnish his character!

      5. Oh, I see that the bullshitter supremo is spouting MORE bullshit! What’s ‘checking out’ anyone got to to do with calling out falsehoods Joe, as if to say that because they CAN’T be ‘checked out’, THAT somehow delegitimises what they said. How incredibly pathetic! I mean why would anyone whose name WAS Malcolm Colemann start using a DIFFERENT name Joe and have any reason to do so? Doesn’t make sense of course!

        Oh, but Joe – so he claims – can be ‘checked out’ and tracked over decades, which is just MORE bullshit, and the only thing HE can be ‘checked out’ for is his short stint as a councillor. And REALLY Joe, how is it possible that someone of your age – and someone who was a councillor – can come out with such infantile stuff – ie repeatedly doing your ‘Malcolm Colemann’ garbage, when you know damn well that THAT was a joke name that an old girlfriend called me, and which I used as the user-name when I set up the account many years ago.

        It’s SO childish Joe it’s BEYOND pathetic!

      6. Reply to Allan Howard
        See Allan I was right – Just nasty insults from Josephokeefe in response to previous posts He never addresses the issues but just rants that anyone who challenges his anti left propaganda is mentally ill and cowardly. I refuse to retaliate and descend into the gutter with him.

      7. Smarmyboy “I refuse to retaliate and descend into the gutter with him”. Well I never you cheeky bugger youve stalked me and attacked me on every occasion and not in reply from a attack by me.which I have only done after your nasty insinuations about my politics.And all because I couldn’t support you on Trans issues when you tried thought control which is increasingly becoming an epidemic in the universitys and with you personally..You tried the same silly childish tactics with Windchimes and it worked.Now youve teamed up with our resident loony tune,but I am afraid your tactics don’t work on what is effectively the Hard left of which I am a member of.” Ourselves alone “so listen up and understand that if its too too hot in the kitchen then basically you and your best fwend bugger off and dont be such a mardy pants boy 👦.

      8. Reply to Joseph okeefe
        Oh back to Trans issues again are we- at least you have cut out the mocking comments about knickers and dresses now I have confirmed I am neither trans nor gay and you know your mockery won’t hurt me personally ( though I deplore the way you have attempted to hurt and degrade those who are) but lets get back to the crux of the matter- your inaccurate and unjustifiable attacks on the Left while claiming to be a working class socialist. Any comment on that?

    2. Resist? Oh get real there is NO socialism allowed now in the former Labour party now the cult of new Labour 2.0 Tory-lite party if they were being honest not something they know how to be! But back to this fantasy of vote him out stay and fight all I bet can secretly be linked back to Stammer and his ilk it keeps the subs coming in, keeps the lippy socialist we allow to stay for now something to occupy themselves with while we ignore them! Then as soon as people like this Lady comes along they are stopped from obtaining power because only right wing true believers are allowed that in Labour.

      So no I won’t waste any more money, time or votes on anything with a Labour rosette until it has socialist only Labour party that I will help, vote for and be a member until then I refuse to lift a finger or waste my sanity on anything right wing I spent 40 years fighting them and I am tired of the same fights, same arguments and same smiling sneaky slimeball getting into power over socialist.

      We have to be like they are united BUT just like them we have to make sure any future socialist Labour movement, if from the grassroots, the PLP can never be in charge and anything right wing, centrist or any of that ilk is removed as savagely as they remove us. No right wing ever give the people real hope and they will return, real socialist policies and FFS fight back when the media LIE because we know they will. Have only passionate and smart MP’s not just carrier wonks that are useless as soon as voted in! A few comments then hide helps no one! just look at the so called socialist Labour MP’s what do they do? What about the war on members, Attacks on JC, Anti-Semitic LIES….Oh Silence, appeasement there worthless!

      I am so glad my socialist Parents are gone never to see what there loved Labour party has become. Debased it’s self and turned the hated Tory-Blue. I can just imagine the hate from my socialist Grandparents and I know what my Socialist 13 year Granddaughter thinks as we discuss this regularly so now 5th generation of socialists ready to take up the fight BUT we have to have a SOALIST party not this mess Labour has become even if we magickly turn the clock back and socialist take over the party is riddled with right wing Cancers that will use every dirty trick, lie and deception to get back power. It’s gone to far it’s a zombie party using the recognition of it’s rosette and name but nothing like it should be with a Tory-lite ideology.

      This is why I will keep on advocating for a socialist only Labour movement lets home one emerges soon..

      1. The only reason DG posts a comment – as he has done on literally hundreds of occasions – is so that he can fit in his fraudulent discrediting of socialist MPs amongst his usual rhetoric!

      2. Allan Howard Colman….With you its a case of “its not me thats insane its everybody else” …Now I have noticed that you are getting progressively worse over the last few weeks and have slipped back into your roll as “night stalker” .IF you don’t agree with a comment allan ladd it doesn’t mean its a black opps or paid shill fascist infiltration.All it means is that you are content to attack socialists and prop up the establishment Labour party rather than actually do somthing practical like stop paying your subs.Unfortunately you have a admirer of the same mind who like yourself seems to fasten onto somone and spout lies and slander.Now I am still waiting for a fullsome apology from you from the last fiasco nearly 3years ago were you called into question for no reason a truth that I served as a Labour councillor in Surrey.were you made yourself look to be the unhinged individual you clearly are Malcolm.Now please for everybody’s sanity seek help and take your boy 👦with you.

      3. Difficult to take Smarmboys crocodile tears seriously about being a “Victim” when he knowingly funds a Labour party that represents pure unadulterated Evil.He doesn’t have the balls to actually “do somthing along with his fwend White flag man and fund the Status quo and attack those that criticise that sponsoring of crimes against the people….From were I stand you’re effectively acting like a tory attacking the only solution to the problem of the Labour party that represents nobody but themselves.

  3. And as far any election goes under this New Labour party,why do you expect it to be anything else but rigged….Many just don’t get it or just want to ignore the writing on the wall. “This is not a movement for the people” but another arm of the establishment and runs like a Business.Hopfuly it will stop trading shortly as its effectively bust.

    1. Steve Richard, no all MPs are solicitors although a lot of them are. I would argue that the most necessary qualification to become a Labour MP is to be intellectually mediocre.
      Who can forget Seema Malhotra breach of Parliamentary Privilege? Or Owen Smith pearls of wisdom?

      1. Maria…there are 7000 members in the socialist solicitors club and say double at a guess of Labour Lawyers making a total of twenty one thousand.Thats the numbers of a small party .Parliament is the natural home for the legal profession and they feel at ease there.ITs a shame that they feel so at home and I hope over the next few years to see a peoples movment that will show the establishment lawyers that parliament should belong to the people not The Law society or titled clowns and lords .that only represent a very narrow part of society.

  4. Sir Keir Rodney Starmer has been banned by the Haldane Society from membership. I never knew that! 😡 Thanks Skwawkie for publicising the fact (again) today. He certainly is ‘demonstrably not a socialist’.

    So this is the dirty Starmer machine working hard to make sure that any person of principle who might oppose him and his pro-establishment lackeyism is ‘dealt with’? Well I never….

    We really need Emine Ibrahim to stand for election as NCC chair.

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