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Irish interviewer shreds Farage and shows UK hacks how it’s meant to be done

‘Come one, don’t try and lecture the Irish people about the precarious nature of peace on this island’ – Claire Byrne dismantles former UKIP leader for his ignorance of Irish history and his arrogance about British imperialism

Irish television interviewer Claire Byrne has given an object lesson in her craft to her British equivalents in her dismantling of Nigel Farage when the former UKIP leader started to pontificate about the British occupation of Ireland and the resistance of the Irish.

In a must-watch minute and a half, Byrne put Farage firmly in his place and shredded his position – and made him rewatch his excruciating humiliation when he was conned into using a well-known republican slogan on camera, leaving him staring speechlessly at the camera for long seconds:

If the so-called ‘mainstream’ media in this country did their job of holding the privileged to account and calling their nonsense what it is, instead of just allowing them free rein and then parroting it as if it were fact, the UK would not be the increasingly ill-informed and dangerous place it is.

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  1. I see that CUNT has finished spreading his racist bile in the uk and now wants to infect Ireland. His ONLY agenda is to tap into the rich vein of racism which unfortunately exists and exploit it for financial gain.
    One last thing, he mentions the “establishment have financially benefitted” for too long from being in the EU. Isn’t that fuckers pension now paid by the EU? Isn’t that the gravy train he’s ridden most of his adult life?
    One poisonous CUNT that.
    Apologies for the language but it is what it is x

    1. If I wanted one example of deranged and hysterical abuse, especially likely to annoy and alienate female readers you have provided it.

      1. Oh, get bent.

        PC going all PC ffs. It’s nigel fookin’ falange fafs. The utterly despicable twunt’s only too worthy of every derogatory term attested to him – but as you are an unabashed sympathiser and have no other comeback you’ve gone for the feminist outrage to drum up sympathy.

        Not as if dear nige has ever referred to anyone in that vernacular, eh?

    2. Wobbo, I appreciate your frustration. However, Farage is not a lady garden. They’re beautiful. They bring life into the world.

      Farage is a turd. He is excrement that has been extruded onto us. Look closely and you can see the flies buzzing around.

      @Skwawkie Thanks for this. Some proper journalism. Farage really does show his ignorance in this interview.

      I can see Farage suffering from lead poisoning from this. Or possibly a bigger gust of wind than what comes out of his cakehole.

  2. With the UK out of Europe wouldn’t the Irish like to join us and return to that very exclusive reationship they once enjoyed with the British? It could be just like old times. I know that people like Nigel would love it now that all of the cheap Romanian and Polish labour has disappeared from our building sites.

  3. Ah, but we can’t expose the dribbling half whit racist right-wing scumbag for the idiot he really is and do our job. His lack of knowledge or intelligence he is a useful gobshite that helps our aims so he is allowed to keep on gobbling off everywhere…

    We like to do nice tory propaganda only says the lazy tory media in this country. We don’t actually want to investigate, expose or do our jobs just get paid.

    1. I thought that Clare Byrne was an old tosser who liked to suck up to “celebrities” in the middle of the night. Regardless, he has aged well and put the great patriot in his place.

  4. Ireland has always been used as a dumping ground for washed up politicians especially amongst the conservative party..Nigel must be desperate to be looking in the gravyard of the economic black hole N.Ireland.or maybe he’s celrbrating the partition of Ireland at the festivities on Thursday.and hopes to hob nob with the Royals and knights of the realm.

    1. That had not struck me as a possibility, but maybe he is looking at doing an Enoch.

    2. We now have N Ireland in the EU Single Market .. and a whinge
      that we should have been told about this potential land border
      between EU Ireland and non-EU (N) Ireland .

      Of course we WERE told – ie those concerned people who
      worried about it during the Referendum campaign were told
      not to be such Silly Billies. The LP during the 2017 GE had
      a policy for a “soft” Brexit – the only one that would work
      for Ireland. However this was kiboshed on the one hand
      by the ERG/ Cummings/Johnson and the other by Starmer culminating
      in the Labour Partty claiming to be a “Remain” Party. This lost
      the Party many previous Labour voters from Red Wall
      Constituencies resulting in the disastrous for t he country’s large
      Tory majority.

  5. Farage is on par with Tommy Robinson, a far right racist who purposely spreads hate to drive people apart.

    1. hes smarter than Tommy and his successors in the UKIP position he understands UKIP has to straddle the line of ‘respectable patriotism’ i.e they cannot be seen to be obviously racist but dogwhistle racism is fine otherwise the middle class support will dry up along with he media support. Dont get me wrong I cannot stand the bloke but hes more dangerous than Tommy or Jayda

      1. Good assessment. He only hides his racism from those who don’t wish to acknowledge it.

  6. Just finished reading the excellent ‘Hitler’s British Traitors’ by Tim Tate and one little political nugget I came across.
    The Pro-Fascist Tory MP, Archibald Ramsay’s last act before he lost his seat in 1946 was to try to change the law so that every Jewish person in the UK over the age of 17 would have had to wear a yellow star in public!
    Hmm I think AS and Islamophobia should have always focussed on the Right and Far Right.
    As James Stern-Weiner (2019) shows of those agreeing with 5 AS statements 2.5% of the Left agreed, 4% of the Centre, 4.4% of the Right and 13% of the Far Right agreed.
    Farage I would argue was made by the media.
    A political nonentity out of his depth and exposed here.

  7. Just finished reading the excellent Hitler’s British Traitors by Tim Tate and came across this little political nugget.
    The Pro-Fascist Tory MP, Archibald Ramsay’s last political act before he lost his seat in 1946 was to try to change the law so every Jewish person in the UK over 17 would have had to wear a yellow star in public!
    Hmm I have always thought on AS & Islamophobia it should have mainly focussed on the Right as James Stern-Weiner (2019) shows when asked if they agreed with 5 AS statements 2.5% of the Left agreed, 4% of the Centre, 4.4% of the Right and 13% of the Far Right.
    Farage I would argue was made by the media.
    A political nonentity and exposed on here?

  8. As much as I despise Farage I can’t help thinking that he’s being called a racist by the same people who accuse the working classes of being racist because they voted Brexit. The Remainers won’t rest until Britain rejoins the globalist cheap ;Labour EU, which is why Scottish Independence is so popular with the bourgeois left.

    1. Steve Richards, don’t you think it’s justified to call Farage a racist? And don’t you think many of the ‘working class’ ARE racist. Being working class myself and growing up among them, I can assure you that many are racist. I also experienced it when I was campaigning for Labour during Brexit!

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