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‘MSM’ corroborates Skwawkbox exclusive on Rayner/’fixers’ interference in Liverpool Rothery deselection

Mail on Sunday’s article records Keir Starmer’s ‘incandescent’ fury at deputy’s ‘botched’ meddling

Skwawkbox’s March exclusive that exposed interference in mayoral selection

Skwawkbox exclusives revealing interference in the Liverpool mayoral candidate selection by a group of north-west Labour ‘fixers’ linked to Angela Rayner have been corroborated by a new article appearing in the Daily Mail.

In February, Skwawkbox revealed that a group often called the ‘north-west mafia’, working with a prominent MP with leadership ambitions had been instrumental in the scandal – and in March, the links between the group and Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner were laid out.

And now last weekend’s Mail on Sunday has reported Keir Starmer’s and his advisers’ ‘incandescent’ rage at his deputy’s ‘botched’ interference in the mayoral selection:

“The Mail on Sunday was told that the leader’s staff were ‘incandescent’ at Ms Rayner for her ‘botched’ intervention in the selection of candidates in Liverpool in the wake of allegations of corruption in the local party.”

Mayoral candidate Anna Rothery – who had no links at all to alleged corruption within the council – was removed from Labour’s selection shortlist without explanation, along with two other women councillors, after she called for the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour whip and stunned the party hierarchy with her strong selection campaign.

Labour subsequently claimed that she was dropped because she ‘politically damaged’ the party – by pointing out during a video hustings that she was not linked to the alleged corruption and wanted to make sure that the council was run cleanly.

Rothery was then replaced as candidate by the twice-bankrupted Joanne Anderson, who is close to MPs in the city with links with Ms Rayner and the ‘fixers’. Anderson was subsequently elected last week, though only in the second round as anger at the scandal appeared to drive many voters to independent candidate Stephen Yip.

Keir Starmer sacked Rayner last week in an apparent attempt to scapegoat her for last week’s appalling election results – but then u-turned to move her to a different front bench position because of the backlash in reaction to his decision, in what wags referred to as him abstaining on his own decision to sack her and an example of ‘peak forensic centrism’.

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  1. Have never seen Max Headroom’s forensic, but thank Doug’s dog for being ready and able to replace Temporary Embarrassment.
    Max Headroom is as forensic as an over used wet wipe. 🚪🚪🚪

    1. Starmer’s enigmatic reshuffle matches his puzzlingly inept leadership – and covers for systemic entryism of Labour by neoliberal ‘players like Angela Rayner?

      credit to people’s press, Morning Star
      “We should not make too much of the supposed “sacking” of Angela Rayner. Starmer needs her as much now as he did in his mendacious leadership pitch; while she, who spurned the left with her enthusiastic endorsement of the anti-semitism libel against Corbyn and pledges to purge “thousands and thousands” of members, needs him no less.

      No future leadership bid by Rayner can succeed without the right-wing figures still gathered around Starmer; and if she was minded to appeal to her left for support, she would find that her record since becoming deputy leader has shredded her appeal except to those with the shortest memories.

      As party chair and campaign co-ordinator she had little room for any individual action and, where she had authority, she exercised it exclusively in the interests of the new emperor.

      The errors of omission and commission during the election campaign were not of her exclusive making and Starmer makes a fool of himself in volunteering to take responsibility for failure and then dumping it on her.

      This takes us to another mystery. Labour suffered reverses in this round of elections, and there is no virtue in making light of them. What is surprising is that Starmer has not made much of such successes as Labour did achieve.

      Starmer has made it crystal clear that he has no taste for working-class politics or in challenging power and wealth. But while he is proving to be not very good at orthodox parliamentary politics, he does seems intent on proving himself a reliable guardian of the status quo.”

  2. ps Max was upset that Rayner was briefing against him, hence the threat to demote her. Of course that threat disappeared up his forensic. 🔦🔦🔦

  3. So in the past three of days since signpost suddenly reappeared on skwawkbox (the evening of the day after the local council elections etc), Steve Walker has posted nine articles. In the initial one (‘Breaking: Rayner sacked’) signpost has three comments of the first eight – ie the 4th, 7th and 8th. And in the one after that he has the second comment. And in the one after that he has the 2nd and the 7th. And in the one after that he has the 2nd. The next article posted didn’t have a comments section, but in the one after that, signpost has the 8th, 10th and 11th. And in the one after that he has the 2nd, 3rd and 5th. And in the one after that – ie the article before this one – he has the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6th and 9th comments. And in THIS current thread he has the 1st and 2nd comments as of the time of typing.

    It is of course exactly what he does EVERY time – ie get comments in either FIRST or near the top of the comments section. In literally hundreds of threads during the past eighteen months shortly after he started posting on here he has posted the first comment (and then quite often posted a ‘reply’ or two to himself). And on hundreds of occasions he has posted a ‘reply’ to the first comment someone posted so that HIS comment is the second one. Yep, it’s all about keeping a high profile, and needless to say he is constantly monitoring the site so that he can get a comment in first, or near the top of the comments. He very much appears to be back in full swing, just as he was prior to his ‘vacation’ when he was posting six, seven, eight hundred comments a month, probably half of which were gynormous long rambling posts that just went on for ever and ever. No genuine ordinary person/poster does THAT!

    And needless to say, he was back to discrediting the left straight off the bat!!!

    1. In the past three days….. that is! (I changed how I started my post but obviously didn’t check properly to make sure I’d deleted whatever needed deleting).

      Would be good if there was the possibility to edit ones post, even if it was only available for 24 hrs!

    2. White flag man Allan Howard…it might be a hobby of yours,but this stalking in the early hours is becoming increasingly serious and its clear to anyone that you are off the meds again.You can be very constructive and knowledgeable at times,but your constant stream of criticism and trolling of victims is becoming a serious problem for you and those that post on here.Get to bed and see a experienced psychiatrist.

      1. I thought I’d just refresh this page to see if any of signpost’s buddies had posted something in response to my initial post, and lo and behold, Jokeefe has already done so, and within eight minutes of me posting it! Yeah, he just happened to come on to the site shortly after I posted it! Oh, right, and it’s ‘becoming increasingly serious’ and ‘becoming a serious problem’! Yeah, for the fascist fucking paid Establishment shills, it is!

        So what did you think about signpost inventing the falsehood about Robin Lees ‘pursuing legal action’ against Dominic Cummings so that he could then discredit Jeremy Corbyn Jo? I have of course asked you this question on a number of occasions when you come to your buddies defence, but you have never-ever answered my question of course – how COULD you! -, and just post more abuse.

        The thing is that it wasn’t just the BIG falsehood about Robin Lees pursuing legal action against Cummings, and as you know full well, when I questioned signpost about it a couple of days later he lied AGAIN and denied that he’d said that, and then lied AGAIN and falsely accused ME of making it up, and then finished his post by repeatedly saying I should seek help. In my book people who lie and invent stuff so as to discredit and demonise people (their targets) – like the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the Blairites and the JLM and CAA et al did to Jeremy – so as to dupe and deceive their target audience, are total Nazi scum, as are those who defend them.

        And you yourself went to great lengths to try and discredit me – ie claimed that I’d accused you of lying about having been a councillor – and have repeated your falsehood on a number of occasions!

      1. Oh, look, and Thatcher just happens to come on the site shortly after Jokeefe to throw in his tuppence worth of Nazi shite! God, you really are a bunch of fucking Nazi shitheads, not only more than happy to defend a serial lying scumbag like signpost, but ALSO attack ME for calling him out and exposing him and his lies and deceit. But we can’t have THAT of course, because signpost is your principle black propagandist on this site!

        Funny, isn’t it, how when I called out signpost in the thread in which he started posting again on Friday evening, who should come to his defence but SteveH, and now THIS time, it’s Jokeefe and Thatcher (any relation, cos SHE was a fascist piece of shit as well). So THAT is now FOUR regular every-day posters that have defended a lying scumbag shill, including Toffo a couple of days ago. What a bunch of Nazi black propagandist apologists you all are, along with a few other posters who have come to signpost’s defence in the past! And you use the same method as the Nazi scum who falsely accused Jeremy of anti-semitism – ie you act and pretend as if signpost the poor thing is totally innocent, and that I am the big ogre attacking him and falsely accusing him.

        Yeah, Heil Hitler you fucking Nazi shite!

      2. And in case there’s anyone who hasn’t seen it, here’s a direct link to the post in which signpost dissembled his Big Lie about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown – pursuing a ‘legal case’ against Cummings so that he could then discredit Jeremy by comparison. Signpost doesn’t actually mention JC by name, but that is OBVIOUSLY who he was alluding).

        PS And signpost has posted literally hundreds of posts in which he fraudulently discredits Jeremy!

      3. PS And needless to say, they have been busy giving signpost and themselves a few Likes each! Yeah, there just happens to be people up and about at gone 3.00am who just happen to come on skwawkbox. As if! Needless to say, it’s the fucking Nazi shills themselves giving signpost and themselves Likes! They do it all the time so as to deceive readers into thinking and believing that signpost and his defenders (and my attackers) are the good guys, and I’m the bad guy! It’s so goddam transparent it’s a joke!

        And can I just make it quite clear that I am not name-calling, and that I regard ALL black propagandists as Nazi scum, whether they do their dirty work through the MSM etc (and in the Comments sections of the MSM), or on social media platforms, or in left-wing news blogs such as skwawkbox and JVL.

  4. OH dear…’s not just the torys up to their necks in corruption is it ?…Now we have seen how dangerous a deputy leader scorned can be.Interesting times North West mafia V Tri lateral friends.all of these things that crawled out of the Labour party swamp are bought and paid for.Sir knight has crossed a very dangerous enemy and it will now be more infighting than worrying about the working-class people of Britain.

  5. I have no doubt Rayner was instrumental in the removal of Anna Rothery and the other two candidates from the mayoral selection.
    Yet are these Liverpool MPs who are close to and supported Rayner in this treachery?
    Alas, for me there’s the problem of Starmers office constantly leaking and briefing against his opponents. I’m minded to wonder if they are spinning this as well to protect Starmer.
    It’s so hard to know what’s going on in a party that’s full of Untrustworthy b*****ds, Now led by the chief dodgy one, Mandelson. These are the type who’d sell their own grannie for a bit of power.

    1. Agreed
      I even wonder if the jenny chapman “rumours” are a soin to give sir boring a bit of personality….

  6. They said that Covid was leathal and I survived it nearly 18months ago.I was sixty nine years old then and I felt very down with it.but recovered along with the rest of the family.The desease affecting Western society that started mainly in the US but was warmly welcomed by our Westminster glitterati the politicians has infected most of the western world and seems to be a pandemic now.Corruption based on the degeneration of morality and humanity has lead us to the Cliff edge.Somthing must and will have to happen soon..but moving on to my seventys will mean that I will probably not receive or see the Cure thats inevitably coming for all of this greed and corruption.

    1. If he knows it, he wouldn’t want to admit the inner workings of the neoliberals’entryist strategy – it would be a bit like the establishment admitting that the royal appointment as head of state is a mafia-like ‘godfather’ or that father christmas’s presents for todler Tommy were bought from a freemans catalogue. Won’t happen.

  7. Rayner’s no friend of anything or anyone other than her own wonderful career, but we need to focus on the role of Deputy Leader. Examples like Watson and Rayner seem to be able to exert relentless but covert anti-left effect and are both opportunists making career choices, and therefore provide the entry-ist right with an means to further weaken the target, the democratic socialist party they have targeted for entry, their ‘host-party’.

    I suspect every democratic socialist political party that has been pasokified has had a Rayner or a Tom Watson helping the oligarchs (trilateral billionaires, if you will) achieve their objective. Labour just makes it too easyn for them.

    Future Labour (or its replacement) needs to examine the role of Deputy Leader.

  8. sorry eple, another serious typo:
    “are both opportunists making career choices, and therefore provide the entry-ist right with an means to further weaken the target, the democratic socialist party they have targeted for entry, their ‘host-party’, and, constitutionally, a design feature of the party open for exploitation

  9. This makes me so proud of the Labour Party who show themselves for what they are, but gentlemen please can we have intelligent criticism & a little humorous banter instead of this outright nastiness?

  10. 1. Liverpool – Is it an “interesting coincidence” that the MSM got hold of this just after the recent elections/reshuffle?
    2. Early comments – Do half the people who visit this site live in the Far East, or is insomnia becoming an epidemic?
    3. Mandelson – Given that Labour has been in such bad odour with our fellow citizens for some time, I can’t see why Mandy would be invited into the inner sanctum. Please excuse the vulgar language, but if my house had a rather bad odour I would clean it up and give it a good polish. I wouldn’t place a gigantic fossilised turd in the sitting room.

    1. 1) Yes, very.

      2) I find myself waking earlier as I get older. So irritating on a Sunday…

      3) What if the house is owned by a gigantic fossilised turd? As Charming64 nailed thoroughly, he never left

    2. Gold bach…We can’t tell you why fellow Comrades broadcast live from China,HCM Veitnam,and somewhere in the Mekong delta bordering Cambodia \Veitnam,but on reflection we might have to use the ultimate sanction if we told you why….Off to bed now comrades!

  11. When I rejoined and committed myself for five years campaigning I did not expect to have to work with the people in a community I’d least like to meet.

  12. Why don’t older MPs who have said they are not interested in office make way for younger ones who are more competent and combative? I’m thinking of Diane Abbott and John McDonnell as examples who first come to mind.

    1. Isn’t the problem that, if one of these stood down, they would be replaced by a party clone, as happened under Blair.

      1. good point, latest leadership arse lickers would be parachuted straight in

    2. I suppose ‘leaders’ are often older and in their 50s at least (a notable exception being Tony Blair), but the issue is one of aspiration. The type of people who become democratic socialist (or even left liberal/social democrat) MPs tend not to follow management/heirarchy-focussed career paths, as they are more likely to do when they support right wing and neoliberal values. Jeremy Corbyn is a wonderful example of this….

      I agree though, it would be wonderful if someone like Dan Carden or Zarah Sultana put themselves forward WAY in advance. But given the attrocious teatment athey’d then receive from the billionaires’ press ‘journalists’, I understand why they don’t (Claudia Webbe comes to mind)

      1. Isn’t Claudia Webbe currently facing a criminal trial on charges of harassment.

      2. currently facing a criminal trial on charges of harassment.”

        Yea, CPS is pursuing a criminal action against her, and whereas you probably think that means she’s beyond the pail, to me it supports the idea that she is suffering discrimination because of her socialism. I mean, it’s not as if CPS decisions are never political. To wit, Keir Starmer and met police, Jimmy Saville and Julian Assange.

      3. qwertboi – Not at all, let’s wait for the outcome.
        However I can’t help but wonder how on earth a lawyer, regardless of innocence or guilt, has managed to get herself into this position in the first place.
        The trial has been postponed until the late summer so it will be a while before my curiosity is satisfied.

      4. Yes, SteveH “However I can’t help but wonder how on earth a lawyer, regardless of innocence or guilt, has managed to get herself into this position in the first place.”
        Me too. Must have been an inadvertent criminal action, or she might be being smeared/set up.

      5. qwertboi – It is particularly concerning because my understanding of how the police deal with these matters is that unless the offence is particularly egregious the police would have issued warnings to the accused long before there was any thought of charging them.

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