Right-winger Coyle hates ex-MP signing SCG pro-Corbyn letter – but drinks with man suspended for tweets about rape and beheading of Thornberry were ok

Right-wing Labour MP Neil Coyle strongly objected to a statement of support for Jeremy Corbyn issued by the Socialist Campaign Group (SCG) of Labour MPs – and particularly to the fact that one of the signatories is a former Labour MP.

Coyle was so offended he even went as far as using a phrase normally reserved for socialists, in a tweet that was thoroughly ‘ratioed’:

Katy Clark was a Labour MP for ten years and is now a Labour peer.

However, Coyle’s delicate sensibilities were apparently not offended by the prospect of meeting suspended Labour member Ian McKenzie at the bar on the House of Commons terrace in 2018. Coyle and fellow Labour right-winger Graham Jones were seen with McKenzie, a trainer for right-wing pressure group ‘Labour First’, and a Labour staffer on the iconic terrace.

McKenzie, at the time, was suspended for tweets about the rape and beheading of then-Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry:

McKenzie, who had just resigned from a job with Newham’s Labour mayor because of the comments, had also tweeted about using antisemitism to topple Jeremy Corbyn, about shooting Syrian girls in the head and offensively about Labour’s first black woman MP Diane Abbott and working-class woman MP Angela Rayner:

None of these, nor McKenzie’s resulting suspension, prevented Coyle from meeting him for a drink and a chat. But if an ex-MP and current peer signs a letter supporting Jeremy Corbyn, it’s ‘hold my pint’ and ‘no pasaran’.

Coyle was contacted for comment about his meeting with McKenzie in May 2018. He did not respond.

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  1. On the evidence presented above it is difficult to see how any right minded person would want to be in the same room as McKenzie.

    1. Whilst I appreciate that it would be wrong to stop an MP from meeting anyone in the House of Commons is their not any procedures for banning such unsavoury people from the social spaces within the Palace of Westminster.

      1. Steve H…what a load of tosh,coyle meets unsavoury characters everyday in the parliament…the most being Rodney plonker the knight and his you.

      2. Joseph, since the Open Selection debate and votes, Coyle’s were spotlighted here. In the election campaign, Coyle’s CLOSE entanglement with the types: Hodge, Arseworth, Campbell-end, Harman P.I.E, “Knife Jeremy in the front” Jessica Phillips MP et al.

        Coyle is much enmeshed with the most disreputable Right Wing creatures. John McDonald sage advice was to “work around…” an OPEN saboteur / underminer of Jeremy and TREACHEROUS louse “working night and day” for TRUE Labour to lose.

        Coyle took every opportunity to undermine Jeremy from the get go. As soon as the “night and day” workers realised that Jeremy would win the leadership, Coyle could be heard on the MSM radio stations wrecking our movement. In fact he was often introduced as an open anti-Corbyn MP.

        Coyle is as blatant as ALL the other saboteurs YET, while thousands of members incl Ken, George, Chris, Jackie, Mark Wordsworth etc were suspended and expelled, every single one of those saboteurs, remain uncensored… EVERY SINGLE ONE. Twatson even got recommended for a peerage…. Perhaps the AH may drip that if the peerage recommendation was not made, then the MSM would attack Jeremy.

        In the world of an AH, EVENTS and Common sense – ZERO / Allan Howard’s zealotry for cowardice, hiding, whimpering and wanton pandering to VILE forces 666.

        Yaaay well done Howard. What a victory. Tell us how you do it again Howard. What inspiration. What vision. But most of all, what courage Howard. Oh, and don’t forget to tell us how you exposed the shills defecating in your mind.

        Now Howard, Jeremy has been suspended too. What “good fortune” that Jeremy took the advice of the likes of you Allan Howard. It worked a treat according to the Allan Howard “wisdom”. John McDonald’s advice to “Work around…” brought glittering success too. Both of you would make a winning team.

        Everyone everywhere must be desperate to get the advice of McDonald and THE Allan Howard. AH’s books “Shill Hunting Hunt” and “How to Appease Shits and Succeed” will be number ones in Allan Howard’s crazed WHITE FLAG festooned hut.

      3. I’m guessing you are angry, but your truthful description of AH made me smile. Well said.

      4. Joseph – Thanks for your ‘valuable’ contribution. 😏

    2. Going by past performance would any right minded person want to associate with Neil Coyle?

    3. Yet another lone wolf in the party. Centrist is he? No matter how foul the words and deeds they are called centrists or Blairites. ☮️

  2. Mackenzie appears from this to be a sick deviant who should not be in the Party or any position of influence.
    Main event however is Jeremy.
    Natural justice requires he should be informed: a, what rule he has broken and b, what act or statement by him has broken that rule. Seemingly both totally absent in this case.
    Amazing that Keir ‘Stalin’ Starmer is the one to breach human rights and inaugurate showtrials, not the left, in pursuit of fleeting popularity with the MSM.
    Jeremy should go to court for breach of natural justice. He will win. Starmer will look stupid and despotic. All members especially local party groups can agitate for change. We need to get rid of Starmer. He can’t even stick the knife in properly at PMQ’s against an idiot like BoJo with a failing policy whose own party is in revolt!

  3. I just came across this Huffpost article re McKenzie being suspended, and at the end of the article they reproduce his full statement regarding his tweets about Emily Thornberry, which gives some context to the episode. His explanation for saying what he said is somewhat convoluted, and he appears to justify his tweets by referring to something that happened a month later. This is what he said:

    About a month later, on 17 January 2016, Jeremy Corbyn was widely reported as hinting at talks with ISIS. Emily Thornberry was by then the Shadow Defence Secretary and agreed with her Party Leader.

    Anyway, I then did a search and found an article in relation to what Jeremy said, and what he said was this (from an Independent article):

    “The British government maintained a channel through the IRA all through the troubles. I don’t condemn them keeping a back-channel to the Taliban … I think there has to be some route through somewhere [to Isis],”

    Jeremy, being Jeremy, I have no doubt that his mindset was that anything ‘we’ can do to try and bring about peace should be considered (and it may work, and it might not, but unless you try you’ll never know), whereas McKenzie’s mindset was that there’s no way you can get through to such people. Here’s the Huffpost article, and a link to the Indy article below:

  4. I remember the ISIS smear. That was at the stage where Corbyn would be quoted in a news article, but if you clicked thru, you could see the original quote, before it was mangled and miscontextualised. It was a period of wonder: do private schools not teach people to read or listen? I often felt they must be pretending as it would be too embarrassing otherwise. As I recall Corbyn was talking about Iraq talking to ISIS, not UK talking to ISIS. Neoliberal imperialists just wind each other up. I’ve grown to love the UK, but the venality of the British ruling class is unparalleled. These are the people who use jihadi terrorists as mercenaries to destabilise Muslim countries around the world. And support Turkish fascists ethnic cleansing and chopping the heads off Kurdish democratic feminists in Syria while starving British children at home. Vile scum

    1. 🤫You’re not supposed to point this out.🤐
      I’ve tried on at least a couple of occasions in the past few days and everybody just avoids addressing this issue.

    2. What would you have had them say amnonbc? What was ‘mild’ about it?

      And what issue is that Steve? And why would everyone be avoiding the issue, whatever it is?

      1. Allan – That the support for Jeremy from LW MPs on this can at best be described as patchy.

  5. And thats why it hurts the most from your own people.Do they realise how much damage they do when they cowerdly hide away..Not only are we disorganised,but apparently gutless.

    1. Just think the left are going to organise, take the NEC, oust Max and win the GE while fighting the MSM. Easy.

  6. Right Wingers? Why no information about the threatening ‘e’mail sent to Chair & Sec. of Constituency Labour Parties by David Evans, warning that no debate & no motions to reinstate or support Jeremy Corbyn can be submitted & if they were, there would be serious consequences. Apparently this would be in contravention of terms of reference provided by EHRC & would therefore be considered to be anti-Semitic.

    To what extent do you like being threatened, told what to think & who you can support? Seems Labour Party taking more than instruction from BoD.

    1. Steve Richards….No respect for the membership,means nose dive for the Labour party.I suppose that the very fact that the membership who could get off their backsides voted for the knight and his extinction rebellion Labour style.meaning right wing misfits .on a suicide mission.

    2. Steve Richards – I don’t recall there being the same level of faux outrage when Jennie Formby issued the same instruction to CLPs. It looks like the level of outrage (or not) is dependant on factional advantage.
      “Please note that individual disciplinary cases that are being dealt with through the NEC disputes processes are confidential. Motions on individual cases are therefore not competent business for discussion at CLPs and will not be discussed by the NEC or any associated bodies.”

  7. I have had a problem with ‘bullies’ all my life (long story) so I’m damned if I’m going to be threatened & intimidated by David Evans, who doesn’t have the nerve nor the courtesy to inform members of this decision……..he’s Starmer’s muscle & a thug. Stay & Fight!.

    1. Stay and fight were endless told WHY I ask only 22 MP’s even approaching left wing 99% of the party machinery sold right wing. The NEC right wing or so useless they do and say Nothing when BS like the suspension of JC happens. Then the outrage of being told NO you can’t comment then threatened if you do comment. This is NOT the labour party that has died it died back in the 2000’s we have been here before again and again were given hope then snached away or stolen away with games from the right wing.

      So nope there is no point this endless useless waste of time fighting for the unwinnable. The only way forwards is to split and start a left wing Labour party ONLY no right wing allowed if your discovered or start working against the party instant dismissal and that includes any party official. Rebuild with a socialist core and socialist policies give the people real hope and assistance and people will flock to hope not hate.

      All we get is hatred from this party endless briefings, attacks and smears I am tired defending scumbags that hate my views so fight for them tried that done that I won’t spend another penny on these charlatans, deceivers and liars they are NOT my labour party my views I was born a socialist and will die one but I will be buggered if I will fight and waste my limited strength for them.

    2. Steve Richards – I may have missed it but I don’t recall you expressing the same level of concern when the then GenSec Jennie Formby issued the same instruction at the beginning of 2019..

  8. Good post. Unnerved by the HnH reference. Let Special Branch form their own socialist movement again. Regards

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