Trailer: tonight’s programme on impact of racist Tory policing bill – and Labour’s inaction – on GRT people is a must-watch

The Tories’ ‘Policing Crime and Sentencing Bill’ currently making its way through Parliament has been attacked for its assault on freedom of speech and ten-year sentences for causing annoyance by protesting, but it’s also been called an all-out, racist attack on Gypsy, Roma and Traveller people and their way of life.

At 8.30pm tonight (and after that on catch-up) on Socialist Telly is a programme featuring GRT activist Mikey Walsh talking about the impact of this racist legislation on his community – and about the racism and indifference he has encountered from the right-wing Labour Establishment.

It’s a genuine must-watch discussion and here’s a small taste:

Watch on any of Socialist Telly’s YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. The majority of Labour Party members voted for Sir Keir Starmer. I am often called racist by Labour Party members because I voted Brexit. My dad’s family are Irish Gypsy Travellers, who is the racist & who cares about Gypsies?.

  2. Yes. The right wing of the party were so intent on scuppering Brexit that they undermined any chance Labour had of a half decent showing in the 2019 election. They had been demonising Brexit voters for years and couldn’t admit that many people voted to leave because successive governments had neglected huge swathes of the country in favour of the get-rich-quick finance set. I still hear people, whom I see as champagne socialists, saying that Brexit voters were stupid or racist. Many were just cheesed off with being ignored and taken for granted and wanted to give the elite a kicking. I voted to remain, but was disgusted with the strategy that the Labour right forced on the party in the years after the vote – and then they had the effrontery to blame the kicking that Labour got on Corbyn.

    1. I voted ‘Leave’ for a multitude of reasons despite identifying myself as European. One of the main reasons was contempt for Cameron’s hubris & to give the bourgeois elite a kicking, especially in Brussels. The smugs still don’t give a damn about the ‘left behind’ anywhere in Europe or Britain. A pox on all politicians.

  3. Left/Right, Brexit/Remain, Jew/Non-Jew, Black/White, Gypsy/Non/Gypsy, Man/Woman, Roch/Poor, Slom/Fat etc, etc, etc are all labels centuries in the making to keep us divided, we need a labelless society if we were to ever unite against the evil that are doing this and keeping us divided, the “War Pigs”, “Elites”, “Establishment” they are the ones we need to stop, they are the ones using us as pawns of their greed!
    We are nothing more or less than Humans, People, Equals regardless of Age, Sex, Religion, all the above, etc. The ONLY reason anything other than Human/Person/Equal is required is in your GP’s office and a Police station to identify a criminal.
    For the rest we are Equal and we should be standing together as one force of permanent change against the Evil Ones! I think everyone’s tired, even the ones still pretending all is hunky dory! The ones now finding themselves on the wrong side of the breadline, only gasping for fresh dreamy materialism every so often “by the grace” of their Credit Cards, but the books are failing to add and reality is a lead balloon!

  4. IF I ever make it back to the UK it looks like I wont be allowed to park in Pontins southport,or should I use an Okeefe is a dead cert for banning with the obvious Irish connection..Maybe I might use Steve Hall from Bristol.Do you think I might be arrested for such a obvious fraud? Maybe I better check ✔ with centrist Dad to see if SH will be offended by such a low life representation of a right wing misfit?Maybe we can organise a thanks to no longer any Opposition party its up to us to take us forward into the 21st century.

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