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Exclusive: Akehurst released NCC results before chair Dyer even informed she had lost her seat

Right-winger’s haste to announce shows right’s contempt for process as quasi-judicial committee slips toward right’s rubber-stamped guilt factory

Luke Akehurst, the hardline Labour First right-winger, published the results of the elections to Labour’s National Constitutional Committee (NCC) last night before all the participants in the election had been informed.

The NCC has been appallingly misrepresented and abused in the last few years as the Labour right tried to push a narrative that it was going easy on supposed antisemites when in fact under chair Anna Dyer it operated quasi-judicially, under expert legal advice, as the party’s only thorough process for taking evidence on complaints and reacting appropriately to what that evidence suggested.

That legal and procedural rigour led to as much as ninety percent of ‘evidence’ in antisemitism complaints being rejected as ‘unfit’ – a far cry from the rubber-stamped kangaroo court the right wanted in which accusation would equal guilt and expulsion.

Some of the contempt the Labour right felt toward that rigorous process could be seen in the appalling treatment of Dyer when she tried to explain to conference earlier this week how legally dangerous Labour’s proposed – and now confirmed – new process is, because the so-called ‘independence’ of the process is in fact a set of people and boards hand-picked by David Evans, who has already shown what he thinks of democracy and due process in the mass purging of left-wing Jews and others, including delegates who were due to vote on whether he stayed in his job.

Anna Dyer being harried off stage on Sunday

The new process will be vastly more expensive than what it is replacing, because the NCC provided hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of work on a voluntary basis, with only basic expenses and the cost of legal advice borne by the party. Johanna Baxter, one of Akehurst’s fellow right-wing NEC members, told a conference fringe that Labour is already spending around £2 million a year on legal costs as it starts to move across to its new system – an amount that will rocket now – and attributed the party’s recent near-bankruptcy and shameful job cuts in large part to this.

In this week’s gerrymandered conference, two right-wingers were elected yesterday onto the soon-to-be sidelined NCC, narrowly pushing out committee chair Dyer, bringing the right’s aim of rubber-stamped guilt a step closer until the new fast-track-out-the-door is fully up and running.

And the first Dyer heard of her removal was when Akehurst announced the results, in yet another example of shoddy treatment of people who have given a large portion of their time free of charge to serving members and protecting the party’s reputation for fairness.


  1. Less than 10K votes separate Anna Dyer from winning candidate Judi Billing. The only reason Anna Dyer lost her position is because of the level of gerrymandering that resulted in left delegates been prevented for attending Conference and casting their votes for Anna Dyer.

    1. I hadn’t appreciated how supportive ‘the left’ had been of the NCC’s decisions throughout the last few years.

  2. Much like many on the right Akehurst for factional reasons is out of control. He should be made to apologise to all the candidates. Of course this won’t happen because his crowd agree with what he’s done. Cheating is the only way the right can win and not be held to account.
    At least two Momentum backed won. Whether this makes any difference I don’t know.

  3. Akehurst… If ever there was a candidate for being bullied at school, it’s that fat bespectacled ginger tosser with his eyes so close to each other he may as well be a Cyclops (he’s got a one-eyed view on just about everything centrist) and the attitude he shows.

    Are you a fat, bespectacled, ginger tosser, wee stevie

    1. Toffee I have seen his mugshot and hes not “fat” …but the smoking and drinking hasn’t done him any favours.Maybe he can save a bob or two on the caine rum which is dirt cheap in the Caribbean bolt hole of the windys. Good night comrades I will be off to,

      1. Toffee & Joseph – You two really do deserve each other.

  4. The ill mannered and contemptuous treatment this lady received is typical of the treatment every single member or representative who doesn’t toe the line can expect from the likes of Akehurst who along with Starmer Evans Reeves Baxter and the rest are hellbent on the destruction of the Labour party so that it can be reborn as New Labour 2 (and we all know what a disaster that was for ordinary working people although it made millionaires and multimillionaires out of many MPs and Cabinet Ministers).

  5. Interesting piece about the British American Project (BAP) detailing its history and purpose of opinion forming and networking with people chosen to represent the next generation. Important to understand because it was is, a body with strong links to New Labour, sometimes described as ‘a Trojan horse’ with links to the CIA and United Services Institute among others. It features one Michael Smeeth, husband of Ruth snitch Smeeth as a UK director.
    New Labour are a danger to this country’s independence and will give America control of our foreign policy to a far greater extent than the conservatives.

  6. I am not surprised or upset by this, but it is a another sign of the repeated disrespect shown to procedure by the right, I know they are cock a hoop ATM but some decorum please

  7. No amount of cajolery, and no attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the fraudulent mr keir “erik armrest” starmer, the purger david evans, rulebook burner luke akehurst and the rest of the right-wing of the labour party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin!

    with apologies to the great Aneurin Bevan

  8. Off-topic:

    Based on atrociously piss-poor the tories are in handling any and all issues or crises, who would want to risk their life getting into rocket capsule with the tories in charge, never mind the appalling waste of money!

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