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Anti-Evans protest at Labour conference starts to build, banner quotes his anti-democracy stance

Protesters gather in readiness with pointed reference to acting general secretary’s position, as conference resembles ‘ghost town’

Today’s protest ahead of Labour’s knife-edge conference vote on the future of its reviled acting general secretary David Evans has begun to build, with a banner unfurled quoting the anti-democracy comment made by the right-winger in a 1998 Blairite report:

‘Representative democracy should as far as possible be abolished in the Labour Party’

The banner also makes a pointed reference to the fact that – despite right-wingers acting since last year as if he has the full role – under Labour’s rules Evans is only acting general secretary until and unless he is confirmed in the role by a conference vote. His confirmation looks anything but guaranteed after a year of attacks on members and their democracy by Evans and ineptness by Keir Starmer that has left even right-run unions fuming, with left-run unions already lined up to vote against him.

Protesters are meeting at Hove lawns first at 10am before moving to the conference centre which, according to those already in the area, is ‘like a ghost town’, with more police than conference-goers up to now.

Last night a ‘#RejectEvans’ hashtag trended at number six in the UK, before suddenly and mysteriously vanishing from trending charts while less popular items rose to the top.

Further exclusive pictures will follow.

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  1. Before he goes, is anyone going to pin this guy, Evans, down and try to find out why he was so intent on destroying The Labour Party?

    Obviously, he hasn’t done it alone. Who else was involved? Who did he take his orders from?

    1. He first emerged in Croydon during the reign of Blair, he’s been the power behind the administration there ever since and has done very well for himself and the clique he rules over.

    2. George….just have a look to see where Starmer gets his money from. There’s your answer. It’s not hidden but you need to look.

      1. Aye, but this whole thing has been so blatant. No attempt to hide what they’re doing.

        I’d like to know why they felt so secure, doing what they’re doing.

        There’s a suspicion there was more than money, covering their backsides.

    3. Mandelson Blair and right wing factions of LP along with Plain Ignorant politically illiterate Citizen George.

  2. First delegate to turn up and be denied entrance should walk straight past the guards and into the auditorium
    Do we have people who can stand at reception and argue the toss, the argument would be, any dispute can now be settled after conference and delegates can proceed
    What are they going to do in full glare of MSM and toilet papers

    1. They will claim that violent extreme anti-semites are trying to take over the party.

  3. In the wider population, normal people who don’t give a damn about party politics, this is seen as yet some more Labour Party infighting. You know, I know, we know who is unreasonable and who is stirring up this shit. But not the wider population. So the so called “centrists” will try to portrai it as proof that democracy in the party is indeed a bad thing…

    The game is lost for the left inside the party. It will take years to rid of the saboteurs and hangers on.
    Then years to rebrand the party. I feel depressed.

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