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Breaking: Labour accuses 11 Jewish JVL leaders of ‘antisemitism’

Labour’s racist purge of left-wing Jews, for which the party has been reported to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), has escalated – with no fewer than eleven of left Jewish group Jewish Voice for Labour’s leadership of ‘antisemitism’.

JVL has released a document detailing Labour’s assault on left Jews – which includes the case of a woman in her eighties investigated for supposed crimes for which she was already sanctioned once:

Other ‘crimes’ include debating a motion of support for Jeremy Corbyn and discussing 8th-century Jewish history.

Recent JVL evidence to the EHRC showed that the group’s leaders were well over 200 times more likely to be targeted for disciplinary action than other members.

Labour has become a racist farce under Keir Starmer.

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  1. Talk about plumbing the depths… He (And his power-crazed crones) will accuse people of being in the labour party next, the absolute effing weirdo(s)

    As I’ve already said, stammer has sunk lower than whale shit – and that sinks to the ocean floor.

      1. Wobbly if we spent less time psychoanalysing Mandelson’s lot like SIR starmer, and had “deep psychoanalysis” OURSELVES, this would DISASTER would NEVER have happened so easily.
        “Insane” is DOING the SAME throughout thirty, Forty, FIFTY, nearly SIXTY years to date … SIX ZERO… 60 … 6️⃣0️⃣
        6️⃣✖️🔟 YEARS … SIX DECADES
        of the SAME failed attitudes & culture, by our seniors by age & experience, yet expecting a better result.

        Now Wobbly, THAT’s “serious”

      2. Wobbly, since when fascism is sane? As someone born under fascism and living under fascism until well in my teens I recognaise the signs.
        I am waiting for Conference to pass, I am a delegate and haven’t been suspended yet. I will due my duty and vote against the ratification of Evans as General Secretary and the removal of OMOV for the election of Labour’s leadership.
        However, if we fail to stop it I will leave, I will not stay a member of what I consider a fascist Party. Needless, to say a will refuse to vote Labour while in Starmer’s leadership regardless of whatever the Labour candidate is a socialist or no. It is crunch time, nobody calling themselves democrats, needless to say socialist can remain in a fascist Party.

  2. And who is driving this? Answer the Zionist Jewish Labour Movement. How
    much longer have I and others got to go on about Zionism being the greatest danger to Socialism and the Labour Party until it hits home, without being called an antiSemite by those who are ignorant of the conspiracy by Zionsts to take over the Party?

    1. Hits home with who Jack? Are you referring to the general public, or to left-wingers specifically? If it’s the former, then needless to say 99.8% of them don’t read skwawkbox and, as such, would not see your posts in respect of JLM/Zionists, and if it’s the latter, then there’s only one person who posts on this site who has repeatedly called you an anti-semite, so why do you talk in terms – and not for the first time – of ‘how much longer have I and others’ etc.

      I doubt there is one single person on the left who hasn’t been aware for at least three or four years now of the black op smear campaign conspiracy by the JLM and the CAA and LAA and CST and BoD and the Jewish newspapers (and the MSM and the Blairites) against Jeremy and the left, and given that THAT is undoubtedly the case, then what is your reason for saying ‘how much longer have I and others got to go on about Zionism’ etc.

      You DON’T have to Jack, because everyone on the left realised THAT years ago (even jpenny!)! AND that the MSM gave them a platform AND conspired with them in the black op Smear Campaign.

      1. Allan Howard, for some reason you appear to be fixated upon my posts, some would call it trolling.

        Sadly, the political world does not revolve around Skwawkbox therfore this is not the only forumn where, for a very long time, I have been warning about the dangers of Zionist infiltration of our politics for the sole benefit of protecting the racist State of Israel. But thank you for giving me this opportunity to highlight it once again.

      2. I am of course aware that you post on JVLs website occasionally, but the same applies, and just about everyone who subscribes to JVL – many of whom no doubt subscribe to skwawkbox – are well aware of what the JLM et al have been doing during the course of the last six years.

        So what other forums do you post on just out of curiousity, and what sort of feedback do you get? I assume from what you said – given that jpenny is the only poster on here who has called you an anti-semite – that you get accused of being an anti-semite by some of the people on these forums too.

        As for being fixated on your posts Jack, well THAT is precisely the sort of thing a shill would come up with isn’t it!
        The reality is that all I’m doing of course – when I spot them – is calling out your lies and falsehoods about Jeremy Corbyn which you endlessly repeat, ALL concocted and contrived to discredit him.

        Anyway, given that you’ve had a few chats with Chris Williamson – or so you claimed a few days ago – do you know if there is a way that he can be contacted?


      3. Allan Howard, White Flag Man, I’m not interested in your ramblings, one ramble just leads to another.

  3. Please stop
    This is only going to end one way and that’s to drive them out of the party
    Does anyone disagree

    1. Doug, If you are referring to me, I won’t stop. They can only be driven out when enough people recognise they are a danger and why they are bahaving as they are.

      Who is ‘them’ in your comment?

      1. JackT
        Im sick of people being shocked by them, I’m sick people think they can stay in the party, I’ve stated clearly they don’t have a socialist bone in their body and nothing but contempt for everything the Labour party stands for
        Red Tories are in the wrong party and off they must fuck
        Whilst Israel is clearly interfering I think its always more to do with the class war, the establishment will never allow a socialist government but fortunately the people will
        The demographics are on our side, JC’s legacy is secure, just the small matter of getting rid of those who betray us at every turn

      2. Doug, I agree that much of it is about the right wing establishment wanting to maintain control so that they can exploit the rest of us. However my point was/is specifically about infiltration by Zionists for the purpose of subversion of the Labour Party and Socialist groups or organisations so they can silence any opposition to the racist Israeli State.

        Eleven members of the JVL have just been targeted by Starmer not just because they are Socialists but because they are antiZionists. Starmer, being a Zionist himself, although not Jewish, wants to continue his Zionisation of the Labour Party. Zionism and Socialism are incompatible, therefore a Zionist Labour Party can never be a Socialist Labour Party.

        I hope you agree that if we don’t have a Socialist Labour Party, we can never have meaningful opposition to the Tories. This is more than evident at the moment.

  4. I think he got to power accidentally, by being there, and his weak character was easily bidden by the Blairite aristocracy.

    1. JoeRobson, do not vote for Johnson, he is every bit as bad as Starmer. Vote Green or even Monster Raving Loony, either way you would not be helping to support liars and cheats.

    2. Joe Robson, I can see your point. The Conservative Party is right wing but at least it isn’t a Fascist Party, they still elect its leaders under OMOV. Hence, managing at least to keep a semblance of internal democracy.
      Plus with the Tories you know what you are voting for, with Labour under Starmer’s leadership we don’t know. I wonder how many members that voted for Starmer’s with more or less enthusiasm (Laura Parker comes to mind) are now recoiling in horror at what it is unfolding.

    3. That’s a tough choice. A fat bleached turd or Kier Yaxley-Starmer. Pass the rope.

  5. Which part of Scorched Earth are we not getting
    On eve of conference need Dawn Butler to launch a challenge
    On first day stop Temporary Embarrassment’s rent boy getting the job
    On second day vote of no confidence or demand for him to step down
    On leaders speech day block doors to auditorium
    Anyone think of anything else
    Throw in a few Oh Jeremy Corbyn’s and boos galore

    1. I like the “Temp Emarrassment’s rent boys” bit, Doug. Powerful and thought-provoking words.

      Temp .E. himself is the trilateral billionares’ rent-boy., so the rent boy’s rent boys would sum up a good number of the centrist, “moderate” Labour party. They’d sell their principles, their values and their grannies’ ovaries if it kept Labour in with a chance of pleasing the trilaterl billionaires.

      Worse than tories.

  6. Whenever I see pictures of either keir “erik armrest” starmer or boris “blowjob” johnson, I wouldn’t be sorry if someone plunged an axe through their heads despite fact I am a pacifist!

  7. What craven, scummy cowards Starmer and his right wing mob of shits truly are. They vicimise an elderly, recently bereaved, disabled woman merely for having the courage to speak out about what her Jewish heritage truly mans to her – solidarity with Palestine against the Israeli state. But in attacking Diana Neslen they have struck a rock. I applaud her courage under fire, it is truly inspiring. More power to her!

    I am appalled by the right’s racist and patronising attitude to socialist Jews in Labour Party. Most of these people are elderly and some, tragically, suffered the loss of parents, siblings and other loved ones in the Holocaust. Yet still they are abused and traduced by both Jewish and non-Jewish right-wingers, the latter of whom have the temerity and arrogance to divide Jews into acceptable (right-wing) and unacceptable (left wing) categories. If this is not antisemitism, I do not know what is!

    I hope the JVL sue the arse off the Labour Party and leave Starmer looking like the incompetent, visionless, cowardly, racist fool that he is.

    Time to go, Keef. A tawdry village somewhere is really, really missing its prize idiot.

    1. Great post Redveg. If they do decide to sue I am happy to help crowd fund their legal fees.

  8. I genuinely can’t understand how anyone could believe that a normal Jewish person could be an antisemite. An antisemite is someone who hates Jewish people because they are Jews. Its like saying a woman is a misogynist or an openly gay person is a homophobe. Its just not feasible unless the individual concerned has some mental health issue.
    I think the Labour party needs to be honest and say why these people are being picked on – they are anti Zionists. Most of our MPs are members of Labour Friends of Israel and back Israel to the hilt. Anti Zionists are not Friends of Israel and are appalled by the human rights abuses it perpetrates on Arabs/Palestinians. However if they say so in Starmer’s Labour they are branded Jew haters even though they themselves are Jewish. This is totally bizarre and could cause real harm o the reputations of those concerned except that most people realise the difference between anti Zionism and antisemitism and are outraged by the crude cheapening of the term antisemitism by Labour.
    I am ashamed that these elderly Jews should be hurt in such a vicious way by the Labour party. The party needs to limit the damage it has caused these people by saying openly that the eleven Jews are anti Zionists and that is the sole reason they are being disciplined.

      1. Tony Greenstein!!! Thanks 4 that reminder. His name always slips. Was he one of the THOUSANDS kicked under, then abandoned under SIR starmer’s coup plotters’ bus fleet ❓❓❓ … maybe not.
        Marc Wadsworth is often in mind as he never got even a phone call after … a friendship / comradeship / solidarity of DECADES… at least four i think.
        Ken Livingstone too… and George Galloway who defended Jeremy weekly on his Mother of All Talk Shows… doubt i missed an episode even when abroad, nor Ken Livingstone’s prog č David Mellor for years. Ken often turned up to defend Jeremy too after his prig ended. He and George were attacked ceaselessly in every way… death threats… physical assaults. They’re still going strong and look as fit and radiant as Jeremy looks. Of course two thousand approx less known devoted members were also kicked under every bus and tank parasites sent to crush Jeremy’s most able and devoted defenders. … and of course Chris Williamson. None in that catalogue of betrayals were meant to be indecent nor integrity free though. That’s for sure. And the pushing and abandonment was not done alone. The deeds were done in solidarity, with comrades… to comrades, with to date silent consent / approval of Smartbut aka Smartboy – Malcolm Coleman’s team aka Allan Howard the AH the PRETEND White Flag Shagger. Superb operation. BUT

        Kicking under buses + kindness & gentleness to every single TWatson of Hodge was pure indecent cowardice with consequent integrity of betrayal … as in UNIFIED betrayal… SOUND betrayal … solid through and through… opposite interpretations of “DECENCY” and “Integrity” never occurred to many… We live and learn.

  9. Hello,

    Why am I classed as an “unknown or deleted user”? What have I done wrong? I am a bona-fide socialist, unlike some, like “Steve H” and “Plain Citizen” who are allowed to troll on this site.

    1. RedVeg

      It might be a technical hitch – for some reason I could not get anything
      posted when I first started here.

      Contact Steve Walker – he sorted out
      the problem with my account.

      Thank you Steve!!

  10. When you realise that Corbyn was hounded out of the Labour Party not just by false accusations but then discover this often originated from not only the Zionist Apartheid State but also the British Establishment. You then conclude Corbyn and the Left Wing Socialists of this Country got the US and British Establishments very worried. Starmer is just continuing the work as a member of Trilateral Commission. This will not stop when he goes. Read this superb piece by the excellent Matt Kennard at DeClassified:

  11. Who lit this long burning fuse
    who kicked off this vicious ruse?
    Labour’s leading true pale blues
    adding to the spreading bruise
    eager for the Tory pews
    like Nazis turn to kicking Jews.

  12. Hello – concerning legal action – it was tried but only partially succeeded
    I have no idea what the reasoning was behind the final decision. Some
    of the 11 were involved in the previous court case!

    I think the Labour Party has got over confident in this –
    maybe it will succeed now when it didn’t then? It
    seems to have succeeded with a couple of others
    who were accused.

    I share your disgust with this .. I supported the previous
    legal action.

    1. They tackled the Labour Party rule book when they should have based the case on Human Rights it was bad legal advice perhaps friends of the Stasi returning a favour.

  13. We need a modern day Guy Fawkes, preferably when lizzie windsor is in attendance of “state opening of parliament”!

  14. Amazing who would have thought the Labour Party would become the Stasi and expel people who tell the Truth its very dystopian!

  15. The above posts confirm that the present Labour Leadership have learned well the lessons of Goebbels.
    The bigger the lie – The more chance that it will be believed.
    The victimisation of socialist jewish activists in the party is so blatant and so anti-semitic.
    It is shameful.
    It shames any of us who fail to call it out for the anti-semitic vileness that it represents.

    It is not doing jewish people any favours.
    The zionists who are driving this outrage clearly do not care that very many people will blame jews for the vilification of Jeremy Corbyn and other left-wing fighters for justice.
    This nonsense is stoking the fires of anti-semitism in society.

    For an honest daily commentary – I urge readers to visit the Jewish Voice for Labour website.
    Their articles are well-researched and provide a welcome insight into the questions around anti-semitism (or the lack of it) in the Labour Party.

    1. johnsco1 Zionism thrives on antiSemitism, they create antiSemitism deliberately to try and get Jews to emigrate and expand the colonisation of the racist State of Israel. There was a plan by Zionists to have a number of them in different communities preach hate against Jews so that Jews would be attacked and encouraged to go to Israel.

      1. Jack T, now THAT is sound. Never knew that. IMMEDIATELY clear. That TANGIBLE detail should be supported with CONCISE evidence and repeated at least THRICE weekly, then daily early AM and PM then thrice weekly again WITH the TANGIBLE daily injustice eg stealing homes vineyards, means of living … the general READILY connectable / relatable.

        I know someone, funded by someone i know well to do charity work in Palestine. LOVELY amazing person… Because of them i started supporting by buying their Palestinian Olive Oil by the 5 Litre Cans… for years🫒🫒🫒EXCELLENT quality. Anyway, in one of the many bombings of the Palestinians, my friend was in the same tiny bomb shelter as Yasser Arafat‼️‼️‼️ I was unusually awe struck. Arafat according to that first hand account was an amazing down to earth man, contrary to media reports. Very funny my friend said.
        But a another close family friend who died about 7 years ago, said at a meal; “There’s no such place as Palestine!” Of course a big lie. The maps including in The Palace of Westminster, state PALESTINE. That’s why i make it a point of normalising the BASIC truth. Palestine is occupied. It’s not up to me, but even as a teenager, the idea of a two state solution seemed vulgarly insulting. We have Chicago, London, Paris, South Africa, Delhi, The Caribbean, New York, Manchester… you name it where every people under the sun live in one place. Surely it’s a political nonsense promoted by the one percent to PRESERVE injustice. It deliberately implies that Jews refuse to live like as people live ALL OVER the world. Then an unrepresentative handful of people who comprise the BOD, CAA etc do exactly as u say. They DELIBERATELY stir up fear and blame any one who despise their confections hence the 200 X rate of expulsions, left too unsaid by the targeted.

        Basic truths can be defended effortlessly with basic tangible info u just provided so concisely. I hope u take this as meant:

        Who, while a rampaging heard of killer pigs … or snakes with an obvious trail of victims behind them, are about 2 b trampled or have fangs squirting death into their scrotum, decides to give a desertion on the most obscure definitions of porcine taxonomy and who first identified the active component of the snake’s venom or the historical definitions of killer pigs❓❓❓

      2. Singpost, the Romans when they took over the Kingdom of Judea in 64 BC they called it the Judea Province.
        However, by the 2nd Century AD the Romans change the name of the Province to Syria Palaestina,after Rome was successful in crashing the many Jewish Revolts against Roma’s authority and forcing the Jews out of the territory. This is when the Jewish diaspora into Europe originated from, although many Jews remained in the MIddle East, but settled in areas out of Rome’s direct control, present day Iran for example.

      3. Maria yes. 64BC was a long time ago. Re: “Iran for example.” May i add: treated with legendary hospitality. Migration pushed or pulled = almost if not UNIVERSAL human history. Where USA, is belonged to others still there and persecuted. Ditto Canada; South Africa; The Caribbean; New Zealand; Hong Kong; Australia; Chile; Venezuela; Argentina, Chagos Islands… stolen, plundered MUCH more recently + ongoing in the Amazon.
        Betty has tiaras, crowns + jewellry STUDDED PACKED č gems PLUNDERED from elsewhere, the legacy of genocides, Apartheids + savage cruelty inflicted by Colston, David & Samantha Cameron’s great grand parents, Picton and HUNDREDS of others some in parliament today ensures them living off the legacies of PLUNDER.
        Compensation 4 UK slave owners only repaid in 2015. MILLIONS bunged 2 same families, under guise of “SAVING 4 the NATION”. Not just valuables robbed from people abroad + proceeds eg Art works, but even Churchill’s letters / writings. All a clever scam 2 further enrich bandits. Covered under thousands of pounds worth of tailoring (except johnson… min SIX children educated + to educate privately). Others? under Saville Row suits?BANDITS. Bastards of bandits, guaranteed security even 4 their great grandchildren and beyond.
        But, just as we call lands of Inuits, Amerindians, by foreign alien 2 them since only last 230 approx years, i call Palestine, Palestine. EVERYONE should live in peace there just as we all mostly live in comparative peace here & many other elsewhere s.

      4. Maria – The Romans deported huge numbers of, what they considered to be pesky Jews, to what we now call central Iraq at this time. There was a significant Jewish presence in Iraq for hundreds of years after that until after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Baghdad, I believe, had a population of which around 40% were Jewish at that time.

      5. and treated with exemplary hospitality which Christians should copy. Visit the centre of what was the Ottoman Empire. You enjoy heart warming hospitality which stays warm YEARS after. Definitive Islamic hospitality. Puts us to “SIGNIFICANT” shame.

    2. “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.”

      1. Couple of things ..

        First – not ALL the Jews were expelled. It was mainly those from the cities
        – the Romans did not like farming I believe so left them alone. Some stayed and became
        Christians and some became Islamists..

        Second – hospitality .. Herzl in “The Old New Land” has his protagonist say that Jews
        fared better in Arab Countries than in Europe .. and in the Utopian State that he wrote \
        about there were no problems between the two. In fact the new Country was secular
        and no religion had precedence .. and it is totally unlike the modern Israel! It seems
        to me that there was more stress on the “political system” – called “mutualism” than
        on Zionism It has to be added that Herzl was an idealist ..

  16. Under this proposal the vote of 1 MP would equal the votes of 2250 LP members or 30000 trades union members.
    The dictatorship of the prawn sandwich brigade.

  17. I share your enthusiasm for JVL – it was there I learned
    about the vilification of Left Wing Jews.

    Certainly it is anti semitic for gentiles to decide who
    is and who isn’t allowed to speak about the Jewish people.

    So several groupings of Jewish people are effectively no
    platformed by the MSM and some are thrown out of the Labour
    Party . Persecution worsens – more Jewish people are
    threatened as is anyone who supports them.

    So what does that remind you of?

    The Jewish Community does not speak with just one voice
    – they are diverse just as other Communities are – such as
    Muslims, Christians, Buddhists etc ..

    The diversity of Christian beliefs should be self evident
    for anyone who knows anything about the history of
    Europe for the past millennia! It was and is a contentious
    issue in Northern Ireland ..

    1. HoobyFanMw, you ask “so what does remind you of?” It reminds me of the Nazis.

  18. A trilateral attack:
    Right Wing Jewish Groups, if you don’t agree with their perspective they decide you don’t count, “An attack on Jewish Diversity.” (US Academic, Richard Silverstein).
    The Right Wing (and Liberal media) protecting their owners and classes’ wealth and power (plus the tax avoidance of some media owners).
    Right Wing Labour MPs jumping on the bandwagon – can’t beat Corbyn & his supporters on IDEAS.
    JVL are the only good thing to come out of these grotesque Right Wing attacks on us genuine left wing democratic socialists.

  19. Back to the future with Stasi Starmer. & ‘the rule of thirds’. (i) PLP & Blairite chums; (ii) Trade Unions (can’t leave their donations out) & (iii) membership plebs. As pointed out on SKY TV last night, this should ensure that Socialists like JC can never be elected as leader of the Labour Party again, thus (as Tony Blair would say) the middle ground is secure. No more omov.

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