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Breaking: Starmer ‘abandons electoral college’ in humiliating climbdown to avoid even more humiliating defeat

Hopeless Labour leader now back to trying to increase proportion of MPs to trigger contest to more than 100

Overnight, Labour’s titular ‘leader’ Keir Starmer has abandoned his plan to rob Labour members of a meaningful say in leadership votes after it became clear that even the right-wing unions’ contempt for him meant he was about to suffer a humiliating defeat.

Starmer now plans to change tack to raising the number of MPs required to trigger a leadership challenge to half – more than a hundred on current numbers, with a fallback of 25%, up from 20% (and a tactic he had already binned in the face of union opposition to the electoral college plan) – in a desperate attempt to stave off the inevitable, as well as raising the bar for deselecting MPs, scrapping the ‘registered supporter’ category and potentially an attack on the voting rights of those of those who affiliate via unions and socialist societies.

There is no guarantee his tin ear and leaden feet with the unions will let these changes fare any better, of course.

Meanwhile, a protest against his acting general secretary David Evans, who faces a knife-edge conference vote on whether he keeps the role, is building.

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  1. This guy is unbelievable.

    Not content with declaring war on members’ rights(and losing), he’s now indirectly attacking his fellow Labour MPs. This 25% move is squarely aimed at anyone on the minority left, obviously. How can someone like this lead a party that claims it’s for equal opportunities and eqiality?

    Every CLP needs to consider a no-confidence motion.

  2. As I recall Starmer was touted, above all, as being COMPETENT.
    If this is what he’s like when he’s being competent, what will it be like when he has a bad day?

    1. golbach, Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission. Once we accept that he is really serving the best interest of the Trilateral, Starmer is extremely competent.

  3. Is anyone surprised that he’s reverting back to increasing the threshold of MPs needed to trigger a leadership challenge. Im sure his fans on the NEC will back this. A bully never gives up and that what Starmer is, a bully not a leader.

    1. BackofBeyond, Starmer is a FASCIST, let us call a spade a spade. He is a leader that is doing an excellent good job at protecting the best interest of the Trilateral.

    1. Andrew, I am sure you are right and he will push to get his way by the back door like fascist do, unless we manage to stop him.
      We need to stop calling Starmer a “right winger” and call him out by what he is: a FASCIST. As someone that lived with fascism, it is never a good thing to confuse a right winger with a fascist, two very different things and we do ourselves injury when we confuse them.

  4. keir “erik armrest” starmer needs to be informed that:

    Raising the number of MPs required to trigger a leadership challenge to half is NOT acceptable!

    Raising the bar for deselecting MPs is NOT acceptable!

    Scrapping the ‘registered supporter’ category is NOT acceptable!

    Attacking the voting rights of those who affiliate via unions & socialist societies is NOT acceptable!

    He may have backed down over the change from OMOV to the undemocratic electoral college, but for me, if there is any attempt to implement this or any of the above it will reenforce my intention to actively campaign for any party other than labour for all future elections!

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