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Rayner fails ‘I-test’ as she ‘smells leadership blood in water’

Deputy leader eyeing top job and ‘on manoeuvres’, say insiders

Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner ‘smells blood in the water’ and is ‘on manoeuvres’ for the leader role, according to party insiders – and her interview with the Murdoch Times, which she has been promoting, appears to support the claim.

Rayner told the Times “I definitely wouldn’t say no” to being party leader, while at the same time claiming she’s “never had a desire or an ambition even to be deputy leader” – a claim that goes against her recent manoeuvring to build her power base.

And Rayner’s recent Twitter output fails the ‘I-test’ – in common with much of the ‘optics left’, there’s a lot of ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘my’:

By contrast with the ‘I-s right’ machine, socialism is supposed to be about ‘we’ and ‘us’:

Rayner appears to be polishing her image in readiness for an opportunity to challenge Keir Starmer – as well as the Murdoch press, she was also speaking to the Guardian yesterday – and Labour insiders certainly think she is ‘I-ing’ the party’s top job.

With Starmer reeling from one humiliating self-fail to another like a drunk in a room full of garden rakes, there’s certainly blood in the water for the smelling.

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  1. “I spoke about ….. my early life …”
    She hardly ever speaks about anything else …… so poor … so working class … etc. etc.
    Sends everyone to sleep.

    1. And, I hear, she’d been blathering on about “fair pay agreements”. What a load of tosh. No suggestion of what to do if the employers aren’t prepared to agree. It’s an even less thought through version of In Place of Strife. More like In Place of Ideas. She is as utterly pathetic as the rest of them.

  2. RW will force Temporary Embarrassment resignation then it’s gloves off
    One LW candidate from the start, a history maker to get our party back and on track to deliver JC legacy

    1. Sadly, Doug, they’ll ensure that nobody to the left of Gordon Brown gets on the ballot paper.
      The suppressed report tells us that anyone to the left of Brown is a “Trot”.

  3. I see Rayner is doing a Jess Phillips in more ways than one – trying to glamorise herself and stabbing a Labour Leader in the front.
    Rayner can forget her leadership ambitions as far as I am concerned. Not only did she let Jeremy Corbyn and the Left down very badly but when she attended a Labour Friends of Israel event on the day designated by the United Nations as Palestine Solidarity Day ( thereby saying up yours to the UN) she promised to expel 1000s and 1000s of antisemites from the Labour party.
    Given that there are only a handful of antisemites in the party but there are 1000s and 1000s of us who openly deplore the human rights abuses visited on Palestinians by Israel she was clearly demonstrating that she equates defending the rights of Palestinians with antisemitism.-the absolute bare faced cheek of the woman. She’d be worse than Starmer and Evans put together.

    1. Quite so. One small glimmer of light is that, if they do decide to ditch Starmer, the scheisters might start chewing lumps out of each other in their desperate attempts to become the next (nominal) leader.

      1. That is likely to happen Goldbach. They are an unsavoury bunch always jockeying for position and ready to walk over anybody who gets in their way.

  4. Well I would suggest Dawn Butler – for anyone who calls Johnson
    “a liar” in Parliament should definitely be one of the

    Rayner has blotted her copybook so far as I am concerned
    with her bloodthirsty comments concerning defenestrating
    “thousands of” LP members and relish at the idea ..

    1. Dawn Butler certainly was quite impressive when she was stopped by the police for being Black and being in an expensive car.

  5. By talking to one of the scumsheets that drips from murdoch’s rectum rayner should never become leader.

    For me to even consider not campaigning for other parties Dawn Butler will have to be the next leader and Ian Byrne will have to be deputy.

      1. I would be happy with Dawn Ian or Dan as leader but Sam Tarry is also a potential leader. He is an ex Trade Union official, a brilliant speaker and has a slight edge on the others in my opinion.

  6. With Starmer…like a drunk in a room full of garden rakes

    Hey Toffee, pull up a gif of Sideshow Bob doing this in The Simpsons, would ya? You know the one…

    1. I think the scene from The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy movie, when Arthur Dent, Ford Prefecture and friends land on Vogonsphere is my favourite – every time they have a thought a shovel-like plant emerges from ground to smack face.

  7. Nice hair. Nice, glossy publicity image! Does anybody else detect the thick, ladled on veneer of US-style emptiness infecting UK public life? WE are not the 51st state. Let’s prevent the rise of this stupidity by founding a strong, authentic, British, working class alternative.

  8. Refused to defend the current leadership election system on the Today Programme this morning.
    Can only embolden vote-stealer Starmer and his allies.

  9. Well written piece Skwawkie. I laughed at least twice.

    Seems the three Rayner’s have ambitions.

    My quid is on Jarvis. Ex military (MIC dream. We sell guns too), stealthily promoted during Corbyns attempt at running the party (not entirely Corbyn’s fault, as we well know). Just announced he stepping down as mayor of South Yorkshire.

  10. This is why the rumours of Angela was not happy about the rule change could be true.
    She knew it would be unlikely for her to achieve the backing of at least a 100 MPs if she wanted to run. Plus the backing of the unions and members can not be relied upon.
    Angela has definitely let down those on the left who are still members who will only see her masquerading as left wing.

  11. Another scab piece by a Labour MP in Murdoch’s house journal. First Streeting now Rayner, who was described today as being the equivalent of “Tom Watson in PVC”.

    Which is the most perfect description I have ever heard.

    1. Of whom? Streeting or Rayner?! 😂 Only kidding, but the image I’ve now conjured up of Streeting In PVC is going to be hard to scrub from my mind! (Shudder)

  12. The Angela Rayner Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

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