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Still no word of public support from Starmer for Young Labour or chair after Murdoch hack’s attacks

Three days since concerted assault on Young Labour and its chair, Starmer’s Twitter feed remains silent on the issue

Labour’s notional leader Keir Starmer has shown no solidarity with Young Labour or its chair, following a gross attack by a Murdoch hack on the party’s official youth section.

Oliver Kamm had written a ludicrous article for a Tory website accusing Young Labour of wanting a ‘second Holocaust’ because of its support for Palestinian freedom – and calling for Labour to shut it down. Barnard responded publicly – and decried the ‘total absense [sic] of support from the leadership’:

There were even complaints that people who had supported Barnard publicly had alleged their workplaces had been contacted with complaints in an apparent attempt to damage their employment:

Despite this, there was an outpouring of public support both for Young Labour and for Barnard personally – but not from the person who should have been front and centre in standing up for the party’s youth section and its democratically-elected chair.

Keir Starmer’s Twitter feed has not been silent. Far from it. He has found time to post at least eight tweets. But not a word of solidarity for a young woman member elected to a difficult role, nor for Labour’s thousands of young members who, with their chair, have been disgracefully maligned.

This, of course, is not surprising – Labour cancelled Young Labour’s rules-mandated conference, without any reference to the party’s supposedly ruling National Executive Committee, and then ignored attempts to arrange a conference event, until Starmer and co u-turned under pressure of widespread outrage and condemnation, claiming it had all been a misunderstanding when Barnard was told Young Labour would not be allowed to invite any guests from Palestine Solidarity and her entreaties for a schedule and guidance were ignored.

But it is no less appalling for that.

Oliver Kamm was contacted for comment on whether he had behaved as described in Barnard’s tweet, but had not responded by the time of publication.

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  1. The knights tactics are to ignore,wait for a while and then strike like a viper under the cover of darkness.Barnard is now a target and like all the rest thown under the bus shes on her way to first the character assassination then the pressure and the inevitable anger of the emasculated members when shes “fit up” and dumped.with much gnashing and grinding of teeth whilst you keep funding the enemy…just wait for the conference?

    1. SIR starmer is everything + much worse than posters say he is: Trilateral, Bilderberg, Illuminati, Zionist, racist, liar, deceitful, Socialist hater, a-S slanderer and PLEDGE / PROMISES breaker, Destructive “Ambiguity” coup plotter, sabotaging tool of Mandelson and place warmer for war criminal Iraq Blair of 45 minutes – Weapons of Mass Destruction claims with Arsetair Campbellend & the litter that is Jack Straw.

      QUESTIONS – 1️⃣ What does it tell u of any who encourage us to “unite with” SIR starmer and gang 4 a “Labour government”❓

      2️⃣ Why❓❓

      3️⃣ What do u think we will gain❓❓❓


      1. There are still people under the illusion that Starmer may suddenly change; recommit to his 10 Pledges and end the factionalism and purging. Got to pity such people for not understanding what’s really going on here and the extent of the deception that’s underway.

        As Aaron Bastani and many others have pointed out, the Blairites aren’t interested in winning power because they’re sympathetic to 90% of the Tories’ agenda. Their only interest is in defeating socialism(the left) and destroying the only viable political vehicle in a two-party system threatening to deliver it.

      2. Andy -you are absolutely correct. Note the language of some right here on Bet everything on it; if SIR starmer flung them the tiniest most rancid promise, “in a flash” many will grab it, then do SIR’s “unity loyalty dance” and sing LOUDER than the parasites🪰

        U use the precise word. “pity”. They r PITIABLE prey 4 parasites 🪰

        Note their language: Perfectly “smart”, “BETTER educated” people STILL hope 4 the most evil Tories to win an election with the Labour label🪰

        The TRAGEDY; they CORRUPT the youth. See Bernard’s language. Barnard admits expecting help + support. U can’t blame her. She believes our elders’ silence = consent. HOW couldn’t she trust CHOICES of those with thirty, forty, fifty, even SIXTY years CLOSE political experience of SIR starmer & the other coup plotters❓❓❓

        The only way out of this mess is to ditch the CULT attitude and wafer thin interpretation of “decency”, “integrity”, “solidarity”, “leadership” etc. NONE with any of those qualities would have done and CONTINUE to do “EVERYTHING they asked”, “EVERYTHING to make them love”, “Would be back in a flash if the whip were restored”, Throw Chris Williamson and THOUSANDS of others under any parasitic bus during not one, not two, not three, but FOUR WHOLE YEARS, then STILL offer a peerage to TWatson🪰‼️🪰‼️🪰‼️

        The Labour Party’s should not be a cosy social club, CULT, nor soft blanket for adults whispering nice lies to each other, while branding the electorate “racist” & “stupid”.

        A political party should get in government and CHANGE things. Make things happen, not sit back whining the most lazy tiresome excuses of external forces despite PROFOUND evidence under our noses.

        What you say above is BLEEDING OBVIOUS. BUT, the obvious holds no appeal for the academic definition obsessed who waste their knowledge and brains in the most embarrassing ways.

        Our elders, have one hundred plus good intentions and are sincere. Every overcrowded virtuous band waggon, they appear to speak to those who already agree with them.

        But by their CHOICES to “DO EVERYTHING THEY ASKED”, our elders REMAIN unwittingly the STRONGEST asset to the system. They are DETERMINED DEFEATIST. Our elders ACTIVELY put the parasites in power and perhaps expected reward, or why after stepping down would TWatson be offered a Lordship❓❓❓ How does that help us❓❓❓

        Sincere good intentions without facing reality and using independent thought, logic and ACTION is worse than useless when they ACTIVELY encourage SIR starmer TWatson types and mislead the youth; are sincerely WRONG. Good intentions and ZERO determined LOGICAL actions, brought this Hell to us. FACT

      3. Could you be specific Andy….. Who exactly are these people you claim are still under the illusion that Starmer may suddenly change etc? The reason I ask is because it sounds totally implausible given all that Starmer and Co are doing , and all he/they have done since he was elected leader. Actually, I’d go further, and say that it is inconceivable – given all that Starmer and Co have done – that anyone – even ONE single person – could possibly be holding such a hope. The only thing that comes anywhere close to such a ‘hope’, is not ‘hope’ that he’ll suddenly change, but that he’ll be ‘forced’ to change tack on account of unions withdrawing funding (on top of the loss of funding on account of 120,000 plus left-wing members (and counting) leaving the party in disgust).

        I really don’t think there is anyone on the left (I assume you’re referring to people on the left) who don’t understand what’s going on etc. It’s a bit like saying that some of the people who just witnessed someone being knocked down by a car don’t understand that the person was knocked down by a car. In other words, there is nothing to somehow understand.

      4. Who exactly is ‘encouraging’ us to unite with Starmer and the Blairites signpost, and when and where did they do so?

        Could you provide a link please. Thanks

    2. I will be truly appalled Joseph if your reading of the future situation is accurate. Unfortunately the total lack of support from Starmer for this young woman and recent history indicates that it is.
      That at a young person who was elected to a Labour party position should have been treated this way by a hack from the gutter press is beyond disgraceful. Labour should be out there defending her not sitting back doing nothing. I have no time for the Tories but at least they stand up for their own which is more than can be said about Starmer . Do the Wooden Tops currently advising him really think that his cowardly contemptible inaction in this matter is going to encourage anyone to elect him?

      1. Smartboy…We know our enemy of old the conservative and unionist party and we can fight them and beat them especially this lot of depraved lunatics….But How can we fight the unacceptable face of toryism that has infiltrated every part of the Labour party top to bottom and even a jjsubstantial number of the members who voted for him.There’s no excuse any longer,he had a title of the establishment all but nailed on his head and they voted for that obscenity I am sure that withdrawal of members money and support will finally collapse the whole rotten structure and that is the only way to save the people of Britain from years and years of real poverty the like of only seen in storybooks of Dickensian Britain.Don’t keep feeding the enemy.i…How many martyrs do you sacrifice before you pull the plug on them?

    3. Joseph (at 11.57am)
      I voted for RLB in the leadership election but many people I know voted for Starmer in good faith because of the pre election pledges he made. His actions now show that his word is worth nothing but he is there ,the elected leader, for as long as the PLP tolerate him. Given their obsessive self interest I can’t see them allowing him, an electoral liability, to stay in post for very much longer.

      1. But smartboy when a person aceppts a title they are in effect part of the rotton establishment system surely they can see that.How knowing this can I trust the substantial number that voted for a knight of the realm t be leader of the Labour party.ITs not just the long list of severe problems I have with the infrastructure of the Labour party,but alarmingly there are a lot like our resident stalker SH amongst the membership.And I voted for Burgon lawyer and RBL lawyers because that was the dogs dinner that the PLP allowed the unwashed to vote for…I am now pleased I left the Labour party especially has being a member could have clipped my flying days with a nasty fit up of AS or some other computerised record.available to the highest bidder..I have relatives all over the world and I am hoping to see relatives one last time before I enter the final departure lounge.A criminal offence or record alleging that would seriously damage my planning.and Health.

      2. Joseph I do understand how you feel and to be honest I always had some reservations about Starmer which is why I voted for RLB. However I had no idea just how nasty and divisive Starmer would turn out. I am shocked and disgusted by his behaviour to date but am holding on to my membership for now.
        I left the party because of Tony Blair and Iraq as did many many others and looking back I think this was a massive mistake – by leaving we gave him free rein to pursue his war mongering and shameless accumulation of personal wealth. I am staying this time so that I can use my vote against Starmer, have my voice heard at least at local level where I may hopefully influence things.

  2. Prior to me leaving my job working for a government department I used to wonder if anyone would contact my place of work encouraging them to sack me for my tame social media output. Now here we have allegations against Kamm that he’s been doing precisely the same thing to others. The man has no shame.

    Where’s Starmer? Probably hiding behind his desk in LOTO. Fearing if he shows any support for YL he may well be in trouble with Murdoch.

    1. This isn’t a new development. Anonymous scources contacting employers has been a tactic used on trgeted members since 2015. I have met many, both on social media and face to face, who have had their lives turned upside down and careers ruined by this tactic. The majority of them were “the wrong sort of Jews”.

      If meetings were arranged by suspended members, it was common for the onwers of the venue to be contacted and “advised” that it was not a good idea to let the meeting go ahead. On almost every occasion, the meeting would be cancelled.

      An extreme example was when the film The Lynching of Jackie Walker was to be screened in a fringe meeting during the confernce 2018 in Liverpool.

      “And he said ‘it’s a big Jewish event, I want to say there are two bombs that will kill many people’.

      “And then he put the phone down.”

      Ms Wimborne-Idrissi said that she was “gobsmacked” by the threat.

      “We hired extra security tonight because we know our film is controversial but we didn’t expect this kind of trouble”, she added.

      “And it’s just terrible because it means a film about free speech is being suppressed.”

      1. Nemtona…Why dont you put the phone ☎ number of the partying embarrassment on here we don’t mind phoning them for you and putting the cat 🐱 amongst the Labour leadership and co…?I might even try a long distance call from here in the jungle of Cambodia to wish them happy Xmas and a shambolic new year comrades..? “ITs good to talk” at 6cents a minute here for UK and US…..regards.

      2. The cops are normally effective at catching hoax callers, especially when the evacuation was large and involved bombs. Sloppy work, slipshod and amateur.

  3. I’m informed that Starmer’s to Twitter feed is strictly limited to tweets on sport, the police, veterans and patriotism.

  4. Akehurst in the midst of a twitter rant : ‘We need a Young Labour that is loyal to Labour, not Momentum.’

    He was, royally, slapped around, for that one tweet alone. He slunk away back into his box, after that.

  5. Momentum could be a rallying point for a new party of the people..I have been critical in the past mainly to do with lansman,but I have never criticised the brilliant members who are very much activists and left wing exclusively. The group are taking up the slack left by the Labour party and its right wing organisation.Momentum are professional,well organized and are basically unapologetic left wing and Socialist.Hopfuly if theres enough protest at the Conference and rigged as expected then we might just wake up the Labour socialist mps and then its down to planning and recruitment to to form a long wished for party of the people…Pie in the sky…but were there’s life theres hope.The Conference is little more than a “Wake” to say goodbye to a Labour party that did far more good for the working-class people than harm unlike this lot god forbid they are ever in government…!

    1. What Labour socialist MP’s? Or you mean the silent cowards that take the money and very occasionally say a few words then silence for the next month.

      Why are you awaiting these proven cowards? I see no solidarity with members. No solidarity with Jeremy and MP’s kicked out before him. With youth Labour, I could go on and on and there is a mountain of evidence that these so call socialists are usless cowards.

      Until I see real fire and a real commitment to both the membership and fellow left-wing MP’s who will fight back at every attack then they are not fit for any sort of left-wing label apart from appeaser!

      Nope kick the lot out if I whould start again from scratch with a constitution enshrined for all time with NO right-wing ever allowed in the socialist Labour movement.

      This votes them out split the party mob are either fools or sock puppets for the cult of new Labour 2.0! So what you mean is keep on giving them money and your implied consent to do what they like… Nope, let us stop falling into the same stupid traps. Doing it the same way allowing these scum to divide and control the left-wing.

      Or we can do the same BS and in 30 years we will be having the same arguments we had like 30 years ago. WHY? Voting them out only works on MP’s maybe they won’t find every way to prevent this exactly as we have seen in the past. But what you can’t affect is the backroom staff right-wing cancer you have NO power over them! These are the scumbag briefing against us and playing power games for their masters. Stop repeating the same cycle of mistakes or I honestly don’t believe the Labour party will exist in 10 years the way we are going!

      Instead, we need a socialist only Labour movement to start small with a few good Mp’s and a bottom-up organization run by and for the members. With a proper rule book that only needs 3-4 pages max of well-written rules, not a book that they can use endlessly against us again. Be smart only have good communicators MP’s with fire and commitment with No appeasement in them.

      We will be attacked in the press accept that and move on. Stop giving interviews with the Tory BBC & Tory ITV only speak to left journalists and if attacked attack back no more appeasement and apologising. Show the lies and deceptions of the right-wing the public is mostly not stupid just passive and lied to! with the use of propaganda so we must break that by not playing their game.

      Or keep on doing the same giving them your money and stay silent like now. That way only leads to bitterness and the same endless mistakes that no one ever learns from or stops…

    2. It could be a celebration. A racist, sectarian, war mongering neo Liberal Party biting the dust. Ray!

  6. Vexatious claims of anti semitism are hate crimes and should be prosecuted
    Temporary Embarrassment do you agree
    Do you disagree Mr Kamm
    See you in court
    Name the 22 stone jockey who rode a well known Murdoch hack
    Oliver Kamms cell mate

  7. Kamm’s article is Libellous and criminal, inviting attacks on Jess and Young Labour. In a decent democratic society he would be facing huge fines and made to apologise.

    1. why r we told to “work with” chums of Kamm❓
      why r we told to “unite with” them❓❓
      has anything been learnt❓❓❓

      1. Who exactly are you referring to signpost – ie WHO told us to work with them and unite with them, and when? Thanks

        PS Is anyone else aware of this happening?

  8. A self evident truth is that Sir Starmer is a 5th columnist sleeper planted by the Tories to destroy Socialism, using anonymous accusations of anti-Semitism, against which there is no defence allowed.

    1. Steve Richards – ” self evident truth is that Sir Starmer is…”

      “self evident” 2 u, me & any who judge by ACTIONS instead of OBVIOUSLY empty pledges🌕

      What does it tell of those who despite SIR starmer’s VERY public record and OPEN treachery, STILL enabled him❓

      What EXACTLY is their number one priority after nearly SIXTY YEARS❓

      Why without shame, & HOW do they lead youth like Barnard to expect “support” from SIR starmer❓

      SIR starmer & coup saboteurs NEVER hid their hatred of us, nor their aims.

      Barnard DEMONSTRATES “solidarity”. She PUBLICLY invites those who r being targeted to message her.

      THAT is “solidarity” & “leadership” & “decency” NOT seen in our elders who to this very minute r TOTALLY silent and ABSENT🌕


  9. Oliver Kamm interesting wiki…..Oxbridge bankster;; pro-Blair; anti-catholic; anti-muslim; war mongering journalist ex Jewish Chronicle & Guardian, now Rupert Murdoch. A complete CV .

    1. Reply to Steve Richards
      I think we can expect Kamm to get an senior job at the BBC any day now. Failing that there will always be a place for him in Southside. He’ll will fit in well in either place.

      1. The current crew in Labour’s HQ are probably closer aligned to Kamm’s political opinions than Jess Barnard’s tbh.

        They recently put forward oddball right-winger Gerard Coyne, as their pick to lead Unite – which speaks volumes as to just how far away from the left they now are.

        Labour’s flag should be flown upside-down outside HQ.

        The only vehicle for political change in the UK has been hijacked.

  10. Steve Richards I have been reading about this Kamm creature and his nasty stalking verges on criminal,.Hes certainly an obsessive planner and stalker but like most from his background hes powerful friends on tap.The obsessions against different etnic groups and religions is fairly mainstream and almost compulsory in the conservative and Labour party nowadays.There’s only one direction to deliver a democratic left government and its through neither of the two neo liberal partys.i…regards!

  11. Looks like Labour Party is rapidly turning into a cross between Scientology like cult and the GDRs Stazi state.
    It certainly isn’t a Democratic Socialist political party any more!

  12. Just the latest outrage in Starmer’s miserable reign of terror and met with an exasperated shrug.

    How many more Skwawkbox articles highlighting the horrible, toxic culture Starmer and Evans have deliberately created? Members only course of action is to resign en masse and picket conference calling for Starmer’s removal. Because things aren’t going to miraculously improve, the die is cast, Starmer’s sinister Blairite nature fully revealed. Labour’s only real split now, is between those who’ve realised this, and therefore know he’s got to go, and those still in denial. Unlike with the Tories, the tabloid press and BBC aren’t going to force him out with a daily bashing, members have to do it.

  13. Andy….plenty more like the knight in the Labour party,why do you think he’s been so successful in dismantling the Labour party and near bankrupting the party..Hes not a one man band its a team with members voting for him.Get him out and another and another?They the parasites are in the ascendancy and its you not them that’s going wether you like it or not.

    1. I know, depressing isn’t it. But Starmer’s 10 Pledge bait & switch campaign trick is intolerable. A pledge is a sworn statement, it’s different from something merely hinted at.

      Around 80% of the PLP moved against Corbyn (including Starmer) in the ‘crap coup’, the majority of the PLP are pathologically opposed to socialism. Not surprising really, given their hero, Blair, also rejected the hand of friendship from socialist Scandinavian leaders in favour of closer ties with hawkish George Dubya Bush, Spain’s conservative PM Aznar and Italy’s Belusconi. The latter two being two of the most right-wing leaders Europe has ever seen. Blair today, talks about the dangers of populism despite been a good mate of Silvio Berlusconi – the original populist! Pure hypocrisy on his part again.

      The Labour voters vs PLP mismatch problem is deep and enduring, and only true local democracy in the form of primaries or mandatory reselection (open selection) can sort it out. Of course these people(PLP) are bitterly opposed to local members democratically deciding who stands.

      1. Redhands and Berlesconis friendship was based on having similar past times and pleasures than politics and economics.

      2. A headline of ‘Ghislaine Maxwell cuts a plea deal.’

        Would certainly leave a few UK politicians needing fresh air.

    1. Tony, the day after Sharon Graham’s triumph, WITHOUT any support from McCluskey snd backroom stitch ups, AND while facing the same externalities many STILL fret about, and WITHOUT the support of our “leaders” one of them re-vomited “the party is united.”

      1️⃣ – Why then r we told to “unite with” Oliver Kamm & kind, if the party is already “united”❔

      Since Oliver Kamm & cabal r OPPOSITE to us and OPPOSE us with FULL undisguised viciousness; 2️⃣ – Can anyone with “integrity” justify “unifying with”, “working with” and feeling any exploit of SIR starmer is “decent”❔

      3️⃣ – How many decades b4 some pause and reflect❔ Is it decent to repeatedly fail to challenge evil at home yet suck ALL potential success from foreign causes by infecting them with the same fatalistic attitude and tired excuses for FIFTY plus years❔📀

      4️⃣ – Is there one TANGIBLE success from refusing to ask these questions❔📀

      5️⃣ – Are we a party “For the Many” or a fatalistic pathetic CULT of the few, who think the many are not as smart and educated as they are❔📀

      Do “smart” people repeat the same obvious failed behaviour over snd over throughout FOUR WHOLE YEARS❔📀

    1. Another factional pick.

      He previously resigned from the Shadow cabinet in an attempt to force leftist Richard Leonard out, citing Leonard’s low polling. In a move many believe was coordinated with London.

      1. Andy – It would be difficult to argue that Leonard was a successful leader.

      2. SteveH – I agree, he wasn’t great at all, but the Blairites had already run the Scottish party into the ground, look at Jim Murphy’s (2014-2015)and Kezia Dugdale’s (2015-2017) records as SLP leaders before singling out Leonard.

        Most of the damage was done 2010-2015 when Labour opposed independence alongside the Tories and Lib Dems.

        Starmer wanted Anas Sarwar, another Blairite as leader, and in recent Scottish elections they lost 1% and 2 seats on their dire performance in 2016.

      3. Andy – Would that be the same Anas Sarwar that was inspired to go into politics by Yasser Arafat.

      4. You know full well that where they started politically, doesn’t necessarily reflect where they’ll end up.

        Sarwar, a multi-millionaire, whose father was a Labour MP, has seen public controversy over his decision to send his kids to private school and over the fact the family business wouldn’t recognise unions, or pay the living wage.

        Seems ideal for Starmer’s New Labour 2.0 outfit.

      5. Andy – Jreremy is also a multi millionaire and and also had a private education.

      6. Corbyn’s net worth is disputed,certainly nothing like Sarwar’s. No one can say Corbyn went into politics to get rich or cultivate post-election patrons and contacts – as many careerist New Labourites clearly did.

        And besides, it’s not his wealth that’s problematic per se. It’s his wealth plus his Blairite, New Labour neoliberal views that tip the scales towards wrong’un.

      7. Andy – Their respective wealth is reported to be about the same, Jeremy inherited a substantial sum from his parents
        Anas no longer has a personal interest in or benefit from his families company, in 2017 he transferred his 25% shareholding to a discretionary trust for the benefit of his children..

      8. Andy – ps: Which Blairite policies are you talking about, please be precise.

      9. He’s not had a chance to introduce policy and probably never will, with Scottish independence on the horizon. But he’s firmly associated with the Blairite, anti-Corbyn folks; they even campaigned alongside him in the recent elections.

        Do you really think anyone heavily backed by Starmer will be remotely left-wing? Starmer is factional and viciously anti-left to his core.

      10. Andy – At least you’ve had the good grace to now admit you are talking bollocks however It is disappointing that it has taken you two and a half hours.

  14. I recommend other readers listen to this week’s BBC R4 Profile on Sharon Graham.
    Sharon Graham – PROFILE
    Following a sometimes ugly campaign, Britain’s second largest trade union, Unite, has elected its first woman leader, Sharon Graham. But who exactly is she?
    Jealously guarding her privacy, Unite’s new 52 year-old head represents a significant break with the union’s retiring chief, Len McCluskey and, it would seem, his close political links with the Labour Party.
    Instead, centering her campaign on bringing the union “back to the workplace”, Sharon Graham has emphasised her own focus on jobs, pay and conditions.
    She has called for “an obsession” with the Labour Party to stop and instead for “bad bosses” to be held to account. She claims to have won fifteen disputes without a defeat.
    But her policies are not without their critics. The strategy she has pioneered for “leveraging” disputes with employers by applying pressure across company activities has been attacked as “chilling”. And within the union itself – where two-thirds of the members are men – accusations of misogyny have been levelled.
    Edward Stourton discovers how Sharon Graham has made it to the top of Unite, what makes her tick and what the union’s members, employers, politicians and the public at large can expect from her.
    Among those taking part: Roz Foyer of the Scot

    1. Probably more important than ever she DOES add conditionality to Unite’s subs to Labour.

      Many believe Starmer is to the right of Johnson, citing his opposition to the teaching unions(over Covid safety fears), his poor NHS pay offer; his opposition to raising corporation tax. And most recently, his opposition to tax rises to pay for social care.

      Why should Graham take Unite subs and hand them to a party that’s positioning itself to the right of the Tories?

      1. SteveH

        Lol – if only that were true.

        I even left out the bit about sacked HQ staffers, many of whom are Unite members. They were treated abysmally and are now in their own struggle with the party. Sharon G certainly needs to get interested in Labour’s business.

      2. Andy – As Labour can’t afford to pay them perhaps Unite could offer to pay their wages

  15. We have, here, a story about a disgraceful apology for a journalist making revolting, and in my view libellous, comments about a young woman who is the Chair of Young Labour – and the “leader” of the LP staying mute about the whole affair.
    Contributors have, rightly, been expressing their views about this. However, all one contributor can do is prattle on about Richard Leonard and Sharon Graham – shameful.

  16. Fine young Socialists supported by socialists so obviously excludes Starmer & the Labour Right who are trying to show the rich and powerful that their Labour are absolutely no threat to their wealth and power.
    And all they seek in return is crumbs for diverse working people but of course cushy, well rewarded careers for themselves as top down they try to take the power for themselves.
    Labour in Govt (it won’t win) BUT NOT IN POWER!
    Scotland Calling!
    I do recommend G.D.Smiths ‘A 3,000 Year History of Palestine’ which is academically meticulous.
    Smith shows how early supporters of the developing Israel and Pro-Zionists went into an Arab village and murdered every man, woman and child, then threw their bodies into the well and went round in a van with a loud hailer telling nearby Arab villages what they had done.
    And he further tells us that impatient Right Wing Menachin Begum blew up the King David hotel which was the HQ of the British Mandate in Palestine, killing about 16 including some Jewish, 6 British soldiers, and Arabs plus injuring about 60.
    So did Begum get life imprisonment, no he became PM in Israel.
    Again in Smith – Jewish workers were paid more than Palestinians and pro-Zionists picketed Jewish employers if they employed Palestinians.
    And once land (usually stolen) becomes owned by Jewish people there it can never again be sold and owned by Palestinians (imagine quite rightly the outrage in the UK if we said no house owned by white people could be sold to BME citizens?)
    Most Palestinians don’t support Hamas and would support one democratic state which respects all religious rights (Eraket, 2018).
    (Hamas wants an Islamic state but they were clever, they got in with the poor by offering services and jobs).
    Arafat actually made the offer of one democratic state when he spoke at the UN (full speech in G.D.Smith) oh and the speech had to be made at the European HQ of the UN as the USA wouldn’t let Arafat speak at the New York UN (all the delegates upped sticks from New York UN and nipped over to Europe to hear him) ring any bells?
    Another cracking book for socialists is, Paul Keleman, ‘The Left and Zionism: A History of Divorce.
    Justice 4 Palestinians & Peace 2 All in the Region.

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