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Jeremy Corbyn’s speech to striking university staff and students

“Thank you for being the city of solidarity, because that’s what Liverpool is”

Jeremy Corbyn spoke on Monday at a University and College Union (UCU) rally to save jobs under threat at Liverpool University. After praising Liverpool as ‘the city of solidarity’, he called for the fight to save the jobs – already mostly successful – to continue until the job is done, because if the university succeeds in its cuts, more will follow both in Liverpool and at educational institutions around the country.

Corbyn went on to pay tribute frontline workers in the NHS and elsewhere for their efforts during the pandemic, despite the appalling performance of the Tory government and Boris Johnson’s contempt for them – and to point out the huge profits made by firms and individuals who donate to the Tory party.

And he reserved special praise for Liverpool MP Ian Byrne for his efforts to feed people facing food poverty – and condemned the disgrace of mushrooming poverty and the exploitation of vulnerable people by corporations (not to mention Keir Starmer’s Labour party):

It was a reminder of just what the country and the Labour party is missing because of the relentless sabotage of the Labour right, which preferred Tory government to a socialist Labour prime minister.

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  1. IAN Byrne a fantastic activist and a mp who shows the rest how to do it. ITs no longer any secret that the Labour party would not be in freefall if we recruited amongst the activists and can do people.Too many chancers get the vote but not for much longer.

  2. Well done Jeremy always there,Labour party leader and activist before that grubby lawyer was even thought of and certainly was still in nappys. glugging down the milk.Hes still a Labour party man whatever your farcial targeted AS scam…

  3. Quite a long read but a very good critique of the IHRA definition of antisemitism and how the Jerusalem Declaration offers a much more focused and thereby better means of addressing the issue. Some organisations are already changing their position, having previously adopted the IHRA definition and all its gobbledygook.

    Against the IHRA: Why it’s Time to Adopt the Jerusalem Declaration by Julia Bard

    The IHRA definition has increasingly been deployed to shut down debate about Israel and attack Palestine activists, but a new definition offers a more effective alternative in the fight against antisemitism.

    1. Sir Keir Starmer aka ‘WitchFinder General’, appears to taking instruction from chief rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis over the future of Jeremy Corbyn & other Socialists in the Labour Party. May I suggest that such a direction would not only be a disaster for Jeremy Corbyn; Jews & Socialism, but for Palestinians & Democracy itself. The problem with Israel & the Nation State Laws are that they are racist & will lead to the eventual extinction of the Palestinian people; using ethnic cleansing to achieve the ‘Final Solution’.Hatred of Jews may become the norm world-wide, even more than today. Only a one state solution could bring Arab & Jew together. Proposition on floor for debate @ the next Labour Conference?

  4. I see Labour are now looking for prospective MPs outside the party, no interest in politics needed. Also Dodds tweeted about crime with a link to a survey, which I duly filled in to give a result contrary to the one they want.
    This is how new Labour works, suggest there’s a crimewave when there isn’t and get frightened people to do a survey you can later use as evidence with a few authoritarian measures slipped in to become policy if the people were ever stupid enough to elect a new Labour government.
    Please have fun with the above link.

    1. GREAT idea lundiel.

      Here’s my Q 1 answer. “Other” – “Anti-democratic social media and the algorithms that the likes of jigsaw (google) and facebook use to disinform and manipulate the Many for the Few.”

  5. Plumber wanted no interest or experience in plumbing needed.Now wheres that gas boiler smells a bit but hey ho another one down and carry on.Lucky I found that leak with my trusty lighter..?I?No ventilation required? Now weve got cowboy politicians and its not just the conservatives.

  6. How different the world would be if the enemies in Labour and the MSM had not succeeded. Covid deaths would be at S Korea levels, we wouldn’t all be taking dangerous, experiemental covid vaccines and there wouldn’t be 4million people living near absolute poverty.

    1. OOops – rushing, Shoulda said “How different the world would be if the enemies in Labour and the MSM had not succeeded in GE19. Sorry

  7. In the last bit of the clip Mr Corbyn talks about the scandal of fire and rehire. Pity that some other members of the LP seem happy with the practice – so happy that they’re doing it with their own staff.

  8. Perhaps the greatest Crimes:
    Rich and powerful (legally) stealing surplus Labour of diverse working people in every country.
    USA for its imperial interests bringing down left wing democracies it doesn’t like such as in Latin America.
    Right Wing Israel stealing Palestinian land and the USA and Biden the Liberal Hypocrite turning a blind eye as its suits their interests in the region – oil, arms sales, capitalist investment.
    Politically Razor sharp Annabelle is on the case?
    ADVERT: Labour PPCs Required. Socialist need not apply. Non- political Knob heads welcome!
    “The strange death of the Labour Party in England” (?)

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