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A word about Coyne and Unite – and a story you won’t have heard (video)

Watson liking anti-worker tweet supporting Coyne is revealing – but reaction by union members to Coyne writing for the ‘Scum’ and wanting their votes makes clear how toxic the ‘Labour’ right is

Gerard Coyne was ‘run out’ of an online meeting during the nominations phase of Unite’s general secretary election because he had written for the rag known to many as ‘The Scum’, according to union members present.

Skwawkbox understands that a number of those attending the hustings had intended to vote for the right-winger, despite Coyne admitting during the last general secretary election to breaching members’ privacy and was found in breach of data laws by he Information Commissioner’s Office. But when Coyne was asked why he had written for the Murdoch S*n, the mood in the meeting turned and he was essentially chased from the virtual room.

Coyne’s willingness to cosy up to the union-busting press mogul and the Murdoch empire’s backing for his candidacy show that he will be a disaster for ordinary people if he ever gets near the general secretary’s seat – not just Unite members, but all those millions who need a real fighter for their interests and for a just society in such a crucial position.

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  1. We have got to question the sanity of any union members that would consider voting for a Scab .Maybe they struggle with reading and just like the pictures,but whats depressing is that they don’t seem to grasp how he coyne represents everything that is wrong about some of the unions who aceppt the pieces of silver from the establishment and that includes the Labour grandees.Unite and the majority of the unions are the last chance for the working-class movement.We need to give Starmer somthing to think about this month and a win for Steve Turner will set the tone for the Labour conference were the working-class movement must Sink or swim.against the enemy within.

  2. I wonder what reaction we would get from scab coyne on the unite union investigation into unite union officials in helping employers into compiling Blacklists of workers in unite and other unions.A report in the morning star also highlights the building strike in the seventys and the jailing of innocent left wing members such as Ricky Tomlinson(actor now)but a bricky in those days.Yes mr Coyne needs to respond along with all the candidates that they will abide by the enquiry conclussions especially if they are named and shamed.

  3. The only answer is more democracy more transparency and more regulation
    By regulation i mean moral hazard, you cheat the system you pay the price

  4. Skwawky
    Do the maths
    Coyne has a hard core call them what you like guaranteed to turn out number of votes
    The turnout for these elections is traditionally piss poor
    Graham will split the Turner vote, on paper all the hallmarks of another LW fiasco
    Pray God I’m talking shite

  5. If the alternative (or preferential) vote had been used then in all probability, if no candidate received an absolute majority on the first count, then Coyne would lose on the transfer of votes from Graham to Turner or vice versa.

    Two questions arise:

    1. why was this method not adopted at the last rules revision conference,

    2. why did Graham, as the candidate with fewer nominations, not stand down in favour of Turner?

    If Coyne wins then the positions of Beckett, Graham, and Turner will be under threat (never mind left-wing policies) and Unite could easily be plunged into a debilitating civil war

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