Ashworth, who helped undermine GE19, responds to request for Forde report on GE17 sabotage – with yawn emoji

Ashworth damaged Labour’s 2019 general election by bad-mouthing Corbyn to Tory MP in recorded call – and when asked last week about Forde report, his response could hardly have been more dismissive

‘Yawn’: Jonathan Ashworth and a little of his sorry record

Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth has poured contempt on Labour members asking for the Forde report on alleged sabotage of the 2017 general election campaign.

Ashworth posted a picture on his Facebook page of himself getting ready to go body-boarding on a Devon beach – and predictably, many of the responses to it were critical. But when Patsy Parry asked where the long-delayed Forde report is on sabotage, diversion of campaign funds and abusive conduct by right-wing former staffers, his response was… a ‘yawn emoji’:

After Parry tweeted his anger about Ashworth’s dismissive response – and many Twitter users echoed his outrage – Ashworth appears to have deleted his response, as well as Parry’s comment. In fact, it appears that he blocked Parry from his page altogether. Parry told Skwawkbox:

He took my answer off his page. In fact, I think he’s blocked me from his page altogether, as I can’t react to or post anything on it.

Ashworth’s own record in regard to general election campaigns is hardly pristine. As Labour campaigned in the 2019 election, a recording of him badmouthing Corbyn to a Tory MP was released to the media. Ashworth claimed it was ‘just banter’ and subsequently apologised, but the right-wing media made hay extensively.

Ashworth is married to Emilie Oldknow, one of the main protagonists in the leaked Labour report quoting the WhatsApp messages and emails of right-wing former staffers and accusing them of working against the party’s attempts to win the 2017 general election and diverting vital campaign funds to their own project, as well as of a variety of abusive comments and conduct toward left-wing MPs and others.

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  1. I have nothing but contempt for the lowlife scum that is jonathan ashworth!

  2. Steve H…must be a right wing trait yawning and showing utter contempt.I don’t believe in proscribing anyone but if a poster continually shows a yawn emojo on here they should be moderated or removed for showing contemptfor Squawkbox and Steve Walker.

  3. I see Labour are now looking for prospective MPs outside the party, no interest in politics needed. Also Dodds tweeted about crime with a link to a survey, which I duly filled in to give a result contrary to the one they want.
    This is how new Labour works, suggest there’s a crimewave when there isn’t and get frightened people to do a survey you can later use as evidence with a few authoritarian measures slipped in to become policy if the people were ever stupid enough to elect a new Labour government.
    Please have fun with the above link.

    1. This Nu-Nu labour is more and more morphing into a flower arranging class but without the flowers.

    2. Cheers lundiel, I did have fun with that one!

      And regarding “I see Labour are now looking for prospective MPs outside the party, no interest in politics needed”, it reminds me of a letter to the Guardian I kept, from back when it used to be a decent paper, from David Hinchliffe (Labour MP for Wakefield 1987-2005) :

      “I was…travelling south with Chris Leslie, then MP for Shipley, not long after his election to the Commons in 1997. During a conversation with another Labour MP, Alice Mahon, and myself, we were both astonished when he told us that he had always wanted a career in politics but had genuinely been unsure as to which major party to join. For most of us in the Labour party our political outlook is shaped by personal values and life experiences. Others clearly have different motivations”.

      Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, or something…

      1. He was mentioned in this headline from April this year : Former Labour Shadow Chancellor Chris Leslie has new job…as debt collector chasing Covid loans.

        Speaking at a round table event led by the Chartered Banker Institute, titled : ‘How can banks recover bounce back loans?.’ Leslie said ‘bounce back’ loans of up to £50,000 should be repaid and not written-off.

      2. Timfrom, during the summer of 2016 after reading the reasons from Seema Malhotra MP to submit a complaint to John Bercow for alleged breach of Parliamentary Privilege, I decided that if anyone was looking to become an MP but somehow was a bit short in the intelligence department, or lacked political ideology he/she stood the best chance for a career in politics by joining the Labour Party because.
        1-The Labour Party care more about image than substance.
        2- The Labour Party is already so full of morons that one or two more will not be noticed.
        3- The Labour Party doesn’t value ideology or ideas in their MPs but rather a sheepish attitude to follow the leader providing that the leader is New Labour.

  4. The way I look at it, emojis are only effective communication between people who don’t value the power of words – or, as in the ‘delayed’ Forde Report and Ashworth – when speaking the truth would be inconvenient or dangerous.

    Not that MSM journalists for example try any more, but you wouldn’t “speak truth to power” 100% with emojis.

    Rumour has it that the ‘behavioural scientists’ who make up nearly 60% of SAGE and whose single “expertise” is “people and society manipulation” (nudge, nudge unit), are rewrting the entire pandemic narrative with emojis. well just one really, a steaming pat of cow manure.

  5. He can do that, because he knows Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES are The New Government post GE2024! The Elites/Establishment/Machine and The Trilateral Type Commissions have decided!
    Ashworth also knows The Neolabour Party TORIES are Untouchable and that The Forde Enquiry along with all the Black, Muslim, Other Minorities including Black/Non-Zionist Jews woll never come from under that Neolabour TORY Tug and stand NO CHANCE, against the might of The White European Zionist (Jew and non-Jew alike) Neolabour Party TORIES!
    The Undeserving Poor and Disabled will be in Workhouse Prisons and the streets of the cities packed with Undeserving Homeless Poor, living in Squalor and in Pestilence!

  6. What is he still doing in the Labour Party. He should not be in it. Can’t we throw the rulwbook at them regarding bringing the party into disrepute?

  7. Labour shadow minister has said he cannot reveal his party’s POLICY platform or VALUES because they are currently subject to “confidential” discussions.

    Forde enquiry would have been an ideal opportunity for openness and transparency of due process, to. confirm or refute allegations and to vindicate actions taken.

    Perhaps the starting point should have been the Chakrabarti report findings.

  8. So we have Starmers new adviser telling him to focus on the middle class not the “down and outs”. Watson liking comments about “idle” London Transport workers complaining they are not paid enough,and now this from Ashworth. I joined the Labour Party fifty years ago this week , we talked about giving the working man a helping hand and looking after those less able to look after themselves. If I were to say these things at.a CLP meeting now I would be condemned as a Marxist, a Corbynista or a metropolitan elite. I always believed I would have to be actively kicked out to leave the party but it has been done by stealth. I will not be renewing my membership,thanks for all the shattered dreams Mr Starmer.

    1. Jim…..interesting comment on the members of the Labour party and its shocking to think that members seem to reflect the leader of the Labour party and thats why many have left.Those who bothered to vote voted knight of the realm and a professional liar and that says more about the Labour party than anything else.Thats the real let down.IF the Labour party are a reflection of the UK voters then all is lost and thats my real concern??

  9. The ballots of those who voted for Labour in the 2017 counted for nothing to people like Ashworth & co. Votes could be used or negated as they chose as part of their factional war and desire to have absolute control. It provided evidence that Labour is a totally dysfunctional party run by fanatical centrists that has little relevance & serves little purpose.

    1. Albert Swift, I don’t believe the Labour Party is controlled by centrists unless by “centrists” you mean Neo-Liberals pretending to be social Democrats.

  10. Ashworths nowt but a fat-tongued, greasy-haired, lisping, talentless infantile oaf that you’d never tire of punching on the snout.


    So pathetically shite is he that he didn’t even have the stones to choose between hancockup and javid as the ‘better’ health secretary; instead reply with the question of ‘who does the better interviews?’

    This is the utter shite we’re lumbered with as a so-called ‘opposition’.

    Well he too, is nothing of the sort. The exact opposite, in fact.

    ashworth has enabled this toerag government every bit – if not MORE – than keef…And even more gutless (Yes, unfortunately it IS possible, and ashworth’s proof personified).

    I detest the gawp with every fibre of my being. How and why the absolute fuck anyone would elect that is beyond me. Where’s mine? I can be every bit as terminally fucking useless as him for half his salary.

  11. There is a special place in Hell for people like Ashworth and his Mrs
    Did i say he’ll, i meant Sunderland

    1. Ashworth was born in Salford and represents a Leicester constituency Doug. What on earth would be his connection with Sunderland? Has he one ? .

  12. As soon as I heard Ashworth’s “leaked” telephone call a couple of days before GE 19 I thought Ashworth is in on this. Couldn’t have been more damaging.

  13. These are the Right Wing Labour political lightweights who some suggest for their contribution to the progress of humanity may well have never existed?
    And who some also suggest make a fat living out of diverse working people.
    Right Wing Labour – garbage in, garbage out?

  14. You can only make so many mistakes before it looks deliberate:

    The Secret Service failure to protect President Kennedy in Dallas

    The LAPD destruction of evidence in the Robert Kennedy assassination

    The botched Watergate burglary

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