Breaking: Rotherham becomes UK’s third right-to-food city/town in near-unanimous council vote

Rotherham has just become the UK’s third right-to-food town after a near-unanimous vote by the borough council this evening, joining Liverpool and Manchester in officially demanding that the government enshrine food as a human right in UK law.

The campaign was started by the Fans Supporting Foodbanks (FSF) network that originated in Liverpool and is led by Liverpool West Derby MP Ian Byrne, who co-founded FSF. Millions in the UK live in food insecurity or outright food poverty, with use of food banks burgeoning and even those in work forced to turn to emergency help just in order to eat.

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  1. In one of the wealthiest countries in the world, where last 12 months, one of Sunak’s hedge fund chums made almost one MILLION pounds per day, which gave him over three hundred and thirty MILLION pounds for those 12 months as SALARY, why must Rotherham or any place in the UK need special campaigns to feed our children❓❓❓

  2. …and, yet, a Parliamentary Petition, on the subject, garnered, just over, 45,000 signatures – most of them from Merseyside.

    Only takes two minutes. There’s still time.

      1. Oh, look.
        Its Steve Scum, the hard right wing troll.
        Fuck off Steve scum.

  3. It is absurd that in 21st century Britain a city needs to be designated as a place where people have a right to food, but well done Rotherham for at least managing to vote the right way.

  4. UN data showed at least 8.4 million people in the UK struggle to afford the food they need. Pre curfew and lockdown 5.7 million people claimed Universal Credit last November. The designed-in five week waiting rime for Universal Credit would be changed if a right to food ever existed.

    More than one in five workers, some 7.1 million people, now face precarious employment conditions that mean they could lose their work suddenly and be using foodbanks or starving within a week.

    I wish there were more Labour MPs like Ian Byrne – and fewer like Sir Lacklustre and his billionaire-supporting ilk.

  5. Near unanimous ? I don’t swear on here but what cold hearted fooker/s could NOT vote for it ??!!

  6. Breathtaking that we could send people to Westminster and give them dellussions of grandeur with wages,conditions,holidays and so called expenses and hope that they think of us the “working-class and help us.The big house and the palace are a sign of moral decay,tear them down and start again…or is it too late.?

  7. And don’t be fooled into thinking that theres only real hunger and poverty in the North.I have seen real poverty in east sussex,kent,and Surrey near to the homes of the establishment.There is poverty and inequality everywhere,its just that the North was the main areas of union representation in the industrial revolution.agricultural poverty especially in the west country is just as appalling as the poverty in the concrete jungles of the inner citys.Unions have always been the only solution to poverty and inequality everywhere,not the fat cats we lock away in Westminster..Don’t vote for people different from us the’s simple common sense and good practice in avoiding elitism and the establishment system.

    1. Joseph – Don’t vote for people different from us the working-class..

      You are going to run into all sorts of problems with defining ‘working class’, I fear that like many ex-pats you are living in the past.
      Also whilst roughly the same percentage (c33%) of both the middle and working classes currently vote labour 45%+ of the working class voted Tory. It was the working class (C2DE) who put Johnson and the Tories into office with an 80 seat majority.

  8. Didn’t hear owt about £20 for those like meself on so-called ‘legacy benefits’.

    Not as if my bills have dropped over the last year. Not as if I’m saving the nation a few nicker by being an unpaid carer.

    But maybe I’ll have the right to a food parcel if things get any worse…

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