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Starmer roasted for ‘back to Blair’ FT article sucking up to business

Mass ‘ratio-ing’ and blistering responses to yet another ‘relaunch’ (with an eye on billionaire donations)

Keir Starmer: burning down the house and getting roasted in the process

Keir Starmer has received a massive roasting after yet another ‘relaunch’ – this one a business-toadying interview in the Financial Times in which he tugs a forelock to Tony Blair and tries to assure billionaires and big business that he’s a worthwhile recipient of their donations.

Starmer’s interview, published under the title “Starmer urges Labour to embrace Blair’s legacy as he vows to win the next election“, is subtitled “The leader of the opposition tells the FT he is ‘acutely aware’ he has to rebuild the party’s relationship with business” – but it went down like a cup of cold sick with those who want an actual opposition, one that will fight for the interests of working people and not for exploitative employers and their rich shareholders.

The ‘ratio’ of the FT’s twitter announcement of its article – a measure of how popular or unpopular a tweet is – looks bad but not abysmal, on the face of it. But a closer inspection shows it is disastrous for the Labour ‘leader’.

A ‘ratioed’, unpopular tweet is one that has more comments than shares (retweets) or ‘likes’ and the numbers initially look narrowly in Starmer’s favour:

But a closer look shows that the retweets are all – except for just twenty-two – ‘quote tweets’ in which someone retweeted an article rather than replying to make sure their comments are seen. And those ‘quote-tweet’ comments, like the simple replies, overwhelmingly consist of blistering put-downs, as even just the small sample set below amply demonstrates:

It was in February that Starmer promised a ‘policy blitz’ to win over the country. Six months later, those policies have been conspicuous by their absence. Instead, a country desperate for a genuine alternative to the Tories gets a continuous stream of meaningless ‘relaunches’.

The latest one appears to be a signal to the billionaires and corporations – whom Starmer has been begging for cash, unsuccessfully given the near-bankruptcy to which he has hurtled the party – that he’s a safe bet to look afer their interests if they relent and back him, with a promise thrown in that he won’t increase spending in a country starved for more than a decade of the investment in public services that it needs and deserves.

The roasting Starmer received in response was more than deserved. His attempt to mask his political bankruptcy, by cosying up to big business, rather than get out of the way to let someone with an actual vision take over is a betrayal of the country and the millions of poor, vulnerable and desperate people that are groaning under the disaster of Tory government and dying under Johnson’s appalling handling of the pandemic.

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      1. qwertboi – Are you one of those who repeatedly claim that he has broken all 10 of these pledges. If so then perhaps you could address each pledge in turn and explain your claims of how it has been broken. It may be a good idea to use a separate comment to address each one so that you are not prevented from posting links that evidence your claims.
        I await your responses with interest.

      2. Carlene, one bucket? What size?
        If ever there was a careerist, value and belief free political opportunist desperate to say and do ANYTHING no matter how unethical, to please his one percent mistresses and masters, then, other than Margaret Thatcher’s gangrenous sulphurous gurgling puss A Lynton Blair, it’s 🪰🪱🪰🪱🪰🪱SIR keith rodney starmer.

      3. And in case you are serious about LabourList’s article, 2 things:

        1) Even the global group of oligarchs and billionaires realise that the Uber-isation of the working class (thanks Gordon Brown, EU and Cameron and Osborne) is finished and has run its course. Parasites like Jeff Bezos’ Amazon do have to pay sick pay to the workers they exploit and try to precariate so openly.

        2) The TUC deserves the credit here, the Member for the trilateral commission is simply milking a milk bottle and looks a bit stupid. He should take another 10 day isolation for the disease that is asymptomatic in 90+% of ‘cases’ and has a 99.7 per cent survival rate and maybe take another set of vaccines or two whilst he’s at it – TWENTY THREE brand new vaccine billionaires will appreciate his efforts.

      4. ” I await your responses with interest.”

        More fool you then! He would have to be PM before he could break a single one of them – but, this is a man that even a prize fool would not buy a second-hand car from.

        Or as @MICHAEL37656467 put it:
        “How can Starmer be trusted when he won the Labour leadership on 100% fibs & spin?

        “Fake unity candidate, fake socialist pledges, fake remain poster boy.

        “He has totally trashed this mandate from day 1

        “The man rivals Johnson for dishonesty”

      5. Quick off the mark as per usual I see! TWO minutes (to respond to Carlene)!!

        Almost as if you knew in advance that Skwawkbox was in the process of writing such an article and shortly going to post it!

        Yep, retired to sunny climes and spends all day every day monitoring skwawkbox and posting comments. Perfectly normal behaviour of course!!

      6. retiring to sunny climes. We haven’t left yet.

        As it happens will both be working. My wife starts her new job in October and I’ll be teaching part-time.

      7. I’ll tell you what is

        Reneging on a pledge to renationalise mail, rail and utilities.

        Gotta win those CEO’s & shareholder’s votes, eh?

        Or how about the murmurs that Keith & co back a full-on return to workfare. He’s made reeves his chancellor and mattinson (interesting piece in the latest issue of ‘eye’ about that one) his strategic advisor.

        So now you have your pledge the rodent’s broken, tell us one Keith HASNT?

        But you won’t because your fucking slime, just iike him

      8. Toffee – You appear to be a sad person. I feel sorry for you but your unhappiness is not my responsibility.

      9. Toffee – They’ve been asking me back for well over a decade so I must be doing something right.

        Is that right?

        Can you PROVE it? You seem reluctant to tell us all what it is you’ll be ‘teaching’. Fir someone full of your own self-importance it should really be a given that you’d have volunteered that information as part of your delusional superiority.

        . Why would I, or anyone else, give a fuck what you think. You are of no consequence whatsoever to my life.

        What’s up, wee fella – are you not ‘entertained’anymore? 🙂

        No consequence? Then why reply to bore us with your tales of how the Caribbeans begging to have you back to pollute their children’s minds?


      10. Toffee – As I said above, I feel sorry for you but your sadness and concerning outlook on life is not my problem.

      11. SteveH 06/08/2021 at 2:48 am :

        retiring to sunny climes. We haven’t left yet.

        As it happens will both be working. My wife starts her new job in October and I’ll be teaching part-time.

        I, sincerely, hope you won’t be teaching, either, English Comprehension, English Language or English Literature.

        Whichever school it is, would find themselves, seriously, short-changed.

        How about political science? You never know, that may, even, benefit you – yourself. Goodness knows, you could do with it.

    1. Quick off the mark as per usual I see Steve! TWO minutes (to respond to Carlene)!!

      Almost as if you knew in advance that Skwawkbox was in the process of writing such an article and shortly going to post it!

      Yep, retired to sunny climes and spends all day every day monitoring skwawkbox and posting comments. Perfectly normal behaviour of course!!

      1. There’s also a conceited, lying, snivelling gobshite on this blog.

        God help the children/youth of the Caribbean if they’re gonna be lumbered with you allegedly ‘teaching’ them. I’ll bet they can already count better than you for starters, so even basic arithmetic is out of the question.

        And your consistently piss-poor punctuation leaves a lot to be desired, so if it’s English you’ll have fraudulently wormed your way in then…

        Science? Well you certainly out the anal into analytics so there’s that one out the window…

        Politics?? Lord preserve us!

        History? Ditto.

        Humanitarianism?? Social studies? Oy gevalt!!

        And gobshitery isn’t on the curriculum. I think the relevant authorities should be warned.

      2. Toffee – They’ve been asking me back for well over a decade so I must be doing something right. Why would I, or anyone else, give a fuck what you think. You are of no consequence whatsoever to my life.

      3. Allan, at the bottom of the page is a little button marked Subscribe. Maybe you should try using it, no?

        @Steve H

        You dropped the same post twice yesterday on another article. Hypocrisy ain’t a good look…

  1. Why would anyone vote for Starmer? He is a man whose mendacity rivals that of Johnson; a man who has aligned himself with the bankrupt political tradition of a war criminal; a man who refuses to understand that he must step down now if the Labour Party is to have a cat in hell’s change of remaining a credible contender for future government.

    Labour members did, of course, vote for Starmer after the success of the international plot to depose and disgrace a man with more principle and integrity in his little finger than Starmer has in his entire body. We lost the chance of a progressive government led by this man, Jeremy Corbyn. Given his chance Corbyn could well have proved to be a Prime Minister of even greater stature than Attlee. Members voted for Starmer because he lied; he lied about his willingness to continue to proceed with Corbyn’s progressive agenda; lied about agreeing with being in broad agreement with the 2017 and 2019 Labour manifestos and lied about his commitment to the people.

    So it comes as no surprise that he is now out with his begging bowl, plaintively calling for alms from rich individuals and corporations for his poor, ailing party. What a fool he is! Does he really believe that they will fund ‘his’ party in preference to the Tories? The Tories, as the rich well know, will always be batting on their side. Tories will ensure that Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax will be set at historically low rates; they will ensure that the corporate welfare state takes up an increasing proportion of state revenue and that annoying matters like social care will be shunted on to the backs of the plebs. Why have a Red Tory when you can have True Blue?

    Keith, your time is well and truly up!

    1. Redveg – Thanks for the diatribe
      “he lied about his willingness to continue to proceed with Corbyn’s progressive agenda; lied about agreeing with being in broad agreement with the 2017 and 2019 Labour manifestos and lied about his commitment to the people.
      Instead of just pontificating perhaps you could detail exactly how he has lied in these 3 instances along with links to some credible evidence that supports your ‘assertions’.

      1. In his own and FTs words:
        “He said it was vital to demonstrate that Labour was not a party of protest but was serious about winning power — and that meant being “very proud” of what it achieved under Blair and his successor as prime minister Gordon Brown when it was last in office.”

        “Sir Keir Starmer has vowed to “turn the Labour party inside out”

        “I’m acutely aware that among my first tasks is rebuilding the relationship between the Labour party and business,”

        “Labour would develop an economic message based on reprioritising government spending — rather than making big additional commitments — and developing a “partnership” between business and an “active government”.

        “Over the last two or three months people have started to see the prime minister for who he is,”

        Over the last few months we’ve started to see Starmer for who he is, a hopeless man with a centrist plan from the 1990s. Just fuck off with your arrogant demands for answers to your stupid questions. No wonder everyone takes the piss out of you, your boasting leaves a lot to be desired. You’ve conned yourself into thinking you’re exceptional … that’s what Tony Blair did and look what happened to him.

      2. No surprise to see you harbour delusions of being a teacher. You’re always demanding homework from people, but you can’t control a class or command anything resembling respect, so you’ll never make headmaster. What do you teach? PE?

      3. Oh, dear. I was not aware that instead of sending an e-mail to a progressive website I was actually engaged in academic production and that my supervising professor is none other than;;;;Steve H (I cannot remember choosing him for the job, any more than I remember voting for Keith as Labour Leader…Hmmmmm),

        The lies emerged in the course of Starmer’s bid for the Labour leadership, which he won by fraud and deceit. He knew that JC was still very popular (his politics even more so) and that Corbyn would be the hardest of hard acts to follow. But he was, and is, a Bliarite (note the spelling), so he had to use, let us say, a degree of economy, in relation to that truth.

        I no more ‘pontificate’ than anyone else here, and have a wide range of data sources. However, I do not intend to quote them line, chapter and verse just to satisfy you, Steve H. Strange as it may seem, and although I very much like to do so, I have a life outside and beyond contributing to Skwawkox comments’ sections.

      4. Redveg – Whilst I’m delighted to hear that you also have an enriching social and family life I do wonder why you felt compelled to write such a long winded excuse when a simple “I’m sorry, I don’t have any evidence” from you would have sufficed.

  2. Well now! The squeals and protests are strong with the wee fella tonight….As Charles Montgomery Burns would say….

    How about he gives us just ONE pledge stammer HASN’T shat on, instead of asking for all the pledges wee fella knows Keith HAS?

    Or a single difference between stammerism and toryism?

    I mean,he’s the one telling you that you should be voting for Keith without giving you a single reason other than ‘but he’s labour not tory despite even Keith making a lying toad of the lying toad….

    1. Toffee – You are the one that is repeatedly claiming he has broken all these pledges, it is up to you to prove it.
      It’s your obsession, not mine, own it.

      1. Toffee – Unfortunately for you it is as far as I’m concerned.

  3. You tell us to vote labour for no other reason than its labour.

    Tell us all what’s in it for us? Tell us all a single difference between stammer policies and toerag policies.

    Just one.

    Not very convincing are you? Not when everyone else is tearing your mantra a new one as big as the grand canyon.

    Why isn’t stammer 20pts ahead like you claimed he’s been? Gonna at least explain that?

    No. You’re not. Because you have less than fuck all.

    1. Toffee -How long will it be before you manage to grasp that I simply don’t much care what you think.

      ps – Maybe this will answer one of your questions
      Why isn’t Starmer 20pts ahead?
      It’s a phrase that has proven impossible to avoid if you’re on the left and interested in opinion polls. If you browse the replies to virtually any tweet by Britain Elects, ElectionMapsUK or indeed my own Twitter account, then you’ll find dozens of people asking why Keir Starmer isn’t twenty percentage points ahead of the Conservatives in the polls. It has become, arguably, one of the most widely-known memes associated with the Labour Leader.
      And like most memes, it’s not meant seriously.
      In this article, I’ll take a brief look at the origins of the meme. But then I’ll attempt to answer the question: why, when the government has a net approval rating of -7, are the Tories still ahead in the polls? And why isn’t Labour 20pts ahead?

      1. Except I’m not fretting, and you’re still looking every bit the gobshite you are 😏

        Do yourself a favour and answer the goddamn questions.

  4. Yes, the Blairites haven’t ‘won’ anything since pre-2008.

    The last Blairite candidate, in a Leadership Contest, polled 4.5%, coming fourth out of four candidates.

    …and those are the people Starmer is taking ‘advice’ from?

    The only reason Starmer’s where he is, is because he lied through his teeth, during the last leadership contest. He’s a fraud.

    That’s the best thing I can find to say about him. No redeeming qualities, whatsoever.

    1. Yes, Twittercation is great! I still have a look every once in a while when SB/Canary/etc links a post but it only takes a couple of comments in to see why I made it permanent!
      Same with Boycotting ALL MSM when I visit a friend and the TV is on my brain wants to explode with all the WTF’s Pure Propaganda and Manufacturing Consent and all the Sheeple line up, wrists out to get their permanent Mainline Cannula fitted! I wonder if the Mass Awakening will happen in my lifetime!

      1. There are many fine people on Twitter, SK. Admittedly, you have to be selective.

        Next time, have a look for Alex Nunns. He worked closely with JC, as a Researcher and Speechwriter.

        Nunns’ book – The Candidate – is well worth reading.

        His tweets are, either, pithy, or tongue-in-cheek. Provocative and informative, either way.

      2. I know Alex Nunns, read many great posts and many others on Twitter, I personally don’t feel that Twitter is the place for anyone Anti-Neoliberalism 2015 to 2020 taught us a lot, how big data was used against us and every Socialist Government on Earth, not including the “Socialist” Neoliberals like Macron, Blair, et al. We need to get out of the Mainstream entirely, especially Social Media. Decentralised is the only way forward, but most are self hosted or not exactly decentralised, or occupied by the Far Right which is a big problem.

  5. Apartheid Keith IS A TORY! It’s not back to the days of ‘Blair’ it is back to the days of Thatcher! Blair was a mere Act in The Thatcherite Neoliberal Mr Whippy Cone drizzled with Neoconservative Hot Sauce!
    Starmer is nothing but Act 2,1 as The Inbred Buffoon 2.0 is not doing so well for TORYDOM!
    Starmer is a Dangerous Man, just look at the volumes of documents that vanished, the cases that were infamously won on his Watch, he is like a Wild ‘Bore’ and has a frightening weapon, a weapon of mass boredom, he can bore his enemies to death!
    Nonetheless Welcome to Thatcherite TORYDOM 2.1, Not for The UNDESERVING POOR, UNEMPLOYED, DISABLED! I know of someone else who infiltrated the a Socialist Party with Hateful Racist, Sexist, Homophobe, Eugenics, ideas so that he could Coin it from the Billionaires! What happened to all those billionaire/wealthy donors post 1930s!?

  6. I just knew when Skwawkie posted this one that a certain person from Max’s office would be working overtime through the night…..Great entertainment all this Turd Polishing.

    What a time to be alive, Boris and Max battling it out for Disingenuous Idiot of the Month Award. Who will come out on top?

    1. baz2001
      Which one wins the Darwin award for needless death of a party with 600, 000 members, 14 million supporters and millions in reserves

  7. The only evidence we have as to what Starmer himself thinks is determination to win. What he says changes with his advisors, he’s treating his job as party leader in the same way as he’d present the summing up of a court case, minus the facts.
    All the latest Blair stuff is Martinson speaking not Starmer, he’s read her brief and gone for it.

  8. The Tory Trojan Horse-Sir Keir Starmer dodges question four times on his secret, shadowy money deals, in interview with Andrew Neil.
    The leopard is consistent and has not changed his spots and is true to form.
    Carry on Regardless

  9. GB like USA a one Party State. Same economics; same foreign policy, same corrupt judiciary.

  10. Let’s assume for a second that the knight fails again and again and is tossed overboard. Will this actually change anything? I’m not enthusiastic about another Harriet Harman, and I really can’t see anyone helpful getting a shot at the title, let alone actually winning (they’ve learned after Corbyn).

    Nothing is going to change, is it?

  11. My goodness. This conversation got spicy pretty quickly.
    Seems to me that this interview in the FT is simply another demonstration of the panic at LP HQ. Under the current regime the LP is an empty vessel and it is clear to more and more people with every day that passes. They desperately need money, and not just because of the Party’s current financial position. If Johnson is able to choose an election date to suit him we could be in for one well before 2024. With lots of the LP foot-soldiers sitting at home playing Scrabble, it’ll take a lot of cash to run an election campaign.

    1. That kind of talk plays tight into the hands of the The Neolabour Party TORIES, can you list some positives of anyone would willingly choose impoverishing, deskilling, tormenting Hoops and Loops to get the Benefits they NEED, not allowed to take any PAID/UNPAID work for more than 1 HOUR!?
      People don’t sit at home Isolating themselves, demoralising themselves, thinking that suicide is a better option to THIS, for the fun times of it and to play Scrabble all day! They are STUCK! By the worst DWP system ever, that aleady killed tens of thousands directly or indirectly and REEVES Says, “Labour” is not the Party for People out of Work! “Labour” will make it tougher for Benefits claims than the TORIES! With May’s 0 Hour Contracts 1 Hour means Full Time WORK!
      I will be an “UNDESERVING POOR” Pauper, probably till I am dead, even it Independent Life started off quite well for me, I will also doe an unashamed proud and dignified “UNDESERVING POOR” Pauper! AND FUCK ANY TWUNT WHO DARE JUDGE ME, AS ANYTHING OTHER THAN THEIR EQUAL!
      Only the Privileged and Lucky would think People CHOOSE to be on Benefits!

  12. Goldbach, ” With lots of the LP foot-soldiers sitting at home playing Scrabble, it’ll take a lot of cash to run an election campaign”.

    I think it’s actually a lot worse for Labour than just the foot soldiers staying at home, twiddling their thumbs. What Labour haven’t yet cottoned on to,are the numbers of disgruntled Corbyn supporters who feel betrayed and ex Labour foot soldiers who have been royally shat on, will not stay quiet. We will either actively campaign against Starmer’s Labour, or go and work for another party. That could amount to a lot of former support for Labour being turned against them or for another party.

    Labour threw all their spare activists at Batley and Spen and still barely hung on to the seat. I have heard of plans to only work for known socialist MPs and I have spoken to former other Labour activists who will not work for a Labour MP in a marginal constituency, such is the disillusionment with Labour. I know of members who will not vote Labour (so why stay in the party)? Those still willing to work will be thinly spread among the 650 constituencies.

    Starmer hasn’t shot Labour in the foot. He’s shot it in the head.

    1. Indeed. I know a number of people who cancelled their DDs and joined, or at least worked for, other parties (mostly the Greens, but 1 for the LibDems). Plus, a number of people who have not left (yet) who have told me they intend to be unavailable for leafletting etc. The ruling clique must be aware of this and must know that, without massive donations from the elite, they will be snookered.

  13. Well I have just been looking at @tory fibs and brilliant though it is and a voice for the left,I get tired of listening to Socialist mp(?)telling me if you want? You shouldn’t be working for less than?and do you realise that you are stuffed.?..We voted for these socialist mps and what is the point unless they can do “somthing” .I harp back to a real socialist mp Bernadette Devlin who once said “I never wanted to be a mp in parliament,..I Wanted to do something” She now works with the poor,the homeless and the immigrant communities in Ireland and and is a brave and formidable old lady who led the Civil rights movement and brought down the hated Stormont regime in government and brought the six counties closer to a United Ireland.What do socialist mps do only prop up a neo liberal alliance of the Labour party and make a good living out of the subs of Labour party members and the money of the British people.I hope the writings on the wall for the PLP,but lemmings still instinctively jump off the cliff..!

  14. I have been a paid up member of Skwawkbox for some time now and two things I have learned reading responses in the “comment” page- completely disregard anything “Steve H” writes and more significantly disregard anybody who responds to him.Its a crazy situation that one troll can get so many responses from people who are left wing( or maybe not). I have a lot more to interest me than crap from crappers. Interesting to note that Starmers new policy didnt reach the media news. The guy is completely incapable and wont get the millionaires in because Labour is no longer seen as a threat to the status quo.

    1. JamesM
      Disagree, what SteveH and Red Tories never get is they remind us every day how utterly bankrupt they are of ideas, values and policy

  15. I see our favorite cult of new Labour 2.0 sock puppet is keeping busy with the usual diet of well prove it’s and whatabouts.

    If this cult spent half as long using these sock puppets to prop up such a worthless leader maybe we really whould be 20 points ahead in the polls.

    As for the well show what 10 pledes he broke no you show US how he has NOT! Because we all know damn well you can’t without a whole load of lies and deceptions and lets throw in a whole bunch of gaslighting you can’t!

    As these clowns have virtually bankrupted Labour coffers I hope you have got your pay in advance because things sure look very bad financially for your cult there.

    While you are explaining away the q0 pledges you can explain away all them millions that seam to have gone missing?

    Again I bet not instead we will get I predict ignored or just a bunch of childish gibberish. Place your bets now….

  16. James M.

    Oh I respond purely to poke the Troll back it’s harmless entertainment here from our favorite sock puppet and trust me know one here takes his ravings seriously.

    The issue if we just allow him free to BS is new people that see the site look at the comments and won’t immediately realise he is a sockpuppet Troll.

    This is why you have to demonstrate to any new visitors who to check the claims of closely and to not take his ravings and demands for ‘evidence’ seriously.

    Have a fantastic socialist day Sir.

    1. I agree that it is important that people don’t go unchallenged when they refuse to supply evidence to support their sometimes bizarre assertions. Wherever possible I provide a link to my source material. I only wish that others would also make the effort to do so

  17. Neo-Liberal Trilateral Commission member Starmer says we need to build links with the big business legal thieves?
    In terms of supporting the progress of humanity such ‘little people’ fail miserably but the political amoeba delude themselves thinking they are actually important and relevant?
    Need a heavyweight left wing democratic socialist party in every country to transform the world with diverse citizens. X

  18. What’s the point of a political party that doesn’t allow political debate among its membership?

  19. Back to Blair- going great guns for Max Headroom and the Crew….

    East Livingston and East Calder (West Lothian) council by-election, first preferences:

    SNP: 42.5% (+1.7)
    CON: 24.4% (+2.4)
    LAB: 21.8% (-9.1)
    GRN: 7.6% (+4.0)
    LDEM: 2.7% (0.0)
    IFS: 1.1% (+1.1)

    Seat status:
    SNP GAIN from Labour.

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