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Starmer’s Nu-Nu-Lab ‘jumps the shark’ – “Corbyn’s Labour was relentlessly negative”

Delusional and empty – Starmer’s drab outfit tries to disguise non-opposition and lack of vision as positivity

Starmer: relentlessly delusional

Keir Starmer’s Labour has ‘jumped the shark’ (not for the first time) – a term in the film industry for when a movie or series becomes so short of ideas that its plot lines become ridiculous.

In an article by a Huffington Post article journalist not exactly known for his hostility to the Labour right, unnamed Labour sources have claimed that Keir Starmer’s approach – and his planned conference speech in November – is all about positivity, because:

Corybn’s [sic] Labour was relentlessly negative

Of course, the Labour right – with the help of their fellow-travellers in the so-called ‘mainstream media – has been relentlessly rewriting history since Jeremy Corbyn stepped down as Labour leader, by pretending that the 2017 Corbyn surge never happened and that the 2019 result wasn’t as a result of sabotage-by-referendum, but to go as far as making out that the massive cheering crowds, rallies, festivals and football stadiums chanting ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ simply never existed is nonsensical.

Which one was negative again? The delusion of Starmer’s Labour

The long Huffington Post piece – like the imaginary popularity Starmer’s team seems to think he can project – is so batty it’s almost a work of art. It even quotes another unnamed insider claiming that there has been no ‘positivity’ in Labour for ‘a very long time’:

We haven’t owned optimism for a very long time and if we don’t we’re in trouble.

Of course, if they were talking exclusively about the Labour right they would be entirely correct – and the latest manifestation of a mini-me Blairmer shows no prospect of changing the last decade of drab, Tory-not-so-lite abstentionist nonsense that they’ve tried to pass off as vision and electability.

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  1. Mandelson, previously running Srarmer from above, became Keith’s OFFICIAL “advisor” three or four weeks ago. SIR Keith is now parroting Mandelson’s EXACT words.

    I HEARD Mandelson and his minions parrot those words almost IMMEDIATELY after GE2019 results, and frequently since then.

  2. I must be positive about NunuLabour, and congratulate them how well they have done in yesterday’s Scottish by-election, in East Lothian and Calder (a Labour seat before the death of the incumbent) ….

    SNP ~ 1890 (42.5%, +1.7)
    Conservative ~ 1085 (24.4%, +2.4)
    Labour ~ 969 (21.8%, -9.1)
    Green ~ 336 (7.6%, +4.0)
    Lib Dem ~ 118 (2.7%, nc)
    ISP ~ 47 (1.1%, +1.1)

    That’s VERY good Keith. Yes, I know Labour lost the seat to the SNP, and I know that everyone else improved from last time (LDs no change), but only losing 9.1% of the vote share is great. Congrats to everyone in the Labour Party management for doing so well!

    (Is that positive enough, or do I need to buy everyone an ice-cream)?

    1. JoeRobinson, thank you for posting these results which show SIR Keith Starmer controlled by Mandelson REPEATEDLY losing seats which TRUE Labour WON comfortably led by Jeremy.

      While we have the WORST most irresponsible, corrupt and deadly regime second only to the Mandelson Campbell Straw Blair outfit, once again there for all to see, Mandelson Blair operated Starmer is a DISMAL catastrophe for this country.

      1. results which show SIR Keith Starmer controlled by Mandelson REPEATEDLY losing seat after seat, council after council, by-election after by-election, and DEMOLISHING healthy majorities which TRUE Labour WON comfortably, while led by Jeremy.

        Even more impressive, several Jeremy led TRUE Labour wins were achieved despite sabotage from within, plotted by the Mandelson Evans Hodge Blair SIR Starmer lot “working night and day to undermine him (Jeremy)”, – as Mandelson boasted.

        ps 🛑SteveH davidh
        boxcartrend SH it was clearly heard today; Your SIR Keith said he “STOOD WITH THE MINERS UNDER THATCHER.”🛑

        Since SIR starmer was not even an MP when Blair attacked Walter Wolfgang with anti-Semitic abuse, did he really stand with the miners under Thatcher’s regime❔

        Has SIR given you clarification ???
        I may have misheard or misunderstood.

      2. It’s pretty obvious who needs dragging out of the shadows, come Conference time, and given a public roasting.

        And it isn’t (just) Kier Starmer!

    2. Starmer in your caption reminds me of a dirty old man that lurked in the bushes and chased kids in queens park Bolton when I was a kid.Theres somthing of the dark back streets and ginnells about him.The knight (night)is a clear message of what he brings to the Labour party.

    3. …(Is that positive enough, or do I need to buy everyone an ice-cream)?…

      As you know Joe, that’s Owens job.

    4. Well at least under Starmer, Labour has not peaked too soon.

      Also, that’s not the only problem that Starmer has dealt with.

      You see, under Corbyn Labour had so much money coming in from members and donors that it simply did not know what to do with it all.

      Well, I think you will agree that that is not a problem any more.

  3. Starmer in your caption reminds me of a dirty old man that lurked in the bushes and chased kids in queens park Bolton when I was a kid.

    Part of his appeal to some, I’m guessing 👍😉

  4. Another load of shite about getting to know Starmer. “On a trip to Blackpool, he had fish and chips in downtime with local media at Harry Ramsden’s restaurant”
    The economy is in very weak position with unemployment and inflation on the horizon caused by massive household debt and low productivity. If you believe classic economists we are in a similar position to that after WW2. But it’s ok Starmer eats fish and chips. What’s needed most of all are higher taxes, Starmer’s already quashed that.

    1. There are many, many reflections from WW2, and The Starmerists are talking Much the same Language! The Undeserving Poor, Blame Migrants for the Riots, etc, their “revolutionary” resolutions on GB news everything Corbyn said!

      1. PPS We don’t even need higher Taxes if EVERYONE pays their 20% without fail, and no sneaky Charity Donation laundering, deductions, etc, etc, etc We would have no problems whatsoever, HOWEVER with TWO EQUALLY ROTTEN TORY Parties, to get the Rich to pay their 20% without Conniving, Scamming, Robbing the Coffer Blind, we will remain the Northern European Nation with the Top 9 out of Top 10 UNDESERVING Poorest Places and yet The Nr 1 Richest place of the Top 10 North European Places!

  5. “the latest manifestation of a mini-me Blairmer”
    * the latest manifestation of a mini-me Thatchlairmer *
    Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORY leader Apartheid Keith Oswald Starmer’s Weapon of Mass Depletion, he will Bore us all to Death!
    Nothing more Dull and Boring than a Predictable TORY!

  6. While Labour High Command are happy to “play the shark”, down here on planet Earth, it appears that the sharks are circling.
    Firstly, Joe’s excellent posting of the result in the East Lothian and Calder bye-election shows just how effective the change of Labour leadership in Scotland is turning out to be.
    Secondly, news that Jewish Voice for Labour are reporting the party to the EHRC for anti-Semitism. This is because the Labour High Command only listen to the Conservative-leaning BOD, and the 2015 resurrection of the by then almost, if not completely defunct JLM – revived, we must remember, to undermine Corbyn’s leadership. In doing so, Labour are being deeply sectarian in their approach to a much broader and diverse Jewish community. This could mean, hopefully, that inconvenient truths finally get the airing they need. In addition they are also working hard to lose the support of the Muslim and South Asian communities, as evidenced by Batley and Spen.
    Thirdly, in the face of this country’s possibly greatest peace time crisis, they have absolutely nothing new or original to say. It’s clear even recent ideas on issues such as possible government procurement and economic development for jobs have been pinched from Preston Council !

  7. Their positive/ negative assessment is based entirely on tabloid and TV news coverage during Corbyn’s time vs Starmer’s. For Corbyn it was indeed relentlessly negative.

    Tabloid headlines no longer smearing the Labour leader and supporters? TV news no longer gaslighting the party?

    New Labour logic: We must be getting something right.

    In reality, the right, who dominate the UK MSM, just think Labour have been neutralised, no longer any sort of threat to class system or their power. This media disinterest/apathy about the party and is leader isn’t ‘positive’ in any sense of the word.

  8. Its called Miserableism apparently
    How about Bankrupt
    Morally, Economically and Democratically
    And soon to be in the hands of the Receivers

  9. “Corbyn’s Labour was relentlessly negative”
    Yet at every opportunity these people who burnt Corbyn and the Left will use his resolutions to problems word for word!
    Corbyn’s Labour was NOT relentlessly negative, Corbyn’s Labour was relentlessly defending themselves against the attacks of Monsters like Thatchers Parasite TORY Party infestation within Corbyn’s Labour The Neolabour Party TORIES Sabotaging and Campaigning AGAINST a Labour Win!!!!! Ever sparred a moment to look at The Attacking Monster’s “Positivity”!!!?

  10. Can’t we just lose stammer and co and all the pink tories? maybe we should mail them hard copies of application forms for the tory party. They are in the wrong party.

    1. They are in the right party. Placed there to ensure that a socialist government never takes power. I remember May telling Corbyn: ‘We will never let you become PM’. They knew that he would not win. Didn’t Kuensburg know the results before anyone else and before they were legally counted? Otherwise I firmly believe that he would have met with an accident. There is no way that they would allow another Corbyn ever again.

      1. Marie, they are in the wrong party. They have behaved in such a disgraceful way that we should be in our right to eject them from the party. Pink tories got no place in a democratic socialist party.
        Abd we should stop dancing to their tune.

  11. So Sturmer ‘Quietly engineered the departure of Richard Leonard as leader of Scottish Labour’? I don’t think so. What happened was one of Sturmer’s wealthy donors said ‘Either Leonard goes or I take my money back’. Sturmer immediately sacked Leonard, no explanation, no procedures, just out. He has done the same with fixing elections for key roles by not informing CLP members of meetings, parachuting in his apparatchiks and riding roughshod over the democracy that should inform all the partyy’s actions. Don’t be srprised if conference passes all kids of Blairite motions to be enthusiastically passed by delegates not chosen by CLPs.Democracy is dead.

  12. For the record, jumping the shark comes from Happy Days, where the Fonz jumps a shark whilst water skiing.

    Even at this stage of the show, the Fonz was still infinitely cooler than Starmer will ever be

  13. I can’t quite understand Sir Keir’s logic so let me run this past you……….you have to become more like the Tories to attract Tory voters, just like Tony Blair, so the Labour Party must become the Tory Party & put an end to Socialism.

  14. The only thing that can beat Tory (and Right Wing Labour) Neo-Liberalism is a Left wing democratic socialism WITH diverse working people.
    Right Wing Labour, history has passed you by!
    The old order Neo-Liberalism it is dying.
    But the new it cannot yet be born.
    Perhaps we are all being tested.
    And only the stars will ride the storm!’

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