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Breaking: Javid forced to apologise for ‘cower from virus’ tweet

New Health Secretary Sajid Javid has been forced to issue an apology for his tweet saying people had been ‘cowering’ from the Covid virus, after his tweet caused entirely justified outrage:

Javid said it has been a ‘poor choice of words’, but did not apologise to the families and friends of the more than 150,000 people needlessly killed by his party’s conscious choices and incompetence.

Nor for being a sociopathic monster in a party of sociopathic monsters.

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  1. Personally, I cower from the lies, the insults to our intelligence, the liberties taken (literally), the devaluing of human life, the throwing onto the scrapheap of the elderly, and the calculated press and media VOID where in earlier, more enlightened times there would be an intelligent debate of the pros and cons unfolding.

    1. Javid’s cockup broke VERY early this morning.
      ALSO: early this morning; Johnson wrote to Tories; justifying his leadership. There is unease amongst some Tories. Some r of course defending, while others describe him as he is “liar”; while others defend and attack simultaneously; ALL on radio BTW.

      Only heard one embarrassing one trick pony wannabe shock-jock and one new Tory host try to condemn Dawn. All others and all but two callers EFFUSIVELY supportive of Dawn who is yet to avail herself of

      Even the irritating Lammy & the Brian slimy man said they agreed with Dawn. All callers i heard outside the bunker, except two so far have been full of admiration.

      QUESTION – How many posters here are trying to keep Dawn Butler’s “seminal moment”; as Dale described it on MSM; ALIVE on this alternative media

  2. The depths of their dishonesty and manipulation is literally breathtaking. He’s actually implying that his gene therapy prevented serious illness / death. I’m highly sceptical and would demand evidence that he a. went under the needle, b. he was certified to have the Covid-19 disease and not flagged up as a result of a fraudulent 40+ cycles PCR test.

    1. Wirral – So what are you are saying that you don’t doubt the efficacy of the vaccines you just doubt that Javid has been vaccinated and the validity of the 2 tests that proved that he had been infected.

      ps:- Javid had the slightly less effective ‘traditional’ non-mRNA Astro-Zenica vaccine

      1. I do doubt the efficacy of these gene therapies. As do the manufacturers. I see nothing proven here either. I do see and register you placing your trust in the public bleatings of senior politicians. More fool you. Obviously your standards of trust and proof are inferior to mine.

  3. “a sociopathic monster in a party of sociopathic monsters.”

    Excellent, the Tory Party to a ‘T’

  4. Wirral – Javid had the Oxford/AstraZeneca jabs which is a ‘traditional’ vaccine. He did not have the more effective Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine which you have maliciously and falsely described as “gene therapy”.

    1. FFS, SteveH. Were Pfizer self-harming when they themselves described this experimental product as ‘gene therapy’ only to later change the descriptor to ‘vaccine’ on applying for FDA / MHRA approval? Either do your due diligence or risk being made a fool of in public. Thanks.

      1. FFS Wirral – If only you would follow your own advise instead of spreading dangerous misinformation (lies)

        “Gene therapies vs mRNA therapies
        Gene therapies involve making deliberate changes to a patient’s DNA in order to cure or alleviate a genetic condition. This can be by adding a functional copy of a gene, disabling a gene that makes a faulty product or changing gene activation.
        The mRNA from the vaccines does not enter the cell nucleus or interact with the DNA at all, so it does not constitute gene therapy.
        Gene therapies can have long-lasting effects because they permanently change the cell’s DNA, with these changes being inherited by any daughter cells that result if the cell divides. In contrast, mRNAs are always transitory and are not inherited by daughter cells, making them ideal for use in vaccines.

      2. Fake fact checking. We’re wading through a swamp of that dangerous drivel…

        Here’s some prominent, mainstream science opinion from

        “However, these mRNA vaccines, which have been developed and approved within a few months, signify a breakthrough in the field of gene therapy, which has battled to achieve ordinary acknowledgement due to a large number of sceptical and conservative scientists and other claimed safety and translational concerns…”

      3. Wirrel – You claim it is fake but I see nothing in the article you have quoted that disagrees with what I have quoted above.

      4. Wirral – Thanks for having the good grace to admit you were wrong.

      5. The thread above is a good example of how the ignorant little shit and former job centre advisor Steve (centrist dad) h does a quick search of Google and then embarks on his hobby (slagging someone off and having the last word). He has eminent faith in his own limited ability to write as if he were an ‘expert’ after reading a Wikipedia article on something or other. When he comes across someone who has any knowledge, he disappears. If he thinks he’s holding his own, he will carry on to the bitter end. ‘Winning’ for him, is having the last spiteful word.
        He is an interesting subject and quite mad.

      6. lundiel – Well thanks for your input and it is gratifying to know that you find me ‘interesting’ but are you saying that nobody should challenge the misinformation and lies that appear on these pages.
        Is anything that I have quoted in this thread untrue?

  5. I reckon he had the same Bullshittery Boris Johnson Strain of Covid!
    People who were fully vaccinated contracted the virus and died! People who had the virus previously contracted the virus again and died! A 90 year old lady recently contracted 2 strains of the virus at the same time and died being elderly, she would have been vaccinated!
    As far as I am aware only anti-viral drugs can slightly reduce the lifetime a virus, normally 2 weeks for flu, vaccines prevent you from catching the virus but the biology remains the same if you do catch the virus! As far as I am aware none of the vaccines apart from the Iranian vaccine offers any sort of immunity against the other strains/mutations of this virus!
    This is a Designer Virus and looking at the governments who are most eager and forcefully so, for their citizens to get immunised with the Mutations of this Virus prepared in these jabs to time release!
    They can shove it up their arse! I will do my utmost best to keep others safe from me, as though I already have the virus, even when I don’t, but these fuckers will need to restrain me to put that shit in me!
    I have not had the Flu jab for years and it is only since I stopped that I did not have colds at least 2/3 times each Winter and 1/2 times in the Summer so I already had suspicions about the Flu Jabs since not taking it, even my hay-fever improved (doubt it’s related, but seems sus!).
    People should do what they feel is the best course of action of them, I will not argue that you are wrong having the Jab, for me no thank you. I will keep wearing a Medical Mask and Visor for the foreseeable future, but keep your Jab to yourself. This is another division tool Vaxxer/Anti-Vaxxer, Masker/Anti-Masker, FFS just leave other people alone it’s their fucking lives, if you protect yourself and others adequately why are you concerned about their lives!

  6. Cowering is obviously what cowards do? Take it on the chin like a brave Brit, seize your chance to get Covid and help establish immunity. You never know you might not die.

  7. skellyknelly – As the vast majority of anti-vaxers are self evidently not behaving as responsibly as you claim to be there is every reason for the rest of us to be concerned by how cavalier they are towards the welfare of others and how irresponsibly they are behaving.

  8. For once it wasn’t a “poor choice of words” from a Tory. “Cower” pretty much nails it.

    Funny how, when the Ruling Class Narrative dog barks, the reaction of most of the left is pusillanimous and emotional and the only compassionate, rational voices to be heard in defence of liberty and getting things in perspective are on the right (Peter Hitchens, Jonathan Sumption & parliamentarian of the year Charles Walker MP).

    No wonder the left is devoid of potential leaders!

    1. I see Starmer’s innate authoritarianism itching to get out. Johnson has made good use of behavioural psychologists to control the narrative, particularly over the wearing of masks which as far as I can understand is psychological rather than practical. Starmer of course, would have us wearing masks for the foreseeable future and have us carrying ID cards.
      So, while I understand that the virus is very real and dangerous to a small percentage of society, reality ensures that the Starmer methodology would, given we’re a neoliberal country, result in more victims than opening up the economy because though we print our own money, politicians and the media are already getting us to think about paying the debt back. The ‘debt’ is nothing. All we have to do is control inflation by taxing the elite and stopping them from offshoring the billions they’ve made through lockdown.

      1. Ch4 News tonight: £374 billion debt to be paid off according to public accounts committee. Public accounts committee accepts that economy is like a bank account. This is untrue but is accepted economics by a political parties, they say “, it’s tax payers money”……This is nonsense, we don’t owe anything and as long as we don’t trigger inflation, and we use tax to bring money back from where it came (nowhere), we can safely carry on. America has been living like this for decades. Yes it will one day all come tumbling down but we don’t have any reason to put an imaginary debt on the backs of poor people.

      2. If we look at the desperation of the 3 Stooges USA, UK, Israel and their Nato International Bully Pals, they are looking pretty shit compared to China, Russia and Iran, not that those are shining examples of Free Societies, but they are the chosen targets and The 3 Stooges are all looking more and more pathetic by the day.
        All the Public Assets are gone sold off by Thatcher’s Neoliberal Conservative Party and The Neolabour Party TORIES! Whatever they don’t pay out in losses to their fat cat chums they drop in bombs on innocent people around the world. Capitalism and Neoliberalism is dead, all this bravado of Britain’s one empty carrier filled by USA/NATO and one lonely destroyer in and out of Russian territory, USA in the China Seas and Israel in the Middle East, is merely the death throes, the rattle to follow shortly, because the are being answered back loudly with successful retaliation/defence.
        This is what happens when a Fascist Regime Operates using Propaganda tactics, they end up end up believing themselves to be the superpowers of the world but forgot to keep track of the real and new super powers of the world, they end up chasing so many lies and loose ends that they are they literally chase their own tails! USA are totally out of control with the amount of conflicts they are involved in, they will end up with thousands of mini armies easily defeated! While blowing public money by the billions on a daily basis “for Queen and Country” just like the old money days of Slavery, Piracy, Plundering and Colonising we are nothing more than International Terrorists and Money Launderers! The Elites History is merely creating the the New Old Money! The New Churchills, Victorias, Balfours all the new [Rotten to the Core] good men and woman of Britain’s future Curriculum and Plinths!
        If we sold off all those Public Owned Assets, then all British Schools should be educated to a higher standard than Eaton! Our NHS should’ve been the leading medical facilities and training centres of the world, sending Hospital Boats etc all over the world during crises! We should have had better Social Health and Living than Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Estonia, Finland, On and ON AND ON!!! Was the point of Selling Public Assets not to save mountains of money every year!? Yet in the World of Starmer/Blair/Thatcher’s Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORIES and Johnson’s Neoliberal Conservative Party TORIES The POOR must pay for The RICH to PLAY!

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