Breaking: Trickett uses Commons speech to warn his own front bench: your timidity is damaging the national interest (video)

Hard words for the Tories too as Labour’s back benches show how opposition’s done

Senior Labour back-bencher Jon Trickett had a shock in store for his own front bench as he took part in a Commons debate in the last half hour. After laying into the Tories, Trickett turned to his own front benches – and warned them that their Starmer-led timidity and lack of opposition is damaging the national interest:

Trickett’s words hit the bullseye – for far from the first time.

His back-bench colleague Dawn Butler had been ejected from the Chamber only half an hour earlier for refusing to withdraw her description of Tory Boris Johnson as a liar.

The Labour back benches are humiliating their party ‘leader’ by showing him what opposition looks like.

What leadership looks like.

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  1. Trickett is right but he should not be surprised. No one should be surprised.

    It is a surprise to me that many are genuinely surprised. The honesty of some confessing their surprise is a positive step. The next positive step is to analyse incisively WHY they are surprised and why some STILL; despite all evidence of a pattern of behaviour and Starmer’s public record… STILL expect money or something else will”convert” 🦂🦟🪰🦂🦟🪰🦂🦟🪰SteveHs davidHs and the rest of the Allan Howards.

    1. I have to say that I’m quite surprised that it’s a surprise to you signpost. But just out of curiousity, who are the ‘many’ you say are ‘genuinely surprised’, and how do you know that they – whoever they are – ARE genuinely surprised?

      I take it you did a survey, yes?, as with all the other hundreds of times you’ve posted saying that ‘many are genuinely surprised’.

      PS And what was it that they were ‘genuinely surprised’ about in this instance? And is it always the same people who are ‘genuinely surprised’ whenever you bring this surprising matter to our attention? Or does it vary from surprise to surprise?

  2. Twice within a couple of weeks, Tricket has delivered speeches in the House which are clearly designed to polish his credentials as a possible left candidate in a forthcoming leadership election.
    All good stuff !
    Who can disagree with a word of it !

    It’s churlish, perhaps, to recall Tricket’s record on Leeds City Council before his “mysterious” selection for one of Labour’s safest seats – Hemsworth …. the seat which Ken Capstick should have had, if the constituency had been able to make its own choice.

    Churlish it may be – But it’s possible that Tricket’s tac-tics can outsmart the right-wing – or – Maybe it’s all just part of the pantomime that masquerades as government in this institutionally-corrupt country.

    Just saying !

    1. Nope it’s tokenism make a few comments maybe a bit of a go at the leadership. Wave the few lefty phrases and fool the plebs is the name of the game.

      Silence on them attacking the membership. Few comments on JC then silence that’s all he is good for a token effort then off to hide again.

      If this is what the so called socialists left in the party are like what’s the point let it die. No thanks not wanted or needed people like this that are just trying the minimum needed.

      We need people with real fire and passion not limp and half hearted, we need a socialist Labour only party so no thanks the quicker the lot of them go the way of the dodo and we can start again and get it sodding right this time. No right wing, no cowards and charlatans perform or get reselected. Work for the party or get sacked no more power games.

      But instead I bet were limp along with more of the same…

  3. Ere, wee fella… Why haven’t you said that neither trickett nor butler would’ve been so feisty had Keith been there to rein them in??

    Or are you thinking of having a sly little pop while Keith’s not looking**??

    **As fookin if…

  4. The Irony of it all is that all those Rivers of tears were literally begged on Social Media and they just laughed! We could have had just that and much more, but the People chose THIS! Why are we bringing this now HOPELESS issue up as though no one realises it is happening!? There were perfectly Clear Policies, with explanations and costings, blah, blah, blah! Sick of talking of it! BUT The PEOPLE CHOSE THIS! Apparently!
    Why are they wailing now!? They knew what they were doing, no one forced their hand, the choice was a very simple one END 42 years of Neoliberal TORY Hell, Tomorrow Morning by voting UK Labour Party OR Continue with the 42 Years of Neoliberal TORY Hell, Tomorrow Morning but be guaranteed that it will get far, far worse, vote Conservative Party! There were 1 of 2 boxes to put a winning X! Apparently The PEOPLE chose THIS!
    The Genius of Britain is What Now!?

      1. Sure show me a LAbour party and I will vote for it!

        This cult of new Labour 2.0 is not the Labour party. It never has been never will be. Just using the name and rosette isn’t enough for some of us!

      2. It made PERFECTLY GOOD SENSE to vote Labour when Labour was The UK Labour Party for a short period of 4 years and 3 months! Sadly Parasite Party, Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES did everything in their power to kill The UK Labour Party and managed to suck every last drop of blood from The UK Labour Party! RIP The UK Labour Party! Long Live The Labour Movement!
        While you worship you TORY Party under occupied Brand Name “Labour”, I will seek evert avenue to destroy Thatcher’s Parasite Neolabour TORY Party as it destroyed HOPE for millions of vulnerable people! Thatcher’s Neolabour Party TORIES are not “Labour”!
        They represent NOTHING that stands for The PEOPLE, they represent EVERYTHING that stands for The ELITES/ESTABLISHMENT/THEMSELVES!
        DO NOT “Labour” me! The Labour Party is dead, keep your vile Neolabour TORY Party, nothing whatsoever to do with me!

      3. skellyknelly – What a load of twaddle but on a more positive note you are good for a laugh sometimes

      4. Bless! Not a leg to stand on, so as per usual, just like a playground bully of 5yo you turn to personal insults.
        Hey ho, no skin off my nose, but a gentle whisper looking at the laughs generated I think you are top of the leader board, no insult, just another fact for you.

      5. skellyknelly – I wasn’t aware that I’d insulted you.

      6. skellyknelly – …and yet here you are complaining about non existent insults.

      7. see your still fucking GLOYTING on here for new labour are you still watching repeats of jim will fix it and listening to G/Glitter do you want to be in starmers gang clown

      8. Not when the party isn’t socialist anymore and not while the slandering and purging of perfectly decent and completely innocent socialists goes on. There’s no difference between Labour under non-left wing leadership and just keeping the Tories in. It’s an insult to the voters’ intelligence to do what Keir’s doing and reduce the message to “it’s enough to elect something that CALLS ITSELF ‘a Labour government'”, And moving to the right while expelling the entire Left isn’t even helping Starmer in the polls-Labour would LOSE seats if a GE was held today, based on the YouGov polls.

  5. So sodding what this kind of praise for a limp effort whoopie.

    Where was the ringing condemnation of Starmer and this cult when JC was kicked out? When they attacked socialism? The membership attacked?

    Again oh yes they hid they were silent. I am so fed up with so-called socialist MP’s having a little wine and then just hiding again!

    This needs saying daily demands of this is a socialist party or I will leave and MEAN IT!

    Instead, we will get a few words people will get excited and then….Silence as sodding usual.

    They will hide stay in this dyeing party because it’s safe, they only have to make a few token efforts and keep on the same as always.

    1. It’s very odd grandad how on the one hand you post such comments, as you have done on numerous occasions, but on the OTHER hand, you’ve posted numerous times saying that it doesn’t matter a jot what SCG members say, because Starmer will just completely ignore them anyway.

      So on the one hand you criticise the likes of Jon Trickett for NOT speaking out and condemning Starmer for purging the left and his treatment of Jeremy Corbyn or whatever (even though the SCG did make a statement in respect of Jeremy at the time), but on the other you in effect say that they are just completely wasting their breath as Starmer doesn’t pay the slightest bit of attention to anything any of them says, which is TRUE of course..

      Such contradictory thinking (on your part) is completely illogical! And doesn’t make sense! But I noticed a long time ago that you NEVER put the two contradictory ‘views’ in one post!!

      1. I’m not surprised Steve….. after yet ANOTHER long day at the office.

        You really need to ask your boss for some time off.

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