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Perkins takes same hospitality package as McVey from gambling company for Euro match

Anti-gypsy MP one of seven MPs to accept donations from gambling companies in form of hospitality

Labour MP Toby Perkins was one of nine MPs who accepted donations in the form of hospitality packages and free tickets to matches from gambling companies during the recent Euro 2020 football competition.

Perkins took the same package as Tory MP and former Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey – worth £3,457 – from sports betting company Entain to watch England defeat Denmark. Six other Tory MPs – and Perkins’s colleague on Keir Starmer’s front bench Mark Tami – also accepted various hospitality packages from betting firms.

Charlotte Nichols, Starmer’s Shadow Equalities Minister, was criticised last week after tweeting a smiling selfie with Tory MP Mike Woods at the same match as Perkins during a similar sponsored freebie, though in that case from an alcohol producer. Ironically, given the England team’s strong anti-racist stance both during and after the tournament, both she and Perkins have been slammed for handing out anti-Gypsy leaflets. Perkins has also praised police violence against people protesting against the Tories’ anti-democratic policing bill, although he subsequently deleted the tweet.

The details of the hospitality junkets come from the latest register of MPs’ interests.

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  1. Handing out anti-traveller leaflets, supporting police violence against peaceful protesters and the right to protest and receiving ‘hospitality’ donations from gambling companies show that Labour is no longer “For the Many, not the Few” and that some of its MPs are shameless reprobates. That’s not a Labour party I want to support.

    1. apologies. sad news to report.
      Dawn Foster R.I.P.

      A light has been dimmed.
      Dawn Foster first came to my attention at an excellent Red Pepper event, post General Election 2019.

      Despite being very unwell on that very day, Dawn turned up. Late, but the trooper turned up. She still joined some of us afterwards for drinks and conversations which lasted till closing time.

      Since then, Dawn continued to be incisive… spot on… clear. Unapologetically she presented her views of great values. It so happens, I agree with all that I heard from her. Yet, were it otherwise, I would have still been throughly impressed. Why? Because she turned up and spoke up. Undiluted clear sound observations, analysis and conclusions.

      Dawn was uninfected by illogical labelitis. No compromised twaddle of careerists. Particularly reassuring was Dawn getting the full measure of Sir Rodney Starmer. A measure which exceeds micrometer accuracy. My own words would be; it is not rocket science to see that Starmer is at most less than a nanometer. Dawn said as much brilliantly in her own words, including weekly on Talkradio 17:00 – 18:00 segment. First with Dan Wooten hosting, then most recently … up to last week in fact, on Marc Dolan’s program.

      Life is quite a mystery. Why should such a distinctly needed rare soul be taken away so tragically soon? And, just when they are needed more than ever ? ? ?

      – [ ] Last week, her battle to get her words out on Talkradio was evident. But what marvellous inspiring spirit to turn up, speak up and do her best for a cause bigger than her individual concerns or ego! That last appearance was worrying, but having heard and seen her battle through before, I expected the same again…
      – [ ] Thank goodness, Dawn Foster’s light has only been dimmed. Her thinking and extraordinary determination shines.

      Dawn Foster | The Independent

      Dawn Foster Jacobin

      Dawn Foster | The Guardian

      I hope Dawn’s legacies will include inspiring us all to turn up when the going is tough rather than be fair weather “comrades”. Don’t sit back and complain waiting for others to drive out parasites, block their re-entry, fix leaks or build a new perfect ship.

      Speak up for what we believe is correct and just and logical. Do our bit to wipe away the same old same old, to give life to something better – something new.

      R.I.P. Dawn Foster 1987 – 2021


      1. You piece of low-life scum WC! You even use the death of someone to dissemble your black propaganda falsehoods, pontificating your high and mighty B/S!

      2. Windchimes ITs shocking that a young woman whos dedicated her life to throwing the light on extreme poverty,should die when people like her are so desperately needed.Born into poverty in Belfast and raised in poverty in S Wales she used her experience to ,Speak and write about the destructive nature of poverty including homeless people,the unemployed and the vunerable.She reminded all of us that poverty is a killer.So many people who experience poverty pull up the ladder and despise the working class they come from,Dawn foster a reminder that even our young people born in the eightys know what poverty means and some like Dawn foster work to eradicate the evil of those that impose it on our people.Theres a place in the heaven for dawn,and a place in hell for those who propagate inequality and poverty….Believe it because the next few years will be grim in the UK

      3. Oh, you mean like your fellow chum/shill who used her death to disseminate and repeat his falsehoods, you know, the ones he has literally repeated on this blog more than a thousand times, and often as not, several times in one very long meandering post!

        Needless to say, you shills HAVE to defend your fellow shills when necessary! Even when he invents stuff so as to discredit Jeremy Corbyn! Funny, isn’t it, how in the days after Jeremy announced he would be standing down, both you and WC were posting repeatedly that ‘Jeremy MUST stay on as leader’ and ‘he has a duty to stay on as leader’ and such-like, yet since shortly after he stood down (when Starmer was elected leader), you and WC between you started posting numerous comments denigrating him, and have literally posted hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of such comments during the past fifteen months or so. And isn’t it odd how YOU should start posting on skwawkbox in the August of 2019, and then signpost start posting on here about a month later!

        What a coincidence, eh!! Oh, right, and you moved to Cambodia (or so you claim!) with your wife and other members of your family, and yet you spend practically all your time every day posting comments on this site! Yeah, I mean THAT’s just what a family man would do of course!!!

      4. Allan Howard….dont mention my family again you sicko…What’s the matter with you that you hate and loath individuals that express condolences for a good and decent human being Dawn foster who has gone far too young just when we needed her…Begone Howard!

  2. What I found most interesting was that the Guardian story on this ended with a list of policies that Corbyn’s Labour Party intended to take about the gambling industry, and that it wasn’t known if these were still the policies under Starmer.

    I passed comment, and also commended the Guardian on its final paragraph.

    As you would expect, my post was deleted.

    Also as you might expect, this appears to have triggered a look at the original article on the Guardian, which has now deleted its own final paragraph!

    You can think whatever you like about a newspaper doing that, but my own view is how delicious it is. One of their leading journalists clearly goes against the editor’s policy of supporting Starmer through thick and thin, and when it is pointed out, and even praised for doing it, they change the journalists work.

    How embarrassing for them that it is now known to the world!

      1. As another who was banned by the CIAGuardian after Alan Rusbridger conceded to it over Assange (hence why it’s so pro-Israeli oppression of the real semites, the Palestinians, pro Covid-Coup and anti socialist), I gave you a ‘Like’ as a mark of RESPECT.

    1. You didn’t get a screen shot of the original final paragraph, by any chance, did you?

      1. can’t remember the https:, but off-guardian posters often link to a full ‘archive’ of the current day’s theGuardian. (You can even download the crosswords and sodukos from it). Same with the Daily Mail – so we can visit and read the site without downloading the $$ cookies and rest of the newLabour Mass Indisciminate Surveillance Cookies.

        Can anyone tell me the web address of these ‘archives’?

      2. oooh – forgot to say, the archives are created by bots and so might have the original version before they amended the last para…

  3. Bet 365 has sponsored the Labour Party since Tony Blair & recently made additional donations to Sir Keir Starmer’s Leader. ship campaign, Are there no virtues in this version of the Labour Party?

    1. As a lifelong gambler there is a special place in hell for bookies who base themselves offshore, they make Branson blush
      Until the movement have control of their money and their own banks and bookmakers we ain’t going to make progress
      It’s not rocket science

  4. It’s like a cancer. Gambling corporations spread misery but feel represented, whereas voters suffer the consequences and are left out in the cold. Is politics / society deliberately designed in this way, to harm? Do bears shit in the woods?

    1. I threw out a change of use application by Corrals for a “family friendly environment” betting shop in the High st in Horley Surrey.People like them use money and influence to attack those that do not support them.The week after the refusal a front page article in the Racing post described me as the most bigoted councillor in Surrey and a self appointed guardian of morals.Gordon Brown and a labour government opened up the betting industry to spread into the community and feed like parasites on the most vulnerable working-class..Lifes a gamble we don’t need any more chancers.

      1. Another reason Blair and Brown should be first out the door
        FobT gambling machines are like crack cocaine to the vulnerable punter and we let them through

      2. “First out the door” – they should be locked in a triangulated echo-chamber somewhere in middle england where only SteveH, Luke Akehurst, Oswold Mosely and Dan Hodge are allowed to speak. They can have recordingss of Sir Keir’s more-stimulating speeches played on a loop when they behave themselves and of course they can have as many covid pretend-vaccines as they want…..

      3. This chap doesn’t represent much past himself…

        They clearly need your vote more than you need them

  5. I absolutely detest gambling adverts of any description on TV and who was responsible for promoting them? It was Labour and Tessa Jowel with the 2007 Gambling Act. Labour were warned at the time that the act would lead to a proliferation of gambling, particularly among the young but they ignored the warnings.

    1. Saintly Blair with his reckless brewers in tow was also the driving force behind alco-pops, creating a whole new generation of alcoholics along with massive pressures on soon to be privatised (with his help) NHS services.

  6. I recall having once read that an MP who had just retired had never received any gifts requiring declaration in the Register of Interests. It may have been Skinner, but don’t quote me on that.
    Surely, to be fit to represent the people in Parliament, no MP should ever receive anything requiring declaration.

    1. Are they going to get their ten grand work from home handouts at next autumn lockin? Oh yes, t was Dennis Skinner r.i.p.

    1. Mark Tami was the second Labour MP mentioned in the Guardian article. More will be revealed when the next register of members interests will be published.

  7. Perhaps we need a left wing democratic socialist party whose MPs accept the average workers wage & freebies are banned & in fact like it should be in Labour if their MPs accept them they are expelled. Stuffing their mouths with gold? Whilst at the same time as The Resolution Foundation points out with the extra Universal Credit payment of £20 a week due to be cut from September by the Tory Govt this will mean 1 in 3 households in the North losing £1,000 a year and in the South East 1 in 5 households losing a £1,000 a year. Oh and an area like Pudsey in Leeds will lose £5m from its local economy and Wakefield £10m. Tory levelling up my arse! YET MORE AND MORE TORY GRINDING DOWN!

  8. During the 2019 election campaign, didn’t the Conservatives set up an organisation called Fat Cheque UK?

  9. Disgraceful scenes at Wembley last Sunday as a mob of politicians force their way in through contacts with corporate interests.

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