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Murdoch backs Coyne with paywall-free amplification in Times – and Cameron’s sister-in-law helps in Standard

Usual paywall missing from latest smear-job in Times, while Evening Standard chips in with more coverage. The union-busting Establishment really wants right-winger running Unite

Chummy: Rupert Murdoch and David Cameron. Insert Gerard Coyne

Rupert Murdoch has given yet more backing to right-wing Unite candidate Gerard Coyne. After the S*n formally backed Coyne for the role the Murdoch Times has chipped in, this time in the form of amplification for yet another Coyne smear-job – with the usual ‘paywall’ preventing readers accessing the article without taking out a subscription, removed to provide free access for anyone.

Coyne, who has written for the paper commonly known as the ‘Scum’, has apparently learned little from his 2017 campaign, which was full of smears and ended in him being Unite suspends Coyne – ‘over data breach’ broken by SKWAWKBOX/Evolve? – SKWAWKBOX – and humiliated in a series of challenges in which a retired judge said he was guilty of the kind of misdeeds he claimed others had committed. That experience hasn’t stopped him using the same tactics this time round – and the Establishment seems keen to help.

A day before the second Murdoch freebie, the Evening Standard has also chipped in, giving meaningless coverage to Coyne’s attempt to persuade British Airways workers – who have seen Unite’s left leadership win a major victory for them against despicable ‘fire and rehire’ tactics – that the union hasn’t been there for them when needed.

Until last year, the Standard was run by former Tory chancellor George Osborne – and now it is run by the sister-in-law of Osborne’s former boss David Cameron.

Murdoch, of course, is infamous for his union-busting campaign against workers at his Wapping print plant in the 1980s. Cameron for his part waged his own war on unions with the notorious Trade Union Act 2016, which made it far harder for union members to take industrial action to protect their pay and conditions.

It seems the anti-union Establishment and those close to them are really eager to see a right-winger running the UK and Ireland’s biggest union.

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  1. Off subject, sorry, but I was driving along Woodstock Road, Wallasey and spied Angela Eagle with a gaggle of hard right, Starmerite acolytes, leafleting. I slowed down and beeped my horn. They heard me, looked across instinctively and raised loadsa thumbs up 👍. I responded thumbs down 👎and shouted “Stop f*cking littering. Keep Britain tidy 🇬🇧 “. By this time Eagle had recognised me, began scowling, with a face like thunder ⚡ ⛈ and began hurrying her people away from the man who torpedoed #brickgate 😁

  2. Yes the Right Wing Tory Neo-Liberal Rich and Powerful are now piling in on the side of a Right Wing political lightweight ‘Coyne Artist’ (?)

  3. The Establishment – particularly the working class-hating Murdoch strand of it – is frightened that its vigorous, vehement and relentless covid fear-mongering is not having its desired effect and making the general population (but particularly the unionised Unite-member parts of it) obedient, docile and acquiescent enough to NOT vote for a resolute democratic socialist like Howard Beckett and Steve Turner.

    After all, when we’re scared we tend to vote for right wing and UKIP-type nationalist parties and sink into a xenophobic defensiveness that reassures the billionaire class that we’re not going to challenge them or their power-base any time soon.

    1. and as a member of the Privy Council he knows the sham-nature of the Government’s pandemic management (and as a natural conservative, tirlateral billionaire-loving neoliberal), Sir Keir Rodney Starmer knows this and it explains his ultra-Conservative flag-waving politics.

  4. The Smearing campaign against Steve Turner will not work,because hes well known amongst the unions members and is trusted on the shopfloor were he came from as a bus conductor.They know hes one of them and carrys no baggage other than the obvious left wing tag which to most of the workers means not a Bosses lacky or a scab.Coyle now is well known scab and a reliable bosses man.who works for the other lot and tells porkies..Steve Turner will walk this now with the backing of Beckett,and a clean fight from the other left wing candidate.We expect mud slinging from the right,but most workers expect a good deal on pay and conditions from their union leaders and somone who “understands” them.Turner does understand were they come from and that in the end despite the scum will secure this leadership..I hope we see that coyne is seen off for the good of the unite union which through coyne is dragged once again through the mud..expulsion from unite must be Becketts first “to do List” on getting back to the everyday day job of helping to run the union for the workers.

  5. I have just spent a few hours searching the private life of Coyne and meet a wall,age? Married? family ? worth?…mother.father? and a mp which was easy to see what a extreme right wing plant he is,but it’s extremely difficult from theron for me tracking him.Who in their right mind would vote for somone who in public life deliberately sets about to hide their background….Erm? didnt somone once vote for a knight who liked to have his background hidden?..can’t think of his name but like Toffee says maybe. “Hes a wrongun” ..and it looks like another one incoming?

  6. Looks like the BBC are stepping up their efforts to witchunt expats who show up the hypocrisy of the West in mounting a propaganda campaign against the Peoples republic of China.I know it is off message again but commentators need to know that the BBC have gone full blown extreme mouthpiece of the neo liberal machine and are basically publishing pictures of bloggers who disagree with the right wing lies and propaganda.No doubt the people on here need to understand that Big brother is watching and not all comments are just comments but people with a agenda thats bought and paid for..I was actually not suprised that the BBC are now acting as the witchfinder general for the neo liberal alliance of capital..China are now celebrating the Peoples republic victory in showing that ordinary people can do remarkable things if we work together against the greed and power of the “few” who have dominated the west for centuries.One hundred years ago the Communist party in China was formed to reverse the plundering of China by the west and its no coincidence that the propaganda is stepped up by the “Machine” .I T used to be legal to have an opinion about life and politics but for how much longer??

    1. Joseph – The people of Hong-Kong are also asking themselves that question.

      1. Tiananmen Square?

        Wikileaks has reports from the US embassy at the time that paints a very different picture to what the press tell us. You’re a good researcher…

        A Financial Times report at the time of the incident explained that some 800 leaders of the failed colour revolution were smuggled out of China.

        “Many went first to France, but most travelled on to the US for scholarships at Ivy League universities.
        The extraction missions, aided by MI6, the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, and the CIA, according to many accounts, had scrambler devices, infrared signallers, night-vision goggles and weapons.”

        Don’t recall seeing any of that on Wikipedia

        I could go on, but football is distracting.

      2. NVLA – The fact that you are even attempting to defend the Chinese state’s mass murder of its own people in Tiananmen Square says so much about you and your fuckwit ideology.

      3. I quote reputable sources, you quote insults.


      4. NVLA – Is there a reason you haven’t provided any links and SFW. Would any of that in anyway excuse crushing people under tank tracks

      5. People crushed under tanks?!?!

        Some background. I went to Iraq (Desert Storm). The Nayirah testimony was a total fabrication. People died because of lies and since finding this out, I’ve been determined to find truth no matter what. I’m not into taking sides, I just want the truth.

        We will never know the true body count of Tiananmen. We will never know how many were soldiers, how many were agitators and how many were poor innocents.

        Lies are fairly easy to spot. Compare your statement to what the TV shows us with the man holding carrier bags holding up a column of tanks. The tank driver goes out of his way not to run him over. Doesn’t add up, does it.

      6. NVLA – FFS give your pathetic excuses for the murderous actions of the Chinese state a rest . What the hell has Desert Storm got to do with Tiananmen Square?.

        Many of us also witnessed the footage shown at the time by journalists who were there.

    2. Ditto their rabid & supine endorsement of nationalist sport in place of & distraction from real journalism. Bread & circuses, don’t make me larf, looks like it really has gone home after all & left the whinging, crybaby, racist, Scum readers to find scapegoats again.

  7. Interesting Joseph. The Chinese have become relatively wealthy since the reforms of Deng in the late 70’s when they explicitly rejected socialism and communism in favour of state funded capitalism. Previously Mao’s socialist policies (collectives, central planning etc) had resulted in an extra 70 million wholly avoidable deaths from famine and malnutrition. Now the CCP manages the economy and society with one aim, to maintain the CCP in power. If you are a democrat or member of a minority group with other legitimate aspirations than the furtherance of CCP influence you are in big trouble.

      1. I wish there was a Sarcasm Font that we could all use and see, but yes, i agree with you

    1. LOL@ignorant Plain Citizen! You need to stop reading the daily fail

      A brief overview of how Chinese politics work (and, shock horror, it doesn’t revolve around the CCP).

      The CCP discusses with the other eight political parties on major principles, policies and issues, and they supervise each other.

      Next, members of the eight parties hold posts in central and local governments, as well as judicial organs. You’ll note there is absolutely no discrimination against people who are not members of the CCP. You get where you are because of what you are, not who. Instead of the western version that gives you idiots because of the colour of their rosette.

      Governments at various levels cooperate with the eight parties, allowing them to both participate and deliberate on administrative affairs.

      Fourth, the eight parties participate in consultation on major state issues through the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), a political advisory body under the leadership of the CPC.

      Their political system encourages parties, organizations, and representatives from various circles of Chinese society to discuss basic policy as well as important political, economic, cultural and social issues.

      The National Committee of the CPPCC typically meets once every year in Beijing as part of the Two Sessions, which also features the annual gathering of the National People’s Congress.

      Every year, the CPPCC receives thousands of policy proposals from members. Last year, among the 5,769 suggestions, 4,279 were put on record and 42 marked as key proposals.

      This, along with people’s congresses, regional ethnic autonomy, and self-governance at the village level, constitutes the fundamental framework of China’s political system and is the embodiment of the nation’s socialist democracy.

      The system is based on results. You apply to join a party (President Xi took ten attempts to join (thickies don’t get far (that’s half our MPs gone lol))).

      Starting at the bottom, you must have proven success in order to move on to the next level. For example, you become a local councillor, you turn the fortunes of your patch around. This allows you to move up to county politics, where you must deliver again. This process will take about twenty years before you have a chance to get to the very top. And yeah, the CCP has the top guy, because they get the most votes. But the critical part is everything else is open to any party, as long as you delivered for the people.

      The real problem with China is that 1) they are beating the capitalists at their own game and 2) (the biggest reason of all) they won’t allow western private finance to come in and steal the lot.

      I like the Chinese system, because it’s better than what we have.

      1. NVL youre now on the list of public enemy and do the BBC have a picture.Well done ✔ youve educated all of us and I am pleased that you have a greater understanding of how a Socialist society can work for the people if we have the guts and determination to recognise that the enemy within is and always has been the establishment with their infiltration into the working class movement..The scabs like coyle and the whole stinking swamp of the PLP should in the imortal words of a real battler “They should be deported”

      2. That’s very illuminating. There was I thinking China was still essentially a totalitarian society, a view compounded by the way they locked down Wuhan, including welding people’s front doors shut to ensure quarantine compliance. Which is NOT to say I believe they’re exterminating Uighurs or that they should roll over for Western corporations, yet I still don’t really trust their government. Somebody’s going to tell me that’s because I’m racist, I expect, though that’s rather like calling someone anti-semitic because they don’t like the Israeli state!

      3. Thanks Joseph. I like the Chinese system for many things, but the two main ones are;

        1) They work (for the people=democracy) with each other instead of against each other.

        2) You succeed due to helping the people/country rather than who you greased/tucked up.

        All systems are able to be improved. It does not mean they have to be imitated (nothing wrong with poaching ideas either).

      4. @Timfrom

        The Chinese know they are under attack. They have experienced SARS and MERS in the past. They treated the outbreak (once the ball started rolling) as a biological attack. Hence the extreme in trying to control it. It’s also worth noting that local level political people who held up (for whatever reason) trying to defeat covid (and this includes the people who locked up the doctors noticing the pattern) were immediately sacked.

        Nothing wrong with disliking something. But it is worth remembering that the media are like children. They only tell their side of the story. As adults, it’s important for us to know both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion.

        Stay safe

      5. “As adults, it’s important for us to know both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion”.

        Which is why your post was just the corrective I’d been looking for, because I’ve had no joy from the Morning Star, who seem to assume we knew all that anyway!

      6. Even the Morning Star has to toe the line. Push too far, and they’ll be shut down.

        Glad to have helped. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

      7. Hilarious NVLA. When i can fake sincerity like you I will go far. Its almost as though you believe in what you write? How do you account for the fates of those who have spoken out against the CCP? The Muslim minorities and those in HK? Why do the Chinese government need to close down newspapers?

      8. I see you lack knowledge in history also. I’m starting to pity you.

        To understand Hong Kong, you need to go back to how Britain acquired it. You’re a grown up, so I’m sure you can manage.

        Once you understand that, you’ll be closer to understanding why things are panning out the way they are.

        To flip the coin, how would the UK deal with protestors agitating for communism go down? Remember that some of the rioting crowds are armed with granade launchers and amongst other things, setting fire to people who don’t follow their desires.

        Can you say colour revolution and understand what it means?

        For the record, things are going to get worse. The world is tired of American (and their satraps) interfering and meddling. All to ensure the west stays at the top, by fair or by foul.

        Ask yourself this. How enthusiastic are you to send your loved ones to war? And how sure are you that you aren’t the bad guy?

        Have a better weekend

      9. NVLA…..Well said. Folk should read the real history about Britain and China’s relationship. From the Opium Wars to Hong Kong. But maybe they would rather read and listen to the BBC.

    2. PC “the late 70’s when they explicitly rejected socialism and communism in favour of state funded capitalism”

      Sounds lke you are confusing and conflating ‘marketism’ ( a wonderful, wealth-creating thing) with “capital-ism” (an inherently contradicted – and for those who will never benefit from it, a contra-indicated, or at worst ‘regulated’) thing), the “relations” steming from which destroy more than they build, for customer, worker and owner alike (except for the very very select capital accumulator).

    1. I did reply Wirral, but it’s bloody gone LOL

      Contact the editor;)

  8. My son’s girlfriend from mainland China, will be arriving here in Liverpool in 2 weeks, on a 6 month visa. Any relevant questions?

    1. Steve Richards….tell her not to listen to the BBC it can be toxic for good people.and its full of private school layabouts and point out that the people have no say in the disaster that is the united kingdom(monarchy)knights and all of the razzle dazzle of our archaic and dysfunctional system..called the oldest democracy by the people who invented it…?Apart from that “enjoy”

      1. Yes, and remind her that the BBC news and current affairs sections have clear instructions from the top regarding the exact phraseology to be used in a variety of reports, e.g.
        “Russian hacking” = Leaks
        “Douma chemical attack” = White Helmets fake story
        “Labour antisemitism” = A leader committed to implementing UN resolutions on Palestine
        “Russian harassment of British ship” = British ship deliberately sails into Russian (Crimean) waters.
        “A senior Labour source” = Mandelson has been resuscitated
        “People are saying that ……” = The BBC wants people to think that …..
        “Our Chief XXXXX Correspondent” = Someone who has risen by not rocking the boat

        But, if you want questions, ask her how it is that China has a network of high speed rail services to match the size of the country without the great benefits of the magnificent system that “operates” in the UK.

      2. @goldbach

        Great post!

        I now have visions of Bliar rubbing the defib together screaming “Clear!”

    2. Yes please Steve.

      I’d like her opinion on how the Chinese populace does referendums with the people on most large decisions. Both from a personal perspective and as a collective (is it popular for example?).

      I’d also like an insider’s view on how homelessness is dealt with, especially compared to the west.

      Finally, I’d like you to ask her about which party she supports, and if possible, why?

      I hope she enjoys Liverpool as much as I did when I visited.

      Stay safe, and thanks for the opportunity.

  9. The question is, why is Sharon Graham still standing , if not to split the left vote? And who’s funding HER?

    1. Ego? Intensional vote split? Sincerity? Only she can answer that question.

      As for funding, look at the shenanigans Starmer was involved with during his leadership campaign. The truth took sometime to appear. I doubt we will ever know when it comes to Graham.

  10. Despite having any great knowledge of matters relating to UNITE, I had picked up from certain comments on this site that Mr Beckett was being vilified for “splitting the left vote”. Since he stepped down, I have not seen similar comments about Ms Graham. Can anyone enlighten me?

    1. Goldbach first thanks for the laugh on the answers for China,its good to have a good laugh and still you get the message across.Now I assume that Graham followed her ambitions unlike Beckett who showed courage and a little bit of forward planning in the threat to the unite union by the scab coyle.Two will still split the left vote but three would have doomed unite and the workforce to the shoddy employers like Murdoch and his type.I had always thought their had been an agreement between the candidates but hey ho Graham new better….such is the burden of ambition.

      1. And just think of what could happen if China took the game of football seriously and pushed the money around.Anyway I am up and around to watch England via a powerbank and the bore hole pump packed up ..I need a long ladder and a new float switch which I will replace but only after the game.The 🌞 will soon be rising and the we are one nil up last time I checked…..yes and the power went down in the night so no fans working.but again hey ho lifes too short at my age and lets see England win like I did when I was a kid against the tide and took the World cup.

      2. Joseph
        Alf Ramsey and England were never forgiven by the God of Football for not playing Jimmy Grieves, then there was the failure to pick Brian Clough as manager and now Jack Grealish
        But nothing forgives their fuckwittery with penalties
        For my English bairns I wanted them to win last night, to end 55 years of greetin and to leave me in peace to drink and smoke myself to death like all good Scottish people

  11. An Authoritarian, Dictatorial, part-Neoconservative, Greedmongering, Evil Bastard, Thatcherite Neoliberal Neolabour Party TORY will always be only one thing an Authoritarian, Dictatorial, part-Neoconservative, Greedmongering, Evil Bastard, Thatcherite Neoliberal TORY!
    I wonder how much of this has to do with the Mega Bucks Payment on Completion of “Don’t you Dare to Get Cold Feet”! Sweden’s Rape Case was a lie and illegally pursued by UK CPS under The Fuhrer’s orders, after the case was already closed by Sweden, making up their own corrupt edits, CPS was aware of and twisted the law to enable illegal spying in a foreign Embassy, whilst preparing the case to illegally arrest a foreign national in a foreign embassy! Perhaps he’s not doing it for the ‘on completion payout’ but to save his own arse from Belmarsh!
    Fucking Filthy TORY Scum and so is any MOFO that votes for ANY of the Neolabour Party TORY MPs! GET THE NEOLBOUR PARTY TORY PARASITES OUT!
    If you want an Opposition Party that will protect the Safety and Best Interests of The PEOPLE, FIRST GET THE NEOLBOUR PARTY TORY PARASITES OUT!

      1. skellyknelly – I’m not sure I could say the same about you.

  12. Change the language
    PM these are the people you appeal to, your base, they take their lead from you
    Your a fucking racist a liar and a charlatan

  13. The sun 🌞 goes down here just like England.Shame really I would have likes to see the old boy Rodney Knight in his Rod of the Rovers tee shirt..Again Johnson was one step ahead of him.and appeared like fatty arbucles day out.The knight seems to have figured out that leader of the opposition means Oppose but I wasnt expecting our knight to go full blown Loyalist,I think with old Rodders its a case of desperation and anything to look the big man and leader.Perhaps a chat with ian paisley jnr,or just pop into the jirah chapel in Lewes Sussex were kyle paisley likes to welcome the flag waving fraternity.England might have gone down,but our knight sees a future in N.East Ireland just like ex Labour \unionist mp Enoch Powell ..I must say Stevie boy 👦wonder you do pick em..

  14. Cuban protesters filled the streets of the island nation over the weekend to reject what they call a “lack of freedom” as well as a lack of food and medicine exacerbated by both the coronavirus and US meddling through the use of sanctions.

    Protesters have called for Cuba’s president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, to step down, according to Reuters.
    Cuba’s president has called for his “revolutionaries” to take to the street alongside the nation’s military to push back against the protesters. In a televised address, he said the “order to combat has been given.”

      1. Sorry, I missed your comment about China and don’t want to spend ages scrolling through to find it.
        You clearly have some connection with Cuba and are concerned for some people there. I hope your friends stay safe.

  15. wiki ‘Improvements since then saw the average national life expectancy rise from around forty-four years in 1949 to sixty-eight years in 1985, while the Chinese population estimated to be living in absolute poverty fell from between 200–590 million in 1978 to 70 million in 2017’ Cling to the food banks right wing ascendancy dogs, the caravan has moved on.

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