Breaking: worst-ever Health Sec resigns

Hancock steps down for ‘breaching the guidance

Matt Hancock, surely the worst Health Secretary in history,has resigned from his position this afternoon. In a letter to Boris Johnson he attributed his decision to ‘breaching the guidance’ on social distancing:

Labour leader Keir Starmer had not commented on the resignation at the time of writing. In a tweet that quickly went viral, left-wing backbencher Jon Trickett – many members’ pick to replace Starmer – said the resignation was a sign of Boris Johnson’s weakness:

Hancock’s far greater guilt is shared with his party boss – 150,000 needless deaths, the betrayal of front-line workers and the vulnerable and a string of dodgy contract awards. For the sake of future generations and justice, they both belong in the dock.

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  1. I guarantee you people will now feel sorry for him and depending on the power of whoever leaked the video (Gove?) He could well be back in a year. Such is the awful state of politics in Britain today and the power of the media.

    1. ludiel – “awful state of politics in Britain today and the power of the media.”

      It was ALWAYS thus.

  2. I predict Grant Shapps will be Boris’s next human shield, I mean Health Secretary!

  3. My poem on BBC Comments was subsequently banned by the BBC yesterday. Don’t know if they’ve become more particular since the Tories have populated the BBC with TORIES in key positions at the top?
    But here is the BBC Banned Poem:
    ‘Is Overseas Travel now a lottery?
    And is it all in the hands of of the fates?
    Like ‘Snogging’ Matty Hancock?
    Handing out jobs to his mates?’
    What do you mean it should have been ‘Shagging’ (?)
    How sad what has become of the BBC though I agree with John Pilger when he said it was always been a subtle propagandist for the Establishment.
    Is this what they have done to us?

  4. Wheres the Queen in all of this
    Will she give up Prince Andrew
    What is democracy

  5. “Matt will be sorely missed at the top of government” says Boris as he thanked him for his contribution. Such was Hancocks deceit, dishonesty, disorganisation and general deviousness we can now say Dominic Cummings was right! Hancockwas profligate with public money when ordering PPE from his mate in the pub, dishonoured his wife and family, and was wholly self interested when planning and executing a failed strategy that lead to many deaths. But he makes Boris look good.

  6. As slimey Hancock slithers off there is a rumour it was Johnson who released the incriminating photo’s.

  7. And even the BBC reported under his watch that his co-snogger Ms C was appointed as a DOH Non-Executive Director on £15k for 15-20 days work a year! Such an amount given to citizens on UC may have stopped some from throwing themselves under trains. The political garbage at the top, the Right Wing Neo-Liberal Barbarians who
    sadly (for now) rule the world. Like Starmer’s Right Wing Labour – the true little people of the planet!

    1. I have… Damien grope.. I mean green and grant shafts…sorry shapps.

      At least I MIGHT have done had stammer refused to prosecute either and indeed resign as DPP on the very day the met said shapps’ actions ‘may have constituted fraud’

    1. Yes, being a non-sweating war hero an’ all. I expect Biden will quietly let him off now we’ve interfered on America’s behalf in Crimea.

    2. What pressure is Prince Andrew under? I think he flew helicopters in the Falklands but didn’t realise the 40th anniversary was a pressure point for him? What are you referring to?

      1. You’ve not heard of his association with the deceased kinderpimp, Jeffrey Epstein?

  8. This is another Murdoch interference in politics, Sun pictures nail Hancock. Cummings not in the picture, a grand re-entry for the next Prime-minister and farewell BJ. Wonder if the Privvy council gave their seal of approval?

  9. And Keir went Hancock’s entire tenure without ever calling for his resignation for anything- a brilliant strategy that now has Labour losing seats it hadn’t lost in decades or had never lost at all.

    1. To kenburch and wirral: obviously I’ve heard of the Epstein allegations but what is that to do with Hancock’s resignation and the Falklands 40th? Doesn’t seem all that relevant to this subject.

      1. What it relates to is why the prince would be feeling pressure

  10. Worst Tory Health minister until the next one
    Worst Tory Prime Minister, Home Secretary, Chancellor
    Can you see the connection, finest education but as the saying goes, you cannot polish a turd

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