Starmer channels Owen Smith with ice-cream themed begging letter

Channelling the spirit of Owen Smith

Keir Starmer has been sending round the begging bowl again, as Labour’s finances continue to fall apart and the party faces bankruptcy because of the precedent set by Starmer’s legal capitulation to right-wing former staff – and he’s now reduced to channelling the hapless Owen Smith.

Smith’s humiliating 2016 challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership saw the centrist challenger become an unfortunate meme when he had to offer free ice creams to try to draw a crowd during a campaign stop in Liverpool – and still couldn’t muster more than a few.

And Starmer went there today in an email trying to tempt members to part with their cash, not on the promise of change and a vision of a better country as it was meant to be – but with a chance to win money and thoughts of ice cream vans and seaside holidays:

The usual summer holidays may be on hold for now, but we’re making the most of everything our UK great outdoors has to offer.

We all deserve a break after what’s been a tough year, so how would you fancy an extra £5,000 in your bank account to see out your British summer in style?

For £2 a ticket, or for free, you can take part in the Labour Party Summer Raffle and be in with a chance of winning one of three prizes up for grabs!

And in the spirit of the Great British summer, we’re also offering 10 of our early entrants a picnic basket bonus prize. Make sure you get your tickets before 9 July to be in with a chance!

Enter the Summer Raffle!

The top prize is £5,000, just think of the 99s you could buy with that! Or something a little different perhaps, our second prize is a two night city break for two in the UK, with a third prize of £250.

All proceeds go directly to our election funds too, so you have the added bonus of supporting Labour’s campaigns to fight for the positive change we can bring in power.

Thank you, and good luck!

Team Labour

It was another sign of the embarrassment that a so-recently great party has become in such a short time since Starmer because it’s titular, if not actual, leader.

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      1. Of course Labour has always had to seek cash – but in the last it was related to Principle and Policy, not stuffing your face with £5000 of ice cream.

      2. Toffee – “Have you entered”

        Not yet, I’ve yet to receive the email detailed above, has anyone received theirs yet?

      3. SteveH davidH SH, i got the raffle email and all the others including one from “Labour Unions” eg this one re phone bank for Batley & Spen By- Election.

        Kim Leadbeater, Labour’s Candidate for Batley & Spen
        Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Chancellor
        Mick Whelan, Chair of Labour Unions.”

        The unions are obviously as “politicised” as one would expect. Even Hodge, Watson & the cabal of “them”, see that.

      4. Thanks for the link Toffee.

        It leaves me wondering though. Is a charlatan like Starmer really what the inner circle of Labour wants as a leader? And how does this reflect outside of that circle.

        Seems to me that Labour has returned to courting the rich. So we have two parties chasing the same 40% of votes. Red Tories could not be a better analogy!

        It’s going to cost them yet more votes…

    1. It’s so pathetic that you’d think Ben Elton wrote it. It’s just Shite.Who on earth allowed this imbecilic tripe to pass. What on earth do they think of the clp?

  1. It’s not ‘Good Luck’ that Starmer needs, it’s a miracle but not the ice cream version, which is more likely.

    1. or one that the billionaires will be inclined to give him….

      I hope to high heaven that Howard Beckett’s red-line to Steve Turner was that a Turner-led Unite stays alert to the possibility of cutting the funding to a neoliberal billionaires-friendly Labour party,

      1. Qwertboi, so do I. I honestly believe that Turner wouldn’t need much persuasion to cut funding from Labour if Starmer keeps his lacklustre performance of no opposing the Tories.

  2. I agree with Paul at the degree of sadness this represents.
    But I have to add that, thinking to the future, after all the ice cream has been eaten, what hope for a Starmer successor?
    Angela Rayner will be dashed when she learns that she has little or no support on the left.
    Lisa Nandy would not last long in the full glare if media attention, being, in public at least, as ideologically empty as the current leadership.
    With the exception of the currently ineligible, and increasingly more thoughtful Andy Burnham, who else could the right turn to?
    Interesting times indeed.

    1. All Nandy and Jess have to offer is vindictive nastiness for its own sake- how would either of them manage to get the support of any of the huge number of people they vilified and insulted?

      Since they’re women, it goes without saying that the people who you’d think would be their natural allies, the sectarian-spiteful right, would ever actually want either of them to be leader.

      1. That should have read “would NEVER actually want either of them to be leader”.

  3. “It was another sign of the embarrassment that a so-recently great party has become in such a short time since Starmer because it’s titular, if not actual, leader”

    Incisively put, SW.

    Starmer might be the titular leader of the bureaucratic organism called the Labour party, but its blood and heart are its members, supporters and its clients, and every day Keir Rodney Starmer separates and isolates himself from more and more of them.

    House of Cards. Pretty soon, no amount of BBC misinformation, misreporting and disinformation will be able to make it not so obvious.

    1. He’s certainly putting the ‘tit’ into titular leadership alright.

      Still, I suppose £5k is better than a phone call or a visit off the flake….sorry, fake

      1. Beat me to it Toffee

        He is a superfluous nipple

  4. I took part in the Labour party “Raffle “for many many years and finaly gave up on loosing to the corrupt officials and politicians .ON a far more important move is the drift to the right of establishment politics across Europe.I think it might have been j penny that mentioned the silent drift a fascism and the Labour party are just one of the casualtys of the rise.Good article today in the morning star covering “Operation Barbrossa” and the fight against fascism thats being re written by rightward historians.

  5. …It was another sign of the embarrassment that a so-recently great party has become in such a short time since Starmer because its tit, if not actual, leader…

    Fixed it for ya Skwawkie!

  6. Just about says it all….”just think of the 99s you could buy with that!” And that sums up the current Labour Party under Keith, offering free ice creams and nothing else.

    Batley and Spen do your job.

  7. A byelection in a Labour seat after we were so severely tounced at a GE would normally have members and supporters flocking to the constituency from hundreds of miles away baz, wouldn’t it?. Not happening for B&S ’21. Starmer’s Labour repels it.

  8. Exactly. So many members have left or been suspended that there’s nobody left to canvass and doorstep, apart from a few washed up PLP members. No matter, free ice creams will bring the Labour voters out in droves. What a state Labour is in.

  9. Vindicated -on 20th I suggested “It’s easy to believe that things could get no worse. They can.” – They just have.

  10. The Neolabour Party Tories are just one flush away from getting that frustrating huge floating turd to stay past the u-bend! Sadly now with Beckett out and a fully Neoliberalised UNITE they will get lifeline after lifeline on tap courtesy of member fees!
    Seems like Unison has a better chance of attracting Democratic Socialists. Members of Unite might not know but you can OPT OUT of supporting Labour with your fees. Each to their own, though. Labour under Occupation of The Neolabour Tories is a Shitfest and does not deserve to exist! I would strongly advise against giving in to The Establishment and granting them what they want, TWO Neoliberal TORY Parties, like The USA TWO Equally Neoliberal Parties!
    GE24 will speak for itself! Hopefully send the Neoliberal TORIES Packing once and for all! They are at this point, by occupying The Labour Party a far more dangerous than facing the Conservative Tories for another 5 years, they have already cost us TWO General Elections, The Greatest PM this nation could ever wish for, warts and all, TWO once in a lifetime opportunities to end 42 Years of Neoliberal TORY Hell, which will consequently cost us our NHS, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Workers Rights, etc, etc, etc! And NO that does not mean we should vote for the bastards to trash “The Tories”, because THEY ARE THE FUCKING TORIES!
    “[Neo]Labour is not the Party for people on Benefits, [Neo]Labour[TORIES] will be tougher on Benefit Claimants than The Tories”
    “Don’t you Dare to get Cold Feet!!!”
    Don’t fool yourself by Brand Worshipping! A TORY is a TORY, no matter what colour spots you put on the damned thing!
    BUT! HEY! Never mind, av’a 99!

  11. I once wrote to Starmer No response.

    His relationship to the Labour Party is like the iceberg to the Titanic.

  12. For £2 a ticket, or for free

    Who on earth would run a raffle giving away free tickets? Since you could easily end up paying out more than you receive, where is the logic in that? Or have I misunderstood something here?

    1. They are chasing the rich. Rich fucks with disposable income do _not_ scrounge. They’d rather throw an extra twenty.

      They can afford it easily and it’s about image

      1. Rich fucks with disposable income do _not_ scrounge

        Nah, course not. They just ‘take advantage’ of all sorts of tax breaks – or the politicians don’t get their bunces.

        And the royals… Plenty of ‘disposable income’ but they never pay for a fucking thing. (Courtesy of your working Joe on PAYE)

      2. A good third of UK media coverage is about ‘the Royals’. It’s extraordinarily Old Europe; Monarchy, the Church -‘ and if you don’t fall to your knees then we’ll bring out the Flag.’I don’t think it’s anything particularly new, we have lived under an Occupation for over a thousand years, a feudal aristocracy that has always been made up of fraudsters, charlatans, murderers and thieves. In the 11th Century they took The Lot – and basically hanged onto it right up to today with a ruthlessness and perfidy that has often attracted a secret admiration by other ruthless men. Our only relief was the years of the First Republic – 12 years! (And even then you had to listen to religious enthusiasts with a taste for bloody sectarianism). It’s said the problem is we haven’t had any significant Invasion and Occupation or large scale Insurrection and therefore hasn’t had to reckon on making a New Start. But just as Covid is proving an Opportunity wasted in so many areas of life so it will always be politically in England one fears.

  13. This STUPID right wing cult of new Labour 2.0 has NO ONE to blame about money apart from THEMSELVES!!! They had the largest membership of any party and what did they do when they took over shat on the socialists!!!

    So we left in disgust. Now your right-wing pal’s aren’t ponying up the cash and you spaffed it up the walls because of your asshattery on legal cases..

    So out comes the begging bowl go broke it’s your sodding fault you have no money! You won’t ever see a penny from me until Labour is socialist only again or we have a socialist Labour only party I don’t trust any right-wing scumbag any more and won’t help or support anyone suspect.

    1. disabledgrandad – “You won’t ever see a penny from me until Labour is socialist only again
      I don’t recall the Labour party ever being exclusively socialist, do you? If so when was this mythical age of socialist Utopia?

      1. SteveH, according to the membership cards it should have been though shouldn’t it? So apart from Starmer, who else do you think slipped in under false pretences?

  14. Mr Keith Whippy Here to serve The Far Right White Zionists and NO ONE ELSE! Black, Muslim, Other Minorities including Black/Non-Zionist Jews and Socialists will be sent to the back of the queue, every single Time!
    For The Establishment!
    NOT! The PEOPLE!

  15. ” The Labour Party is a democratic socialist party.
    It believes that by the strength of our common endeavor we achieve more than we achieve alone, so as to create for each of us the means to realise our true potential and for all of us a community in which power, wealth and opportunity are in the hands of the many not the few, where the rights we enjoy reflect the duties we owe, and where we live together freely, in a spirit of solidarity, tolerance and respect.”

    I wonder if Starmer ever bothered to read the back of his membership card?

  16. Sir Keir comments on Primrose Hill ‘we are very lucky to have it in Camden’ Being ‘lucky’ is the shame script of dishonesty and wealth guilt – shame about the unlucky poor though.

    1. It is reported that Keir and Jeremy have roughly the same net worth. One of them inherited the bulk of his wealth whilst the other one worked for his.

      1. One of them inherited the bulk of his wealth whilst the other one worked for his.

        Just because someone inherits wealth doesn’t necessarily make them a lesser person.

        Over the years I worked for several who inherited their wealth, some far more than Corbyn, and among them were some of the best individuals I’ve ever worked for, including a hands-on tree surgeon from an aristocratic family..

        On the other hand, I’ve worked for many who became wealthy over time, among whom were some of the worst individuals I’ve ever worked for, and from working-class families little different from mine.

        It’s comments like these that show just how stupid you can be.

    2. Loved in Camden Town for years. Passed through PH once. Never again. It’s a spiritual dead zone.

  17. The rich and powerful who have colonised the Labour Party needn’t expect me to fund their embarrassment of a party.
    I hope they will be sending their begging letters to Trevor Chinn and Ricky Tomlinson ….. Starmer’s cheer-leaders.

  18. A good question Doug.
    Ricky Tomlinson was one of the featured “celebrity endorsements” to Starmer’s glossy campaign leaflet when he was standing in the leadership election.
    Sadly – It seems he has learned nothing.

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