Scandal in Streatham as Labour bars members – many of them black – from their own annual general meeting and votes

Many members denied votes or even entry to Zoom meeting

Members of Streatham constituency Labour party (CLP) have complained that large numbers were denied entry or a vote at their annual general meeting on Thursday night, in a travesty that some have compared to the recent regional-office-driven scandal at Bristol West CLP.

Members attempting to log in to the meeting, which Labour’s London regional office insisted on running directly instead of allowing CLP officers to run themselves as would be usual, found themselves held indefinitely in the Zoom ‘waiting room’. Some were kept waiting for 90 minutes or more – and some were denied entry altogether, in particular many black members.

Members in the waiting room were not able to communicate with the ‘host’ controlling access to the meeting.

Eventually, those waiting were told they would not be allowed into the meeting unless their full names were showing on their Zoom profile – but those who checked their profile found their full names were already showing.

Complaints have already been lodged with the party about the way the meeting was run, with some describing the chaos as incompetence but others alleging worse. Some of those denied entry and a vote included candidates from the left slate standing for elected positions in the CLP – including the BAME candidate for the key position of secretary. Some right-wingers were allowed entry despite their proper names not being shown on their Zoom window.

Those barred numbered at least thirty:

One Streatham member, who had been nominated as a teller/scrutineer for the meeting, told SKWAWKBOX:

Region (London regional office)’s excuse was that they’re all busy with Sadiq Khan’s (London mayoral) campaign. But if they knew they were all going to be busy with that, why on earth did they take over our AGM when we’re perfectly capable of running it ourselves and they didn’t have the resources to run it?

And they’ve sent a note to the Chair and to me as teller that we’re supposed to circulate to all members – but we can’t because one of the first things they did before the meeting was cut off our access to Organiser (the party’s member communication system) without giving a reason!

They have no authority to do that unless we’re in special measures, which we’re not.

They were meant to tell me at the close of play last night how many emails they’d sent out on Anonyvoter (the party’s Zoom balloting system) so I could reconcile the voting tallies, but now they say that won’t happen before Monday.

This means I have no way of knowing whether the number of votes returned has any correlation to the number of people who should have received them.

According to grassroots NEC member Nadia Jama, the party has now buckled and says it will send out ballots to members denied and allow them to vote – but even that was messed up:

Another member told SKWAWKBOX:

People who have been re-issued ballots are missing ballots for some of the roles they’re supposed to vote on. We’re asking members to write to Rheian Davies and ⁨Nadia Jama⁩ about it. Everyone who hasn’t yet voted is supposed to receive another email on Saturday with a reminder and a link to the ballots but still, if someone thinks they’ve completed it already and just didn’t notice that a few roles were missing then that’s pretty bad form.

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    1. Steve, you know full well this isn’t just about “wayward Regional Officers”. It’s all part of Keir’s obsession with destroying and purging the Labour Left- the only wing of the party that actually disagrees with the Tories on any significant issues- and imposing “moderates”(i.e., reactionaries) as officials and candidates in every riding.

      It’s precisely this pointlessly heavyhanded approach that is causing Labour support to continue to plummet.

      What is there to defend, Steve?

      You know there is no chance that this approach is ever going to lead to Labour gaining ground at any point before the next election.

      And you know nobody on the Left has done anything whatsoever to deserve this.

      1. kenburch – All the evidence points to this being a problem with Regional Officers, do you have any evidence that Keir has been involved in either of these incidents.
        FFS the Regions were screwing around like this throughout Jeremy’s tenure (SB built his reputation exposing their antics).. Blaming Keir won’t cure the problem. sorting out the ‘middle management’ will. By not getting a grip on this situation the NEC are failing in their responsibilities to the membership.
        You really shouldn’t let your hatred for Keir blind you to where the problem actually lies.

      2. I didn’t say it was JUST Keir. Obviously, the man has accomplices in what he’s doing. But you’d have concede the point that there’s no chance of getting any of the problems with “middle management” sorted out when Keir is using “middle management” to carry out his pointless, indefensible war against the Left.

        Can you at least admit it’s time for Keir and Lavrenti Evans to stop purging left activists and stop making up bogus accusations of antisemitism- criticism of the Israeli government and refusal to continue to support Zionism as an ideology when the ZIonist project’s work concluded in 1948 with the creation of Israel are NEVER antisemitic, since neither is ever grounded in bigotry against or hostility towards Jews or Judaism as ethnicity/religious traditions/cultures- and do what they are SUPPOSED to be doing- treating no one but the Tories as the enemy, fighting against nothing OTHER than capitalism, greed and war, and presenting a real, transformative alternative to the status quo? Can you at least admit that the polls prove that Starmer’s obsession with moving the party as far to the right as possible is a waste of time in electoral terms?

      3. kenburch – I didn’t say it was JUST Keir.

        Neither did I, a nice attempt at distraction though.

      4. The point is, Steve, there’s no way you can seriously argue that Keir is innocent in this. He controls who gets the jobs now-just as his mate Lavrenti Evans is now allowed to restrict Labour nominations exclusively to people from the right wing of the party- a stance that makes any Labour victory over any Tory candidate anywhere meaningless, since there’s no difference between a “Labour moderate” and a Thatcherite.

        And the other point is that the massive decline in Labour’s support in the most recent polls proves that there is no possible way to argue that Keir and Lavrenti’s tactics are now making Labour “electable” or ever will have that effect.

        Tell me, SteveH- have you actually decided that you think the only reason the Labour Party should exist is to silence, punish and exclude the Left for the SAKE of silencing, punishing and excluding the Left? Can you actually find any justification for any of this at all, now that we know none of it is ever going to gain Labour any votes?

        Waiting to hear your answers to that-because you owe them to everyone else here.

      5. kenburch – Of course I’ll be happy to answer you, just as soon you put forward your questions in a clear and concise manner without your ridiculous presumptions to know what I’m thinking and without all the pejorative nonsense.

    2. According to centrist dad, being at the top means you don’t care any responsibility for those beneath you.

      Sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? What’s the odds on the boss getting a nice payout (title, cash etc) when he leaves/gets stabbed in the front?

      1. NVLA – What practical steps did Jeremy and Jennie take to sort out the problem with regional staff. How these staff are appointed and who decides what in the recruitment process still appears to be shrouded in mystery.

      2. Who gives a fuck about Jeremy and Jenny? They are history. Consigned to the dustbin by shithouses such as yourself.

        Stop changing the subject pigeons prick. We are discussing Irk Streamer. You’ll note we aren’t talking about Bliar or Brown either.

      3. Oh yeah

        …How these staff are appointed and who decides what in the recruitment process still appears to be shrouded in mystery…

        That would be Evans responsibility now, no?

        You’re a shit troll

  1. ‘Labour to Win’ have unveiled their slate for the CAC and NCC elections, when can we expect to see the ‘left slate’?

    1. “‘Labour to Win’ have unveiled their slate for the CAC and NCC elections, when can we expect to see the ‘left slate’?”

      Pity they can’t unveil a slate to replace the billionaires’ friend as party leader. Giving the tories a 13% lead is all Keir Starmer’s good for.

      Sir Keir 45 to 32 Starmer – destroying Labour, demolishing the membership and pleasing the trilateral Rockefeller billionaires, I dislike him intensely.

      1. It’s very odd that you should repeat this qwertboi when you know that in the twenty plus polls prior to the one you reference, the Tories were on average just five points ahead of Labour. It’s reminiscent of the falsehood that was used to smear Diane Abbott on BBC Question Time a couple of years ago – ie using a polling result that’s totally out of kilter with OTHER polling results, and THAT one was a YouGov poll as well!

        Here’s a link to qwertboi’s comment in a thread yesterday in which he or she says EXACTLY the same as he or she has said again today, followed by my response, and a bit further down, his or her response to MY response:

      2. Qwertboi, Given that in the twenty-plus polls prior to the YouGov poll you reference, the Tories were just 5 points ahead of Labour on average, are you implying that just recently AND as of between the previous polls and the YouGov poll, that the electorate just suddenly became aware that Starmer is ‘destroying Labour’ and ‘demolishing the membership’ etc?

        The reality is of course that the electorate in general don’t have the faintest clue about Starmer and Co purging the left membership etc, and I doubt that many of them are aware that he is a member of the Trilateral Commision, the reason being of course that the MSM omit to mention such things to their readers and viewers and listeners.

    2. SteveH, who are the candidates on Labour to win slate? Can you please give us their names?
      I believe the left slate for CAC are the incumbents Seema Chandwani and Billy Hayes.
      For the NCC the three incumbents Ann Dyer, Annabelle Harle and Emine Ibrahim plus Rheian Davis.

  2. I don’t think that its anything to do with “get a grip” or “wayword regional office” .ITs more a case of get rid of the broad church brigade right wing and the so called leader of the opposition.Looking at the time that I have monitered,it looks like our resident propaganda machine Steve H is already in the Caribbean bolt hole.

    1. Ah yes…the “broad church” where they keep burning socialists at the stake on trumped up heresy and witchcraft charges.

    1. Ummumma should have had the whip withdrawn, suspended then expelled. He used the people of Streatham. He and all the other parasites were disgracefully allowed to leave at their leisure. And STILL he, Berger, Elman, Smeeth, all of them ALL LOST. This must be highlighted or myths will remain. They had the MSM but not the people. FACT.

      SH’s Sir Keith Starmer is 4 points behind Johnson re: metropolitan and shire elite.

      But even worse, 25 points behind the working classes. TWENTY FIVE POINTS behind Johnson in Labour Heartlands.

      Mandelson no doubt filled Keith with scorn for those who keep this country working just as he filled another parasite – “DON’t FUSS about the working classes, THEY HAVE NOWHERE ELSE TO GO.”

      Mandelson, Bliar & Starmer with their winning strategy and FULL PLP, FULL SCG including Jeremy, MSM … oh and OMNIPOTENT Zionist support which some always bang on about…. yet the war criminal Bliar lost Scotland, lost vote share, lost vast membership, LOST the Remain debate REPEATEDLY, LOST the Overturn the referendum “People’s Vote” twaddle and now Sir Keith Starmer is twenty five points behind Johnson. And all that with MILLIONS of Pounds and Dollars from here and abroad.

      And still i read right here yesterday, perfectly sincere, dedicated, knowledgable, people STILL despite all that… S T I L L proposing we choose a leader who won’t upset the MSM.

      I posted here ages ago that people STILL worship myths despite overwhelming evidence. That’s why i believe our problem is attitude. The timid culture is ingrained.

      QUESTION – Even ignoring all the evidence above that MSM etc and “Zionist” are certainly NOT omnipotent. Some Power, tes because they USE their power. We don’t use ours. We have the proof. Were they omnipotent, Starmer would be 25 points ahead, Bliar would be queen, “traffic stopping” EU Empress, chief rabbi and pope all at once…oh, and Trump would be in his second term NOT in Florida.

      But back to question – IF some STILL pander to the MSM by suggesting we should choose our next leader to please them, THEN what else should we do to please the MSM???

      And if we must choose leaders who will gain the approval of those we despise, then WHAT EXACTLY ARE WE FOR❓❓❓

      What EXACTLY have we learnt❓❓❓

      WHY bother❓❓❓

      1. windchimes – It is more a case of choosing a leader that is popular with the Labour party’s base than it is a case of pandering to the MSM.
        We went into the last election with Labour 11% points behind the Tories (accurately reflected in the GE result) and with two thirds of the electorate expressing an active dislike of Jeremy Corbyn.

      2. SH u know that is a lie. The membership and general electorate LOVED Jeremy hence INCREASED margins defeating the TWO coups with which Sir Keith Starmer collaborated INTIMATELY with the war criminal Blair, Twatson, Arsestair Campbellend & Co.

        As the GE2019 results map shows, the Heartlands rejected being treated as if they had “nowhere else to go” by the laughably obscene rigmarole of disrespecting their vote pushed by Starmer. That’s why in polls u love, Starmer is 4 points behind Johnson with the metropolitan ponces but 25 points … TWENTY FIVE points behind Tory Bullingdon Boy Johnson with the people who keep this country working the LABOUR HEARTLANDS.

        The rich he us desperate to attract are repulsed by Starmer. The Labour Heartlands are even more disgusted with him.

        SH it is polls u love so spin on it SH. It is your hero Starmer’s lamentable mess SH. it is all yours on which to spin till your r even more dizzy from the gasses emanating from your Sir Keith’s humongous mac gelled potato sprouting head ☢️🌀🆘☢️🌀🆘☢️🌀🆘

      3. max gelled and other errors. Apologies. ps Sir Starmer is an error sort of. His dad was a toolmaker. He tooled Keith poorly though. A lumpy potato tuber is of no use. It is utterly unfit for any progressive purpose. That’s why sinister forces chose him to block progress. Starmer is only fit to plot coups against TRUE Labour victories with a TRUE Labour PM Jeremy. Starmer did not have to be encouraged to sabotage progress. It is his choice to serve the one percent. He said he id “proud” of being called “Sir”. I heard him say that. Embarrassing. I’ve never heard anyone else say that. Peculiar desperation.
        Sad when you think of it.

      4. windchime – It was the members that chose Keir to be leader of the Labour party. He won a democratic election with a substantial overall majority in the first round and the latest polling indicates that he still has the support of the vast majority of Labour voters.

        …. and all you’ve got is some pathetic saddo playground nonsense that in your opinion he looks like a potato tuba. Whatever happened to your self proclaimed ‘socialist’ ideals?

      5. SH, do you condemn foreign entities interfering in UK politics❓❓❓
        Why r u so afraid to say u unequivocally condemn foreign entities interfering in our UK politics SH❓❓❓

        Are your so afraid of your handler❓❓❓
        Give a coded message. They won’t know. It will just between you and your team and the readers of As you know we are infinitely compassionate and seek your best interests… which reminds me… i’m TOTALLY against capital punishment.

        Whenever the issue comes up, i test to see how i feel. Guess what. I think of a most despicable creature … always Blair and always conclude that it’s wrong for a state via collective deliberation, in a sober / calm way, to take the life EVEN of a sordid creature like Bliar…

        ANYWAY… unsure why capital punishment came to mind when thinking of how afraid you are to say you condemn foreign entities’ interference in UK politics.

        If i can say it, why can’t you SteveH, davidH, SH et al ❔❔❔

      6. windchimes – Of course I unequivocally oppose the death penalty, there is never any justification for the state executions. Given your views on the death penalty you should be championing Keir Starmer because he has been directly instrumental in the abolition of capitol punishment in several Commonwealth countries. He’s a man after your own heart.

        However your attempt at making an equivalence between capitol punishment and states interfering in the politics of other states betrays an astounding degree of political ignorance and naivety. I’m really quite shocked at how infantile your thought processes are.

        Lets not forget that we are still waiting for you to provide some credible evidence that supports your malicious assertion that
        “[Blaire] choreograph[ed] the two coups against Jeremy, WITH Sir Keith Starmer.”
        I await your comprehensive reply with interest.

      7. There u go again SteveH. Your post SH it’s a poor attempt to twist my words. Other readers will see my clear words and separate paragraphs. Once again we see the ruthless brazen deceit twisting and lies of your lot. So lest some are misled by your nasty attempt to twist clear words –

        1️⃣ – Mandelson, WMD LIAR BLAIR, Twatson AND Starmer collaborated with the “STOP CORBYN” operation.

        That is in the public domain.

        2️⃣ – That operation include the two CHOREOGRAPHED coups in which SIR Starmer was an ACTIVE participant.

        3️⃣ – Despite repeated request, you SH have failed to unequivocally condemn foreign entities interfering in UK politics.

        4️⃣ – Once again, SteveH, DavidH, SH et al – Do you unequivocally condemn foreign entities interfering in UK politics⁉️⁉️⁉️

      8. windchimes – Your question is far, far too broad to give an unequivocal answer to (but you knew that already because that was your intention). However I am quite happy to unequivocally condemn Shai Masot’s intervention in the Labour party. I would also remind you that I have in the past called for the dis-affiliation of all religious based groups from the Labour party.

        Now lets get back to you proving that you are not telling big fat porkies again.
        We are still waiting for you to provide some credible evidence that supports your malicious assertion that
        “[Blaire] choreograph[ed] the two coups against Jeremy, WITH Sir Keith Starmer.”
        Are you a liar?

      9. ps the members were deceived by deceitful Sir Keith Starmer. FACT‼️‼️‼️

      10. windchime – Says the man who self evidently lacks the intellect to differentiate between fact and opinion. You’re a joke.

      11. You SteveH are –

        🅰️ liar and an obscene shameless joke. You know full well that Mandelson bragged openly on MSM that “he was waking up EVERYDAY thinking of new ways to UNDERMINE Jeremy.

        “Worked night and day to stop Corbyn” etc

        🅱️astard, thanks for providing another opportunity to say Sir Starmer collaborated with Mandelson, Bliar, Twatson & cabal to sabotage Jeremy and Labour winning under Jeremy in 2017 and 2019. FACTS ‼️‼️‼️

        🆑apped out Keith idol, your masters are DISMAL DUDS despite tons of money… MILLIONS and more from where those millions came. FULL adoring MSM support. FULL support from ALL the PLP including John McDonnell, and Jeremy EVEN with Whip withdrawn. Full support of Jeremy’s ex team including James Mills ( forever laughing and giggling at some joke known only to him) just like Thornberry and McDonnell.

        FULL support from McDonnell’s ex advisor Meadway and others and yet STILL your idol Sir Keith Max Headroom Rodney Starmer is the mother of all dismal Duds‼️‼️‼️

        Almost a year and Twatson was on the radio STILL trying to blame Sir Keith’s embarrassing rejection by the electorate both rich and poor, on Jeremy. This very morning!!! You and your lot are beneath contempt. You and your lot are TOTALLY UNFIT for anything useful.

        Once again, do you unequivocally condemn foreign entities interfering in UK politics⁉️⁉️⁉️

      12. windychimes – Oh dear. Calm down you are rambling again. I refer you to my answer above at 1:48pm.

        You still haven’t supplied any evidence to support false assertion that
        “[Blaire] choreograph[ed] the two coups against Jeremy, WITH Sir Keith Starmer.”

      13. SH it’s surprising that u r even more afraid of your masters than expected. Poor little SH, it will release u to be brave SH…it may relieve u to free yourself. Start afresh. OR – Beg your Sir Keith for “legal advice” and protection … put your trust in Keith’s “forensic” expertise 😂😂😂

        ONCE AGAIN, for the delectation of readers of – See SH. See SH squirm.
        SteveH, davidH, SH et al,

        Do you unequivocally condemn foreign entities interfering in UK politics⁉️⁉️⁉️

      14. windchimes – Not unless you can define exactly what you mean by ‘foreign entities’ & ‘interfering’. As I’ve said above the scope of your question is far too broad for me to be unequivocal in my response. I’m curious, where is this leading, what are you hoping to achieve or demonstrate with this childish game.
        If you have a specific question to ask, then grow a pair and ask it.

      15. “It was the members that chose Keir to be leader of the Labour party. He won a democratic election with a substantial overall majority…”

        It was precisely 225,135 party members who voted for Sir Keir. He did indeed receive 56.1% of members’ votes.

        However, turnout was, according to the party itself, only 62.6% So yes, he got a massive majority amoungs the two thirds of members who votes -BUT is far from a popular leader.

        How can it be otherwise? The Knight is a fully active Member of a pressure- and interest-group supporting neoliberal economics and financed by billionaires.

      16. And Sir Keith Starmer lied to the membership. 35% of the membership were deceived. They were gullible. They needed only to check Starmer’s despicable record to know that his words are hollow. PROFOUND EXAMPLE – ANYONE who worked with the establishment to cage Julian Assange is bad news, an enemy of justice, the tool of foreign entities and in short a reprehensible individual.

        “One does not make bread out of a stone”. Obvious truths and hard facts

      17. qwertboi – Where on earth did you get those figures from.

        I got mine from the Labour Party website.
        Membership vote in the 2020 Leadership Election.
        Members Total – 552,835
        Turnout – 401,564 (72.64%)
        Spoiled Ballots – 43

      18. Steveh; “Where on earth did you get those figures from.

        I got mine from the Labour Party website.
        Membership vote in the 2020 Leadership Election.
        Members Total – 552,835
        Turnout – 401,564 (72.64%)
        Spoiled Ballots – 43”


        It aalso says “Turnout was 62.6 per cent. There were 490,731 returned ballots, from a total of 784,181 eligible voters. 136 ballot papers were spoiled.[1]”

      19. qwertboi – I’m quite happy to accept that you simply made a mistake in interpreting the figures The turnout figure that you quote relates to the whole vote whilst your other figures are specifically related to the members vote. The members turnout was 72.64%

      20. qwertboi – Where it very clearly states in the very first line of figures that the members turnout was 72.64%. If you’ve got a problem with admitting you are wrong then that’s your problem not mine.

      21. Read the table more carefully and you’ll see in the “Total Votes Returned” column the number I am citing. Apples and orranges. We are maybe citing different things here.

        LP data say a total of Total 784,151 were entitled to vote, ie 552,835 members, 13,626 Registered Supporters and 76,161 Affiliated supporters). However, a total 490,731 were returned. This is a total of 62.58% of those entitled to vote. In other words, the turnout was 62.58%

        Yes, of the 553K members only, 72.64% voted, i.e. 401.5k members voted.

        Now, Starmer won on 1st round votes . He obained 56.2% of members’ votes. Do the arithmetic and you will see 56.2% of 63% is hardly unanimous or extensive support.

        The unity candidate did well, but already many who voted for him regret it bitterly and those who didn’t probably chose to not vote for him. I doubt he’d ever win a second election.

      22. qwertboi – I’m not the one who feels compelled to write an essay to try and justify myself.

      23. Spot on qwertboi✅✅✅ 35% of the TOTAL membership were deceived to take Sir Starmer at his word.

        The rest of us didn’t as it was beyond obvious that he could not be trusted. His allegiance is only to his “rakes progress” from bad news to worse news and eventually the worst news – enduring exploitation of the many by tools of the few, through the revolving doors to Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, etc and a seat as a “Lord” Baron of Forensics and Sinking Polls.

      24. windchimes – If only we were all as worldly wise as you appear to think you are. Because so many of the members are in your opinion just too gullible to appreciate what’s best for them maybe we should just set democracy aside and hand over all the power to the small minority like yourself who’ve appointed themselves as our guardians of ‘the left’.
        Then once we’ve given you all a bit of time to stop your factionalist bickering and finally get your shit together you’ll then eventually get around to leading us to the utopian promised land with you firmly in charge to guide us forward in every aspect of our lives for what you deem is the common good. It all sounds so ‘idyllic’.

      25. SteveH “…so many of the members are in your opinion just too gullible to appreciate what’s best for them..”

        Well, they probably just read theGuardian and think that publicists and journalists like Toynbee and Friedland are credible.

        Gullibility and stupidity can sometimes be indistinguishible. One of the few good things about the massively inaccurate Covid “pandemic” narative is that people are awakening to their own part in the deceit, their own liability, and Guardian readers more than most.

      26. Corbyn was TWICE elected leader by landslide margins- margins larger than Starmer’s in both cases- and after both votes, people like you from the right wing of the party not only simply refused to accept the result, but went out of their way to destroy Corbyn’s popularity- the only reason the AS Smear even began was that Corbyn was the first antiracist activist elected leader of a major UK party- all previous Labour leaders, other than possibly Foot and, in the earliest years Wilson were, at best, indifferent to the need to fight racism- so his antiracist credibility was destroyed- by accusations leveled by MPs who, themselves, had never spoken out about any form of bigotry prior to his election as leader. There was never the slightest actual justification for attacks on Corbyn or his supporters over AS, because they were always more passionately opposed to AS and all other forms of bigotry, just as the left wing of any organisation is always more anti-oppression than the “moderate” wing. It was that smear- combined with Starmer’s utterly pointless 2019 insistence on pushing for the party to destroy its support in the Labour heartlands by breaking its promise to “respect the results of the referendum” on the EU issue, and to take that breach of promise to the absurd extreme of actually pushing the party to support the unwinnable fight to get a second referendum BEFORE the next election, and to force Corbyn to irreparably split the party by obligating him to campaign for Remain- even though there was no possible chance that making him campaign for Remain again- as he had heavily campaigned for it in the first referendum- was never going to produce a Remain victory in the first case and even though there was nothing he could have said in a second referendum that could have turned a single Labour Leave voter anywhere into a Labour Remain voter.

        Yes, Corbyn was unpopular by 2019- BECAUSE HE WAS SABOTAGED.
        And the polls we’re seeing now prove that neither Keir nor Owen Smith nor anyone else the PLP and the MacNicol Cabal could have imposed as his replacement had any chance at all of doing better, and there was no way any gratutuous display of the Flag of the Subjugation of the Celts, Africa, and Asia would have made any positive difference in the outcome.

      27. kenburch – There really doesn’t seem to be that much in it really.

        2015 – 4 candidates
        Corbyn Members Votes – 121,751 (49.6%)
        Corbyn Total Votes – 168,216 (59%)

        2016 – 2 candidates
        Corbyn Members Votes – 168,216 (59%)
        Corbyn Total Votes – 313,209 (61%)

        2020 – 3 candidates
        Starmer Members Votes – 225,135 (56.15%)
        Starmer Total Votes – 275.780 (56.2%)

        Corbyn on at least two occasion since he stepped down has clearly stated on camera that he was forced to accept a CV because that is what the vast majority of members wanted.

        He destroyed trust in himself because he went behind the members’ backs on party democracy to lumber us with ‘trigger ballots’ and then really capped it off with ‘constructive ambiguity’, prevaricating for month after bloody month. By the time he’d finished neither side believed him.

  3. Hmmm. Piss up and brewery come to mind. Not only in Murkyside it appears.
    BTW report last night Ann Rothery has instructed lawyers to sue party re exclusion from mayoral ballot. About time. Idiot local MP (Lab) apparently responded that excluded candidates don’t need to be told why they were kicked out because they should know by the questions they were asked at interview! What a stitch up and does our MP know nothing of good government and natural justice?

  4. john Thatcher…. I think it’s a nickname that Private Eye dreamt up in the section of rotten boroughs..naming and shaming Councils,councillors,and Officers…my borough Reigate and banstead figured prominently in a land deal on cemetrys with a property developer.Cheif officers,Borough solicitor,Leader of the pact ,private dinners….you know the usual stuff of pigs and troughs..I think the story involved a Brian Rix comedy of myself and a Lawyer locking ourselves in the Land registry office,with the mob outside Cheif executive and leader of council banging on the door and demanding we stop the photocopier and give in..Naturally being an elected councillor claimed rights of the employer and carried on….The copys in all the dodgy deals were accidentally dropped out of an open window to a reporter who was just by chance walking 🚶 by.and managed to publish.The moral is you only give people authority,you can easily withdraw it and ignore the rules that shackles us.

    1. Well said Joseph and WELL DONE‼️‼️‼️ We need at least ten thousand Joseph O’Keefes. People who realise failing to use the choices we have, is not the same as having no choices.

      That is a fundamental deficit on the “Left”. Imagine people are STILL suggesting we choose OUR leader based on who they think might get an easy MSM ride. My heart sank when i read that. That’s why WFM is so deadly toxic. WFM helps keep that spirit sapping culture screwed down tight and rusted in. The moaners about the MSM are led by the nose by the MSM they believe the myths and act according to myths. The culture is protest and campaign hoping for two crumbs or even one. A loaf is not for us.

      Joseph u should run a course to instil courage amongst sincere well meaning “Left” who clearly have had their something extracted or paralysed… or maybe it’s all there but they have been anaesthetised by habits in a bunker. 🚨⚠️‼️🚨⚠️‼️🚨⚠️‼️

      1. signpost, I believe that the last 5 years have teach us that the MSM isn’t going to give an easy ride to any Labour Party leader sponsoring progressive policies. Like you, I don’t believe that we should elect our next leader base on whom will get an easier ride from the MSM.
        Nevertheless, we should consider who among the candidates has:
        1- the ability to deal efficiently with the MSM and get our message across
        2-the backbone to deal with the right wing saboteurs in an efficient and if necessary ruthless manner
        3-who would keep moving into the right direction in core objectives, such as: fighting poverty and austerity, in favour of a publicly own NHS as opposed “to free at the point of delivery”, building public housing, nationalisation of the railways and water supply, free University tuition fees.
        Sadly, right now the only member of the SCG that I can see nearing the criteria above is Clive Lewis, but somehow I don’t see the SCG supporting Clive Lewis probably because they don’t see him as “left” enough and he is a man. It looks like a sector on the left of the Party is consumed with ID politics and will probably insist in a woman candidate standing for the leadership. Sadly, I don’t see a single woman on the SCG parliamentary group meeting the criteria above.
        Another possible candidate that although no member of the SCG the left of the Party should consider supporting for the leadership is Barry Gardiner. In all the recent important votes like CHIPS, Gardiner has voted with the left. Hence, from my point of view a candidate worth considering supporting.
        I believe Gardiner will stop the witch hunt against the left and would continue with the progressive policies of Labour Manifesto 2017.
        At present that is good enough for me, rather Barry Gardiner than Lisa Nandy, Yvette Cooper or Stella Creasy.

      2. All of those names are abhorrent to me. i’m totally against ID politics too. But no one who was in favour of overturning the democratic vote eg as Starmer & co tried to overturn our vote for Jeremy, cuts it.

        1️⃣ – It shows poor judgement. We r living with the results of that.
        2️⃣ – It shows scorn for “the many” EXACTLY like Mandelson’s “No need to fuss about the working class. They have nowhere else to go.”
        Those blind to the arrogance that we all heard the arguments and everyone had an equal right to vote as they felt fit, are unfit to lead a party that claims to respect “the many.”
        3️⃣ – None with their heads down, largely absent and silent, cuts it.

        Yes i know it means slim pickings but we need to dump another myth of focusing on has beens. Encourage completely NEW blood. The has beens had more than enough chances. We need to not just let them lose but make them lose. New people must take their seats.

        The past has failed not because the are all bad. Certainly not. They have failed and will fail again because they CHOOSE to fail to learn. They CHOOSE to believe they need change nothing. They CHOOSE to jump on any bandwagon. ID politics is one but the latest Kashmir us another. Heads down at home but actively accumulating a mountain of causes abroad and a vague wish-list of high causes yet near total silence on key / basic issues right here which we CAN change.

        We must let these disappointments fail. Only then will people stop trotting out the same old names.

        Dump the fixations on proven disappointments. Dump the label itis. Make it die. Not let it die. Actively dump them. Stop the cycle or pendulum swing from one cheek to the other. We must break the cycle. Johnson is bad but he was allowed to deceive the membership and public. Blair, directed by Mandelson plotted with Starmer Twatson & Co to sabotage GE17 and GE19.

        It is ridiculous to persist with the attitude the culture that has caused this tragedy. It is not about hatchet jobs and all of that. It is plain normal common sense. Straightforward common sense.

      3. windchimes – Please don’t forget that we are still waiting for you to provide some credible evidence that supports your malicious assertion that
        “[Blaire] choreograph[ed] the two coups against Jeremy, WITH Sir Keith Starmer.”
        I await your comprehensive reply with interest.

      4. Do u disapprove of foreign entities interring in UK politics❓❓❓

      5. SteveH
        Blair/Starmer/Mandelson Red Tories all
        Which of them did not wake up every morning and think?

      6. … “wake up every morning thinking of new ways to undermine Jeremy.”
        as Peter Mandelson smirked and hissed at the same time.

        Starmer “worked” with Bliar & co “night and day” on their operation “STOP CORBYN”.

        Starmer knew that Blair squandered the lives of our military and OVER one MILLION IRAQIS. That led to MORE millions of orphans, yet Sir Starmer took part in the choreographed coups organised by Mandelson the war criminal Blair and Twatson. FACTS !!! SPIN that SH. It is each all your to spin on each in turn or all at once as u like

    2. Joseph – “The moral is you only give people authority,you can easily withdraw it and ignore the rules that shackles us.”

      Until the “Left” understands that, we’re really doomed to doom.

      “you only give people authority,you can easily withdraw it”

      “people” = MSM, tons of money, Known names, Big names etc, Zionist, etc etc etc. They have power because WE enhance theirs by failing to CHOOSE to use ours.

      We are truly stuck in a rusted rut when anyone could even mention the Cooper as a possible choice, even if that choice is then ruled out.

      No one who failed to vigorously demolish the a-S lies is suitable for any meaning “Left” future.

      I can see why Gardiner and Lewis is considered by some. Those are the same people who would have considered Ummumma who used Streatham, if he was still in the party.

      No one is perfect but Ummumm was never Labour eg his open brazen disdain for those without lots of money eg in his own South London constituency.

      Clive Lewis – re a-S, i cannot recall him demolishing the lies.

      Gardiner – I read of BG b4 here on The reports were glowing. On first knowingly listening to him, my feeling was that’s the one responsible for Jeremy’s mumbling and barely audibly radio interviews.

      Listening to BG was almost always water torture. I’v since heard others say same. My post r often long. But it is in an attempt to convey ideas. Too many all at once, i admit. With BG, the impression is never that he has lots to say, but more running down the clock.

      My impression was that Jeremy gave way to the likes of Gardner, Thornberry, Starmer and Chackrabati et al because he thought them learned and superior to him. He was wrong. On policy, and general ideology direction he was supremely spot on for well over thirty years!!! Even now during Covid-19, it is obvious that if his policies were in place since 1997 this country would have emerged with international plaudits.

      That out of touch “learned” lot let him and us down dreadfully. The insulting “Constructive Ambiguity” hogwash seemed to me like a Barry Gardner confused soup. It seems that it was really Starmer’s brilliant strategy. No matter from which orifice it emanated, it was a turd which as ever Jeremy picked up with bare hands. Why? To appease “them” his enemies and false friends. “To make THEM love him”. The love of “the many” was not enough. It was taken for granted. The team like Mandelson acted as if they too believe that the great unwashed / “the many”, “have nowhere else to go.”

      Until “the many” demonstrate AGAIN that they rather go anywhere than be taken for granted, the status quo will remain the same.

      No votes for saboteurs. No votes for those who keep their heads down. If you cannot speak up now about basic things, you will be worthless at grand piles of passing hobby horses.

      1. windchime – It is not often that you see someone describe their political idol as a weak, indecisive and needy weathervane

      2. SH, it’s the first time you’ve described your idol Sir Starmer as “a weak, indecisive and needy weathervane.” Spot on!!!

        ALERT 📣 usual SteveH, davidH, SH, its been kidnapped‼️‼️‼️ SH’s imposter is at last admitting that his idol Starmer is weak, indecisive, needy and a weathercock.

        Weak Starmer can’t say anything that would upset his masters like the now kidnapped or replaced old SH. Starmer like the usual old SHs would also be scared stiff to condemn foreign interference in UK politics.

        I dare Sir Starmer, right here right now to unequivocally condemn foreign influence in UK politics. Until he condemns it, we can assume that he Sir Starmer approves of foreign entities interfering in UK politics.


      3. windchimes – I was quite clearly referring to your descriptions of your idol Corbyn above. Unlike you I don’t idolise and worship politicians.

        However we are still waiting for you prove you’re not a liar
        When are you going to provide some credible evidence that supports your malicious assertion that “[Blaire] choreograph[ed] the two coups against Jeremy, WITH Sir Keith Starmer.”
        I await your comprehensive reply with interest.

      4. SH it was met with much rejoicing as when a sinner repents, that u were admitting that Starmer is weak, indecisive and a weathercock as Tony Benn would have described your idol the potato faced Sir Keith Starmer. I did wonder if the clapped out old SH spinner had been kidnapped or withdrawn from
        service due to your hard work failing to reap results. But it seems they’ve asked u to try harder.

        Ever compassionate we Socialist, i offer u a free tip… gratis – your tricks and twisting will still work with some, but not with me. Never😊 Retire to the Caribbean as u said u would. Your hard work will never work to reverse the failure of Sir Starmer. He was never intended to “succeed”. The purpose allocated to the tool, behind his back, was to suspend and expel every even quarter decent person in the party. Install another temporary tool then reinstall the ultimate anal suppository of the one percent flock of vultures.

        And guess what SH, you’ve been kept out of the loop or u r vg at bluffing. Starmer is toast and there’s nothing u nor he can do about it. He will continue to sink in the polls u LOVE😄
        He’ll be out and straight through the revolving doors of plunder, vultures and the House of Lords. Like the war criminal Bliar. Starmer won’t remain to SERVE his constituents. Oh no!!! What constituents???
        Money, money MONEY!!! That is all that matters to Sir Starmer and the rest of your ethically debauched lot

      5. SteveH
        Why has TE not restored the whip to JC and settled all outstanding court cases
        Unless of course it is all part of the strategy
        If his in house spy is reading this

      6. Doug – Given that the polling before the 19GE indicated JC was actively disliked by ⅔ of the electorate and that for the first time ever more of the working class voted Tory than voted Labour then he probably considers Corbyn to be an electoral liability

  5. WTF!
    Every black member will be treated equally.
    It does appear we’re going the way of the White Supremacist in the USA.
    FAR RIGHT RACISTS AND FASCISTS are not welcome in our party of Socialism, equality and DEMOCRACY for all!
    The Left must fight back!
    Wherever there’s inequality it should be crushed before it becomes the NORM of which we ain’t far off!
    What next?
    Will TRUMP be flown in to back up the haters of colour?
    I hope not we have enough on the RIGHT!

  6. If you want a Socialist Labour party then you need to clear out Red Tories
    If you want a Free Press then you regulate and clear out the BBC
    If you want to get rid of the class system then start at the top
    Free markets see Free Press
    A safety net then use Universal Credit as your delivery system

  7. The situation in Streatham is an absolute scandal as Skwawkbox has highlighted but there has been very little comment about it on this thread. Instead we have the usual repetitive insults about Starmer and the same inane defence of him both of which are deliberately intended in my opinion to deflect attention from the appalling abuse of democracy in Streatham.
    This happens with most posts so people have to scroll down past paragraph after paragraph of off topic rubbish (with one poster routinely replying to their own posts) before getting to read or post genuine comments about the issue.
    Therefore the issue becomes buried – job done -not very clever tactics for if I can see through them I’m sure most people can but its a nuisance and so boringly predictable. However it won’t put me off . I’ll continue to read and comment on the important issues Skwawkbox seeks to highlight and ignore those whose purpose is to disrupt and control debate on this site.

    1. Hear ye, Hear ye!!! Smartbot has commented. Hold your hats – wait for it folks – the insight, the unrivalled perspicacity … oh how stunned and blessed to learn from the Smartbot. Savour it people. Note it. You’ve never hear this precious nugget before…

      The Smartbot’s unique and transforming contribution❓❓❓

      “The situation in Streatham is an absolute scandal.”

      Yes people. RIGHTLY reports on the many scandals. And the reporting MUST continue.

      Call me old fashioned but, what exactly is the worth of Smartbot’s “contribution” that offers ZERO re how the “Left” must change to stop the history of scandalous Right Wing operations as in Streatham❓❓❓

      Moreover, even before i joined the Labour Party, Ummuna appeared as, and said things which made it plain that he looks down on “ordinary people”. He saw them as lacking class or something like that. Yet there were people IN the party regurgitating the spin that Ummuna was “a future leader” etc. WHY? Because of bots like Smartbot who have zero original thought, zero constructive contribution re what we CAN do. is an EXCELLENT reporter. In the COLLECTIVE exercise of taking being ready to retrieve the control of the party, we have to do our part in making the next step eg use what has been reported, to fuel ideas of what we must do and CAN do.

      In my comparatively short experience in the party and reading your stellar contribution Smartbot was best kept to yourself. Like Splinter Sucker Outer, White Flag Man, you have never offered a single clear constructive ACTION we CAN and MUST take or any change of thinking.

      Also, i was thinking earlier, you, Splinter man, White Flag Man, RH and SH are the ONLY posters who often say they don’t read x or y because it’s rubbish yet always comment on what u claim u’ve not read. You are also the only ones who have from the get go questioned whether someone is a party member. WFM in particular persisted with that re Joseph and I. You recently activated joined in. Quite peculiar as no one who cares for the safety and welfare of anyone, would do anything to encourage people to compromise their security.

      Furthermore, no one knows who you all really are. And for the benefit of other readers not you or four or five, only those lacking constructive substance, fail to present any, yet try to silence others.

      If anyone can find any constructive suggestion of what we need to do or change from Smartbot, Splinter Sucker and White Flag Men, please present it. To date i’ve seen none.

      And in fairness to SH, he has contributed useful things. 1️⃣ – Sometime ago when nominations were upcoming, he was the ONLY one to respond to my request for info.
      Just last week again, he promptly responded to Maria Vazquez’s request.

      2️⃣ – Some weeks ago SH gave for free a KEY bit of advice ie that the “Left” needs to, in his word “NORMALISE” our vision. He contradicted the essence of that last week. But he was spot on first time around.

      3️⃣ – SH has also for FREE, pointed out the failure of the “Left” to organise.

      Though he OPENLY bats for the Right Wing, possibly in an attempt to seduce and get us to drop our guard, at least he HAS made constructive contributions. It may be too that SH feels secure that his occasional constructive contribution will be aggressively snuffed out by the likes of Smartbot and White Flag Man and Splinter Sucker Outer.

      I guarantee that in ALL of the “Left” groups in ALL CLPs not just mine, you will find approx FIVE “Smartboys”, WFM and Splinter Sucker.
      Be alert to the language, lack of constructive logic… the linguistics, the can’t do / don’t do mantras, the claims of not listening or reading yet jumping in… and the dead giveaway… the sudden activation. The incoherence of SUDDEN energy … ACTION… turbo charged action to say don’t, can’t, what’s the point?, things won’t change etc etc etc

      Ask yourself why ❔ ❔ ❔

      1. Well that’s a few minutes of my life that I won’t get back.

      2. That reminds me, the Labour was NOT established as campaigning charity or pressure group to plead with our betters to throw a crumb or two. That PASSIVE disease disgraces those who gave much.

        Passivity is a contagious disease.

        The party is intended to GOVERN not to plead for what others MIGHT throw from tome to time. THAT is the culture and attitude that seems obvious to me.


        Evidence is abundant. A million marched. Thatcher’s apprentice the PM, IGNORED the biggest protest in UK history then.

        CND protests have been ongoing since before i was born. We STILL have Trident. ACTUALLY stopping that obscenity and scandals are the CHOICES of governments. They can ignore campaigns however just. They have.

        Must we continue like that⁉️ Must we not change attitude and actions URGENTLY⁉️⁉️ The idea that we must not change nor even suggest change is the definition of scandalous absurdity.
        🌅 🧩 🌅 🧩 🌅 🧩

    2. Yes, these comments are repetitive and, in this case at least, off-topic.

      On-topic, I don’t know what the Regional layer of Labour bureacracy is for, nowadays. I can see that it might well have been administratively necessary in the early days, when hardly any members would have had a car or a phone; telegrams were mainly for births, illness and deaths, on the whole — so LP information, including rallies, meetings, etc would need to have been cascaded from the top, pyramid fashion.

      Now that almost everyone has a smartphone and/or computer, GenSec/NEC can create groups with CLP chairs/secs and impart info direct. Similarly, chairs/secs can co-ordinate with each other and with branches, and branches with wards/members.

      The Regional layer is redundant — and should be made so by Conference!

      1. Elaine – I agree. To me it seems inequitable that appointed officials who’s accountability is unknown and whose appointment process is opaque can just ride roughshod over elected officials.

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