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London branch where other candidates ducked debate overwhelmingly nominates Beckett

Almost two out of three members back Beckett in West London Community nomination meeting

Unite candidates L-R: Steve Turner, Howard Beckett and Sharon Graham

A London Unite branch whose invitation to a debate among three candidates for the leadership of the union was refused by two of them has voted overwhelmingly to support Howard Beckett, the one candidate who had accepted the opportunity to debate his rivals directly.

West London Unite Community had tried to arrange a 3-way hustings featuring Beckett, Sharon Graham and Steve Turner – but Turner and Graham declined, saying they would only attend simple ‘Q&A’ sessions where they were the only candidate on show. Local members said that pressure was subsequently put on a branch official by supporters of the pair to deny that this had happened. In the end, three separate Q&As took place.

And this morning, the huge Community branch has backed Beckett by a massive majority, with 63% voting for him in the branch nomination meeting:

Beckett 63%
Graham 11%
Turner 5%

Right-winger Gerard Coyne received only a single vote.

Beckett last night smashed through the nominations threshold of 172, reaching 180 nominations by the end of the day – and his strong campaign has continued today.

Beckett was again the only candidate to agree to appear in a live Socialist Telly hustings that fielded questions from viewers, many of whom are members of the union, despite the offer of an independent chair for the debate.

Skwawkbox is backing Howard Beckett to be Unite’s next general secretary.

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  1. Listening to the evidence of Dominic Cummings today, it’s clear that Bozo and Hancock should both be charged with manslaughter for knowingly allowing Covid patients to be discharged from hospital to care homes where the result was the deaths of many of those in care who contracted Covid and died..

    1. Jack T, yes spot on EXACTLY in line with what we both said at the outset. 1- Herd Immunity was the plan. Starmer gave FULL support to Johnson & Hancock.
      2- Worship of “data” charlatans who have not the slightest understanding of curbing pandemics as the NHS has done since its formation by a TRUE Labour government. Without the tech hardware and IT data harvesting pigs of plunder, pandemics were VANQUISHED with TEST TRACE ISOLATE, Assess and repeat as necessary.

      Another URGENT issue as i posted several times from the start of the pandemic – Blue Tories abusing the pandemic to enrich their chums eg SERCO, RANOX, DELOITE etc. AND the abject FAILURE of SIR Starmer to provide opposition, i believe to ensure his turn at the trough. Do despite Parliamentary Privilege, Starmer diligently refuses to name the obvious suited bandits.

      Certain people via Hedge Funds are acquiring decent businesses stressed by the pandemic and starved of support. BILLIONS worth of enterprises are being plundered on the cheap. We now therefore have similar post slavery “abolition” then the war, the same Establishment few… the ONE percent feast and gorge on the efforts of the many. Luxury cars and DOMESTIC properties are flying off the shelves as never before during the last fifty or so years.

      But we have had ZERO opposition. And frankly even the “Left” have failed to see it worthy of SUSTAINED scrutiny and VOICE to the GENERAL public.

      We know of course that Starmer & Co are Right Wing parasitic pests, but we fail to see the need to turn up and make our case OFTEN and SUSTAINED to the general public.

      Tweeting to our own circle is NOT the way to defend and normalise our views. Failure to defend our views withe the regularity and CLEAR straightforward robustness needed, leads to the status quo guardians being easily able to misconstrue and twist what we stand for.

      If we cannot get up and stand up ant home, how can we expect to achieve any meaningful change abroad❓❓❓

      1. ps turning up to speak passionately to those with whom we already agree is for what exactly❓❓❓

      2. On Skwawkbox Comments it would appear that disagreeing and alienating people who you agree with is some kind of………habit?
        You are quite right, if there is one thing we need to take home from 2015 to 2020 is that The Anti-Corbynites were very well organised with Apps, Chatrooms, etc even if they were Rubbish. However we do need to talk on these platforms also it is important, if we can avoid pomps.
        One thing is for sure we should as Democratic Socialists get far more involved in CLPs find out who is your Councillor/MP, my Councillor Candidate did rounds before the last Election and from the Bumf I got she appeared to be Starmerist, when I spoke to her on the door she reassured me that she was Corbynite, I told her that her Bumf said nothing to suggest that, she informed me that all the Bumf comes from HQ now! Sounds like they don’t have much say on it’s contents. However the point is get to know them and start working in the community supporting UK Labour Party Candidates and inform People if their Candidates/MPs are Neolabour Party Tories.
        We need to get playing dirty, I don’t know if Chris’s Party/Group/Campaign could be a good central point to work from against the Parasite Infestation, I don’t know, I do know we need to do something and without delay!

      3. 1- We must learn from our mistakes.
        2- We must share CLEARLY our observations.
        3- We are not precious delicate china dolls.

        4- It is insanity to repeat old errors and expect a better result over FIFTY years.
        5- Failing to express disagreements CLEARLY and being timidly VAGUE / obscure, does NOT produce positive constructive “agreement”. Instead it results in half buried cadavers of resentment leading to passive aggressive mumblings.

        If eg someone like Allan Howard attempts vile attacks without having been attacked first, and we can see the pattern, we must speak up CLEARLY without riddles.

        If we are so timid to address vile dishonesty like Allan Howard’s here, how can we solve fractious issues abroad?

        If anyone can point out even ONE single success where we the “Left” have DIRECTLY implemented even one of our aims to transform this country during the last forty years, then do share with the general public.

        Also, i have discovered to be an unrivalled source of crucial party information re achieving our aims…. ie the basics to enable us at last to end the stitch up by the Right Wing. Being confrontation averse is one of our key weakness. The world has never been some cosy place. It’s a pipe dream to set making it so a priority.

        Oh and there is enough to unravel without us speaking in riddles. That’s why, having noted Allan Howard’s uninvited attacks on others, not just me, just because the point out what we the “Left” might consider, does the work of Spy Cops. He has NEVER once suggested even one idea as to how we could reverse our fate. His obsessive is to remind us constantly how hopeless things are and that we can do nothing differently. That is a problem. Thus he Allan Howard is as constructive as the persistent twatified arse drip he is… useful ONLY to the status quo. He is a fraud and it is the likes of him which has ensured Jeremy did everything to appease his enemies.

        The best gift Jeremy can give himself on his birthday is to tell the Allan Howard defeatist drips to piss off.

        Happy Birthday Jeremy🎉🎉🎉

      4. Wah hah hah hah! Spot on!
        My Dearest, SteveH keeps accusing me of being connected to you somehow, well I am happy with that, we had the same accusation 2015 to 2020 that we were some kind of organised group run by Jeremy and blah, blah, blah… you know the rest! I do think though with your previous point we have to somehow counter attack the Propaganda, we need to normalise Socialism again, we need to show people the good that the Socialist Countries are doing now and change their perspective on what is really going on in South America and The Middle East, we need to get people to see that just because a Politician put Socialist on their Wiki Page ie Macron, Starmer, etc does not make them so, they are Thatcher/Reagan Neoliberals Tories, we need to show them that, Just because they are supposed to be “Left” they are not, Biden Starmer, Macron, etc they are as Neoliberal going on Neoconservative as The Tories and The Republicans are! We need the dialogue to open people’s eyes, without the confrontation, Perhaps a Wiki of referenced and linked Facts that we can just truth bomb, we simply need to wake people up, There will always be SteveHs & AllanHs but I just don’t have the patience for those any more not after 2015 to 2020. however I’m afraid that I do sometimes enjoy toying with their buttons a bit, but my patience runs thin these days. I will probably take a little vacation some time soon.

        🎉🎉🎉 HEAR! HEAR! 🎉🎉🎉
        🎉🎉🎉 To Jeremy! 🎉🎉🎉

      5. Johnson and Hancock display the traits of a sociopath and in Johson’s case, possibly those of a psychopath.

      6. And just WHERE exactly would they ‘get up’ and ‘stand up’ signpost?

        Speakers Corner?! Or how about they carry a soapbox around with them…..

        As for tweeting to ‘our own circle’, what are you doing on HERE every day all day long if not posting ultra long ‘tweets’ to your own circle, albeit MAINLY spuriously impugning the Left every-which-way you can think of!

        Anyway, given that you first started commenting on skwawkbox just a couple of months or so before the 2019 GE, and given that Jeremy Corbyn had been leader of the party for around four years at that point, and given that you’ve got so much to say – albeit endlessly repeating the same things over and over again – where were you posting comments PRIOR to turning up on skwawkbox – ie which left-wing news blogs and/or social media platforms? And did none of the left-wing members of your (alleged) CLP ever tell you about skwawkbox or mention it in passing in all those years?

      7. Piss off Allan Howard arsified twat drip. Take your anti drip meds and go back under your bed with your white flags. 💊🏳️💊🏳️💊🏳️

      8. And Allan Howard stop patrolling and repeating your defeatist drips of appeasement, you weirdo obsessive wanker who leaves an elderly many at the mercy of thugs on a gents toilet floor, to finish your drinks with a friend, failing to even inform the pub staff. What sort of person foes that? An arsehole Allan Howard nasty lying vile piece of work whose only instructions is that the “Left” continue to appease. Nasty vile fraud Allan Howard White Flag Man.

      9. Oh! Dear The Ever Watchful Eye of Pomp has arrived!

    2. I think there are more than just them pair! This was and still is an International Cull, my cousin and her husband both contracted CV after being immunised, they own a very successful Private Hospital, she is getting over it he is in ITU, fighting for his life, with a blood clot in his lung. Moral is nobody is safe and this is far from over! This is the beginning and I am still convinced this is a Designer Virus!

      1. Skelly, old chap, I’m not sure if I’ve ever asked you before – I don’t think I have – but what do you think about signpost posting a Big Lie about Robin Lees – the guy who spotted Dominic Cummings in Barnard Castle during the first lockdown – taking legal action against Cummings, and doing so so that he could then immediately go on to falsely discredit Jeremy Corbyn by comparison?

        And what do you think about the fact that when I questioned him about it in another thread he denied that he’d said that AND then accused me of making it up – ie told ANOTHER Big Lie?

        And what do you think about the fact that he then – at the end of his ‘reply’ – said (and at some length) that I should seek help?

        Does an ordinary legitimate poster do something like THAT? No, of course they don’t! So what are thoughts about it?

      2. Allan, when did this happen!?
        I really think you need to stop being so anal about petty and past thing, really just let go and have a life!
        NASA only spots 20% of Large Meteorites that passes through Earths Orbit before they actually do.. That means we could be hit by one of the 80% they didn’t spot at any moment without warning and then Poooffff! Nothing Matters any more, especially not Cummings’ Travel Schedule!

      3. Says Skelly knowing damn well when it happened! The point being of course – as you damn well know – that it wasn’t just a one off and he lies and falsely discredits the left on a daily basis, AND someone who can do THAT is OBVIOUSLY an im-poster, a black propagandist, and the fact that you ‘defend’ him in effect says all one needs to know about yourself!

        And THAT of course is why I asked you what you thought about him concocting and posting a Big Lie about Robin Lees etc….. oh right, but you have no problem with him doing so, or with him then lying about the fact that he did AND falsely accusing ME of having invented it AND then saying I should seek help. Yeah, Skelly, yur obviously just an ordinary regular person, and one who ALSO happens to post around seven/eight hundred times a month, month, after month after month! Just like your mate signpost!

      4. Allan – How long will it be before you cotton on that nobody gives a fuck.

      5. Allen, honestly stop! I accused no one, I agreed about nothing, I think we all suffered low level PTSD 2015 to 2020 and by reading your reply here, I really think you aught to seek some advice or at least just have a chat to someone. I MEAN THAT SINCERELY!
        You’ve accused me of several things here and I am not going there, not now, go and get yourself sorted, try to focus on the big picture Allan, the state of this country, the world, the planet, is this really such a big deal? To be frank I know about the Cummings thing itself, but what you’re on about is either forgotten or happened while I was on Commenting Holiday.
        Just keep in mind Allen the people you talk to are Real People, they have complex lives the same as you, if you have a problem post a comment, no need to go anal about it.

      6. Skellyknelly, just because a Labour Cllr tells you that he/she supported Corbyn we don’t have to take their word for it, it is as likely that he/she is telling you what you want to hear.
        Questions to ask: is he/she a member of the Socialist Campaign group of Cllrs?
        Where he/she is standing on certain local issues? Has she supported those issues in the Council chamber?
        Would he/she take your email and make sure that you get and invite to the public full Council meetings?
        Every two months at least their are full Council meetings’ opened to the public to attend. Find out when the full Council public meetings is and attend and you would be able to asses for your self where Cllrs A and Cllr B really stand for..
        The same applies for Council meetings on specific issues, so ask the Cllr to send you details on when a particular Commission is going to meet for you to attend it.
        Otherwise, you can never be sure that a Labour Cllr isn’t telling you what you wish to heard.

      7. Don’t you worry my dear Maria, we had a good conversations and I had a little look into her, however you are right people can be very naive and I thank you you for that input, because it is important that People don’t go by word of mouth as I am sure all of us here already practice.
        We have to get to know our Councillors/Candidates and we too need to get out on the doors and talk to people about the Big Bad Demon Dragon of The MSM and Neolabour Party Tory Presentation of Democratic Socialism.
        Brits are now more ignorant of Socialism than the Americans are of Communism! I am sure we’ve been sucked into a black hole and just don’t know about it yet!

    3. Signpost’s main objective on this site is to discredit and disparage the left – as he has done in literally hundreds and hundreds of posts – but it’s ALSO to try and convince readers of this blog that the MSM isn’t all that influential AND to have readers believe that the victims of all the smears are responsible for being the victims.

      The Establishment know of course that just about EVERYONE on the left knows that the smears disseminated by the MSM (and the people they give a platform to) ARE smears and, as such, they are not going to be taken in by all the lies and falsehoods – ie the black propaganda – so the most obvious thing in the world for them to do is have black propagandists come on to a site like skwawkbox and discredit Jeremy and the left every-which-way they can *AND* repeat the falsehood ad infinitum.

      As I’ve pointed out before, no ordinary regular person posts seven/eight hundred posts a month, month after month after month. Of COURSE they don’t! He’s a full-time paid shill/propagandist whose agenda is to try and convince as many people on the left as possible that Jeremy, and socialist MPs, and the left membership are useless and hopeless, and “never learn” blah blah blah etc, etc, etc, and ALL based on lies and falsehoods.

      Yeah, of course signpost, the MSM had nothing whatsoever to with the electorate believing that a third of LP members had been reported (to the LP) for anti-semitism, OR for Jeremy having a negative rating of 40-plus, OR for Jeremy losing the last GE so badly, and they were obviously just wasting their time for the whole of the period Jeremy was leader (and SINCE) publishing thousands upon thousands of articles to discredit and demonise him, as did TV and radio news programs etc on thousands and thousands of occasions.

      Yeah sure signpost!

    4. Beckett is on the ballot!!! Nomination threshold passed!!! ❤✨✊🏻✊🏾✊🏿🌈👍🏽👍🏼🙂🤞🤞🏻🤛🤞🏾

  2. Right-winger Gerard Coyne received only a single vote.

    *Sniggers* 🤭🤭🤭

    Has he got the nomations yet; because we’re told the left wing vote will undoubtedly be split if he has.

    But, going on this result, it appears Beckett has nothing to fear from any quarter.

    I hope stammer’s brickin’ it. He should be.

    1. Don’t forget The Führer said he wanted Coyne to stay out, to give his man Turner a better chance, there is more reason than being unpopular at play I reckon. The Dark Forces of the Trilateral Humanoids at work!

      1. Skellyknelly, Turner isn’t Starmer’s man. Or are you going to say next that the Communist Party supports Starmer too? Since the Communist Party is supporting Steve Turner.
        I believe that Starmer realises that Coyne isn’t going to win, but he doesn’t want Turner to win either. He knows too, that the majority and bigger branches in Unite are industrial branches.
        Hence, he “supports” Turner in the hope to turn some votes from Turner to Beckett, but he knows they wouldn’t be enough votes for Beckett to prevent Sharon Graham to win the position of Unite General Secretary.
        Don’t fall for Starmer’s ruse, by all means support Beckett since he is your favourite to win. But no at the price of painting Turner as Starmer’s man because this isn’t the case and you aren’t doing the left any portraying Steve Turner as a “Starmer’s stooge” when he isn’t.
        On the contrary, Turner is very critical of Starmer’s leadership too and he fully supported Corbyn. Shame that you appear to have forgotten that.

      2. Maria, I am going to say this, Starmer made sure that Coyne did not go through but an MP in Birmingham pushed him through, we can see that Starmer’s wish respected by Coyne not Campaigning and hence not getting votes.
        I am also saying Turner launched a surprising attack on Beckett at their last Hustings for being so outspoken about Starmer’s failures. There are loads of info tight here on the issue and Tweets between Starmer and Turner.
        The Communist Party GB is not what I would call a Bona Fide Communist movement whilst reacting on Fundamentalist issues, whisch are outdated and that is why they never had much good to say about Corbyn, Beckett and certainly hate The Skwawkbox! They are overrun by ‘Rebel Rich Kid “Communists”‘ and the whole scene is a bit wishy washy like Novara, Momentum, Jones etc who all also “Supported Jeremy Corbyn”.
        I will remind you what you said to me before, about believing ‘word of mouth’, ie just because Stamer et al say Socialist on their Wiki Page does not make them so, Just because it’s Red/says Labour does not make it so. Turner has been very quiet about The Neolabour Party Tories Failings.
        I am also going to say that the Socialist Party and other Socialist Movements by vast majority support Beckett, The socialist movements just seem in touch with reality more than the so called Communist Party. That is my own view on the matter and I respect yours, as we all have different views on People, Life and Events.
        May the Best Candidate Win!

    2. What I would be interested to know is how many out of the hundreds of branch members attended the nomination meeting?
      It isn’t the same if 300 people attended and almost 200 voted for Beckett and only 1 voted for Coyne. Than if only 15 people attended and nearly 10 voted for Beckett and only 1 voted for Coyne.
      It is clear than Beckett won, but how decisively? To be able to assess properly we real numbers. Why to give only the percentage? Is it because the numbers in attendance were not that impressive?
      It is important for Beckett as for the other 3 candidates to pass this first hurdle and get branch nominations. But it as important to know how many members are attending this nomination’s meetings.
      How many members in total out of the whole nominations meetings so far have voted for:
      1-Howard Beckett?
      2-Gerald Coyne?
      3-Sharon Graham?
      4.Steve Turner?
      Looking at real numbers rather than percentages will give us a better idea as to how well/badly each candidate is doing.

      1. Maria – Here’s a clue
        “Bazza it was the same at my Unite community branch Beckett 8 Graham 5 some had to leave because of other commitments & it went on far too long off the top of my head we had 23 to start with so ten must have left the meeting no votes for Coyne and none for Turner. Hubby’s Unite EMS meeting is on 2nd June he’s going to vote for Beckett.

    1. Wouldn’t expect anything less!
      Tory is Tory no matter what colour you slap on it!
      AGH! WTF! I will say it Again!
      If we still want The UK Labour Party, we need to VOTE THE NEOLABOUR PARTY TORIES OUT!
      ALL 190/200 of them!, then Small, but without Internal Sabotage and a Massive Membership, CLPs, De-TORIED Unions, we rebuild and with ~650 Candidates take the next GE!

      That sudden influx of MPs to the Conservatives will also disrupt and destabilise the already wobbling Conservative Party, if we play our cards right we could completely derail them and have an earlier GE, if we are ready!
      I have a feeling that the Establishment and Johnson are desperate for The Trilateral Humanoid Führer to take Office, We can REALLY fuck that up for them, imagine “We Pulled it Off, didn’t we, We Pulled it Off!” being pulled off and 200 inexperienced MPs dumped on him! We just have to find a way to secure the Ballot boxes from Polling Station to Counting Centre, to be fair whatever we do at any future election, this is a Priority that no one seems to be too concerned about.

  3. Watching Jeremy Corbyn’s Zoom Birthday Party, earlier, this evening.

    There was an audible and visible stir when Howard Beckett came on, for five or ten minutes, before he had to dash of somewhere else. Highlight of the evening until The Man himself appeared. 🙂

    1. The word is spreading. Beckett is Corbyn’s spiritual heir. Party leader after Unite tenure?

      1. timfrom – Evidently the futile search for a leader to coalesce behind is still an ongoing project.

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