Starmer spotted in video game as ‘$3 Boris Johnson’ on Wish ad

‘Roblox’ game bus shelter ad throws shade on Labour ‘leader’. Perhaps it’s still a step up

Keir Starmer has been portrayed in a video game – but it’s not a sign that the Labour ‘leader’ has achieved any positive ‘cut-through’ with his recent attempts to make himself more memorable, let alone more attractive to voters.

Starmer was spotted in a ‘bus simulator game’ on Roblox, a platform that apparently allows users to play games created by others as well as to programme their own games – but he appears on the side of a bus shelter, advertised as a $3.00 ‘Boris Johnson’ sold by e-commerce company Wish:

“Get your very own Boris Johnson today!” – for just $3

The ad sparked hilarity, with many wondering why on earth anyone would want Starmer even for three dollars – although one or two did say they’d feel it was rude not to at such a price.

As a piece of satire, however obscure, it hits home hard. Just perhaps, though, with a new by-election underway after his Hartlepool disaster and members across the country voting no confidence in him, Starmer’s desperate enough to cling to it as a step up from his recent reality.

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  1. SIR Rodney Keith Starmer is utterly desperate to prove to his one percent Establishment handlers that they can depend on him to ensure they increase more power, control and wealth for themselves. Why? Loves baubles. Very desperate to dress up in ermine and be called Lord Something or The Other. Sir RODNEY Starmer is DESPERATE to spin through the revolving doors to troughs. That is all.

    1. What did Twittersphere do when we warned them: ‘don’t think that removing Jeremy we and Corbynism will go away’, because we are Corbynism it is in us it will be in many many generations to come.
      Like a Gardener, Jeremy spent 4 years non stop planting out Red Rose Seeds and tending the young plants, now they are all fully mature and Flowering all over the World!
      Looking in on Twitter once in a while, it appears More of Us and those poor sods don’t know what to do any more!
      The penny seems to be slowly dropping, that Jeremy is not Corbynism, it is THE PEOPLE, ‘all he did’ was to switch us back on after a long hopeless slumber! He is not The holder of Corbynism and for that matter Corbynism is a figment of ‘their’ imagination, whilst at the same time being a very real thing, but not in any sense that ‘they’ could possibly comprehend!

  2. Just out of interest, why aren’t Unite branches holding meetings to have a VONC in Starmer ? The so called Labour Party are suppressing CLP’s from holding such meetings/motions so it’s got to come from somewhere.

    I keep getting emails asking me to be a Unite rep/delegate in Labour CLP’s. I don’t won’t to be a bloody Labour member again, wasting my time being stonewalled, along with my subs being abused but I’d join a Unite affiliated Labour branch or something of that sort so as politically affiliated members can actually have a say without being gagged !!

    1. Foggy the real question is “why aren’t Unite branches holding meetings to have a VONC in Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories?” There is not one single trustworthy MP in any of the 200 Parasites. My answer would be hopefully we see Beckett as GS and then simply watch this/that space.
      When you go to your Unite Membership, you need to opt out of being an Affiliate with and contributing to “Labour”, effectively you are a “Labour” member if you didn’t.
      After Umming and Ahing, I rejoined Unite, just yesterday and there was a “Labour” affiliate yes or no option, perhaps you can’t remember doing this, but have a look or send them an email to ensure you are not an affiliate and that you don’t (a) Fund or (b) Share your data with “Labour”.

      1. I’m aware of the affiliate opt out option, I want to be an affiliate at present as that would allow me to vote the fake socialist out as labour leader should a challenge come in soon πŸ˜‰

      2. Well said Foggy! Thanks. We need people who can see that, not those who feel it happens by magic. We don’t need crowds … a fair weather rabble. We need enough people who can focus on the basics that are vital. In my CLP we got some surprising successes WITHOUT the defeatist deadwoods. They spared us their can’t do, pathetic appeasements. Result? Triumph over a super organised Right Wing supported by foreign entities.
        Just shows what’s possible.
        ps if i had my way, membership should have been frozen once Jeremy insisted on stepping down. Think i posted this before, but i was AMAZED that true “Left” inteligent people were celebrating a sudden influx of new members. How dim is that. Shows the superficial thinking. Someone only had to say “comrade” to be considered genuine. My view was that we already knew the membership we had, why risk the obvious influx of parasitic entryist???

        That is evidence that we need DEEP DEEP DEEP reflection and change. Those refusing to realise that are worse than surplus to requirements. They are drains, distractions, obstacles to progress, illogical, prevent us sustaining victories and weird. We must never be a cosy social group that cannot handle straightforward CLEAR suggestions.

        Anything can happen at anytime. Prepare. Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail AGAIN. Change. Fail to change, prepare to be stitched up AGAIN. Tell defeatists appeasers to piss off. Fail to tell them to piss off, the prepared to be pissed on by the Tory parasites within AGAIN.

      3. The only trouble is that Thatcher’s Neolabour Tories are not Jeremy Corbyn’s Member led UK Labour Party. Starmer and his Starmerstruppen already removed so many rights from members I am surprised members even have a right to vote. If you are in any way affiliated with Palestine Solidarity or anything Middle East, Membership could be a liability and therefore never give in to the Zionists, constant banging on about anonymous accounts, most of them use anonymous accounts whilst criticising you for using an anonymous name! Or they use realistic names ie “John Smith/Jane Doe” etc, do that if you feel you have to, but with your real name and real image Membership can be a liability!
        The thing is no one is anonymous on SM, unless you’re a Dark Web Guru, so if you break the law you will be held accountable, but what they can’t do is Label you, find your address and put it on their “Antisemites” website for all to see or expel you from the Party! That also proves the FAKERY that is going on as most of what they accuse us of is against the Law, I have not heard of anyone’s anonymous account busted for legal purposes! Go anonymous on any SM and never shout that you are a member!
        I will not be a member of a Thatcherite Neoliberal Zionist Tory Party, I will vote against them at the Ballot Box now that we have the NO CHOICE of TORY or TORY, just as they did when we DID have a MASSIVE CHOICE for MASSIVE CHANGE!
        You are right in the sense that you are able to vote, for me that is not worth giving my money to those nasty bastards. The way its looking you are looking at no choice situations in any case, they will be scouring any UK Labour Party MP/Candidate/Councillor/Member’s life until they find a way to remove them.
        We’ve seen, even if these are embarrassingly shite examples, that they are using ACT.IL like tactics remember the Keywords, “Forensic” and the “I judge people blah blah blah” so they will be digging and Expelling UK Labour Party until there is no one left to vote for!
        We can’t do anything about that, as proven at the pre-mentioned meeting. I doubt very much that you need to take much notice of the ‘well where was “the Left” Member support’ whiners, we have seen when “the Left” ever get the opportunity to vote, they are by no means the minority of members. It will however remain down to those opportunities where “the Left” actually get to vote and for “Left” Reasons/Purposes/Causes, however those will be far and few between.
        Getting rid of Starmer, like Johnson is not getting rid of the problem, the problem is 200 Neoliberal Neolabour Party Tories, if members ever get to vote on all 200 of them, then and only then, will I feel tremendously disappointed that I am not a Member.
        However all the best Comrades and STAY SAFE! Those Neolabour Tories have ruined peoples Jobs/Careers for Lies and Fakery do you remember 2015 to 2020 and I think they are getting desperate now, because there are so many of us non members still taking them on and they can’t do a single thing about it. They can not understand why we still care as though we were still in the Party we are but we chose to fly the red flag high form out here on the sideline “attacking” deep at the heart of their Beast.

      4. Perfectly Illustrated in the new SB Story “Exclusive: right panics as Beckett nears 300 nominations – BBC, Murdoch press, Hodge et al even try to set police on Unite left favourite”

      5. PS If anyone needed more proof that Howard Beckett is the only UK Labour Movement Candidate/”Left” Candidate surely this πŸ‘† is it!

  3. Surely Keith belongs in the Dollar Store’s Bargain Basement 0.50c Pile?

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