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Jewish anti-apartheid activist and former MP demands apology from Starmer to left-wing Jews

Former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein says Starmer and Nandy should apologise to left-wing Jews for ‘pretend[ing they] don’t exist and for mistreatment by party

Andrew Feinstein

Anti-apartheid activist and former ANC MP Andrew Feinstein has responded to Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy’s comments to LBC radio that the Labour ‘whip’ should not be restored to former party leader Jeremy Corbyn until he ‘apologises for the hurt he caused to the Jewish community’ – by demanding that she and Keir Starmer apologise to left-wing Jews persecuted or at best ignored by the Labour party.

Feinstein made his demand in a ‘quote tweet’ of LBC Radio’s post about Nandy’s comment, adding that left-wing Jews have been targeted by ‘reactionary’ Labour because they hold dissenting views on the conduct of Israel or dare to speak out against accusations thrown at Corbyn and others:

Feinstein added, in a follow-up tweet, a criticism of Nandy’s treatment of the ‘Jewish community’ as a monolithic whole instead of a group as diverse as any other set of human beings:

On the same theme, he also ‘retweeted’ this, from a Newcastle-based Jewish Twitter user:

Feinstein has been constant in his solidarity with Palestinians against their treatment by right-wing Israeli governments. His current ‘pinned’ tweet quotes his ‘former boss’ Nelson Mandela:

Late last year, Feinstein exclusively told Skwawkbox that Mandela:

would have been unable to voice his support for Palestinian people

in today’s Labour party, which is ‘unwelcoming’ for left-wing Jews and is playing out Starmer’s ‘track record of factionalism’ at a national level.

To date, neither Nandy nor Starmer appear to have apologised for their use of language or the party’s treatment of left-wing Jews, many of whom have been warned, suspended or even expelled for expressing their views.

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