Labour claims it suspended 2 CLPs over suspicion of electoral fraud. But Met Police say they decided 4 months ago there was no issue

Police statement puts Labour war on members under spotlight again, as other claim of antisemitism receives no mention in party’s message to members

Right-wing journalists briefed by Labour right-wingers have claimed that the party’s decision to suspend both East Ham and West Ham constituency parties (CLPs) is driven by antisemitism allegations. But the party’s message to members informing them of the suspension of their CLPs mentions nothing about antisemitism.

Instead, the email claims that the suspension is because of the suspicion of electoral fraud and claims of unspecified ‘irregularities’ in recruitment – and informs members that the party will be choosing their local election candidates for them:

But the Metropolitan Police have told the Times that there is no substance to Labour’s claim they are investigating electoral fraud, saying:

In August 2020 the MPS received a report alleging electoral malpractice in the borough of Newham. An assessment was completed which concluded that no police investigation was required.

In addition, according to an account set up by local members, no allegations of electoral fraud have been communicated to the CLPS’ elected officers:

Members have issued a statement on the matter, making clear that it was in fact the officers of each CLP that had raised the recruitment issues with the party – and that there have been no complaints about the conduct of members made to the CLP executives, the normal first point of contact. Moreover, the party had made no contact with officers about the irregularities they had reported, until the message from the regional director on Friday suspending the CLPs:

Members have made it clear that they think the suspensions are really about preventing members exercising their democratic rights to select those who represent them – part of Labour’s war on its members:

Watch out for right-wing candidates being imposed on members for the local elections – and the party hierarchy is arrogant enough to assume members will campaign for them anyway. They are likely to learn otherwise quickly.

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  1. The party bureaucrats are now telling lies on an industrial scale in order to remove Left wing candidates. For those comrades staying and fighting, if you don’t put a stop to this, you are lost before you start, because this will only be the beginning of the skulduggery. Even now I have no doubt they are laying plans to stitch up the next conference and changing how the leader is elected, and any other schemes they can think up to remove the influence of socialists from the party. I came saying that this is a fight to the death for socialism in the LP, and the Left doesn’t even seem to understand what the game is.

    1. That should read,”I am saying that this a fight to the death” not “I came saying grrr.

      1. Good post john thatcher. The Starmer and Evans (new management) apparatchiks have not only declared war on the members and the left, but are winning key propagandist battles which their buddies in the MSM will mount on their behalf and also to demotivate and disorientate their adversaries (i.e. us).

        The advantage IS theirs because we, their adversaries, haven’t yet worked out that this is a stategic war planned by the Few (cpyright, rilateral Commission) against the members and the left. We haven’t twigged yet that this is an existential threat to remove democratic socialism and us from the Labour party.

        ‘Lost before you start’ – I hope not..

      2. Haven’t twigged yet qwertboi?! People on this site – including myself on a number of occasions – have been saying it for months and months and months, and I’m sure that just about EVERYONE on the left has been aware that that is the case since a few months after Starmer was elected leader.

        How could they NOT be aware of it given all that’s been going on?

      3. Allan – To be honest the only things that stick in my mind about your posts is your WFM act, and your rather bizarre habit of randomly accusing all and sundry of being some kind of paid agent.

      4. For sure Allan, everybody who is here at SKWAWKBOX regularly knows it, but, sometimes there’s a bit of cognitive dissonance going on and also stories like this one bring new visitors who might not realise it until now

      5. How amusing for an all-day every-day full-time paid shill/propagandist – ie steveh – to say such a thing!

        I’m surprised you haven’t posted ‘Replies’ to the comments I posted in the early hours of this morning on a thread from a couple of months ago! You’ve ALWAYS done so before, even when it’s two or three in the morning, and usually within a matter of a few minutes!

        And you have of course stalked me for weeks on end in the past. Oh, right, but yur not a paid shill of course!

        Qwertboi, ‘we’, their adversaries, twigged a long time ago that Starmer and the Blairites want to eradicate the left from the party AND that they have been doing everything they can to achieve that end. So why do you assert that we haven’t worked it out when we obviously HAVE. And given that what they’ve been doing is so blatant it hardly needs ‘working out’.

        Anyway, it’s very thoughtful of you to let new readers know that we haven’t twigged it even though we have!

    2. John, the only way we can stand a chance is by only campaigning and voting for Labour candidates than we know are socialist.
      The way I see it the less centrist Labour candidates that are elected the more vacancies to be filled by socialist candidates at the next round of elections.

      1. As we’ve seen already with the blatant gerrymandering the unfortunate reality is that if the electorate vote for a Tory council their LA will get more money.

    1. The only question is with this candidacy is whether this an initiative from JLM on their own, or whether it is co-ordinated with the broader movement of the far right in the party

      1. Well I’ll just add this and readers can draw their own conclusions. After all that went on against the LP regarding the Jewish Cronicle, –
        ………’In an interview on Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs show, Sir Keir spoke further about his wife Victoria’s Jewish family – having first discussed the topic in an interview with theJC ahead of his successful bid to replace Jeremy Corbyn as leader earlier this year.’…….
        (dated Nov 2020)

    2. Thanks Carlene for the graphic image of just what weve got inside the establishment Labour party nowadays.The police should be involved in the infiltration by a foriegn government of Her majestiy’s Opposition.the Labour party.

  2. “The allegations are wide ranging supported by a considerable amount of evidence…” I thought that they were talking about the Forde Report for a moment there.

  3. Watch out for the imposter coming soon to your constituency/ward.

    Remain and enable this sort of shit (and worse).

    They’ve learned of this current shower of toerags, who for the last eleven or so years have been getting away with the things thatcher used to flick herself off about but never dared attempt.

    Remember, stammer has dragged that party to the right of thatcherism, and you members are directly paying for the ‘privilege’ while the rest of us suffer for it.

    1. The Toffee
      And when the challenge is laid down to Temporary Embarrassment you will be as much use as a one legged man in an arse kicking contest

      1. Correct Dougal.

        Although no less use than those who have funded the rat bastards (And continue to do so, while calling for others to reinforce their major malfunction) and allowed the very same firmly-entrenched parasites to cack all over yous without making any breakthrough of any note.

  4. Ironic that in the constituency where one Keir oversaw the birth of the Labour Party another seems to be facilitating its death.

    1. Jim I think you are right, our anti-socialist adversaries in the Labour party picked West Ham and East Ham CLPs deliberately. Keir Hardie, a founder of the Labour Party, won an election as an ‘independent’ and became West Ham South’s MP from 1892 to 1895, during which time, in 1893, he formed the Independent Labour Party.

      Well spotted!

      So confident of their full victory in this war against members and democratic socialism are our enemies that they are choreographing their campaigns to inform future historians* that they designed and fought the war on members to a plan (a plan of the Few, not the Many?)

      *. Of course, the centrists arrogantly believe there will be no historians in the future for history ended when the soviet union collapsed and neoliberal capitalism became transcendent (Fukuyama, end of history)

  5. “It’s Good News Week in the Labour Party!” I live in a nature reserve & keep chickens on a small holding. Yesterday, my wife dropped off half a dozen eggs on the doorstep (not literally) of our local Jewish neighbours, in support of Jeremy Corbyn & Chris Williamson in solidarity with our Socialist Jewish friends who agree, ‘Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party is vastly exaggerated.’ Just another example of the friendly relationships & support networks between Socialists of all faiths.

  6. Dearie me – at every level of the NuLabour2 Party, every dishonest trick , abuse of Party rules, and underhand manoeuvre is being ruthlessly deployed in a slash and burn drive to forever rid the Party of its Left wing – even the well-‘meaning, but non-socialist, Left Liberals who compose most of the ‘Left’ nowadays. And the response from the craven PLP ‘Socialist Campaign Group’ of MPs ? Bugger all – as they keep their collective careerist heads down, and aim only to survive in the Labour Party ‘Parliamentary club comfort zone’ they had occupied ineffectively ever since the defeat of the Left and ‘Bennism’ in the 1980’s – until the unexpected 2015 -19 ‘Corbyn Surge’ forced them to do some ineffective Left posturing again ! And as for that impotent Left Liberal organisation – Momentum, it has whined a few times in response to the rolling mass purge – but is apparently more interested in vague Liberal ‘community campaigning’, than in combating the current Purge. And Jeremy Corbyn is only interested in using legal means to be permitted back into the PLP – and burnishing his ‘modern day saint’ image via his utterly pointless , ego-trip, ‘Truth, Justice, Freedom, and apple pie nice things’ organisation !

    Wake up and ”smell the coffee’ remaining Lefties in the now totally, permanently, recaptured by the neoliberal, corrupt, Right neo Blairites, NuLabour2 Party – its OVER for Labour ever to be ‘turned Left’ by future effort by the Labour Left . That route to socialist transformation in the UK was ‘tested to destruction’ during the pathetically craven ‘Corbyn Insurgency’ years – with a huge Left-leaning Corbynist membership , who collectively (with a craven Leadership, admittedly) couldn’t outmanoeuvre the inbuilt Right continued control of the Party machine and PLP and local councils. Carrying on ‘having another go’, is activity for masochists NOT serious socialists. Only a new radical Left Party OUTSIDE the swamp of Labourism holds out any chance of building mass resistance to the coming post Covid Austerity hurricane . And , forget that, “it can never happen because of our FPTP electoral system” stuff – that WAS indeed true in the past – but NuLabour2 is a busted flush of a Party with no chance of winning a General Election now – and there is a huge UK gap therefore for a new radical Party – which can be EITHER of the radical Left OR the populist radical Right – as political developments in the rest of Europe demonstrate clearly over the last ten years.

    1. The fear is, jpenney, that without Union backing and PR – no radical left party (or poulist left even) would win any seats in a UK general election.

      1. qwertboi, I agree with your analysis without PR isn’t a realistic prospect of a new radical socialist party winning parliamentary seats. This is why the right wingers favours FPTP. They rather have Tories in government that the left wing of their Party in government.
        However, I will argue that no political Party has been more influential in British politics than UKIP in the last decade and they never gained a single Parliamentary seat. The only parliamentary seat UKIP managed to win was that of a former Tory MP that defected to UKIP.
        Their isn’t a reason why a radical socialist Party cannot achieve a similar feast at local elections and elected enough Cllr to turn previously safe held Labour Local Authorities hung and force the other political Parties to the left.
        It is a mix of sweet and sour to realise that Corbyn changed the dynamics to the point that even Sunak is borrowing our use of semantics. Of course McDonnell is right that it only amounts to window dressing but still, the Tories aren’t openly endorsing austerity any more, are they?

      2. Keir Starmer supports PR and there is also grass-roots support.

    2. So how long is that now jpenny that you’ve spoken about a ‘new radical left party’…….practically every single time you post – ie dozens and dozens of times!

      So are you just going to keep saying it practically every time you post, year in, year out for years on end? If you really believe that such a party could, in effect, replace the Labour Party and get elected, then why don’t you do something about getting this ‘new radical left party’ started?

  7. This bunch of of Zionist are incapable of being truthful … no different then the conservatives

  8. Story first broken on Twitter by Times journalist Gabriel Pogrund , his post also suggests anti semitism. If anyone can stomach it I would suggest they read the comments made by Mr Pogrunds followers relating to his post. A more racist,Islamaphobic series of messages it is hard to imagine. The post is still in place despite several messages pointing out there is no police investigation.

    1. Thank you SteveH.
      “We are deeply concerned to hear that Labour’s NEC has rejected the call from CLPs for a recall conference in the face of an ongoing crisis of democracy in our party.

      At over half a million people, Labour’s members are its greatest strength. But in the past year, their right to democratic debate has been curtailed and those who have questioned attempts to limit political discussion have faced disciplinary action. More recently, in Liverpool, Glasgow Kelvin and elsewhere, members have had their right to choose their Labour candidates undermined. Extraordinarily, while the former leader of the party remains a Labour member, the leadership continues to refuse to reinstate the Labour whip.

      While the freedom of members to participate in the democratic culture of the party has been restricted, the party leadership has changed the party position – or adopted controversial positions – on a variety of issues, for example, supporting the Government’s Covert Human Intelligence Sources Bill; ignoring the advice of education unions, parents, and experts on the schedule for schools reopening; opposition to corporation tax increases; and most recently opposition to our 2019 pledge to increase nurses pay by 5%.

      Members have a right to participate in democratic debate, and a right to question the political direction of the party. It is disturbing to read that curtailing these rights and the shift in our party’s position on key issues has led to an exodus of members. There are no signs that it has benefited us in the polls.

      The party must reverse the draconian measures it has implemented and the PLP must reinstate the whip to Jeremy Corbyn. A recall conference would have been the opportunity to solve the crisis of democracy in our party, address the corresponding drift in our political platform, and chart a united way forward.

      We can only win if we harness the power of our members, using their knowledge, skills and talent to set out a vision of a better world, based on our values of democratic socialism. That means empowering them through democratic debate, expanding our democratic structures, and giving members a real say over the direction of the party.

      We will continue to support calls to reclaim democracy in our party because without it, we cannot hope to build the movement for change in our workplaces and communities the country so desperately needs.”


      Diane Abbott MP
      Apsana Begum MP
      Ian Byrne MP
      Ian Lavery MP
      Rebecca Long-Bailey MP
      John McDonnell MP
      Ian Mearns MP
      Kate Osborne MP
      Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP
      Zarah Sultana MP
      Jon Trickett MP
      Nadia Whittome MP
      Beth Winter MP
      Pauline Bryan Labour Peer
      John Hendy Labour Peer
      Howard Beckett Assistant General Secretary Unite the Union & rep on Labour’s NEC
      Andy Kerr, CWU Deputy General Secretary
      Fire Brigades Union
      Ian Hodson National President BFAWU
      Sarah Woolley General Secretary BFAWU
      Ian Murray, FBU President & rep on Labour’s NEC
      Jayne Taylor, Unite rep on Labour’s NEC
      Yasmine Dar Labour NEC CLP Rep
      Nadia Jama Labour NEC CLP Rep
      Laura Pidcock Labour NEC CLP Rep
      Mish Rahman Labour NEC CLP Rep and Momentum NCG
      Lara McNeill Labour NEC Youth Rep
      Andi Fox
      Kate Flannery
      Chris Peace
      Laura Smith, Cllr
      Pamela Fitzpatrick, Cllr and Grassroots Labour Women candidate
      Andrew Scattergood, Co-Chair, Momentum
      Gaya Sriskanthan, Co-Chair, Momentum
      Labour Representation Committee
      Jewish Voice For Labour
      Red Labour
      Arise – A Festival of Labour’s Left Ideas.

      1. IMAGINE – if EVERY person and institution (and a few other trade unions) supported a new / seperate / Independent Labour Party – hundreds of thousands of current members would instantly switch their membership – and the Starmer Labour party would be seen for what it is, an anti-Labour party.

      2. MMMm, I wonder whyJeremy Corbyn isn’t a signatory above?

        OH YES, Sir Keir Bystander-of-the-billionaires removed him from the Labour Party, he’s a non-person to the new management apparatchiks

      3. Indeed, qwertboi – why isn’t Jeremy Corbyn’s name down on that list ? He IS after all still a full ordinary Labour Party member, even if not in the PLP at present. And there you have it, Jeremy is keeping his head down now (and for evermore) – only concerned with getting HIMSELF back in is beloved PLP Westminster exclusive club, not with the fate of thousands of other purged Labour Party socialists. That is the harsh truth of it I’m afraid, for Jeremy (and McDonnell, Abbott, Trickett, Lavery, et al), Labour Party ‘Leftism’ has always been about impotent Left posturing – alongside very comfortable well-paid jobs for life in most cases .

        No point looking to anyone in the PLP for leadership against the now triumphant Labour Right, or leadership to build a new Left Party – that will have to be done without the posturers of the PLP. And, as many here correctly say, building a new Left Party is only possible with the participation of at least some Left-led trades unions. A huge pity that the split Left in the UNITE Leadership contest may well let in that rabid Right Winger, Coyne !

        And it does NOT require a shift to PR to give a new Left Party in today’s febrile UK politics, an electoral chance – becauseNuLabour2 has already reached its ‘PASOK Moment’ of electoral irrelevance and inevitable massive decline. There is a huge opportunity for a new Left Party to reconnect with the old working class Labour voters who will never vote NuLabour2, but only with solid class-based, socialist politics and policies, not the virtue-signaling liberal dross politics that much of what passes for today’s ‘Left’ wants to patronisingly offer ‘the workers’.

      4. Fuck off jpenny with your assumptions and your negative shit! Have you EVER in your life been positive and constructive regarding the left! Go and form yur ‘new radical socialist party’ ffrs that you keep harping on about if you REALLY give a fuck about trying to change the way things are for the better.

        Yeah, as if, which says EVERYTHING anyone needs to know about YOU. ALL mouth…..!!!

      5. Sad, sad, boy. Where is your ANALYSIS, dummy ? You better up your doses of mood enhancing tablets , Allan Howard . You just can’t stand being confronted with unblinkered socialist analysis you poor boy . Wake up numptie, the NuLabour2 Party is FINISHED as a party with government potential – or even the potential to marginally help defend us all from the ever-increasing Austerity assault of the Tories . Just as every other old , now all neoliberal, social democratic party across Europe are kaput too – from PASOK to the French Socialist Party , to the German SPD. Only the (false) hope of Corbynism 2015 to 2019 has prevented Labour from going down that plughole too – before now. Under the dead hand of neo Blairite Starmerism NuLabour2 (and a totally craven PLP ‘socialist bloc’ of MPs) is doomed too. Face it, Allan Howard, and take the tablets if reality is just tooooooo much for you.

  9. More lies and deceptions from the cult of new Labour 2.0 stopping 2 CLP’s from voting for whom they want as council candidates with lies about a police investigation.

    The police call BS on that lie so again it’s just an excuse to impose a right-wing true believer that they think the stupid members will assist in getting power.

    I hope the membership I urge to quit first but if you insist on staying never support anything about this cult.

  10. Left Wing/Right Wing of “Labour”?
    Bah, what tripe! The 15/20 so called “Left Wing Labour” are the Left Wing and the Right Wing of the UK Labour Party. The other 170/180 slivering slime snakes are a completely separate and opposing Parasitic Political Party, they are Anti-Socialist, Racist, Elitist, Neoliberal fast moving towards Neoconservative, with absolutely 0 interest or understanding of The Hardieist, Bevanist, Corbynist UK Labour Movement.
    They are not “UK Labour”, I would not even flatter them with Neolabour/Blue Labour/Red Tories, those people are dangerous beyond this current F***ed Up Government.
    We allowed Blair to extend Thatcher’s Neoliberal agenda leading to 41years of Neoliberal Hell and the Future choice of Government is Neoliberal Hell or Neoliberal Hell, only this shower of s**te are far more dangerous than that shower of s**te! Perhaps the people of Britain will wake up after another 41 years of Neoliberal Hell!

    1. At midnight’, after 2 hours & another hour left to go, I was of the opinion that I didn’t care what happened & my wife & I went to bed. The usual cliches were espoused, but with an emphasis on the potential for organised violence by the poor of Manchester. I had problems identifying with any character, More drawn out doom & gloom because poverty cannot be photogenic & the working class cannot be heroic? Not a DocuDrama nor DramaDocumentary, just boring. If class warfare is to be addressed on MSM Mike Leigh needs to concentrate on creating characters who people can care about.

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