Starmer THIRTY-SIX points behind Tories among working-class voters – and FIFTY-THREE among working-class leavers

Starmer’s Labour dropping like a stone – and personal ratings also abysmal

Keir Starmer’s Labour now sits an appalling eighteen points behind the Tories led by a man responsible for 150,000 needless UK deaths in the past year, according to the latest YouGov poll:

The right-wing claim that Labour ‘would be 20 points ahead with any leader other than Jeremy Corbyn’ is a sick joke that is now almost at a 20-point deficit, despite Johnson’s appalling and frankly murderous record as prime minister.

The disastrous situation is driven in large part by an astonishing thirty-six point lag behind the Tories among working-class, low-paid ‘C2DE social grades’ voters, in spite of the Tories’ trashing of the economy during the pandemic:

And Starmer’s personal ratings are abysmal among leave voters in the same group of people:

Even among working-class remain voters, Starmer only has the confidence of 33% of people – only a single point ahead of ‘none of these’.

Starmer’s abysmal ‘leadership’, abstention addition and refusal to stand up to Johnson are clearly driving away voters – on top of the consequences of his betrayal of the party and working-class voters as the architect of Labour’s disastrous 2019 u-turn on its promise to enact a ‘Labour Brexit’, a promise that had helped Labour come within a whisker of power under Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.

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    1. “Needs to be got rid of” with all the other careerist parasites. No point lifting even a little finger to help Starmer & Co Tory pigs get what they expect will be their turn at the trough.

      1. We must show that we’ll no longer put up with those who occupy the party only to do just as the Blue Tories do. We must once and for all put a stop to the charade.

      2. ALL 190/200 of them!
        VOTE OUT Thatcher’s Neolabour Party Tories!
        VOTE IN Democratic Socialist UK Labour Party!
        Small PLP + Huge Party & Unions – Sabotaging Parasite Neolabour Party Tories = Government at the Following GE!
        We are the Voters We are THE PEOPLE who decide, BUT we need a Campaign to secure transport of The Ballot Boxes after GEs! 1 Volunteer Returning officer Alone in their own car, with our votes in their car boot, is hardly secure or incorruptible!?

    2. exiledihardmhace, we need to keep him in place until he takes a lot of right wingers within the PLP with him.
      Then will be the time to get rid of Starmer but no before, since under the present conditions we cannot elect a left wing leader since we don´t have 20% of the PLP.
      Thus, 2 ways forward no mutually exclusive:
      1-Increase the number of socialist MP within the PLP by encouraging CLP to select socialist as PPCs.
      2-For the Labour Party to lose seats at the next General Election, while at the same time ensuring that no a single socialist Labour MP loses her or his seat.
      Both strategies will ensure that the proportion of socialist MPs within the PLP increases and the left would be in a position to mount a challenge for the leadership.

    1. Weakness Redveg, as opposed to MISTAKE! You REALLY should do some research and see the pressure Jeremy was put under, pressure that built and built over many months.

      BREAKING POINT for Labour? MPs warn Corbyn ‘back second Brexit referendum or we quit’

      JEREMY Corbyn could suffer up to 10 resignations unless he gets behind a second Brexit referendum, as Labour Remainers get increasingly restless.

      As for expelling the A/S smearers, yes, I’m sure the MSM and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA and BoD et al would have been very sympathetic!

      Be real Redveg, instead of blaming the victims for being the victims! If JC had started expelling the likes of Hodge and Smeeth and Mann and Austin etc, as of the very FIRST one he expelled I have no doubt whatsoever that half the MPs in the LP and more than a few peers would have been threatening to resign en masse unless they – say Margaret Hodge, for example – was reinstated. But just out of curiousity, on what grounds could he have expelled them? And could he, as leader of the party, have expelled anyone anyway! No Redveg, he couldn’t, and if you don’t know THAT, then you must be living on another planet!

      But putting your unbelievable ignorance to one side, it would appear that the leader of the party has the power to withdraw the whip from an MP, BUT, if JC had done so in respect of one or the other of his right-wing Blairite A/S detractors, exactly the same thing would have happened – ie dozens and dozens of Labour MPs and Peers would have been threatening to resign.

      To think otherwise is to live in a fantasy world!

      1. Oops, was obviously meant to appear just AFTER Redveg’s post!

      2. Allan Howard, where appeasing the PLP has lead us? To defeat.
        So the right wingers would have crossed the floor? Great!! we will have created vacancies for socialist to stand at the GE in 2019 in their seats officially representing the Labour Party.
        We would have lost a few seats,perhaps but I don’t believe we will have lost 60 and in the process we will have rid the LP of red Tory MPs.
        Equally, we could have won a few more seats making possible for Corbyn to get into N.10 with a minority government. The less red tories on our ranks the easier it would have been.
        Hence, from my point of view, by far better than what we got even in the worse possible scenario, we would not have lost 60 seats.

    2. In the thread prior to this one (entitled ‘Beckett surges……’) signpost – in his quest to have readers of this blog believe that the MSM *doesn’t* have very much influence on the electorate, he sites the following as an example and says THIS:

      ‘We must dump the obsession with the idea that MSM support is vital to win. Were that true, Jeremy would not have won the Leadership, defeated the disgusting coup plotters TWICE by increasing margins.’

      He says THAT knowing full well that the vast majority of left-wingers are NOT influenced by the MSM and know that it’s the Establishment’s black propaganda machine AND – along with the Blairites and the Jewish newspapers and the JLM and CAA and BoD et al – were smearing Jeremy (and the left) on an almost daily basis, and it’s for that very reason that tens of thousands MORE joined the LP so they could vote for him in the SECOND leadership election.

      Signpost KNOWS that THAT is the case, and to assert, and try to use it as ‘proof’ and as an example that the MSM *isn’t* influential, is a falsehood and a deception.

      1. PS Yes, it was ‘influential’ ALRIGHT – along with Blairites et al who were smearing and demonising and vilifying him and being given a platform BY the MSM to do so – ‘influential’ in motivating tens of thousands MORE left-wingers to join the party and vote for Jeremy in the second leadership election so as to make sure he would win!

        And needless to say, the MSM/Tories/Establishment thought and believed that calling a snap election – as Theresa May DID – when the Tories were 20-plus points ahead in the polls, would result in a big defeat for Jeremy and the LP and be the end of his tenure as leader. AND, when he then came so close to winning, they trebled down on their smearing and character assassination precisely because he DID!

      2. And in ANOTHER post in the previous thread – a post that I’ve only just this moment seen – signpost says the following:

        Think of it. You would expect the triumph of Socialism in Wales would be broadcast night and day by the SCG. No? Not a peep. As good as invisible and silent as far as the general public is concerned. Why? How? Think of it. The silence tells you all you need to know.

        Yet AGAIN, signpost devises a mendacious way to falsely criticise AND discredit the SCG! So just WHERE exactly would the SCG be broadcasting this triumph ‘night and day’ signpost???

      3. Allan Howarrd, I agree with you that we need to dump the obsession that we need the support of the MSM to win. We are not going to be able to change the MSM, but what we can do is the change the way we react to the MSM and to threats from the right of the Party.
        So they threaten resignation? Crossing the floor? Instead of placating them, left them go.

  1. Corbyn’s fatal weakness after he narrowly missed becoming Prime Minister in 2017 was that he allowed the rat Starmer and his acolytes to persuade him that a second referendum promise might be a good way to attract Remainers to vote Labour in the subsequent election of 2019.

    In both 2017 and especially 2019 Labour should have championed a strongly Lexit message: a Brexit that puts the interests of working people foremost and that protects jobs on both sides of the English channel. Areas like the North and the South-west that have suffered relative disadvantage should have been assured that an incoming Labour government would stop at nothing to reverse this.

    This should have been accompanied by a tough, uncompromising attitude towards the Right of the party, particularly with regard to the very largely bogus charges of antisemitism which did not spare Jewish party members who just happened to be socialists. Vermin like Hodge, Berger, Streeting and countless, nameless others should have been expelled forthwith.

    I have just been informed that my salary will be cut by a third due to a funding crisis of the small not-for-profit organisation I work for. It has suffered, as have many others, from years and years of underfunding as a result of the local “Labour” council being all too willing to do the Tories’ dirty work; cutting revenue streams from central Government to the not-for-profit sector which, alongside a public sector that has also suffered brutal cuts, provides services local communities rely on.

    From where I am right now, prospects for me and others like me are grim beyond belief. I therefore extend a heartfelt and fulsome “thank you” for all those prepared to vote for the Tories and act as their useful idiots. I can only stand and weep for the loss of what could have been. Needless to say, in the fullness of time the penny will drop for the low-paid and powerless who have ditched Starmer’s Labour for the Tories. I fear that it will then be too late. I can only fervently hope that I an wrong.

  2. “SteveH: ‘We Need MORE Information’, and ‘Starmer wrote for a socialist magazine in the last century’ ‘Will You Be Taking Part In The Policy Review?’.- “.

    You can take the day off, SteveH- go sit on the beach at the Caribbean retirement villa your place in the class system entitles to. Have Pina Starmerada or two.

    1. Kenburch..unfortunately its a very crowded beach 🌴 were the comfortable and complacent get a little drunk and a little tanning living tax free off the mugs like us that paid our taxes whilst our representatives from parliament got their noses in the trough …and a good number of uncivilized civil centrist Dad Steve H.

      1. Joseph – As I’ve pointed out to you before we have citizenship in both the WI and the UK and we pay all our taxes to both countries. (I’ve had 2 passports for over 2 decades)
        As for the tax haven rubbish you’re spouting, well your marginal tax rate in Cambodia is considerably less than my marginal rate will be.
        We are not complacent, like you we all take our social responsibilities very seriously.
        Where on earth did you get the idea that I’m a (ex) civil servant from.

    2. kenburch – Unfortunately we can’t go to our beach in the Caribbean sun today, we are still in the UK and it’s a bit too cold and wet for a day on Filey beach.
      My retirement to the sun has absolutely nothing to do with class or social status and everything to do with us settling in our second (soon to be only) home on our island in the sun where my wife’s family live, where she was born and grew up.

      1. It would be a bit easier to trust your sincerity, SteveH, were it not for the fact that, at every turn since Starmer took over, you have either defended everything he’s done- even though it is now clear that his obsession with forcing all Corbyn supporters who won’t renounce what they stand for as if it were a maedeval heresy has done nothing but harm and will ALWAYS do nothing but harm- or deflected with endless, pointless questions as to whether we have enough information about what Starmer and his antisocialist allies are doing-even though you know full we do and even though what has happened so far proves Starmer wants to make Labour into a second Tory party-which is the only thing it can be if it moves significantly to the right of the 2017 manifesto he promised never to move to the right of.

        You know Starmer and Evans’ suppression of internal democracy is unjustified. You know Corbyn’s views about Israel have been totally vindicated by the last two week’s events and that there is no longer any possible justification for equating opposition to what that country’s government does to Palestinians with AS. You know that Starmer has no valid reason to be doing any of what he has done. And you know that the 6th May results- worse local/Holyrood results than were ever experienced under Corbyn- prove that Labour will never win a GE with Starmer as leader. And you that Starmer’s actions since the GE prove that he is incapable of learning from his mistakes and changing as a result of them.

        You also know that Corbyn himself will never seek the leadership again, even if readmitted to the PLP, and you know that Starmer has no valid reason to keep Corbyn suspended from the PLP. You know that this is about ideas and not personalities.

        And you know, finally that you have no justification for endlessly deflecting.

        Why, knowing all that, would you continue to defend someone who is costing Labour the votes it needs to get if it’s to win and is never going to add any significant number of votes from anybody else to the party’s ’19 showing, so why, if you are not a paid troll for Starmer, do you continue to defend him? Why can you not at least admit that his war against the Left- there is nobody who supports what Starmer is doing to Corbyn supporters and Labour principles who is actually part of the Left- needs to end?

  3. I T would be easy to blame just about everything that is wrong with the Labour party and the British electorate on one useless peice of work the knight from Surrey.But we all know especially those that left or were thrown out of the Labour party that their is a cancer at the heart of the Labour establishment party.ITs taken years to reach this level of decay and most of that started over half a century ago and as got worse.This country is not the legacy people like me wanted or asked for the working-class especially the young people that are the victims.I know that the longer this government are in power the less likely a Labour government will take power.The people of the country dont get away with not being criticised for this monstrosity of a government either.They must have some inkling by now at just what they have done by voting in a conservative government that will and are basically dismantling everything a civilised society believes in.The lack of a moral compass as taken years to reach the stage that no decent human being would trust the politicians that are elected by a people bereft of any sense of identity humanity or decency.How much longer can this be allowed to go on when the ballot box is producing a carnage.?

    1. In sadness I must agree with much of which Mr Okeefe says and am even more saddened that I can offer no solutions. I was born in a pit village and moved to London’s dock lands as a teenager. Overwhelmingly Labour voting areas ,the east end remains so for now ,Blyth Valley a marginal. Labour member for over fifty years never known times like this, never seen a more complicit media or people so willing to be subjugated. The only hope I can see is the marvellous lift I got from so many young people when Mr Corbyn became leader,the enthusiasm,the passion was uplifting. We cannot live in the past but oh for a leader who could get the blood pumping with a vision of hope and change again.

  4. But this isn’t ‘proof’, kenburch…yadda, yadda, yadda…We simply must wait until the next election before we collate the actual figures…blah, blah, blah…The exponential increase in membership numbers since December 2019 suggests otherwise…bullshit, bullshit, bullshit…

    If he carried on like that in the real world, he’d be sectioned. And rightfully so.

    Back to topic… yet another turd that won’t flush, stammer still hasn’t finished. It isn’t a scorched earth plan; stammer’s utterly aloof, incapable and incompetent. He still believes the sycophantic bollocks the friendly MSM used to write about him. Corbyns gone and he’s not coming back but stammer thinks that dead horse still has immense value and he’s still pathetically trying to flog it. He has no idea about anything else.

    Like the Ceausescus, he’ll go to his (political) demise truly believing we owe him something and that he’s got some authority.

    One entirely useless, arrogant prick. I guess the only good thing to come from the last election is that brexit wasn’t left to him after all. Thank Christ.

  5. I must admit, I am surprised by these polling figures. I hadn’t been expecting so many people to know who Starmer is.

    1. Brilliant. The next electoral test is Batley, if that is a disaster and Labour loses Starmer will be forced out. Despite the fact the press and the Tories predict Lab win, key question is who could replace him?

  6. Keir Starmer is the Trilateral Commission’s dream ticket, he has ensured that Labour cannot challenge the current hegemony.

  7. Starmer will go when right-wing Labour MPs start to think they could lose their seats next election. With Bozo talking about an early election, it could be sooner than we think

  8. None of that stuff matters because, according to Piers Morgan in the Daily Mail: This is the interview that shows the real him and it is one of the most searingly honest and intensely emotional interviews I’ve ever done. You are left with a real sense of a man who comes from humble beginnings who has worked extremely hard and has had to overcome terrible adversity and a string of family tragedies, all of which have shaped him into the person he is today.’
    “He is asked by Mr Morgan to reveal the three words that sum up his vision for Britain. ‘Pride in our country and pride in everything we do”

    1. Regarding “pride in our country”. It seems that ‘pride’ doesn’t include a civil rights lawyer calling out another country for ethnic cleansing, settler colonialism and the massacre of women and children. It appears that ‘centrists’ are more concerned about whether or not Jeremy Corbyn has had a Covid jab.

      1. ………& a country that sells arms to Israel & Saudi.

      2. I think Corbyn knows what is happening in the UK with the Tory jab,piers Corbyn his brother has warned him and Jeremy is not making any more rush judgments?

  9. I refuse to believe that the guy who look passionate and articulate during the leadership race, who convinced a good chunk of Corbyn supporters to vote for him, can be THAT bland and stupid. IT’S ON PURPOSE.

    1. I don’t remember him looking in the least bit passionate and articulate at any time, past or present. I suspect you and others were seeing what you wanted to see during the leadership election, because we were all pretty despondent after the ’19 election and many wanted to believe the lying bastard. He is exactly what I expected him to be, given his record before entering parliament.

      1. Indeed, John. Just WTAF did/do people see in the dullard?

        I have seen more passion from a discarded bus ticket, more fight from a roadkill, more conviviality from an abandoned snail shell, and more perspicacity from a telegraph pole….That’s before I get to stammer’s woeful lack of appeal.

        They WERE constantly warned; and we were constantly dismissed, ridiculed and smeared as a result.

        And now there’s a shedload of them experiencing buyer’s regret….But those who continually warned they would; well they somehow remain in the wrong. In fact, it is THEIR fault the ‘rags are in their best position since God knows how long.

        It gives me NO pleasure to say: ‘I told you so’. Instead, it gives me the urge to wish harm for the damage and harm they have given license to. I hold them infintiely more responsible for the ongoing state of affairs than those that took their vote elsewhere at the last election.

        Well played, imbeciles.

  10. May I suggest that the ‘Perception Industries’ define our realities. The BBC is one of the most powerful teachers world-wide & can & often does define ‘our reality’. People have always lived in a local family bubble but the age of electronic media & the ‘global village’ changed everything. Instant access to News that is mediated by Google. Does it matter who owns & controls MSM? Richard Sharp (Chairman of BBC) recently donated £400K to the Tory Party but we still believe BBC is fit for purpose?
    For most of our history, the populace have been kept illiterate, as education was only for the ruling class. No point in explaining who Napoleon was, just fight. The BBC seeks to manufacture consent for preferred ideologies such as Neo-Liberal Capitalism as opposed to Socialism. ‘A’ Level Media Studies in schools & colleges entails designing DVD covers for your favourite ‘box set’.
    The BBC is the glue that holds the Neo-Liberal Society together. Today, our children are taught how to read & write (on computers). John Berger suggests that we are not taught how to see………..may I suggest that we are; that is exactly what we are taught. Dumbing down is making it ‘cool’ to be stupid. “what’s on tele tonight?” .

    1. ‘Ways of Seeing’, a book that formed my adolescence and a wonderful TV series back when the BBC was full of wonder and learning.

      1. back when the BBC was full of wonder and learning.

        ..And paedophiles. And ex-private school failures that didn’t become tory MPs, And those who fall into both.

        What’s that? It still is? 😲

      2. Mrs Richardson encouraged us aged 11 to watch BBC News and then watch ITV News
        Same story different conclusions
        Fast forward to 1981 when I visited friends in Ireland and watched their news and reporting of the troubles
        I dont see the problem being with the young who are bombarded with information
        Methinks it’s the Daily Heil generation who have let the side down

      3. 12-year-old child meets her hero Jimmy on TOTP. “I *wonder* if he’ll give me an autograph 🤔
        BBC director: “You’ll soon *learn*, kid……..”

  11. The embrace of Starmer by the Daily Mail rivals that of Tony Blair by Murdoch’s papers. This is undoubtedly pay-off for his failure to oppose Johnson, a man with so many skeletons in his cupboard it’s hard to know where to start. I fail to understand how this miserable wretch can speak of pride in his country when the Israel lobby are currently pushing very hard for Hama’s to be designated a terrorist organisation, which would make ANY action against the people of Gaza lawful. Starmer has taken his 30 pieces of silver long ago. He can be totally relied upon to support the conservative establishment.

    1. Middle england voters can become resolute Labour voters and give Labour a inherent majority – that’s Starmer’s cover story (and his electoral strategy). To pull it off, he needed Rothermere (and Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT)) support.

      As Wirral In It Toether and others point out – Starmer is working to obliterate Labour as an opposition to neoliberal low-regulation corporatism (aka ‘late-capitalism’) and the Daily Mail is a willing accomplice to this |(of course!).

      He’s doing better than even the trilateral oligarchs and the CIA expected – and will continue doing so until and unless the party membership wakes up to him.

    1. I’d prefer to give him an ‘I ❤ benny ‘blue rinse’ netanyahu’ and plonk him on top of the rubble on one of those destroyed tower blocks in Gaza.

      Useless get probably thinks ‘Free Palestine’ is an offer with every box of cornflakes.

  12. I don’t generally buy MSM Billionaire owned polls, but when their own Lead Balloon is coming down no matter how much The Elites/Establishment/Machine are trying to Prop Up their New-Neolabour-Messiah, their Thatcher/Blair of the Future, the more they seem to lose a grip on their desperate attempts.
    I’d bet bottom Dollar if we bring back GE2019 today, the VAST MAJORITY of 2020/2021 Spanked Bottoms will Act and Vote VERY DIFFERENTLY! VERY DIFFERENTLY INDEED!!!
    I am wondering if this Rejection of yet another Neoliberal Tory Party is FINALLY dawning on The PEOPLE! Are they FINALLY SEEING/LEARNING that NO CHOICE is much worse than having A CHOICE!?

  13. Let’s think for a minute about the Starmer regime’s authority to govern Labour and the country.
    Hartlepool was an almighty fuck up, a parachuted in remain supporting candidate. Have they learned anything from the subsequent defeat? Apparently not. Batley and Spen is likely to have a candidate foisted upon them who’s only been a member of the party for a few weeks and had no prior interest in politics. Not only doesn’t Starmer’s regime not see the stupidity of this, they hold the electorate in utter contempt for believing they will be swayed by sympathy for her sister.

    1. So challenge Red Tories to leave and form this Centrists paradise party, show us how you win General Elections by being a pale imitation of the cheap and nasties
      Challenge War Mongrel and Mushy peas to put up or shut the fuck up

  14. For the few, rather than the many?

    Anger as Starmer intervenes to back closures at popular Primrose Hill

    Campaigners say Labour leader should not follow Tory agenda over night curfews at north London park

    One might expect that the leader of the opposition would have more to do than involve himself in a local council dispute over park gates. But to the shock of some locals, Sir Keir Starmer, MP for Holborn and St Pancras, has personally pushed for the erection of nine-foot tall aluminium barriers across Primrose Hill in north London.

    1. A resident of over 40 years said…
      “I’ve heard these young people described as hordes of so-called scum, drug addicts, criminals and so on, and a lot of the insults have had a racist tinge to them. And a class one. As if these kids are less than them,” she said. She is right about her last remarks Sir Keir Starmer might have said does she not know her place, f——g commoner, he probably said do you not notice not one of the great unwashed vermin is wearing a suit. Vote for me in Batley and Spen. Also did you know I was a Knight of the Realm and how nice my suit looks? I hope someone throws a bucket of shit over his suit in Batley.

    1. ……..bury him face down just in case he ever tries to dig his way out!

  15. The electorate are not as stupid as Starmer looks, his assertion that he is a Zionist without qualification is the most stupid remark any Labour leader could make because of subsequent events particularly the Gaza slaughter. Human rights groups B’tselem and Human Rights Watch plus the suppressed UN report by Richard Falk have all recently produced detailed and factually accurate reports that conclude that Israel is an Apartheid state which practices supremacy/domination by one group over another, this is undeniable. Starmers enthusiasm for this racist state proves what an obnoxious person Starmer is, he should be rejected by all right thinking voters. Imagine a situation where the electors of Batley and Spen were asked to vote for a Labour candidate who said 93% of the land area of the United Kingdom should be reserved for white people only, there would be an insurrection, but that is the basic law in Israel supported by Starmers ‘Zionism without qualification’ good luck trying to convince the voters of Batley and Spen, especially Batley and Spen with that racist argument.

    1. Seems to be a Dirty Rusty Thread running through the Neolabour Party Tories and Racism, In the articles he says “Where were The Left when Manchester Arena…..” & “Where were the Left when London Bridge…….”, don’t know about the rest of you, but I was pretty much outraged about it, but I didn’t go about gathering a Militia to go and burn down Mosques/Muslim Homes and beat up innocent People! A lot of what he said was very Luntzspeak sounding, I think it was Sun and Independent. Sorry folks but I think your man Turner has bought into the Villa on Eilat Pitch!

      1. They are only saying that because Tommy Robinson made a complicated situation black and white. They don’t like to think about how the Manchester bomber Salman Abedi would never have been in this country were it not for our policy on Libya (granting Gaddafi’s opponents asylum and then bombing the country till all civil society was destroyed) We are still granting asylum to Jihadist terrorists from Syria, they will likely commit terrorist acts in the future. Of course, when Corbyn pointed this out he was roundly condemned.

      2. As far as Terrorism if you can show me any greater Terrorists than USA, Israel & UK Greedmongers for Oil and Middle East Land we can open dialogue about the people who developed hatred for those Greedmongers for the Butchering of their People and the destruction of their Ancient and “Holy” Lands, and for the most for absolutely no reason or purpose whatsoever! There needs to be a think about what a Terrorist is/is not. I have a feeling that most Governments will be in one way or another be guilty, we no longer have protection from our Governments, even the so called Opposition Party spawns a culture of fear their Members/MPs are permanently on tenterhooks! That is exactly what we knew about Howard, how do you know who are the ‘Corbyn’s’ of the day, look who are being attacked, but MOST IMPORTANTLY who is NOT being attacked! A’la-2015 to 2020-Style 🙂 🙁

      3. Turner is full of shit. He must know that we support the proxy army of Jihadis, including Al Qaeda operating in Syria. We allowed hundreds of Muslim men to go and fight and die alongside the 15000 Uyghurs and their families in order to further American/Israeli foreign policy in the region, carefully fostering sectarian hatred between Sunni and Shia. We even have special forces on the ground helping the head choppers.

      4. Yup! What drives me nuts is that with all the surveillance we have they know exactly who is who and what their plans are! Are we REALLY to believe that Marketing knows more about all of us, via Alexa, Echo, Dot, Google, Android, Cortana, Microsoft, Siri, Apple etc, etc, than MI5/6 and The Police! How many times have we heard they were under surveillance for months, well would it not be much better to get them out of a situation of harming others, and into a Nurturing Environment where they can receive the therapy and treatment that they need. Most of those people are severely affected by Mental Health, add a little bit of god nonsense and militant indoctrination and you have a dangerous individual, but even Mental Health now there is no further treatment pathway than your GP!
        So I guess we’ll just have to put up with a Government who uses Monitored Terrorist attacks as Black Flags against Islam and The ME! For as long as they incubate haters they have cause!

  16. Imagine a situation where the electors of Batley and Spen were asked to vote for a Labour candidate who said 93% of the land area of the United Kingdom should be reserved for white people only, there would be an insurrection stammer would most probably buy into it, given his previous disdain for any other section of society than the zionist ‘moment’.

    Fixed it for ya.

    1. Interesting that Tommy and the boys were carrying banners saying free Palestinians from Hamas today. Israel made Hama’s in an attempt at division: “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” Avner Cohen, a former Israeli religious affairs official who worked in Gaza for more than two decades, told the Wall Street Journal in 2009. Back in the mid-1980s, Cohen even wrote an official report to his superiors warning them not to play divide-and-rule in the Occupied Territories, by backing Palestinian Islamists against Palestinian secularists. “I … suggest focusing our efforts on finding ways to break up this monster before this reality jumps in our face,” he wrote.


    In the spring of 2017, Kerrie said her husband was called for an assessment in which he was told that he was not unwell enough to qualify for benefits payments and that they would be stopped.
    His money was stopped in July of that year, and just a month later Mr Tarpey took his own life.
    Kerrie said: “They said he was in good condition and he didn’t even score a single point, I don’t know how – but he was a proud man so wouldn’t want to seem like he needed help.
    “In June he got the letter saying his money would be stopped, he was only getting £300 a month but it made him feel like he wasn’t a drain on us – he just ripped up the letter, he didn’t want me to see it.”
    She added: “After his money was stopped in July he really went downhill.
    “On August 17 he was in bed and I was downstairs with the kids, I went up to see him to say I was going to the chippy and I could tell something had happened.”
    Lee had taken an overdose of his medication and sadly died at home despite paramedics trying to save his life for over an hour.
    Kerrie said: “He had left me a note which said he was sorry for not being the man to provide for us, it said he didn’t deserve to live because he was a drain on us.”

    1. After a hustings held this afternoon, Leadbeater secured over 80% of the vote among Batley and Spen Labour members and won on the first round.

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