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Starmer attacks Tories’ 10-year prison sentence for attacking statues – yet said he would support 10-year prison sentence for attacking statues

Labour leader appears to think members and public have the memory span of a goldfish

Keir Starmer’s belated u-turn on his plan to abstain on the Tories’ policing bill, after the weekend’s shocking scenes at Clapham Common, extended today to a tweeted attack on Johnson and Patel’s plan to impose ridiculous sentences for merely causing ‘annoyance’ during a protest. But Starmer also pointed to the proposed ten-year sentence for attacking or defacing a statue.

Sadly for Starmer, the internet has remembered that only a few short ago he was promising to ‘work with’ the Tories and suport… ten-year sentences for attacking statues and memorials:

Starmer, of course, was perfectly prepared to tell Labour MPs to abstain and wave through the Tory policing bill when it ‘merely’ meant imprisonment for causing mere annoyance – and at the same time the criminalisation of the Gypsy-Roma-Traveller (GRT) nomadic lifestyle.

His u-turn is a damage-limitation exercise after the outrage at the Met’s violence to women on Clapham Common and not any genuine resistance to the totalitarianism that Johnson and Patel’s bill represents.

It has no more sincerity than his taking a knee last year while dismissing the Black Lives Matter movement as a ‘moment‘ and condemning protesters’ toppling of a slaver statue – protesters he would have happily seen sentenced to a decade in prison last year. And this year, until just a day ago.

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  1. Even as he thrashed about ever more wildly you can see in his face that he knows he’s already lost, a defeated man.

    1. SIR Starmer – Fear not care. Fear for himself. Zero care for the many. Several revolving doors are open. No shame. No conscience.
      That is the story of Sir K Starmer
      👀 👀 👀

      1. Hartlepool MP Mike Hill has resigned🔺🔺🔺

      2. ps What is it with Hartlepool❔ Is it that Labour took it for granted from the get go in 1974❔ After all when Mandelson was forced to resign twenty years ago due to his cloud of sleaze re VISA SCANDAL 2001, that was only his second promise to step away from politics to spend more time with the “filthy rich” about whom he said he was totally comfortable. Mandelson thought of that as “a normal life”.

        Only twenty five months before in December 1998 Starmer’s immediate operator Mandelson had to be dismissed. He was infesting the post of trade and industry secretary … all the better to slither around his beloved “filthy rich” in his “normal life”.
        Why❔ Sleaze again. SLEAZE. Always sleaze with Mandelson’s “normal life”crawling around the “filthy rich”. Secret £373,000 loan from Geoffrey Robinson ALSO in WMD War Criminal Blair’s Cabinet.

        What is it with Hartlepool❓ What is it with Mandelson❓❓ What is it with Bliar❓❓❓ Answer – The same filthy virus that afflicts Starmer. A virus of being. Born blind to decency. Heartless to the core. Happy to punish an individual for “protesting noisily”.
        Happy to abuse the tragic memory of many. Nothing is too special nor precious to stop them “trampling it underfoot” nor to be “knifed in the front” as Ms Jessica Phillips in Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet, brags she would.

        That Sir Starmer promotes the vicious thug Jessica Phillips and is guided by Mandelson, tells us more than anyone needs to know. SIR Starmer and the ENTIRE cabal of saboteurs and plotters of TWO coups, are neither “Left” nor “Labour”. They have AKWAYS been bad news. It is irresponsible and immoral to enable any of them in anyway. It shows zero integrity. We cannot have integrity if we enable warmongers like Bliar. QUESTION – Name one foreign invasion since 1997 which WMD Bliar knowingly avoided or disapporved❓❓❓ The creature was in favour of every single deadly charade to feed the military industrial complex.
        QUESTIONS – What’s “Labour” about that❓❓❓ What’s “Labour” about sabotaging even one GE let alone two❓❓❓ There’s NO integrity in “working around”, “with”, “unifying with” who have made it plane what they are.

        The only way forward is to drive the opportunist through the revolving doors. Then we shut them and make it illegal… as it most likely already is eg insider trading.

        Think strategically. Vote strategically. Make them lose. It’s the ONLY practical way. Past hopes have failed. They will fail again. DONT be “battered wives”. FEELING caught between a “hammer and an anvil” is often a state of mind. The status quo preys on that brutalised victim state of mind.

      3. ps please as ever excuse errors eg “plane” instead of PLAIN. 💐💐💐

      4. Hill was suspended from the Labour Party in September 2019 and had the whip withdrawn amid allegations that he sexually harassed a woman who worked in parliament.

        But the Hartlepool MP, a former UNISON regional organiser, was readmitted to the party the following month, despite the allegations not being withdrawn. Hill strongly denies the allegations.

        It was reported in November last year that the MP claimed £2,000 of public money as part of costs linked to the sexual harassment case, which is set to be heard at an employment tribunal in May.
        The expenses in January 2020 were for “employment liability policy excess”, according to records published by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority.
        Hill’s bid to obtain anonymity at the Central London Employment Tribunal last year was rejected. The former staffer making the claim, who crowdfunded for her legal costs last year, is anonymous.
        She described it as an “important and high-profile case”, alleged “the significant abuse of power by a public figure” and said her mental health and ability to work had been “severely impacted”.

      5. Ermine is calling you Max. You can sit next to the knife girls and preach about respect and law and order.

    1. No, it’s just dawned on him that he’s a real prize plonker and that he will never get a good job ever again once he becomes the first leader of a party NOT to get re-elected to Parliament (which I’m sure his triangulating focus groups are telling him is likely to happen).

      1. qwerboi – Don’t be a plonker, Jo Swinson has already bagged that record. What’s she doing now?

      2. Swindle… That arch europhile, you mean?

        The one you said would hoover up all the votes unless your party allowed stammer’s shithousery?

        Yeah wee fella, remind us all what she’s doin now?

        And then remind us what your grand scheme did for your party, the nation as a whole, and how far apart stammerism is from conservatism fascism.


    2. Reckon stammer would’ve charged elphicke?

      Given stammer’s previous form for refusals to prosecute establishment members – especially serving toerag MPs, I’m extremely doubtful.

      So it’s just as well idiocy isn’t punishable isn’t it?

      Cos the judge’d be calling for the black cloth when sentencing you and the muculent moron.

    3. The only thing Starmer thinks is: what would look good to the right wing establishment? whilst attempting to kid the rest of us. It leads him to make such ridiculous statements as ‘I’m not a Zionist but I support Zionism unequivocally’.

    4. I’m sure he does. As usual a totally useless politician driven by public opinion which in turn is driven by a revengeful media. No attempt is ever made to stop the cycle of violence against woman through education and the removal of poverty which drives alcohol abuse and despair.
      There was more emphasis on treatment of the cause of social crime when I was young. At least then you could rely on Labour to explore the cause of social problems. These days they jostle with the Tories to see who can build the most prisons and be sees to be toughest on crime. No wonder the countries going mad.

  2. Sir Keir Rodney Starmer, what a plonker!

    He’s not my leader – and I still pay my dues to the party he is destroying.

    He’s a Prize Plonker!

  3. maybe Sir keir Rodney starker and his support for inanimate objects and statues is a form of self protection….I noticed that a report on a motion of No confidence in Sir stammer from Bolton N.east that only mentioned his leadership style,nothing else was given a reply the the HQ \Lotto centralised “command” as Anti semitic “Funny way of answering to a motion of No confidence….just AS for criticism of the right?

  4. ‘Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said the Commissioner should not quit, but condemned the policing on Saturday as “wrong”.

    ‘Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey, who called for Cressida Dick’s resignation on Saturday night, is the next MP to ask the Priti Patel a question.

    He says: “The scenes of women being forced to the ground restrained and arrested simply for holding a peaceful vigil in memory of Sarah Everard and in condemnation of violence against women and girls were utterly disgraceful.

    “Of course the Met Commissioner Cressida Dick must resign but can I ask what personal responsibility she herself has for the terrible handling of this peaceful vigil?”

    So Kier Starmer is to be seen as being to the right of Ed Davey???

    1. It is the Labour Right’s subtle new strategy, swing to the right of everybody and Labour is sure to be elected.

    2. Starmer had the chance to ask the obvious question: did Pritty Patel give any advice to Cressida Dick prior to the vigil? but it would not have looked good to the right wing so he avoided it.

      1. Ed Davey beat him to that too, this is the rest of what he said in that debate – He (Davey) asks if the home secretary spoke to the Met commissioner in the run up to the vigil and if so what advice did she give her?

        Patel says: “I had been in touch with the Metropolitan Police Commissioner on Friday and throughout the weekend and we have had extensive discussions in terms of planning and preparation for the vigil at the weekend.”

        She says on Friday legal action was under way so there were various plans the police were working on.

        She says: “I will be very clear though, on Friday my views were known and they were based in the fact that people who wanted to pay tribute… bear in mind we are in a pandemic… but people who lived locally… laying flowers was the right thing to do.”

        But, she says, the scenes on Saturday were upsetting and that is the reason why she has requested a report into what happened.’

        Labour urges focus on Sarah Everard but says ‘response on Saturday was wrong

        Labour’s shadow policing minister Sarah Jones did not back the calls for Dame Cressida Dick to resign, urging for the focus “to be on Sarah Everard and the increasing problems of violence against women”.

        Lets not forget about the shooting on the underground of Jean Charles de Menezes, an innocent electician by armed police under Cressida Dick’s command, and the lies that followed to explain why they got it so wrong (he jumped over the ticket barrier, was wearing a big jacket that might have concealed explosives, …)
        The initial reporting, including by then commissioner Sir Ian Blair, suggested that Jean Charles had run through the ticket barrier, that he was wearing suspicious clothing and that he failed to stop when asked to do so………

      2. The advice was,”Don’t let them show your eyes on TV”.

  5. Sir keir Starmer and Sir ed Davey…give them their full titles of entitlement and a badge of division and shame.They both are aware that its a badge.that says everything about tham and whats important to them..

    1. Just watched a interview of Mark seddon described as Labour party Royalty and former editor of the Tribune left wing(so called).George Galloway is a very good interveiewer and asked him why he has left the Labour party and he basically blamed Sir Keir Starmer and “the direction of the party” on the knight he voted for. .Which begs the question which George didn’t ask.How could you vote for a man elected in 2015of no experience and a Title for services to the establishment system and not be aware of what you were voting for.?This is a man at the centre of Labour and not have a clue which makes me think that I really don’t want to be in a party of such limp stupid individuals who cant see the bloody obvious..Now I am well aware that there are many on here that are true socialists and I think you need to be aware that the party has not been hijacked by anything that is temporary or a minority.and maybe a withdrawal of funding and help at the local or a snap General election which must be on the books of our popular and Successful Boris Johnson saviour of UK PLC..No wonder the knives are out for the knight amongst the right wing Labour party parasites.

  6. I see this bill will bring more CCTV.

    Which, despite the UK being the most spied on nation in the so-called free world, hasn’t brought about ANY decrease in crime of ANY sort.

    1. Actually, I believe most crime is falling apart from violence, sex and domestics. In other words, many of us are going slightly mad. While CCTV doesn’t do much to stop crime, it enables a fairly speedy resolution if the image is clear.
      Lockdown has left me wondering what all the petty criminals, shoplifters etc, have been doing this last year? Beating their partners up?
      Anyway, CCTV is here to stay along with an increase of psychotic disorders, more prisons (aways a vote winner up to the point when privatised prisons become a money sucking mini economy) and a paired back police force who prosecute petty crime, deal with mental health episodes and protect statues.

      1. A more accurate statement is probably that less petty crime is being reported and/or recorded.
        In the case of shoplifting
        I have been told that
        Most of the the bigger supermarkets chains do not call police to deal with shoplifters if the value of the goods is less than £200 as police will not attend and it wastes a lot of staff time and resources to liaise with the police when they do.
        (hours providing statements etc for something the police will only issue a caution for.)
        They simply ban them for a period of time (up to 5 years) from all their stores and use CCTV facial recognition (with updated software for masks now) to enforce the ban.
        If the offender pays up they may even escape that penalty if the attempted theft wasn’t too obvious. (i.e. Claimed they forgot too pay at self scan etc. )
        They have similar policies with aggressive/abusive customers.

  7. Actually, I believe most crime is falling apart from violence, sex and domestics.

    Hmm….and the issue bringing about more CCTV is, exactly?

    violence sex and domestics.

    As for the notion that CCTV brings about a speedy resolution if the image is clear….Well, the ‘bargain booze off-licence/general store by mine had a ‘rogues gallery’ of people they SUSPECTED were shoplifters, and had labelled them all sorts of names other than SUSPECTED thief. I asked how many of them had been nicked as a result; the answer?

    ‘They’re staying up until they’re caught’.

    They weren’t there a few weeks later. I asked if they’d all been nicked; the answer? ‘No, not one.’

    Talking of shoplitfters being caught on CCTV…They could’ve nicked the wrong fella, here.

    On the subject of rape prosecutions/convictions…I’m not satisfied with the number of convictions neither.

    HOWEVER, rape is a bastard to prove beyond reasonable doubt. The last time government insisted the conviction rate was increased, what happened?

    We saw the plod/CPS withholding evidence that would’ve cleared men who were wrongly put on trial. That stigma/trauma – despite them being absolved of any guilt by the law of the land – will remain with those men for the rest of their days.

    And to me, that’s every bit as heinous as the crme they were wrongly accused of committing.

  8. A dangerous game, demanding more prosecutions for rape! How many prosecutions for malicious accusation? I have been falsely accused on 2 occasions, may I suggest that prosecution on demand via the ‘me me movement’ is not justice but a reflection of how powerful bourgeois women have become in MSM.

  9. Does Captain Hindsight wear FLIP-FLOPS?
    I thought it was illegal to perform U-turns.

  10. @boxcartrend …more propaganda from SteveH …Stevedavidh …SH.Hes basically having a good laugh at the posters and making a good living out of it.

  11. I am Bristol born & bred & grew up with the statue of Sir Edward Colston which managed to open my eyes to past injustices. The wealthy elite have much to answer for & mob violence is not the answer however much MSM try to dress it up. This is the past; look at it!

  12. Perhaps our great leader of No Opposition Whatsoever has a progressive neuro-degenerative disorder and is the reason he can’t remember what he said when he said it. As for MSM, they have been taking government handouts in the millions; from the Treasury, whose pages are filled with the Royals in-fighting and celebrities soft porn shots, which is far more important than the UK being turned into an open prison. Our jackboots as I have already mentioned have received training from Israel and we have Israeli drones tried and tested over Palestine. There they are used for surveillance and assassination…when does it arrive on HMP Plague Island and when, the use of the second function they possess?

    1. barriereid, That’s chilling, who was it who said ‘the war always comes home’?

      1. Give me one good reason why our government needs the same type of drones that are flying over Palestine? We have an abundance of cameras yet on-street rapes, murders and theft go unpunished…our jackboots are always asking for CCTV and dash cam footage….why?

  13. Which country manufactures the most drones? I’ll give you a clue……’s……..I can’t tell you because I’d be accused of anti-Semitism…

  14. Clive Lewis has written an interesting article.

    The authoritarianism of this government is clear. Here’s how we challenge it
    How often have we heard the notion that somehow liberty is an integral part of the English character? That we fortunate few in this country are somehow different from the rest of humanity. Not for us authoritarianism, or autocracy, or god forbid the dark slide into fascism. No – that’s for other people. Other countries. Not us.
    Well, today, in the second reading debate on the police, crime, sentencing and courts bill, we grappled yet again, with yet another bill from this government stripping the people of this country of yet more liberty and more of their democratic rights

    1. He sets out the problem but then says he doesn’t have any answers! ‘You choose’ he says. Not very helpful at all.

      1. Paul – A rather disingenuous interpretation from yourself. This is what he actually said

        That means a voting system where each vote counts equally, a fusion of direct and representative democracy, where people lead and act collectively, real power and resources distributed to communities, away from Westminster.
        I do not have the answers, but I believe the public does. So the future must not be imposed; it must deliberated on in a people’s convention on the UK’s constitution.
        Proportionate action now demands an alliance of progressives both cross-party and wider civil society. If you want more democracy, not less, democrats must work together to remove power away from these aspiring authoritarians and give it over to the people of the UK.

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