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Breaking: Labour (finally) u-turns and will oppose Patel’s Policing Bill

Protecting human rights and preventing anti-GRT racism weren’t enough reason to persuade Starmer to oppose the Tories, but last night’s scenes on Clapham Common have belatedly forced u-turn

Keir Starmer has finally decided to oppose the Tories’ attempt to criminalise political protest, after still telling Labour MPs up to this morning that they had to abstain in Tuesday’s vote.

Shadow Home Secretary Nick Thomas-Symonds has just (late Sunday morning) announced that Labour has decided to oppose.

Protecting our democratic freedoms and the human rights of Gypsy-Roma-Travellers wasn’t enough to persuade Starmer that opposing Priti Patel’s totalitarian bill – which will impose ten-year prison sentences if a protest caused ‘annoyance’ – was a good idea. But the scenes of women being dragged off in handcuffs for standing against violence and misogyny have (eventually) proven too much for his focus groups and triangulation to persuade him to ignore.

But of course, this doesn’t undo Starmer’s decision to wave through a law that lets undercover police – or even civilian ‘intelligence sources’ – off if they rape or murder: the rightly notorious ‘CHIS’ or ‘Spycops’ bill.

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    1. Focus groups reported late. Better late than never. But expect flip-flopping from weathercock Starmer. Pure desperate political opportunist Starmer. πŸš¨β›“βš οΈπŸš¨β›“βš οΈπŸš¨β›“βš οΈ

      1. tripple time plus a bonus for performance like dominic cummings.

    2. prepare to see a parade of self-serving opportunistic careerist hypocrites, one of the vest examples being the brute the thug the disreputable poor example to all women, men, and youths – ms Jessica Phillips MP.

      To complain about the MSM repeating lies while we fail to repeat truths is inexplicable and inexcusable. If MSM repetition of lies is regarded as potent as is is, then why should we the beleaguered “Left” judge it unnecessary to repeat truths❓ Redress the false narrative❓ Happy to endure decades of REPEATED abuse by the Right Wing … REPEATEDLY being walked over, under the hooves and claws of the ruthless Right Wing parasites, YET wake up only to criticise VITAL repetitions of truths❓

      It muss be repeated everywhere and often, Ms Jessica Phillips MP, never uttered a word about the enormous abuse suffered by Diane Abbott MP. Phillips had more than enough years and occasions to condemn the abuse of Diane Abbott. Why Ms Phillips have you to date failed to utter a single word of disapproval❓

      Why were you abusive to Ms Abbott the bragged openly about your THUGGISH CRUDE abuse❓

      Why did you feel it was ok to openly brag that you would “KNIFE Jeremy IN THE FRONT‼️ especially when knife killings are rife⁉️

      I believe Ms Jessica Phillips, these examples of your appalling behaviour are due to you being a crass brazen hypocrite. You have ZERO self-respect. Exactly like SIR Starmer you are both TOTALLY UNFIT for any office, let alone a public one. These are my firm views. You are shameless stain on public life. You Ms Jessica Phillips are one of the worst examples to everyone… men, women, children.
      β›”οΈβš οΈβ›”οΈβš οΈβ›”οΈβš οΈ

      1. Phillips is a self serving careerist, full stop. Just like most of the rest of the PLP.

  1. Hard as it may be to believe, apparently, this u-turn came about, shortly, after a conversation between Diane Abbott and someone. Not sure who that ‘someone’ was, but it’s immaterial, now.

    Confusion reigned, but when has it not, over this past year.

    1. well done Diane AbbottπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
      How Ms Abbott has endured all the racist and misogynistic abuse and yet keep speaking up is a mystery.
      Would be extremely helpful to see the Amnesty International ranking to see who was next re receiving torrents of abuse AND by how much were they less abused.

      It may also serve as an inspiration to others, to have it REPEATED as widely as possible to the general public.

      1. notwithstanding starmer’s pathological self-serving opportunistic heartless integrity poor calculating ethically vacant intrinsic nature, the scheme now, is to vote against this latest bill constructed by entities as contemptible as he is. nb, not through care but fear for accelerating the exit already planned… not by, but for him.

  2. Starmer is only opposing because he wants a different version of the same bill – one that would be even more draconian, thanks to the input from Jess Philips.

    1. spot on tomlondraβ˜‘οΈβ˜‘οΈβ˜‘οΈ A different version even more pernicious. as i’v said b4, starmer is desperate to outdo blue tories at being the nasty party. starmer hopes by doing so, he will get his turn at the front of the trough instead of poking his grubby snout between the back legs of the swine further up front. also, starmer’s forensics = do as instructed βž• more, in utter desperation to please the few. … which reminds me … the labour party should comprise rare precious pearls. the party should never have been thrown to grubby swine like mandelson, campbell, hodge, straw, blunkett, m beckett all other tory blankets like wmd bliar, sir keith starmer, berger, smeath, lammy, owen smith, eagle, sadiq khan, coyle, streeting, cooper, ashworth, … too many to list but all in full aggressive eager step with their blue tory swine now led by johnson.

      “never throw pearls to swine. they will trample them underfoot”.

      1. Windchimes I wonder if our Caribbean bolt hole fanatic Steve H …davdh ..SH ..centrist Dad …Stephen Hall of Bristol was sober today and able to answer for the knight.?

      2. joseph, stevedavidh davidh steveh sh are all probably still at sunday breakfast in the caribbean and other foreign places. we will hear from them soon… and it’s not yet 10:00 hrs in the caribbean.

      3. Joseph – It comes as no surprise that you and windchime are as stupid as each other.

      4. SteveH, oh ever so smart one, how was breakfast πŸ·β“πŸ·β“πŸ·β“

      5. @Centrist dad

        Collectivism or nominalism?

      6. Steve Hall @boxcartrend…Aka Steve H…….centrist dad..Steves always keen to spread the establishment propoganda

    2. Oh yes Tomlondra – Jess Phillips the “white feminist” so called because she never once supported Diane Abbot who was the most abused person in parliament but was she was happy to jump on the bandwagon of outrage when white women were targeted. Jess typifies to me what is wrong with our party today – bigoted, nasty, crude and hypocritical. That Keir Starmer should promote someone of this calibre says it all about the party under his ( failed) leadership.

  3. A man who stands by his ‘courage of conviction ‘ perhaps Anthony’s(WMD) think tank thought it was a step to far in alienating potentially over half electorate.

    1. SM – Nothing is a step too far for WMD Anthony. NB millions marched worldwide yet WMD Anthony refused to detach from George Bush. Winning the next election was long ago crossed out as a priority in the “Stop Corbyn Operation”. Starmer is only frantically clinging on, trying to outstay his usefulness to the few. That is beyond his control. We best see all his actions through that prism. Until we fully absorb the fact that the likes of Starmer do not think and feel as we do, we are doomed to be seduced by their actions ie hoping against hope… hoping against vivid history and reality… facts. even theresa may is coining it post her short tenure. millions. millions. even starmer too will be engorged with millions no matter what. it’s one common method of keeping traps shut, keeping careerist towing the line, keeping the status quo.

  4. Starmer reliance on focus groups whatever they are is problematic anyway. He should from the front not follow. Seems that he is going noware at the moment.

    1. Ian Kemp – “Seems that he is going noware at the moment.”


  5. You can hear the libs and the other parties laughing at the confused πŸ˜• Opposition Labour party now.How anyone can take this clown seriously that makes up policy on the hoof and changes it less than 24hours after announcing a abstention.He truly must be embarrassed even though he was known as a terminal clown and backstabber at the DPP.I am sure his misfits in the shadowy cabinet are plotting his retirement now.

  6. This is not a get out of jail free card for the leader of No Opposition Whatsoever. Too little too late. From the moment he took office, he has done the African Shuffle, one pace forward and two paces back…thinking of course that he had fooled everyone.

    1. barriereid…When Africans shuffle it usually means run πŸƒfor it,with stammer youre talking about almost catatonic.He may not have “expired” but somone needs to bury him before he starts to smell.

      1. I speak from having lived in West Africa for ten years. If there is enough to eat and drink that day, the African will do as little as he needs to. They make an effort to do a given task and in effect do not half as much as would be expected. I know this is a generalisation but it is that which I experienced. For a given task such as prepare ground for planting ( I have started several gardens in the Sahara, Sahel and sub-Saharan Africa) that would take three days, it takes six and they still receive the pay for three days, thinking of course they can con you into paying for six! Starmer has walked backwards in all matters associated with Labour in opposition; whilst giving the impression that he is as actually doing that as he should, except for the expulsion of socialists from a socialist political party!!!!!

  7. Look at Starmer’s pained expression. That’s what chronic constipation can do to a man. He should eat some figs.

    1. Women and children being abused, raped and murdered matter not a jot to Starmer. In this instance his indecisive forensics = panic.

      i.e. PLP being AFRAID to abstain on such a brazenly sinister bill. FEAR not CARE, twisted their and Starmer’s arm. i.e. How would constituents respond after checking how their MP voted to punish “abuse” of a statue ie an inanimate object, MORE than rape❓❓❓ Many men escape justice for raping women, girls, children and babies. Yet ex DPP Starmer, deafeningly silent and ok with that abuse but is happy to abstain on this contemptibly sinister bill.

      SIR Starmer failed to grasp the obscenity… the despite knowing full well the abhorrent aims … such is the extent of his ethical depravity to even suggest abstaining. Tells us AGAIN infinitely more than what we should already know. SIR Keith Starmer and his sordid cabal of coup plotting Labour saboteurs lack all integrity.

  8. “First you say you do
    And then you don’t
    And then you say you will
    And then you won’t
    You’re undecided now
    So what are you gonna do?
    Now you want to play
    And then it’s no
    And when you say you’ll stay
    That’s when you go
    You’re undecided now
    So what are you gonna do?”

    Obliterate the Labour party, demolish its membership and cause untold damage to all and sundry!

  9. Zelo st worth a look at just to see the choice of individuals connected to the Jewish Chronicle that Steve Walker can go for if he knows a good Lawyer.?The blatant disregard for truth must be punished.IT only has to get lucky once the assassins said and in any court case this should be taken into consideration.This type of lies and propaganda by a outlet funded by a fanatical group needs to stop and be taught a lesson.The Jewish Chronicle is a persistent offender in smears and downright dangerous to a society.

  10. Ps…We used to get the Jewish Chronicle delivered to our house,my wife being Jewish.That when we all thought of Israel has goliath taking on the Arab threat of invasion in the six day war..That was in the early 70s .Now we would only use it has toilet paper.How a once proud community news paper has been flushed down the toilet by extremists hijacking it.

  11. Back to the matter in hand – the U-turn.
    I wonder if, when he thought about it, he realised that it is not a good idea to fail to oppose a bill that would mean people could be sent to prison for 10 years if they seriously annoy other people
    The U-turn was a product of self-preservation.

    1. “self preservation” yes… though the preservative is short acting… so much for sir starmer’s “forensic” mind.

      notwithstanding starmer’s pathological self-serving opportunistic heartless integrity poor calculating ethically vacant intrinsic nature, the scheme now, is – vote against bill scripted by entities as contemptible as he is. nb, not through care but fear for accelerating the exit already planned… not by, but for him.

    2. It seems to be that the death of a young young woman and the heavy handed police reaction to the vigil prompted this u turn. Sadly, if that event hadn’t happened causing a public out cry and highlighting the constaint on the right to demonstrate, Starmer would not have changed Labour’s position and he would have hoped the bill would pass ‘with carpet slippers on’

      1. Carlene, alas it is because some in the plp alerted starmer that they might defy the whip (ie no political nous despite years of experience). also starmer stood to be embarrassed by blue tories refusing to tow the blue tory line. posted as much earlier today and below.

        your post projects onto starmer, your decent human response / instinct. that is the perennial achilles heal of the “left”. it is a core / key / determining weakness of us the “left”. there is a genuine inability to appreciate / understand that there us a mindset / mentality like starmer’s in the party. … u can see it in the language of the posters and in the clp “left”. quite remarkable… fascinating and heartbreaking in equal measure. perhaps intensive individual and group psychotherapy is needed.

        we are caught in a self destructive loop. self destructive refusal to accept that the party has been successfully infiltrated by tories. many sincerely… deeply find it difficult to accept that starmer and co are not acting or feeling or responding to the world as we do.

        that’s why despite the sharp pain / frustration, i remain grateful to have gotten involved… to see from within ie the “left” clp groups and here on what seems like a refusal / inability to see the “red tories” for what they are.

        even long b4 getting involved, i recall people who knew the blair creature, reporting that they had never heard or witnessed the creature expressing any political interest whatsoever. that it became lodged in any party was a surprise. that it so successfully established itself within labour in particular, is exceptionally wondrous.

        it seems to me that the language of the most sincere on the “left” reveals much re why creatures like blair, so effectively continue to exploit the party. it is indeed tragically akin to battered wife syndrome. sincere hope trumps all violent abusive reality.

  12. I’d never noticed before, but Labour’s alleged leader has ratty eyes. Sir Kier looks unhappy, doesn’t he?

    1. charming64 and others, as per my much earlier post, the party will now vote against the wicked police bill, instead of abstaining as sir starmer was in favour of doing again. interestingly the reason will be as i posted earlier in diffrent words – i.e. that it is perverted “forensic” behaviour to treat the “defacing” an inanimate object eg a statue, as being more serious than rape.”
      the evil bill also calls for high fines for “protesting” “noisily”. all in all the the bill which sir starmer was keen to allow passage aimed to outlaw anything which hints at the faintest disagreement with the status quo.

      1. windchime – It’s all a bit symbolic really the bill will pass through the various stages much as it would have done if Labour had abstained.
        Labour and the House of Lords will do their best to moderate the worst aspects of it but unless there is a massive Tory rebellion the Tories will get their way and Labour will in the end either vote against or abstain dependant on how successful they have been in getting their amendments passed.
        Long gone are the days when the Tories didn’t even have a majority, Now with an 80 seat majority they can more or less do what they want and there is bugger all Labour can do about it.
        This is the consequence of losing 61 seats..

      2. “This is the consequence of losing 61 seats..” due to sabotage, plotting, two coups, operation “stop corbyn” all actively and directly collaborating with sir starmer as a main operator. sir starmer whom diane abbot called “mr remain” struck the decisive blow and knife to the front ie reneged on the promise to respect the ref result and implement the once in a lifetime verdict.

        ps. this very day the police are also brutalising protestors in the netherlands. water cannon, dogs, batons and kicks to people protesting pre elections in the hague of course home of the international court of justice. let’s wait for the violence being condemned by the fetishised eu.
        βš οΈπŸ”Ίβ›“βš οΈπŸ”Ίβ›“βš οΈπŸ”Ί β›“

  13. You snivilling low life,mr Hall…..deception….deceit..and distraction politics are your stock in trade…..By the way your Rat logo is missing from your more lucative business on centrist Dad.The ginger Tom though is most appropriate I noticed that your sneering politics are more subdued,but the constant propoganda from the establishment Labour party just has insipid.and uninspiring.

      1. All you have is evasion and delusion.

        1) Collectivism or nominalism? If you don’t answer, then you’re kinda answering anyway.

        2) Your tweets are comedy gold. You really think “It’s all to play for” re Irk Streamer?! In 9 months he’s gone from 66% approval to 19%. And that’s Labour supporting voters.

        The side he’s aiming for (Tories) from 14% to minus 15%.

        Show us you’re not all gob and answer the question. Please.

      2. windchimes – ” Collectivism or nominalism?”
        I don’t understand the question, do you?

        Is there a reason that you haven’t provided a link to the evidence that supports your assertions?

      3. 10/10 for stupidity.

        You can read? Then learn what collectivism means and learn what nominalism is too.

        I already know the answer. And it’s not collectivism

      4. windchimes – “I already know the answer”

        Well bully for you, but it does beg the question why you felt the need to ask me.
        As you are so keen to educate me why don’t you share your knowledge with us all and write a brief insight into both philosophies and your reasoned conclusions.

        I’ll look forward to reading it.

      5. 11/10 for stupidity. Fuck it, 13/10

        Typical troll behaviour too. Did you buy the Ladybird book of Trolling, or find it at the Doctor’s? You should spend some time on your local This Is website. That’ll teach you the basics.

        Considering you can’t answer (or learn for that matter), it’s more than obvious that you are a nominalist.

        Being a nominalist puts you at odds with this website and the users who visit. You are anathema, morally and physically. Dim too.

        For the record, I asked you to see if you had the guts, the balls, the chutzpah to answer honestly. I’d have thought more of you if you had.

      6. NVLA – I gave you an honest answer, if you are incapable of handling then that is entirely your own problem, grow up and learn to deal with it.
        I note that you’ve decided not to take this opportunity to impress us all with your self perceived wisdom, I wonder why?

  14. WOW! That is shocking! You wave 10 years prison sentence in front of Keith and he instantly squirts his pants! He loves that thing! I wonder how he will overcome his Neoliberal come Neoconservative adversity at the vote, abstain again?

  15. Did someone mention Gypsy Roma Travellers? Judging by the lack of interest on Skwawkbox & MSM, obviously not. It seems everyone has their own axe to grind & their own virtue to signal as long as it doesn’t involve ‘Gypos’ Who cares?.

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