Video: more accusations of Met violence as police draw batons to break up ‘peaceful’ protest by Tamils

Tamil Guardian footage shows batons drawn to break up vigil outside home of Tamil woman on hunger strike

Just a day after the scandal of police violence and aggression during a vigil on Clapham Common, the Tamil Guardian has accused the the Metropolitan Police of drawing batons on people mounting a peaceful vigil outside the home of a Tamil woman who has been on hunger strike for sixteen days to demand that Sri Lanka is referred to the International Criminal Court for its treatment of the Tamil people.

In footage released by the TG, police can clearly be seen drawing batons and pushing into the crowd, with what appear to be at least two civilians ending up on the floor, although the reasons for their fall are not captured:

At least one person was removed in handcuffs.

The sight of aggressive police intervention less than 24 hours after the shocking scenes on Clapham Common will fuel worries even higher about the Tories’ plans to criminalise protest with heavy prison sentences while empowering police to take even more heavy-handed action.

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  1. the intention is to stamp out all disagreement with the status quo. nb theresa may made cressida dick a dame after dick oversaw the state murder of jean charles de menez at stockwell. ⚠️📡⚠️📡⚠️📡

    1. 1- The police already have MORE than enough powers.

      2- Excessive and excessively dangerous powers gifted to the police to work AGAINST the general good of individuals.

      3- Those powers gifted to the police, are invented to militates aggressively against the improvement of society = keep control of wealth and power in the hands of one percent WORLDWIDE. This is not a UK ill. It is a universal illness. This is not new. This illness is as old as humanity. Yet we often hear “THESE DAYS x y z…” when in fact whatever is being commented on is as old as the sun. The language, even while being “sarcastic” shapes thoughts. Thoughts shape behaviour.

      Despite glaring facts perfectly inteligent people STILL carry on about leaving the EU being the cause of x or y negative issue as if completely blind to whats happening in the EU this very day.

      Note the French police violence in 2019/2020 barely reported here, yet the police were as violent as ever. Note police violence in Spain re a wish to separate. Note police brutality in the Hague over the weekend … ALL in the curiously blindly fetishised EU STILL.

      4- Existing dangerous police powers are DELIBERATELY concocted to stamp out change. The powers should be reduced not increased. The statute books are already OVER full. Reduce them by at least half. The bulging statute books only serve the legal outfits, big business, the one percent and the governments which serve them.

      5- Dangerous powers accumulate. Why? Because the many always give the benefit of doubt to the few. Further, they assume the few won’t get worse. Alas, the few do get worse. They always have. They always will. They always get away with it, by feeding off the trusting nature of the many.

      NB, unsurprising to me, the people who infiltrated the Clapham vigil, were not only state agent provocateurs. The most destructive / displacing / obstacles to change infiltrators are actually a few who, exactly as after George Floyd tragedy, abuse opportunities EVEN tragedies to prattle on about “patriarchy”, “defund the police” etc.

      Thus no surprise to hear one metropolitan infiltrator’s response to Cressida Dick’s latest doings. The infiltrator said – Cressida Dick should not lose her position because she is a “woman”.

      QUESTION – Are the scandalous doings of Dick any less hazardous to the public good, because Dick is a woman❓ Ask the relatives of Jean Charles de Menezes, if their loved one is any less dead❔❔❔ Such is the danger to progress … the solid obstacles that are the metropolitan reading group types. Nothing is urgent. Nothing is tragic. All id out of touch self indulgent prattle.

      That is the EXACT mentality that has allowed careerist one percent servants to infiltrate and control Labour. Then perfectly decent people deeply feel it acceptable. So it continues. People eye roll, try being sarcastic, and appear to be STILL sitting at their tables worrying about a label losing.

      We are creatures of habit, so that may be at the heart of the tragedy. Or is it the failure to pause, step back and take a dispassionate look❓ Look … scrutinise… analyse as if one is outside looking in. Perhaps that is why i feel and post in what some may consider intense. That is how many others who are comparatively new and are not prone to compliance, not prone to keep head down to listen to the received loop script, and repeat it.

      But stepping back and looking in, it is abundantly vivid that Labour controlled by the few for the increased benefit of even fewer via SIR Starmer & co is essentially, purposely and effectively NOT Labour.


  2. HMP Plague Island truly is an open prison. Democracy has slowly been strangled and killed off during the last year, to be replaced by The Chumocracy. So much for our politicians and police forces being public servants. Time to man the barricades and take back democracy from the stranglehold our fascist government and their Zionist trained jackboots have over it.

    1. Matt Hancock shrugged when his actions were judged as illegal, but continues to hand billions of pounds of public money to his friends, associates and donors. Serco’s non-existent track and trace system makes it millions in profits every penny of which came directly from the public purse, the extremely wealthy wife of the Chancellor Of The Exchequer makes millions from the furlough scheme he introduced, and the alleged leader of Labour, Sir Keir Starmer, emmm forms a spiffing idea of…… errr… a Recovery Bond so that nasty socialist habits like Tax and Public Spending can be made acceptable to the rentier classes and adopt the lender/debtor model so lbeoved by financial capitalists and trilateral billionaires.

      Yes barrirreid, rotten to the core and corrupt as hell.

    2. Plague Island indeed when one person could be contacted by someone in the Cabinet to be a middle woman re £258.2 MILLION in PPE hidden contracts. Hidden, unscrutinised open to fraud.

      One woman Zoe Ley is alleged to have received as much as THIRTY percent re PPE contracts. i.e. £77.46 million.

      To date Sir Starmer & cabal of Tory Johnson enablers have been deafeningly silent. Why?

      SIR Starmer silent, re: G4S. Silent re: Deloitte. Silent re: RANDOX. Silent re: SERCO. Silent re: CAPITA.

      We are all being robbed blind on “Plague Island”. Plagued by Tory bandits in snd out of our Labour Party, right here right now, but SIR K Starmer and his Tory chums stay schtum. Gobs zipped shut. Why ? ? ?

      The answer is in their s i l e n c e
      ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️

  3. The stoopid meat heads are wearing facemasks outdoors against what appears to be a virus that prowls the London skies, hovering mid-air and waiting to pounce on them. Will they be drawing their batons against legions of invisible, airborne SARS-COV-2 next…?

  4. Bloody hell! The Met Police are losing their collective minds.

    After last night, on Clapham Common and, now, this, they’re, also in Parliament Square – ‘protecting Churchill’s Statue at all costs’.

    Has their lower to middle – perhaps higher – management been taken over by Britain First?

    I believe that’s a reasonable question.

    1. George Peel. It is a very reasonable question. The fact of the matter is that what? 80%+ of senior personnel in security, including of course the Military, Police and Secret Police are very right wing. It comes in varying flavours and different sponsors but ultimately bows it’s head to Authority – whoever has the whip hand. Old fashioned fascism

      1. At the Silver Jubilee Royal Navy Fleet Review on the Solent in 1977, as the Royal Yacht sailed past us with the Queen aboard, we were all lined up on the starboard deck of HMS Plymouth, ready to salute the Queen by standing to attention, waiting for the order, then with outstretched arms, moving our hats in three, circular, clockwise movements. I think we were all supposed to go, “HIP, HIP, HIP” or some shit like that. Anyway, my hat went anti-clockwise three times and I went SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, because I was a Merseysider and a leftie. Still am.

      2. Come on Skwawkbox – surely time to ban the blatantly anti-Semitic Troll, posting as ‘Ellie’ – whose only contribution to any article is to spew the word ‘Zionism’ and/or an Israeli connection into the mix . No, the over zealous behaviour of the Met police has NOTHING to do with either ‘Zionism’ generally , or ‘Israeli Defence Force training’ in particular. The troll posting as ‘Ellie’ is simply throwing anti-Semitic dog whistle buzzwords about, and deliberately soiling the Skwawkbox blog – so convenient for those who want to portray ALL of the Left as ‘anti-Semitic’. Who does this benefit ? Only the Starmerite Right.

        Yet five people ‘Liked’ this crude, non sequitur, post ! The gullibility of some Skwawkbox readers and posters is sad – simply assisting the demonisation of all of the Left by the undoubted crude anti-Semitism of a few.

    2. With a energised (having the full backing of Johnson) Patel as their political boss, the Met must feel invincible. Patel is an India first Modi supporter and an admirer of apartheid Israel’s policing. She thinks that many of us are morally worthless and sees us as stereotypically ‘lazy’. If anyone in the present government could be termed a protofascist it would be her.

      1. Patel is nowt a vindictive jumped-up little fascist. If anybody ought to count their blessings rather than shit on just about everyone it should be that harridan. Needs to learn that it’s in NO WAY superior to anybody and WE decide to LOAN it its authority.

        Instead it’s a modern-day Verruca Salt.. a talentless, spoilt little shit. I’ll bet it had few friends at school.

  5. And the BBC will provide its publically-funded parrot service to Priti Patel and the Tory Government and fail miserably to reeport any police violence or use of baatons.

    The disinformation will probably extend to informing the covid-anxious viewers that peaceful protests rarely happen and if a willy-nilly protests are not managed by the threat of heavy prison sentences, then, law and order will break down and a new covid variation will develop and kill us all in our sleep twice per person.

    Disinformation is essentiaal for a government as bad and dangerous as ours NEVER to be criticised by alleged journalists. Thank you SKWAWKBOX for rectifying this.

  6. I find myself singing “I don’t fault the police” by Corporate Avenger

    …Enforce rules made by fools, Violence and fear their tools…

    It _is_ them Vs us

    1. Yes, most of them are decent working class people, but Thatcher and then the Police Act 1996 didn’t prohibit the police from joining orddinary trade unions and make it illegal for the Police Federation to affiliate with the TUC for nothing.

      The Police are key tools (should that be ‘weapons’?) in the Class War – and not on the right side.

  7. Not surprised the bill drew their sticks on brown people…

    (At the risk of sounding all wee steve h) However, this was most likely an illegal gathering under covid rules. I don’t know if permission was applied for and refused or not; the fact remains that we can’t have people doing as they please and then complaining when the infection rate rises.

    And those protestors are of the racial group that covid affects worst… You just can’t have it both ways, I’m afraid.

    And before anyone tries to palm me off with some bollocks about how you can’t get infected in the open air, please don’t bother. You CAN, and that’s the end of it.

    1. Toffee looking at steve h,I would like to say that in the picture I am veiwing of centrist Dad hes definitely of the ginger tinge people and although being slightly alarming in looks I feel that it might be racist to infer the ginge tinge is anything other than acceptable amongst the Labour likud party.I have no idea how long it will take for “ginge” to aclimatise in the Caribbean bolt hole but I am sure that we may soon see ginge in shorts and ginger dreadlocks to complete the transition from the Labour party.And on a more predictable note the Torys were always going to take advantage of the virus to make and enforce draconian laws made and tested in Nireland to be used exclusively on the working class and supported by the Labour tory tribute act….And how do we reply??

    2. The rules are somewhat open to interpretation. They could have concluded that as people were wearing masks and mostly observing social distance rules, they were exercising their right to go outside. They chose not to.

    3. Hi Toffee. I can outdo your 1 steveh with 1 Pierce Corbyn….(I joke, Jeremy’s brother has some wacko ideas amongst his insight)

      Much of what you say is undoubtably true and valid, but perhaps you accept too much of theofficial covid “narrative”.

      Truth and disinformation/manipulation will often borrow each other’s clothes – and some of your two points are undoubtably valid, but – maybe – some of it is not, andwe need to discern which is which and which parts of the narrative are nothing other than anti-democratic control mechanisms.

      * The W H O report that covid19 has an IFR (infection fatality rate) of .33% – that means 99.77% of ‘cases’ survive. (Yet, 44% of all covid deaths happen in 2 countries which together comprise less than 5% of global pop)

      * CPR tests are easily manipulatable, not diagnostic tools, and easily set to produce whatever result is desired.

      * Yes, black- and brown-skinned individuals living at European/UK latitudes are more likely to become infected, but not in more tropical environs. The reason is vitamin D absorption and metabolism, orthomolecular doctors (as opposed to ‘mainstream’ allopaths) have known this since the 1960s and respond to covid threat appropriately.

      ANYWAY, all I’m saying is the pandemic is a highly poliiticised subject, and to me as a socialist, a biochemist and a democrat, Marx’s advice to look at evidence and treat it scientifically (his ‘critique methodology) is highly pertinent here – and I think, like tens of thousands ofsilenced scientists the world-over, we will reaise that most of the pandemic narrative has little to do with health and much more to do with management and control.

    4. Anytime plod is beating the crap out of white middle class folk is a good day for democracy
      Years ago Manchester police sent a hit squad into a pub full of Newcastle supporters, one of the fans who was battered was a retired chief inspector
      He pursued those responsible for years and got exactly nowhere
      Welcome to paradise
      My other copper story was graffiti on the side of a police station
      ‘If pigs could fly then Murray Street would be Newcastle’s second airport’

      1. Anytime plod is beating the crap out of white middle class folk is a good day for democracy

        No, it most definitely isn’t, and shame on those who like that kind of attitude.

        While I’m not middle class by any sense of the term and have had my share of run-ins with the law — probation, community service, numerous fines, etc. — I don’t want to see coppers beating the crap out of anyone, especially with truncheons, period.

        You often come across as someone with a predilection for violence towards those you disagree with. I grew up as a skinhead, so I’ve seen a good deal of violence in my time, even been involved myself on occasion. People getting the shit kicked out of them, or worse, stabbed or glassed is not something I care to remember with any kind of fondness.

        As Gandhi once said:

        “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind”.

      2. PW
        Once you get past the age of 15 there are no more fair fights, my advice is always to stick close to your mates
        For the record where I come from it wasn’t the blokes who scared me it was the women

    1. Mostly, it does not affect kids, but worryingly, some children at the far end of the autism spectrum and more susceptible and some with autoimmune conditions like (as SW reported 11 months ago) kawasaki disease ( mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome) do get covid19, – and as far as I know, 7 or 8 might even have died from it (it is hard to know and trust the data).

      Most kids are not affected by SARS-CoV-2 and many (maybe the vast majority) are asympomatic when they are infected.

  8. Compare the reporting of Police violence in Clapham Common with the Miner’s Strike? How the violence is REPORTED.

  9. The miners strike was a political trap set by the conservatives to “payback” the miners for the humiliation of the conservative party under Edward heath the pervert PM.When Scargill took the bait and faced up to torys the security services in collusion with the police force destroyed them politically and economically including a scorched earth policy of the towns and villages they lived in and enabled by the Labour establishment.I sometimes wonder if Joe gormly might have been able to save some parts of the industry,were Scargill became more of a hate figure than the actual miners.Great man king Arthur and I always admired and respected him,and even joined him on the embankment in London for the last walk into history..not that we knew it,but Arthur Scargill certainly did.Has to the reporting,same as usual the left have always been fighting the tide with the media and always will.We still manage to get in government occasionally just to give the torys a rest…but I think this knight as finally sunk the ship.

    1. [I]t became increasingly obvious that the real story was not at all what I and others had at first imagined — still less what had been printed in the Mirror or broadcast on Central Television. And as the allegations unravelled and the court cases and investigations collapsed, glimpses of what in fact lay behind the affair began to emerge: of dirty tricks, agents provocateurs, surveillance operations, political manipulation and diplomatic deception — and the devastating lengths to which the security services were prepared to go in the war against the NUM, both during and after the 1984-5 strike.

      From the preface to The Enemy Within: The Secret War Against the Miners; Seamus Milne; 1995; Pan Books Ltd., London

    2. …We still manage to get in government occasionally just to give the torys a rest…

      Sadly, very accurate

    3. Joseph
      Scargill refused the vote to his members, my understanding was there could not be a legal General Strike unless the miners voted to strike
      He could have brought down Thatcher, why on earth would he not have trusted his men

      1. If so, maybe because it would have brought down Thatcher and caused a civil war?

        I dunno (obviously), but one person whose judgement I’d listen to and respect is good old jpenney.

      2. I am not sure if Arthur trusted all of the miners,just look at the Nottingham Scabs and also the union itself was infiltrated by paid security services operitives…And so was the Labour party compramised by the enemy within.All sounds very familiar doesnt it Doug?

      3. Reply to Doug
        Arthur Scargill conducted local ballots and the miners voted for strike action. The miners supported the strike – they were out for a year.
        But as the strike progressed Thatcher brought in a requirement for a further strike ballot – not a show of hands but I think a postal ballot , a costly exercise anyway. The NUM’s bank accounts were frozen. There was no money ( dues) coming in and what money was available was being spent on welfare. The NUM just could not afford the ballot. Thatcher knew this and thats why she required it. She was backed by Neil Kinnock in this, to his eternal shame.
        She beat the miners and by extension the Trade Union movement in collusion with Kinnock and by using the gutter press to portray decent hardworking men as thugs.
        The miners were striking against pit closures – for the right to work underground digging coal – one of the most dirty and dangerous jobs there is. Their slogan was “coal not dole” and for this they were physically beaten by the police and vilified in the media.

      4. Reply to Joseph O’Keefe at 2.34 pm . I agree with you 100% comrade about the Miners strike. I lived through it and it made me detest the Tories and all they stand for.

      5. Apologies
        That should have gone to Smartboy
        Tis the night before Cheltenham so a bit upcited and at the moment solvent

    4. I was @ Art College in South Wales & Captain of the BTDB British Transport Docks Board Football Team. There were many weekends we couldn’t field teams due to ‘flying pickets’ supporting striking miners. Many long hours being threatened by Police & often being followed back to Newport. One question we often asked. why a miner’s strike starting in March?

      1. Lest we forget NACODS treachery. Who says the class war is over?

  10. And on another subject Boris Johnson wants to expand British influence and business in the indo pacific region whats describes as a opportunity after leaving the EU.?Now how will they do that?.Well it seems that half a dozen Battleships a couple of submarines and the only aircraft carrier the brits have with US F35 on the decks and fully loaded and manned by?US Pilots under the command of the US fleet.Destination…?South China sea following European forces and US into the S.China sea and forcing the hand of countrys like Veitnam,Cambodia,and Indonesia who are at present neutral to pick sides.I have news for mr Johnson that this group of SEast Asian countries already know whos the enemy and whos the carpetbagger.and its not China.Nothing really charges much except this time they are not facing a bunch of illiterate peasants. ,but some of the world’s most technologically advanced nations in the World and the most populous.And when push comes to shove dont rely on Singapore or Australia who also rely on China and the expanding economic regions of S.east Asia and the Pacific rim….Absolutely pathetic from the conservative and unionist party.

  11. This is modern UK policing they are taught hyper aggression and always trying to be in control of others!

    Rather than actually approaching a peaceful protest with some understanding, we get kettling, baton charges and violence.

    Then they complain when police are hurt after starting violence where there was none before, of course blaming the people for being militant or some other BS.

    Any TV news is then turned into Tory propaganda by the compliment Tory news channels.

    1. There was a time, not so very long ago, when it was a Policeman or woman’s duty to uphold the law — then it became his/her duty to enforce it.

      uphold: support something and ensure that it continues to exist.

      enforce: make sure that a law, rule, or duty is obeyed or fulfilled.

      Oxford English Dictionary.

      The difference couldn’t be starker.

      1. It’snot only their language, but buildings too. We’ve got a newish (nulabour built) central police station in Leeds (Elland Rd), near the Leeds Utd football ground, and it a massive whaite, showy, symetical monstrosity. Its architecture screams at you the way Soviet buildings and Ceausescu;s 1980s-built presidential residence did.

        It says. “little people this is the place of power and authority – do as you’re told, pay your fixed-price penalty fees and take your experiimentalmRNA drug that we pretend is a vaccine!

        Fascism and authoritareanism built large!

      2. Police Forces duty is to provide evidence for the prosecution, not the defence.

      3. When one looks at the body builder physic of many of our policemen I do wonder if their aggressive behaviour is linked to some of them taking illegal steroids. Perhaps the introduction of random testing would see an improvement in police behaviour. Nothing to hide etc, etc……

      4. SteveH
        Did I read somewhere they are recruiting 18 year olds to the police force
        Looks like the same strategy they had with prison officers to get rid of expensive older staff and replace them with YTS apprentices
        By all accounts there are more drugs in prisons than outside going for 3 times the price

    1. While the police are happy to pin women to the ground and brutalise them, SIR Starmer was PREPARED to enable even more UNNECESSARY powers to the police. SIR Starmer was keen to do what he loves best STRIP away every freedom to even express decent. Even if your are one individual. Even if ONE person eg Hodge complains that you are “NOISY”.

      Yet neither the police nor SIR Starmer will investigate EVEN one person like Zoe Ley who allegedly was contacted by someone in the Cabinet to be a middle woman re £258.2 MILLION in PPE hidden contracts. Hidden, unscrutinised open to fraud. Part of over £ Thirty Seven BILLION of unscrutinised Covid-19 SECRET contracts.

      One woman, Zoe Ley is alleged to have received as much as THIRTY percent commission on £258.2 million re PPE contracts. i.e. £77.46 million.

      To date, Sir Starmer & cabal of Tory Johnson enablers have been deafeningly silent. Why?

      SIR Starmer silent, re: G4S. Silent re: Deloitte. Silent re: RANDOX. Silent re: SERCO. Silent re: CAPITA. silent…

      We are all being robbed blind on “Plague Island”. Plagued by Tory bandits in snd out of our Labour Party, right here right now, but SIR K Starmer and his Tory chums stay schtum. Gobs zipped shut. Why ? ? ?

      The answer is in their s i l e n c e
      ⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️

      1. Well said signpost. I’m undecided about how to refer to Sir K. Should I just refer to him as the “alleged” leaader (because he acts like a bystaander and develops no oppositional positions and policies for Labour), or as the “billionaires’ lackey” because he seems more interested in championing their ‘needs’ than those of the Many (unlike his wonderful predecessor)?

        Or maybe just “Sir Dissapointment”.

      2. qwertboi, SIR Starmer is not “a bystander”. He is an active enabler of his Tory chums of millionaires and billionaires. He has no “oppositional positions and policies for Labour” because he is not Labour and is carrying out instructions dictated to him.

        He IS not “seems”… ONLY not “more” ie he is only “interested in championing their” wants, of the few, not “‘needs'”.

        He has no care for the “‘needs'” of the Many”.

        To me, Starmer is not a “Sir Disappointment”. SIR Starmer is Sir Conveniently Silent. Sir Self Serving. Sir Script Follower as predicted right here on well ahead of the curve. Sir Starmer is obvious, predictable and predicted bad news.

        I’m neither disappointed nor surprised. Astonishingly, others are. That, is the enduring tragedy. The status quo that only serves the few, is maintained not so much by considerable effort of the few. The key to their triumphs are due to enough of the many, who within seconds of being kicked by the Right, bend over to be kicked again. For some peculiar reason they don’t expect to be kicked again. The expectation is deeply sincere. The psychology is akin to someone who turns away from their reflection in their mirror and immediately forgets what they looked like.

  12. A single mum said police threatened to refer her family to social services after she took her eight-year-old son to a Sarah Everard vigil.
    Catherine Bolton has also been slapped with a £200 fine for breaking lockdown rules when she was stopped by police officers after the event in Liverpool city centre on Saturday.
    She said: “He started saying these funny initials so I asked him if he was talking about social services and he said he was.
    “He asked me for my son’s name and threatened to arrest me if I didn’t. He said he was referring me to social services and I said he can ‘bring it on’ as I am a good mum and I have nothing to hide.
    “I’m waiting to hear from them. I have done nothing wrong and the policeman is just a bully who wanted to silence me.”

    1. He (the policeman) is maybe “just a bully” who is acting a lot more confidently in repressing people than police people have ever done before. Thanks for the link steveh). I wonder what gives these people the extra “confidence” to be so clearly heavy-handed and repressive in their dealings with the public? Priti Patel? The most openly corrupt government in British history? Possibly,

      More likely, it is the completely counter-productive and therefore unnecessary extended lockdowns and the great “reset” that was planned and to whch Sir Keir was fully privvy thanks to his membership of the F*ckawful Trilateral Commission. This isn’t just happening. It’s been planned. Now we see why the billionaires and GloboCorp capitlalists could not allow Labour to win GE2019. Jeremy C would have make GloboCorp’s working arrangement with the UK Government impossible – and the false pandemic would not be happening (instead we’d be ensuring that SARS-CoV-2 did not kill the aged, immuno-suppressed and those with chronic co-morbidities.

  13. PPE should have cost £2.5 billion it cost £12.5 billion, add that to £37 billion spent on Test and Trace and its us who were put away for 16 months
    Still it pales into insignificance when the cost of Lockdown comes in

    1. That’s sadly correct PW.
      Let’s listen for Johnson, Patel, Starmer & Dick et al condemn that and say “how hurt” all who know and care for the deceased R.I.P. feel about this. ⚠️⏱⚠️⏱⚠️⏱

    2. PW – The one good thing here is that this policeman’s ‘inappropriate conduct’ was reported by his police colleagues.

  14. SteveH15/03/2021 AT 8:18 PM
    When one looks at the body builder physic of many of our policemen I do wonder if their aggressive behaviour is linked to some of them taking illegal steroids.

    Hahahaha…Fucking Hell, that’s a corker, that! Oh, my aching sides! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    ,i>’Body buider physic (sic) Ahahahaha…..hahahaha…(pauses for breath) Hahahaha!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

    No plod around when you want them? Try the nearest fast food outlets; give it ten minutes at most, and you’re more or less guaranteed to spot them there.

    As for the ‘roid/drugs issue.. That shithouse bettison, when CC of Merseyside plod, said plod found taking drugs would NOT be sacked, but given counselling. Meanwhile the crackhead coppers were being allowed to lie in court under the influence.

  15. Lockdown hypocrisy. Fined for sun bathing but I can march any time; any place anywhere. Just call it a protest. Herd immunity the name of the game.

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