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Travelling from Somerset to Kent? Don’t forget your Kent Access Permit

It seems some UK people not even allowed to travel freely in England

Seen at Taunton services, a sign of Boris Johnson’s great deal with the EU – reminders to lorry drivers to obtain their ‘Kent Access Permit’ before travelling to England’s most south-eastern county:

As the artic driver who sent it to the SKWAWKBOX noted:

The Brexit dream was to see Britons set free – it would appear some Britons are now not even free to enter certain parts of England!

Restrictions on the amount of currency you can carry in Northern Ireland without declaring it have also been announced.

Of course, without sabotage by the Labour right, Keir Starmer’s manipulation of the second-referendum pipe-dream and the shameless abandonment of proper journalism by the so-called ‘mainstream’ media, the UK could have been enjoying the ‘heavenly’ Brexit deal agreed in principle in 2019 by Jeremy Corbyn and the EU.

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  1. The Kent Access Permit is a legacy of Brexit, not the Covid18 pandemic – they’re completely different (seperate and distinct) Billionaire-exploited Scams.

    1. the FRAUD Keith Starmer has no answers for a simple question‼️‼️‼️
      Here are answers Starmer –
      1️⃣ ALL schools should be closed IMMEDIATELY.
      2️⃣ ALL borders should be closed IMMEDIATELY for tourist traffic as per Japan, Australia, New Zealand etc. The UNFORGIVABLE failure to test millions of travellers at ports should be corrected immediately.
      3️⃣ NHS staff should be PRIORITISED for properly tested vaccines AS APPROVED. As approved. NOT as per Bliar’s science free dictum.

      If Starmer had any useful substance and integrity, rather than full of shallow self-serving interests, he would have said ALL of the above last February when Covid-19 was already in China then spreading to Milan, Spain, France and Churt in Surrey‼️‼️‼️
      But no, because Starmer is an utter shameless disgrace🔴🔴🔴

  2. SB – “sabotage by the Labour right, Keir Starmer’s manipulation of the second-referendum pipe-dream” ➡️ Johnson as PM ➡️ 74,000 approx UNNECESSARY Covid-19 deaths for 2020 ( as predicted many months ago ) + Long Covid + NHS Staff more distressed than EVER

    ▶️🔁 RAMPANT chumocracy of Tory snouts in troughs to the tune of £BILLIONS.

    Contrary to what davidh / SteveH / SH claimed last year, Starmer has NOT held Johnson to account on any of the above. In particular, Starmer will NEVER utter a meaningful word on SERCO, G4S and Deloitte… NEVER. He will not utter a peep against them.

    All that we face now, is a DIRECT result of Starmer, Blair & Mandelson’s sabotage🔴🔴🔴

    1. and you can bet your last penny that now Sir Keir Rodney is the Leader of Labour, the long-grass into which the Grenfell Tower calamity commission was kicked is now even LESS LIKELY to deliver justice for the bereaved residents and the working class.

      1. qwertboi, hope u, yours and all others on had as glorious a Christmas as possible. I cannot tell u how much i’m hoping we all survive and thrive in 2021. Thanks for highlighting the tragedy that IS Grenfell Tower and the victims of Tory greed. You may know that the saving re using KNOWN flammable cladding was only a few thousand pounds. In parallel, multimillion PPE contracts were given to Tory chums, in return for as little as £12,000 donation to the Tory party in one case.

        Sadly, due to Johnson & Starmer infecting the UK, there is much worse to come re Covid-19. There will be a reduction in fatalities ONLY from May – October. However because Tories have no wish to learn. Tories prioritise their enrichment over everyone and everything else. Thus, by November if they carry on as now, Covid-19 and more infectious and deadly iterations affecting the young will be virulent.

        I believe that ALL schools should remain closed till at least May. Schooling should be online till then. June – September schooling should be intensive ie maximise the sunny months.

        We should lock down as per last November now. NOW. Face coverings should be worn at ALL times when amongst the general public eg public transport (best avoided) and indoors eg shops.

        ALL BOARDERS should be closed for unnecessary travel until May. The Tory 1% must not be exempt. Then we must have proper screening at ALL ports.

        Amazon, the big four supermarkets and all the beneficiaries ie increased takings, not “creative losses”… TURNOVER must be taxed with a surcharge. I propose at least 70% on all turnover in excess of pre pandemic levels. All big businesses making ANY use directly or indirectly of tax- havens must be taxed on ALL their turnover as the USA does. The minimum 70% rate proposed above, for those businesses should be minimum 85%.

        ATTENTION – I have read that tax rates during the UK’s infection by Thatcher, were as high as 90%.

        Those who moan about the restrictions and tax need to get their priorities right. They can all shove off to the bin that is Monaco. It is not beyond the abilities of even an incompetent administration to have those with any connection to tax havens to pay a fee to visit the UK for any purpose, business or pleasure.🌺🌺🌺

      2. Thanks and a Happy New Year to you, SnW.

        I’m not so sure about the face-coverings bit. As soon as the “experts” contradicted their previous advice and told us to wear them, the infestation figures rocketed. Why? Because although coronavirus can be airborne, infection for most people is via hard surfaces, inadequate hand-washing and increased face-touching – which,of course, increases when we are told to put on a mask every time we enter Sainsbury’s and Aldi’s, etc..

        Happily over 87% of all ‘cases’ (which in my area, Leeds, are down 36.4% over the last 7 days) result in asymptomatic infection and presents no serious risk to the infected (but do to a small number of others) – but YES, schools should be closed immediately!

  3. The Government web site provides a wealth of information:

    You can even get fined for entering Kent without a permit:

    “The driver could be stopped and fined up to £300 for entering Kent without having a Kent Access Permit, or for making false declarations when travelling to the Port of Dover or Eurotunnel.”

    An approach which it is to be hoped never reaches the ears of Keith Starkers lest it gives him the idea of fining, rather than expelling, volunteer Labour Party members to find the money to pay off former staff troughers who deliberately sabotaged the Party.

  4. I almost forgot about the ‘heavenly’ scenario that talks Corbyn had with the EU representatives had brought about…

    I fail to appreciate why people voted toerag in huge numbers in Dec.2019 after Corbyn had already secured more EU enthusiasm than the toerag version of a withdrawal that 17.4 million voted for…

    …Now, what would repulse people from that? Short of reneging on a policy to respect the result and make those millions of already cheesed-off people vote again on something the EU was far more keen on than a tory brexit…I couldn’t imagine.


  5. For wry amusement, I understand some drivers refer to this permit as a Kermit. It mildly amused me as Kermit is of course that very well-known friendly frog and it seems you need your Kermit before you can enter Kent in order to hop across the Channel … well, it amused me anyway 😛

  6. perhaps someone would like to provide said truckers with Fartages home address , just so they can pay a little visit and seek his help in the form filling , and express their gratefulness for making their lives soooooo much better . Make sure to park up on his front lawn lads !

  7. Anyone else wonder if this is also the secret plan for the NI/Ireland non-border?
    Massive fines for going within ten miles of the non-border without an EU Access Permit?
    Just to prevent queues forming, obviously.

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