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Video: Streeting flaps like landed fish when Neil exposes logical fallacy

BBC interviewer asks whether MP wants his party to negotiate a deal then campaign against it

Centrist MP Wes Streeting floundered on Thursday’s This Week when Andrew Neil pointed out an obvious logical flaw in Streeting’s demand for Labour to back a referendum on any Brexit deal and to campaign for remain.

Labour’s policy is to deliver Brexit and to negotiate a better Brexit deal – but in the event of a general election leading to a Labour government, Streeting’s plan would see Labour negotiate a Brexit deal – and then campaign against it.

When Neil pushed his point and would not allow evasions, the Ilford North MP’s expressions were a picture:

Streeting tried to end the discussion by claiming there is no prospect of a better deal, even for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. However, EU officials have already welcomed Corbyn’s proposals – with one describing Corbyn’s plan as ‘heavenly’.


What a difference when an interview actually probes and questions centrist claims instead of simply allowing them to pass unchallenged or even treating them as unarguable fact.

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  1. Streeting will soon be getting is just rewards for being the boot boy thug of the plotters.another traitor with more mouth than brain’s!

  2. Streeting does not represent the Labour Party. With this attitude, why is he still he a member.

  3. Peter , I think the this mp and other traitors feel untouchable by rules and regulations that only seem to be applied to loyal socialist in the Labour PARTY.The NEC by their lack of enforcement against the traitors only empowers streeting ,Watson and many more to behave like the Tory bully boys.We the many are supposed to suffer in silence and get out and campaign ,and try on the doorstep to repair the damage done to the Labour party by these treacherous attack dogs of the right wing .Hopefully the NEC will act before the damage done is irreparable.

    1. Indeed. They are untouched by NEC unlike Labour members who are harassed, abused, lied about, doxxed. This is not just one man running this “club” there are definitely “hidden hands” in all the abuse levelled at supporter of Mr Corbyn. Many of us know who these “hands” belong to. Unless someone actually gets hold of this situation and deals with it properly, people like Streeting will continue to get away with abusing MPs like Diane and others as well as members of the public.

  4. Can we not put up a motion to our CLP’s of no confidence in Watson? Anyone got one drafted?

  5. screeching again looking like he’s ‘followed through’ in another still photo.

    Almost ‘followed through’ when being interviewed by ‘brillo’. We usually only hear (read) that much shite coming from you-know-who.

    ‘I don’t accept the premise of your question….The tories…’

    ‘We’re talking about labour policy’

    ‘I don’t accept labour policy’

    Reminded of anyone?

  6. Streeting should have been “finished” a long time ago after his violent outburst against Diane Abbott in the Houses of Parliament , with fellow MPs restraining him .
    IMO there is still a lot to do in sorting the chaff out from our Party and I hope is some way or fashion Mandatory Reselection is brought back to Conf this Sept at Brighton for further debate

      1. Very true Carlene and T-watson made sure of that but I hope that will be only temporary and Chris will be cleared of any bullshit AS accusations and twatson sure knows his days as Dep Leader are numbered .It’ll be interesting to see what sort of reception he gets at Conf this year and if he gets to speak , will he be stamping his foot in childish tantrums if he don’t get the star billing he thinks he deserves.
        I think a slow hand clap and turning of ones backs would send a dignified message , or simply utter silence at the end of any speech he gives , maybe even the majority of delegates to get up and walk out when he starts .Who knows

    1. Exactly. Powerful people involved here protecting the likes of Streeting et al. People at NEC must be involved in protecting such people otherwise there wouldn’t be so many “leaks” against Corbyn & his supporters. So many good people have been targeted, tarnished, suspended & expelled on flimsiest evidence whilst violent, aggressive bullies walk around like cock of the north!!! Utterly disgusting.

  7. Its quite clear that Streeting has but contempt for Democracy and Democratic Outcomes, he’s a serial anti-democrat, he denies the Brexit vote, denies the Conference Vote and was instrumental in the Chicken Coup – this man should not be in Parliament, never mind the Labour Party itself – Expel the bugger.

    1. Streeting is a —– (fill in the blanks)

      But do give up on this Holy Writ of this crap Tory referendum, which resulted in a massively uninformed *minority* vote for a widely misunderstood idea that was also – as revealed subsequently and conclusively by events – a crap idea in terms of the country’s future.

      If people in general still want to vote for a crap idea – so be it. But democracy demands a chance to reconsider in the light of better information. A binding vote would have required a much more convincing framework.

      1. The paid Troll, RH, yet again repeating that constantly debunked ludicrous Mandelson/Campbell PV script claim that the 2016 EU Referendum , with its highest voter turnout percentage of modern times of over 72% (comparing very well with much lower recent Westminster Election turnouts) , which Leave clearly won, was somehow “a minority Vote” !

        That ain’t how democracy works, cretin. The opinions on Brexit of the nearly 28% who didn’t vote is entirely UNKNOWN , and certainly can’t be added to the REMAIN vote FFS ! If voter abstainers are to be included as a matter of course to the non-winning side total in any General Election, then NO government of recent times has any legitimacy ! But even the Troll, RH and his identical pals, really know this. Its just crap “white noise” argument from the PV Campaign Troll script . If the 2016 Referendum had narrowly favoured Remain, RH and his PV pals would have had no problem with that at all.

      2. “The paid Troll”

        Wrong again, Ha’Penny – but why break your record of writinf sheer fantasy bollocks? It’s what Toytown leftery is all about.

      3. “That ain’t how democracy works, cretin”

        So now the high priest of fantasy engages in rational debate about the nature of ‘democracy’? The sentence is a good guage of the intellectual povery of most of the prounouncements masquerading as ‘socialist ideology’ (aka ‘Bollockspeak’).

        Another pig flies past.

      4. RH,
        Given your scant regard for democracy, why don’t we just get it over and done with and have the European Commission run the UK – oh, and if you check out events in Cyprus during the fallout from the GFC, you’ll see I ain’t joking. Still, you must adore neoliberalism and all its manifestations, which anyone capable of reading Revisions to the Treaty of Rome since the early 90’s is etched in stone in said revisions – but of course I’m talking through my arse again in your opinion, which, will 100% lose Labour the next General Election if followed through, namely, Labour becomes the Remain Party, with all other Centrist Remain Parties.

        Hope you take ownership for that.

  8. There is an irony in Andrew Neil’s pointed questions here and Wes Streeting’s Vicky Pollard oratory, and that is that if Labour wins the election Wes Streeting fully intends to campaign against a Labour government.

    Him and his cohort will without any doubt resign from the Labour Party and join the opposition. They intend to stand as Labour candidates and after winning, resign and deliver their seats and their votes to the opposition, not just for occasional matters of conscience, but with the intention of usurping Labour in a vote of no confidence.

    We cannot afford for him and the rest of the Labour Right to be the Parliamentary candidate at the next election. They have to be deselected.

    This does not only apply to the few extrovert idiots readers of Skwawkbox could all name, but quiet types like Chris Mathieson in Chester, and Bill Esterson in Sefton, who keep a low profile after they gleefully piped up alongside the right wing effort against Corbyn to “break him as a man” in 2016, nose picking new boys tagging along with the school bully.

    If you are a Labour member be ready and be organised to instigate selection processes; have your alternative candidate identified and ready; and read back any statement or comment your current MP made in 2016; how they voted before and since.

    You cannot trust them with benefit of the doubt – do not end up with a Labour candidate who will betray you and try to remove a Labour gvt after they are elected.

  9. I really hope Wes Streeting gets his comeuppance once and for all. Nasty bullying miscreant!!! After what he did to Diane Abbott he should have been thrown out of the Party!!! He appears to be completely “fireproof” and left to abuse, dox, invent stories to get honest Labour supporters chucked out of the Party. There are plenty of us who are victims of his abuse.

  10. Andrew Neil goes off-script in actual journalism shock; a no deference to Blairite stooge first!

    This is how you do it, Marr, you worm!

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