Video: Jeremy Corbyn on his new Peace and Justice Project

Earlier today, the SKWAWKBOX announced the launch of Jeremy Corbyn’s new ‘Project for Peace and Justice’, which former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa described as a step toward a world in which ‘people come before capital’.

The former Labour leader himself has published a video about the launch:

The PPJ website is now live at on Sunday, 13th December 2020 at 2.30pm. PPJ can be followed on Twitter here and on Facebook here. Sign up as a supporter here.

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  1. Wonderful. Even if it is not the intent, the Project will be seen as an embryonic party by its supporters and backers in Labour as daily Sir Keir and his acting general secretary alienate more members.

    Well done Jeremy, this could easily become a bigger threat to status-quo neoliberalism in Labour than anyone imagined (especially The Billionaires’ Lackey, Sir Keir Starmer).

    1. No harm done by a little window shopping. Keep posting Skwakies . I going to look around.. Regards.

    2. Jeremy Corbyn had a choice of different avenues to go down after the total destruction of the Corbyn-led Labour Party project of 2015 to 2019 (by constant Right and MSM sabotage – but also the totally supine Left’s lack of any resistance) – and the now accelerating assault on the Left membership by the Starmer claque. What this historical moment in the UK desperately needs is a new radical Left Party- beyond the stinking, corrupt, electorally fucked, zombie corpse that is Starmer’s NuLabour2 monstrosity. IF Jeremy, still a major icon of Left credibility to hundreds of thousands of increasingly despairing , under growing attack, Lefties still in the NuLabour2 Party , and even just a handful of his old PLP comrades from the Socialist Campaign Group, had responded to current utter marginalisation of the Left, PLP and members, and ever-growing purge and stalinoid censorship, by leaving Labour and acting as the recruiting sergeants of a new radical Left Party – and used his credibility try and get some Left trades unions on board , such a Party could have a hundred thousand members overnight.

      But Jeremy HASN’T done this has he ? He’s tried to ‘ to do a backroom deal’ to get back in the PLP, and failing in that, isn’t rallying the members against the Purge , but is going to the bourgeoise courts – to get just HIMSELF back in the PLP ! And, yep, BIG NEWS , Jeremy is setting up some kind of ‘campaigning Left leaning think tank’ his Peace and Justice Project – as an alternative to the historically necessary Party-building ! Campaigning Leftie Think Tanks are nice , about as important to actually taking on the current capitalist crisis as a chocolate teapot. The ONLY way to change anything in increasingly neoliberal Britain – now dominated politically by TWO viciously neoliberal pro NATO, pro nuke, pro Austerity parties, is to work to build a mass Left political PARTY to campaign and bid for power electorally. But Jeremy will be back in his lifelong comfort zone with his new project – powerlessly moralistic campaigning against the evils of globalised capitalism , and getting nowhere . The lifelong career mission of Jeremy and all his old PLP Left comrades in a nutshell !

      Those posting on here – tragically believing this ‘project’ might even be Jeremy’s ’embryonic’ secret attempt to build a Left Party are seriously mistaken, This ‘project’ is a nice ego-booster for Jeremy – but USELESS in today’s ever more vicious neoliberal UK, and looming new global economic crisis, for building mass resistance.

        Do you actually have a good word to say about anybody, or are you just a miserable, bitter, loathsome old git?

      2. Some of us recognise Jeremy Corbyn as a superb recruitment sergeant of the left,and some of us also think he his no leader.But a embryonic party it could be…I penny….My group leader once praised me in saying you are great in a battle and you wish to win everone,but some of us wish to win the war and in peace you are just a loose cannon.Now naturally I didnt agree,but the point being we utilize what we have in a country held down by a monarchies over thousands of years and never once revolted against the establishment system.Corbyn will do,he’s batting in the left direction and so are a handful of the PLP….ITs certainly worth emptying the CLP acounts and giving it a go…whats to loose other than our membership of another conservative party….?and not even thats certain if the money and the members drain away.I get begging letters on a weekly basis despite attacking the knight on a daily basis up and down the forums at home and abroad…..Socialism are bust comrades,and Solidarity more than ever !

  2. Not surprising, you have been and still are a beacon of hope and light in these worrying times. Goodness overcoming evil and greed.

  3. Excellent news! Sadly, such spirits as Corbyn’s were entirely focused upon all of the right things, inside Starmer’s fading project pointless.

    Labour, from such hope to such redundancy in so short a period of time.
    Hopefully, outside of the current shit-show, and more removed from the disingenuous BBC and the Guardian, Project Peace and Justice will achieve some of the goals that have now been forbidden the Labour Party.

  4. I stopped my fees to the L/P when starmer took over this seems Something worth donating too

  5. It’s very good news for sure , and have joined / donated already , even if it doesn’t transform into a full party it has very sound and admirable aims , and it may just be a rallying point for those unjustly expelled as I don’t see any restriction on being a member of it mentioned on the web site . Bloody good move JC , we all await the inevitable smears from the Zionist Lobby and the PLP

  6. I think CL P donations would be a good cause to help them along especially as the organisation is fronted by the ex leader of the Labour party and also a top union leader gives it strong credibility.

  7. I am already involved with the Catholic “peace and justice commission” but I and my wife will certainly feel obliged to join the more localised “Peace and justice project now that Jeremy Corbyn is involved..

  8. Jeremy Corbyn the strongest most decent sincere man of our times. We are behind you every inch of the way Jeremy.

  9. I dont know where to start. I have never seen anything like that. He puts American evangelical preachers to shame. Can you not see it? That old man’s vanity is off the feechin scale.
    I watched 2 minutes of it and in that time he managed to reference, black life matters, global wildfires, Covid19, Rolls Royce workers, Indian farmers, the many not the few, research, campaign, organise, hungry children, refugees.
    I thought of giving Skwawkbox a miss. I was getting a bit bored of the circular arguments from the usual suspects, but Im back.

    1. So you save your regard for leaders who use their position to enrich themselves (Blair, every Tory leader ever) and have none for those who work to improve the lot of the less privileged – that’s the difference between you and decent people like Corbyn and the left.

      We believe everyone has an inalienable right to a decent quality of life regardless of accident of birth – you intellectual pygmies ‘believe’ in take as take can – that existing power structures have the right to divert wealth to themselves whatever the cost to the climate, the planet, its natural resources, 99.9% of everyone alive today and the future of humanity itself.
      If you think I’ve misrepresented your position please explain my mistake.

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