Breaking: Corbyn launches new ‘Project for Peace and Justice’

Sources close to former Labour leader say it is not a step toward rival party

Jeremy Corbyn

Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has today announced plans for a new organisation to support social justice, peace and human rights, in Britain and across the world.

The Peace and Justice Project will be launched on 17 January next year, in an online event featuring panellists including former ANC leader Ronnie Kasrils, young climate activist Scarlett Westbrook, Labour peer and former teachers’ leader Christine Blower, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey and Labour MP Zarah Sultana.

The PPJ will provide a platform for campaigns, work with social movements and trade unions, commission research on solutions to common problems and build networks for progressive change, both in the UK and internationally.

Corbyn’s new project, which sources close to him say is not a step toward a rival party or movement, will focus on combating poverty, inequality and unaccountable corporate power – and promoting peace, global cooperation and climate justice; self-determination, democracy and human rights.

The PPJ aims to bring people together to support social and environmental justice, peace and internationalism. 

Jeremy Corbyn said:           

The aim of the Peace and Justice Project will be to bring people together, for social justice, peace and human rights, in Britain and across the world.

It’s there to create space, hope and opportunity for those campaigning for social justice and a future that works for the many, not the few.

We will work with unions and social movements to build a network of campaigners, grassroots activists, thinkers and leaders, to share experiences and generate ideas about solutions to our common problems.

We will combine research and analysis with campaigning and organizing. And we can build on the popular socialist policies developed in the Labour Party over the past five years.

This year, many of us have felt powerless in the face of forces beyond our control. It doesn’t have to be like that. Things can, and they will, change.

Rafael Correa, former president of Ecuador, said:

Coronavirus has shown again how neoliberalism is incapable of dealing with the huge crisis our societies face.

Now, more than ever, we need to be united in our struggles across the world against neoliberalism and inequality.

We need to build a world where corporate power is replaced with real democracy, where people have access to full rights, key services like health and education, and a life with dignity.

I welcome the creation of Jeremy Corbyn’s new Peace and Justice Project, and I look forward to working with him for a world where people come before capital.

The Project for Peace and Justice website will go live at on Sunday, 13th December 2020 at 2.30pm. It can be followed on Twitter and Facebook. Sign up as a supporter here.

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    1. I bet if Carole Morgan was asked to alter the terms of Jeremy’s Legal Fund, which has £368,000 in the kitty, she’d be able to ask the donors and with their agreement change the purpose of JBC Defence Ltd.
      Can’t start a fictional new party on fictional peanuts.
      In my opinion there needs to be such a massive surfeit of members and funds that Labour and the Tories are shitting themselves at the prospect of a new party long before it’s announced.
      First thing I think Jeremy should do – and do it quickly – is prepare the ground for the inevitable massed MSM attacks by publicly announcing beforehand that false accusations will follow any real socialist party as night follows day – by doing that he makes their every word ring false.
      Of course this is just a project and anything more is pure speculation on my part…

      1. But isn’t the Legal Fund the only thing keeping John Ware at bay?

      2. I suspect what’s “keeping him at bay” is that his case is bollocks and losing will ruin him as a film maker by making his defamation insurance unaffordable to commissioning production companies.

        Bad press for Corbyn and Labour was the object of the whole scam including the PanoDrama and the lawsuit – and the mere threat of legal action was enough to keep it in the Shit Press headlines for weeks – it’s no coincidence that none of the many other threatened lawsuits have proceeded to trial (as far as I know).
        Trials which find them to have made false accusations are the last thing the antisemitism scammers want.

        Look at it this way – if they won a case nobody would ever again dare accuse them of lying as I just did, or risk saying an unkind word to any Jew ever – so if the scammers could win they’d definitely proceed.
        The converse is also true – once they lose a case and are proven liars and conspirators they’ll NEVER win any other similar case – and they and their ‘project’ are fucked, humiliated and universally despised.
        That’s a BIG risk.

      3. Yes it’s just an announcement. As you say there is a war chest. Like to hear from momentum, nm and unions. Cheers.

    2. As far as justice is concerned, one of it’s first issues should be to mount a campaign to free Julian Assange who is where he is thanks in part to Kier Starmer, who as we know has absolutely no interest in ‘justice’. What an indictment for the Leader of the Labour Party.

      1. Not sure campaigning will help at this stage of the proceedings Jack T, unless the whole population hit the streets rioting – I haven’t seen anything new on the case lately but my suspicion is that only legal action or a change in the US position on extradition might affect the outcome now.
        Maybe Biden has a different opinion to Trunt? I haven’t read any statement by Biden so maybe wishful thinking, but with Biden as President can we hope Julian’s prospects may be better?

      2. Joe Biden? Are you kidding? That wannabe fascist just announced mandatory mask-wearing EVERYWHERE in the US for his first 100 days. Seig heil!

        No I reckon Trump’s his best bet. A free pardon/dropping of extradition case on his way out of the White House would really fuck Democrat Liberals’ shit up big time! Mind you, they’ll all be wearing masks, so you won’t be able to tell, which will spoil the enjoyment somewhat…

      3. David, you could be right but as far as I understand Corbyn’s project, it will be international and a concerted campaign could knock heads together over here. I wouldn’t like to take the chance of Assange going to the USA where almost half of the population appear to be ‘rednecks’.

      4. timfrom, am I to take it you think Biden more of a fascist than Trunt?
        That you think Covid isn’t serious? Are you some kind of Trunt-loving wannabe redneck antivaxtard dickhead?
        Do you think Trunt cares so little about his legacy (joke) that he’ll ditch his principles (another joke) just to spite the Democrats?
        Agreed on that, nothing is too stupid for that infantile fucktard.
        His mother should have flushed him at birth but since she didn’t he should have been “friendly fire accidented” by his secret service team on his first day in the job.
        Legislating mask wearing in a pandemic isn’t fascist, it’s just a normal, sensible public health measure like segregating Ebola patients. Masks help to avoid stronger measures like quarantine, but hey, if you’re that opposed to disease control you should insist health professionals aren’t forced to wear masks either, or to wash their hands or wear gloves before digging around inside you.
        Also that catering workers aren’t fascistically forced to wash their hands after having a shit – because if making people wear masks in a pandemic is fascist, so are all health measures that require the most minuscule effort by anyone. Right?
        I think it’s fascist that the law tries to make me stop for pedestrians – who the fuck do you people think you are, slowing me down?

      5. “am I to take it you think Biden more of a fascist than Trunt? That you think Covid isn’t serious? Are you some kind of Trunt-loving wannabe redneck antivaxtard dickhead?”

        Yes, that’s right. What a stinging rebuke! Where did that legendary IQ of yours get such an eloquent vocabulary?

        “Do you think Trunt cares so little about his legacy (joke) that he’ll ditch his principles (another joke) just to spite the Democrats?”

        Of course he would. Like Boris, Trump has NO principles other than those that serve his ego, so he can hardly betray them. Don’t you remember his “I LOVE Wikileaks” when running in 2016?

        “Legislating mask wearing in a pandemic isn’t fascist, it’s just a normal, sensible public health measure”.

        Yeah, right, that’s why we’ve never taken such measures before outside hospitals; because we’ve never had a pandemic before! You’re effectively trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence, the virons involved in this particular virus being so small. The dehumanising effect of wearing masks cannot be overstated and if you don’t laugh like a drain every time a politician addresses the camera wearing one, you have a heart of stone. And have you been out lately? This casedemic is drawing all sorts of fascist groupies out of the woodwork only too willing to live by mindless rules and the more the better. Yep, that bitch IS in heat again!

        The “danger” from this virus passed some time ago and is only being perpetrated by use of the meaningless PCR test, the best friend an authoritarian ever had. If we gave up using it, the “crisis” would be over tomorrow. This is why, to get out of this dead end now the damage is done, the emphasis is being shifted onto using the more reliable Lateral Flow testing method.

  1. It looks like a few of you are going to have to put your dreams on hold for a while.

      1. Jack – I was like many others who also comment on these pages was rather hoping that he would be announcing that he was setting up a new socialist party or perhaps that he was running for London mayor.

      2. SteveH, if it did morph into a new Socialist Party would you join, being how your days as a Socialist in Labour are numbered?

      3. “I was rather hoping” – Yeh – sure you were – hence the blizzard of downbeat comments.
        Project for Peace & Justice sounds a bit like Party for Peace & Justice – same initials too 😉

      4. David – The sooner you are able to turn this into a party the better as far as I’m concerned.

      5. But then as far as Starmer is concerned, why would voters choose Labour Mavises over Tory Mavises?
        You’ll be fighting for the same voters with the same policies on the same ground and that’ll not only split the ‘Mavis vote’ – it’ll make it clearer that the real choice is as it has always been – between left and right, as we all once understood.
        The way I see it the rump of Mavisdom, the middle class, has about ten to fifteen years left in privilege before it’s replaced by technology.
        Its higher end jobs will disappear shortly after commercial drivers’ jobs, because the more – and more diverse – the ‘experiences’ of machine learning, the faster it will develop.

        In the shorter term, if you’re thinking a Starmer/Gove coalition can beat the Peace and Justice Party – and you can stand the humiliation and the stink – good luck with that.
        Maybe it can, but while Starmer will certainly bend over as readily as any LibDim, the power sharing will still be as illusory as it was before – and far from pleasing everyone, coalition will alienate both sides’ supporters.
        You and your kind may share fluids with the wet Tories and the desire for power at any price, but you’ll tear each other’s hair out over everything else.

  2. Good, it should stand for a rival socialist party that is needed in the UK as the cult of new Labour 2.0 isn’t interested in anything close to socialism these days!

    They desperately want us, evil socialists, out the party, great now we know where we can go don’t we as they don’t need out help, money or vote as they have rich scumbag mates again.

    Hopefully the handful of so called socialist MP’s might wake up and realise appeasement of scumbags isn’t going to get them anywhere! They might like to you know actually stand up for something than bowing down and drinking the cults kool-aid.

  3. Obviously a Project not a Party in competition with Labour – that would be very, very wrong.
    I’ll join and donate of course, and I’ll lobby for it to become a party when and if support grows enough to make a new party sustainable.
    That wouldn’t break Labour’s rules would it SteveH?
    It’s not like I give a fuck, but let’s not get Jeremy banned.

      1. SteveH13/12/2020 AT 3:05 PM
        David – I doubt it, but I can’t give you an authoritive answer on this.

        Well looky here!! Wee stevie’s admitted he’s stuck. No opinion poll taken on that one that you can use?

        Here’s another question – a very simple one – that doesn’t rely on an opinion poll for an answer…Just your own opinion’ll suffice.

        What’s the difference between stammerism and conservatism, wee fella? Any chance of any sort of answer on that one – ‘authorative’ or not?

        No? Ok then – How about naming a single tory policy or proposal stammer’s opposed since *ahem* inheriting the leadership?

        Again, your answer doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘authorative’

        You’re forever giving us the benefit of your wisdom on just about everything else; how about educating us thickos who are unawares of such things?

    1. Why not . He’s in no man’s land at the moment, neither in nor out and he’s unlikely to ever return to front line politics.

      1. Well Steve H if Jeremy Corbyn goes he’ll take most of us with him.
        The Labour party really has gone to pot.It is run by Anti Arab racists so hate filled and vicious that they veto fund raising for poor Arab/ Palestinian children and call it “antisemetic” . They prevent discussion and debate and expel or suspend members who show any sympathy for these children and their families
        They are also so far to the right that they veto the spending of £3600 ( out of a budget of £1.3 million) on the hungry, homeless and poor at Christmas at home. Even Thatcher who most of us hate with a passion would have hesitated to do this as she would have had the sense to realise it would disgust normal people. Our party leadership lacks this sense
        I am only still a member because of Jeremy I’m hanging in there in case my vote is needed but if he goes I’ll go too as will most of the remaining Socialists – you know Steve the Antisemites Scum Dogs Thugs Terrorist Supporting Stalinist Marxist Trots.

      2. Smartboy – “you know Steve”

        No I don’t know it is not a description that I would use.

      3. Reply To Steve H
        Apart from contesting the names other socialists and I were called by the PLP between 2015 and 2019 and the name anti-Semite which we were and continue to be called since around 2017 I note that you have not attempted to deny the current leadership consists of vicious anti Arab racists and vile right wing extremists who would deprive a small child of a present under the Christmas tree, a homeless person shelter for the night or a hungry family a hot meal on Christmas day by vetoing a donation of £3600 between 3 charities out of a budget of £1.3 MILLION.
        As you have not sought to refute any of this I am glad that agree with me that our party is now run by about the Anti Arab racists and right wing extremists.

      4. I keep seeing this budget figure of £1,300,000 bandied about, where does it come from and what does it include?

      5. Steve H I see you have posted a query about the large budget the richest CLP in the country has, but you have yet to dispute that the party is now led by Anti Arab racists and right wing extremists. Too scared to discuss these issues because you know what I posted is true? Only a vicious Anti Arab racists would call a fundraising event to benefit Arab children “anti-Semitic”.Only a right wing extremist would refuse a small donation to a food bank, homeless charity and a charity giving children living in abject poverty a toy at Christmas,
        Your inability as Starmer’s cheer leader in chief to even try to defend this vile behaviour speaks volumes

      6. Smartboy – I didn’t address the rest of your comment because I thought it was a load of bollocks and not worth dignifying with a reply. You would have thought that the CLP would have had the forethought to run a fund raiser for these charities.

      7. Steve H I see you are unable to defend golden boy’s anti Arab racism and uncaring behaviour towards the poor homeless and hungry so you descend into the language of the gutter- well and truly exposed as the right wing nasty you really are.

      8. Well that’ll be about the same likelihood of stammer becoming PM, wouldn’t it?

        (Wearily awaits the stock/default answer of: ‘My beloved noble lord is ahead in the polls*‘ or the laughably fraudenlent bollocks of: ‘He’s more popular than Corbyn’** to rear it’s/their risible head(s) once again)

        * Not according to latest yougov poll what @rob posted t’other day

        ** Don’t remember Corbyn getting complaints and demands for change as well as losing NCV’s from as few as 2 or 3, nevermind 230 CLPs…Such is stammer’s ‘popularity’.

        Nor do I see numbers flocking to join the party in stammer’s first 8 months at the same rate as joined in Corbyn’s first eight…

      9. Toffee – Oh dear when will you manage to get things right. First of all the poll referred to was by Survation not YouGov and refers to the Party’s polling not Starmer’s polling. Having said that it does represent a considerable improvement on the one that Survation took prior to the 19GE
        10–11 Dec 2019
        Tory – 45%
        Labour – 34%
        LibDems – 9%

        If you want to check on Starmer’s leadership approval rating there’s a link below.. You can also see Corbyn’s personal ratings as well and compare them both with Boris’s

      10. It was survation not yougov…

        So? Who gives a shit?

        ‘It’s about stammer’s popularity not the party’s

        Yeah because he was popular with 70% of the party once wasnt he? Remind us all how the electorate voted…Oh, you did.

        10–11 Dec 2019
        Tory – 45%
        Labour – 34%
        LibDems – 9%

        That’s how popular stammer and his 2nd ref was at the GE, knobhead. Go on, start crying about how Corbyn was leader – again; knowing full well he was as good as killed off by stammer & co’s shithousery that you had no qualms about giving your unfettered support to…

        230 (and counting) CLPs are – shall we say – ‘less than satisfied with his performances’. The membership has shown NO sign of ANY increase; not even at the same rate as Corbyn’s first 8 months at the helm (Most believe there’s been a decline and I haven’t seen a single poster on here declaring they’ve joined because of stammer – have you?).

        And I know of nobody in the real world has a minute for the box-headed swarfega-barnetted, nonce-protecting, establishment beaut.

        But weirdly, all the complaints about stammer are somehow converted into plaudits, in your warped mind. Every criticism and failure become virtues, to you .

        Ever seen the film ‘Downfall’? The way you carry on about the useless imbecile running the party is scarily reminiscent of the totally obsessed sicko magda goebbels and it’s utterly destructive hitler infatuation.

        ‘What’s so anti union about labour’s current policy?’

        With that sentence you disabused yourself of the delusion that any crumb of credibility you thought you had, was never really there.

        That is an even clearer demonstration of your imbecility than you claiming those labour MP who gave us the NHS were remainers. I’ll make damned certain you never live THIS one down as well. 😀

    2. McCluskey is involved but I hope Corbyn doesn’t listen to anymore of his ‘helpful’ advice! Otherwise those of us, including our Jewish comrades, who oppose Zionism will be unwelcome and the whole dirty smear campaign will have another focus.

      1. I feel the same. You don’t do a steeplechase carrying the hurdles from the start and the laying them out in front of you as you go along. The ones already there are bad enough. Good luck.

  4. Conveniently, we won’t have to change the letterhead when support grows so much there’s no choice BUT to turn it into the Party for Peace & Justice.
    I just joined, donated through PayPal and set up a monthly payment also through PayPal – on the PPJ donations page it took me three attempts to enter a payment over £10 – where you’d expect to scroll down the page to enter the amount, you have to scroll up.

    Can you remember the combination to your wallet SteveH?

  5. I’ve joined and donated and see this as the beginning of a ‘socialist ‘ movement, as it will build on the manifesto and vision Corbyn established – much better than a new Political Party, in my view, but potentially just as, if not more, powerful!

    1. “Much better than a new Political Party” – but shouldn’t be a problem turning it into a political party when the time is right – for now it’s a hoot that Starmer can’t do a damn thing to jeremy for supporting what’s not another political party.

    2. THE ANC and the Bolivarians know a thing or two about building grassroots organisations, the Charter for example. It’s worth an educated punt. All the best.

  6. I and my wife have signed up. The Labour party will get not a penny more than my membership until they show some socialist principles. I contributed several times to Labour during the election campaign but always thought my money was probably going to the “enemy” now all my contributions will go to Corbyn.

    We need some way to pressure the Labour party, this is the way.

      1. Thanks David.

        I contributed and am now contacting our people to get the message out.

  7. Bernie Sanders got more funding than any other Democrat all from small contributions none from corporations.

    Corbyn can do the same.

    He should set up a political fighting fund for the left. (only to be funded by individuals or Unions).

    The Unions would do better funding Corbyn rather than a Labour party that has returned to its anti-union stance of the Blair years.

    1. That’s the Biggie. I suppose shops can contribute individually regardless. They order the Morning Star as branches, I think… Could be wrong, but student unions can and we need the youth.

    1. Siding with the Tories against the teaching unions on facemasks and school measures would be one obvious area

      1. I am expecting the new management to abandon any proposal to restore a wider liberty to strike by the enactment of tort immunties ‘in contemplation or furtherance of an indutrial dispute’, the latter broadly defined, as previously enacted in the 1974 Trade Union and Industrial Relations Act (as amended in 1976).

      2. Words right out of my mouth SKwawkbox , I see those following the ” project” on twitter is now 18K in but 6.5 hours of launch , excellent start

    2. “What is anti-union about Labour’s current policy?”
      Starmer may not have changed much in the way of policy YET, but the elephant in the room is whether New New Labour will oppose, abstain or support New New Austerity when the Tories vote to make us pay the 1%’s losses again.
      Starmer isn’t just anti-union, he’s anti-human.

  8. ” build networks for progressive change, both in the UK and internationally.” So it’ll be opposed to, and campaign against, the impact of Brexit ? I am sure it will.

  9. SteveH13/12/2020 AT 4:45 PM
    What is anti-union about Labour’s current policy?

    ktmrichard13/12/2020 AT 5:04 PM

    Starmer will not back strikes and will return to the PLP Progress line, he claimed he would unite the party but has embarked on a purge of the left.

    SKWAWKBOX (SW)13/12/2020 AT 7:35 PM
    Siding with the Tories against the teaching unions on facemasks and school measures would be one obvious area

    “Hello, police, please Yeah, I want to report keith stammer’s chief bomb-maker on Skwawkbox has blown himself up…Good and proper this time, the soft bastard…No, there’s no need for an ambulance, I think air crash investigation might be required to piece him back together, though.”

      1. Old enough to understand what’s anti-union about stammer’s labour party. 👍😉

      2. Joseph – We note that you and yours have already packed your bags and done a runner.

  10. I have joined and made a contribution to this project. it is a positive move with a real chance of making a difference.

  11. Notice who is not spreading the news: Lansman, Novara Media and Owen Jones totally ignore this. Alex Nuns and Matt Kennard have links, this is a litmus test, you can see who is pretending.

    Young activists need to be contacted.

    Corbyn needs to get on twitter to spread the message internationally, I would suggest he contact Glenn Greenwald, Aaron Maté, Max Blumenthal, Kevin Gosztola and Jimmy Dore, all of them recently have given him coverage.

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