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Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust cancels all staff leave because of COVID emergency

Media has presented NHS leave changes as voluntary, but in at least one trust staff have been given no choice

The SKWAWKBOX reported earlier this evening that the Royal London Hospital has declared a ‘disaster medicine’ situation and admitted in an email to staff that it is unable to provide quality care – while preparing to tell intensive care staff to look after three times as many critically-ill patients as normal.

But the Royal London claimed it was in a better situation than many in its region – and that is being borne out as further information emerges.

And now Barking, Havering and Redbridge NHS Trust, only about ten miles away from Royal London as the crow flies, has emailed all staff, telling them that all leave has been cancelled as the trust struggles to cope with the ’emergency’ situation.

The media have carried reports of trusts asking staff, on a voluntary basis, to re-arrange their planned leave, on a voluntary basis, to help handle the influx of COVID-19 patients – but in at least one trust, staff are not being given a choice and have simply been told the cancellation is a done deal.

Winter crises had become a year-round reality for our NHS long before the coronavirus struck, leaving the nation’s greatest treasure too weak to cope with any kind of surge, let alone the current third wave of a catastrophically-mismanaged epidemic.

How many more trusts are in reality taking similar steps as the effects of the Tories’ disastrous and frankly murderous mishandling of the pandemic crisis hit home yet again? And if they are not yet there, how long before they are?

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  1. Lives bartered away and sacrificed to the insane rush to privatise the NHS.How could all 3 partys condemn the population to the US market system of who lives and dies on profit and loss,with all 3 having snouts in the trough including the Labour party for many years….Tony Blair and the 97 landslide for Labour sealed the fate of the NHS.

  2. When Lord Sainsbury took over the NHS I was in ITU. We went onto 12 hour shifts. Prior to this a 37.5 hour week, early, late and night shifts. This went up to 48-60 hour weeks. It is exhausting looking after three ITU patients, their screens, their infusions, their lives. Who the fuck do politicians think they are to put us in danger of killing our patients through exhaustion or simply that in order to do CPR on one of the three, another succumbs to danger??? I thankfully damaged my spine in a work related incident and no longer am in a position to be taken to court, sentenced and struck off for killing a patient…through being put into a dangerous position by criminal politicians. No political party ever made my life and my job easier or paid me what I was worth. All they did was bleed us dry. 70 000 nurses currently off sick, last year 50 000 walked away. Don’t anyone dare call them cowards or berate them in any way…and 530 medical staff dead from being abandoned.

  3. Who the fuck do politicians think they are to put us in danger of killing our patients through exhaustion

    My sentiments exactly, Barrie. Unlike the capos of the DWP (That is, those carrying out punitive and knowingly harmful measures with the relish the psychopathic toerags bastards admire and expect) medics have my fullest sympathy and every entitlement/validation to use the Nuremberg Defence. I would be loathe to apportion blame, indeed to the point of fully acquitting those on the front line. In my book they have extremely little, to no case to answer

    That said, there are those from the medical profession who conspire with the DWP to carry out said harmful measures against the sick and disabled, and are enriching themselves at those poor people’s expense…Many of whom are misdiagnosing people when they’re not even qualified to.

    I mean, JHTF does a physiotherapist decide who has depression or other form of mental disorder? What dental nurse can tell me the ins and outs of (for example) type 1 Chiari Malformation, or Lupus Coagulent?

    These people, in my view, should be struck off AND jailed if they get it wrong. Along with the SoS of the DWP and all the civil servants who devised the evil, homicidal policy.

    In essence, if a patient dies in a hospital because a medic made a mistake through exhaustion, I have every sympathy for that person

    But if someone dies because of a wilful action of a medic to enrich themselves at their ‘client’s’ (Not patient‘s) expense, then they should bloody well hang alongside the snide bastard ministers that endorse such cruelty, avarice and other foul practices. .

  4. And yet Wuhan where the virus was said to have originated, dealt with the outbreak correctly and hasn’t had a reported case for months.

    1. Hardly any deaths, only a Q1 6.8% fall in its economy – AND CHINA WAS BACK TO 4.9% GROWTH BY Q3 2020.
      And what was Grinning Bunter’s excuse for not doing what was known to work?
      “We’re not China. We RESPECT people’s freedom.” or some such bollocks.

      The British are retards – unworthy of decent government – they DESERVE him pissing on them and laughing as he steals their wallets.

      1. Remember those scams that asked for £100 in return for a cut of £one million supposedly owed to the scammer? Incredibly there are enough greedy people who are willing to believe something which sounds too good to be true – Brexit anyone?

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