When Corbyn was LOTO, this was just one of his and his team’s contributions delivered to food banks for Christmas

Liverpool Labour MP Ian Byrne has reminisced this evening about the contribution made to the ‘Fans Supporting Foodbanks’ charity – in northern city Liverpool – by Jeremy Corbyn and his team at Christmas when Corbyn was Labour leader.

Byrne was responding to a tweet by the @ToryFibs Twitter account and noted that a car boot packed with food was the donation delivered to Liverpool by the then-LOTO team:

But the food delivery to Liverpool was just one of several provided at the same time by Corbyn and his staff – donated, collected and delivered at their own time and expense. Others went to food banks around London.

But that wasn’t all. Not only Corbyn himself, but also members of his team, took time out of their Christmas to help at local shelters for the homeless.

Corbyn at a local homeless shelter on Christmas Eve 2018

So far in the run-up to this Christmas, the SKWAWKBOX is unaware of any indication that Corbyn’s and his team’s successors have done – or have plans to do – anything similar.

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  1. They might after reading but it will only be for show. Zero heart. Zero soul. Zero care🥀🥀🥀

    1. Starmer has lots of heart soul and care for his one percent masters though🥀🥀🥀

      1. How has Labour come to this? How much longer can Starmer drag the party through filth to get his turn to pass through the revolving door? What’s Starmer’s vision? Sod the many for the greed of a few. What’s his policy? Tell Johnson how much he supports and agrees with Tory policy. What is Starmer? No one knows. One can only guess. Possibly a parasite. Or possibly a poisonous parasite. Most likely, a poisonous soul destroying parasite with nothing to offer the many.

        SIR Starmer, you are as welcome as a blood sucking SH tick, flea, louse, ringworm, SH tapeworm, maggot, SH it’s repellent what ever it is…

      2. SteveH, after Gordon Brown’s promises in 2014 on the eve of the indi referendum and the failure of Labour to deliver on the promises made. Do you really expect the Scots to trust on anything that Sir Keir promises?
        Let us revise Sir Keir record:
        1- People’s Vote and now he is going to accept a Brexit Tory deal.
        2- Jeremy is my friend and now despite Jeremy been restored to Party membership by an NEC’s panel Sir Keir suspends him for the Labour whip.
        3-I am going to unite the Party and now the Party is engaging in the biggest civil war ever.
        If you believe the Scots are going to trust anything Starmer’s says you are deluding yourself. Starmer is the best gift to the SNP.

      3. Maria –

        Ref your examination of Keir’s record.
        1- People’s Vote and now he is going to accept a Brexit Tory deal.
        We’ve already left the EU, we lost that war. The choice now is between whatever Johnson pulls out of the hat and no deal. Nobody in their right minds wants a No Deal.

        2- Jeremy is my friend and now despite Jeremy been restored to Party membership by an NEC’s panel Sir Keir suspends him for the Labour whip.
        I’m guessing that Keir has concluded that Jeremy is currently an electoral liability.

        3-I am going to unite the Party and now the Party is engaging in the biggest civil war ever.
        If only Jeremy had moderated his response on the day then we and he wouldn’t be in this dilemma. Jeremy knew full well that his response on the day the EHRC report was released would cause discord and grief all round. What was the positive outcome he hoped to achieve from his ill judged intervention. He only has himself to blame for his current predicament.

      4. You can ‘educate’ yourself here…’

        No thanks. We’re already wise to anything and everything that sullen po-faced gobshite is about.

        ‘educate yourself’ it demands… From the same gobshite who’s been schooled by just about everyone, ever.

        You’ve been told about your attitude towards far more intelligent and insightful folks than yourself and STILL you prattle on about ‘kinder gentler politics’ ffs

        …And before you start, I couldn’t give less of a shite who advocated it, alright?

      5. Toffee – “No thanks. We’re already wise to anything and everything that sullen po-faced gobshite is about.”

        I’ll remind you what you have said the next time you complain about your own (wilful) ignorance of Starmer’s policies.

      6. No. I’ll tell you what’ll happen.

        First of all you’ll tell us all the difference between stammerism and conservatism.

        Then you’ll name a single toerag policy stammer’s opposed.

        Then -and MAYBE THEN you can remind me of my ‘wilful ignorance’

      7. SteveH, your arguments defending Starmer’s records aren’t persuading me or in fact many Labour members here. Hence, how are you expecting that Starmer’s speech on devolution is going to impress the Scots?
        I only listening to Starmer speech for less than 10 minutes as I found it:
        1- full of abstractions
        2- disingenuous
        3- boring.
        All Starmer does is to speak ad nauseam on his support for devolution but fails to go into the detail or what powers would he devolve, perhaps he does it later on, but really but that point, I have enough and switched off.
        Still, more importantly like in the case of the “People’s Vote” both you and Starmer are forgetting that the Labour Party isn’t in a position to deliver; I seriously doubt most Scots would forget it.
        Professionally speaking, that you consider that Starmer’s speech on devolution is going to persuade a substantial numbers of Scots to support Labour at next May Holyrood’s elections, I see them as further proof of your mind’s delusions.
        Let’s wait till next May shall we? and we will see how many seats Labour is going to retain at Holyrood at the next Scottish Parliamentary elections.
        My prediction is that we are going to lose over 20% of our seats in Holyrood (more than 5) so, considering that we are starting from a very low base (we are the third party in Scotland) nothing sort of increasing our number of seats at Holyrood or retaining every seat, would be a good result for Starmer’s Labour.

    2. CORRECTION – Starmer has NO heart and soul FULL STOP🛑

      Starmer however does care DEEPLY for his one percent masters as they throw him treats. They throw baubles he craves. He scampers to fetch as instructed. He has Max headroom to be patted. Good boy Max. Good boy.

      Max Headroom gushed to Forrara how much he LOVES his SIR bauble the 1% gave him. He’s so PROUD of it, he said. The rest of us would be proud if we did something decent, eg feeding hungry children, or stoping Tory chumocracy epitomised by SERCO, G4S, CARILLON now morphed into another villainously greedy outfit.

      Even half decent human beings would expose the unspeakable sufferings the now renamed ATOS inflicts on the most vulnerable. Not Keith. Amidst the mother of all Tory trough ing of BILLIONS to chums, Keith tries the typical LOOK OVER THERE ruse, DPP sticking about devolution.

      A quarter decent person would feel proud if they freed Julian Assange from imprisonment. NOT Keith. Keith Starmer has ZERO decency. That’s why the bollard headed dullard’s PROUD of his sordid treat – his SIR trinket – his SIR bit of bone. A bit of bone in return for being a despicable moral and ethical vacuum 🥀🥀🥀

      1. windchimes – Keir has made numerous references to Tory cronyism during PMQs and other debates, to claim otherwise is simply dishonest. Unlike Jeremy who was dealing with a minority Tory government Keir has to try and make progress against a Tory party with an 80 seat majority. What notable victories did Jeremy achieve against much weaker opponents. Corbyn was full of good intentions but unfortunately he lacked the leadership skills to enact his fine ideals.

      2. SH as u fully well know, Jeremy was fighting against Blue Tories AND Red Tories like YOUR Starmer. SH it’s your lot who delivered that 80 seat majority. The rest of us foresaw the dreadful plunder by the 1%. But u and your “MANDY” and Bliar BOASTED that they “WOKE UP EVERYDAY thinking of NEW WAYS to UNDERMINE Jeremy”. Starmer AND the rest of your lot r responsible for the 80 seat majority. Your WAR CRIMINAL Blair ENDORSED its fellow creature warmongers the Tories.

        And, DESPITE the Tories’ shameless Covid-19 profiteering, Johnson is still polling two points ahead of your Max Headroom without the ceaseless MSM lies and LIES of your lot. How could anything be that incompetent??? With an army of bastards batting for your lot, they fail to impress the public. U LOVE polls, don’t u?

        That’s why ALL DECENT people must return Starmer’s belongings to Starmer. Not a single stamp nor phone should be lifted for him or ANY saboteurs and parasites. They must be driven out. The parasites must be replaced with real WORTHWHILE people with real WORTHWHILE life experience. No more careerist. We need MPs who prioritise and RESPOND in MEANINGFUL ways to the needs of the many.

        This is the season of goodwill to all humans NOT parasites like your Keith & W.M.D. Blair who caused the deaths of over a million in Iraq alone. Think of the millions more who grieve. When i think of their grief and the plotting of Starmer to give his Tories a 80 seat majority, the result is total DISGUST for Starmer and the rest of your lot🥀🥀🥀

      3. windchime – Telling porkies won’t help your case. I have never expressed support for Blair, I spoke out strongly against the plotters and I don’t support the traitors being allowed back into the party. You are welcome to try and prove otherwise.
        Corbyn was full of good intentions but unfortunately he lacked the leadership skills to enact his many fine ideals which probably explains his long career on the backbench. I very much doubt that given his age and his current predicament he will even stand in the next GE. The chances of him ever returning to front-line politics are next to zero. It is high time you recognised this reality and moved on. I joined a political party not a religious cult that worships a deity.

      4. SH – “I spoke out strongly against the plotters ” Really SH ? ? ?

        Exactly WHEN, WHERE and to WHOM did u speak out against the plotters SH❓❓❓

      5. windchime – Obviously at the time of the coups and other events. If you think I’m going to spend ages searching through old comments to satisfy you then you’ve got another think coming. If you want to try proving that I’ve ever supported the plotters and traitors or Blair then knock yourself out. I’ve nothing that I feel the need to prove.
        Time for you go down your 🐰🕳 and start your search.

      6. SH get your AH WFM to go down your own holes. U two r holes in holes. Lying holes, that’s why u fail to give even one single time when u condemned your Starmer and the other coup plotters for their wicked deceit. You never condemned the sabotage to the party. Ps, my responses to u r neither for your conversion nor education. U & your contemptible lot r unconvertible. My responses r 4 the benefit of new readers to so they can spot the corroding virus SH that u & Starmer r to decent society🚨🚨🚨

      7. windchime – I’m glad you weren’t trying to impress me with your little rant, you would have wasted your time.
        If I’m guilty of all your lying arse is accusing me of then you should have no problem whatsoever with proving it. Come back when you’ve got some proof

      8. SH your twisting is proof u r one lying arse within an arse. That’s what u, your SIR Starmer, your AH WFM and all your disgusting lot are. Shits within shits within arses within arses within SHs it’s what u all r SteveH / davidh / RH / AH or who ever u r 2dy sniffing your controller’s awaiting your briefs. Go chase baubles bones and balls like your Max Headroom. Fetch! Fetch little SH!! Stop sniffing your foul arse SteveH go chase bones and balls with your “Mandy” as u so affectionally called the slimy creature ⚠️

      9. CORRECTION – that should read : sniffing your controllers’ sphincters awaiting your briefs…

      10. windchime – Oh dearie, dearie me you are getting yourself into a right old tiswas.

      11. Left, centre left, center, center right, right,etc. I doubt much of this means anything to most people. I can’t understand who supports him and why. He is openly anti working class and hates the ordinary trade unionists more than Redhands. Please, anybody, enlighten me. Befuddled and betrayed, the decent party members. Not enough yet comrades?

    1. Steve H At this time of year,we need to show forgiveness and understanding for comrades who have fallen into anger and dispair,so I feel its only decent to forgive Stephan for the foul and abusive language that he uses on behalf of the knight to many posters to defend his knight.You are forgiven Stephan and try to to use a little humility and follow Jeremy as a good example of true humanity and decency comrade.

      1. Joseph – Corbyn has always been very clear that he stands for a kinder politics and that personal abuse and attacks are wholly unacceptable. Unfortunately some of his most ardent followers completely ignore this.

    1. Joseph – Jeremy has always advocated for a kinder, gentler politics that shuns personal abuse.

  2. My wifes Jewish grandmother in Brighton used to get a food hamper delivered to her house by Jewish community social services every year.I wonder if our knight is out doing that or some other good deed?

    1. No Joseph, this year Keir and Angie are collecting for settlers in the West Bank, to push the last o9f the Christians and muslims out of Palestine

  3. Well Stephan..iTs good to know you are recovering and I hope you are(well in yersel)…Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas comrade !Steve H?

  4. And a quick mention of a very good article in the morning star covering a century divided,which explains to the majority the struggle for a united Ireland and partition in a Ocuppied Ireland and the fight that dates back nearly 800years for independence,way before the reformation and the divission that lasts in a small corner of NEast Ireland.that as now lasted 100years by the British crown .

  5. Socialism is dead in the cult of new Labour 2.0 they won’t do bugger all to help anyone if there is not something in it for them or a film crew following them around so they demonstrate how compassionate to the oiks they are. Notice how the true socialists didn’t want publicity just did it and helped that’s true socialism.

    This useless cult that has infected old Labour like a evil cancer has destroyed all the goodness in most of the backroom staff and especially the bulk of the PLP and I can see nothing worthwhile supporting any longer.

    This cult has walked away from the socialist ideology towards the Tory-lite. What’s in it for me cronyism…With all the other vileness that comes with this disease.

    Until we have a socialist party to support I see nothing happy for the UK people this Christmas!

    1. DG, don’t forget your history. All the old socialist have spent decades talking to the young and they have carried the message. Just because Handlesbum and Fake HardJock seem to have recaptured the party causing thousands of departures. The growth of anti neoliberalism is now deep in the hearts of thousands. The students won’t cry off in despair because of the decline of the face of the movement. Things change, are changing. The future of socialism is safe but it will be different. I.T is the future and our youth are good at it. Some of the old means of producing dissent still have a place in the propoganda war. Season’s greetings. Regards ☮️ Wobbly.

    2. Just finished watching the NM vid about the paid tapeworms working to defeat Labour. How are these people given their party cards. Don’t applicants have to convince the party recruiter that they believe in something altruistic. That used to be the bare minimum. They act like acne splattered adolescents, bullies and churls yet they are apparently adults. To think that they were compensated with members dues. How does the shadow bench sleep. They can’t possibly know where their actions will lead. The voters aren’t stupid. The party’s over. It was very difficult to watch although it just confirmed what we have always known. Merry Christmas. X

  6. Can anyone imagine Corbyn telling Bath they couldn’t help a food bank with a donation?
    He’d more likely say “Great idea, let’s get every other CLP to do the same.”

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