‘CV19 can’t read maps’: left MPs who warned early that London should be in tight restrictions call for emergency recall of Parliament to end ‘postcode lottery’

Leading left figures, including three who predicted the current situation in London, have called for an emergency recall of Parliament in an effort to get ahead of the pandemic instead of the current ‘chasing the tail’ failures of the Tory government.

Claudia Webbe MP, Apsana Begum MP and ‘No Holding Back‘ trio Laura Smith, Ian Lavery MP and Jon Trickett MP have all demanded that MPs return to Parliament from recess in order to deal with the re-escalating coronavirus crisis. Smith, Trickett and Lavery have issued a public statement this morning:

Recall Parliament to tackle Coronavirus Emergency

We wish to make the following statement regarding the decision that London and the South East have been placed under tier 4 restrictions. It gives us zero comfort to say that 20 days ago we called for tougher restrictions to be introduced for London. Our report warned that infection levels and CV19 hospitalisations in London were rising rapidly and in many cases faster than the North of England.

It is clear to us that the government are chasing the tail of this virus. We must get ahead of the curve if we are to crush it. We demand an emergency recall of Parliament to debate a uniform approach for the UK until it is clear to medical experts that we have this virus under control. The tier system has failed.

Coronavirus cannot read maps. The government’s insistence on a postcode lottery approach to combatting CV19 is placing us all in harm’s way. It is wrong for Boris Johnson to insist MPs to break for a holiday at this time of national crisis.

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  1. About time that somone talks sense.A tiny country like the UK that would fit into a corner of texas and we see this regoinal lockdowns.Why?Or is it a case of class discrimination?or class war.Something afoot and its never going to be good news for anyone in the Outer limits.

    1. Sorry to plonk this in here but BBC News channel just now at 10:48 am cut off the most CRUCIAL scientific explanation of the current level of knowledge of this new strain, as it was underway, to cut to something utterly trivial.
      The possibility of a shorter incubation period being the cause of the faster spread was finally mentioned but the BBC cut it short – the question of the advantage of that to test and trace might well have come up in discussion, but now we’ll probably never know.
      Still, at least we know what the weather might be like on Boxing Day when we’re all going to be indoors and out of the weather anyway.

  2. And what a bloody liberty knocking off last week,dont these clowns get enough time off already 3months in summer and every weekend and dont tell me how difficult it is …blah blah blah.and just short of a hundred thousand and all the jollys you can grab unlimited so long as it sounds ok.Recall…most of us didnt know theyd gone which says everything.

  3. What we need to understand is that from a Tory perspective Covid-19 is the best Xmas present for a very long time as they can use it to:
    1-Explain the economic recession that is going to ensure by blaming Covid-19 rather than Capitalism mismanagement of the global economy.
    2- Ensuring that their friends are making money by awarding them contracts to provide PPE, vaccines and whatever else is going.
    3-Carry on with the privatisation of the NHS on the quiet.
    4-Save on welfare provision because Covid-19 is killing elderly and disabled before their time,the more the better.
    5-Alter legislation and the statutory duties of Local Goverments to provide services. Initially only for 6 months but let us not forget that initially the Tories wanted a two years moratorium on the duty to asses. Very probably they are going to use the Covid-19 to alter legislation for longer than 6 months with the changes becoming statutory,
    6- Cut local government budgets because we have expend a lot “protecting” citizens and LA no longer have a statutory duty to assess for adult social care provision.
    7-Crowd control, we cvannot demonstrate because social gatherings are unsafe.
    Hence, why would they recall Parliament? To them the Covid-19 pandemic has proven an excellent opportunity to make money and save money from the welfare budget at the same time by making sure that elderly and disable died in large numbers. So, they need the Parliamentary holidays to celebrate their good fortune.

    1. And explain away what will be the disastrous consequences of the self inflicted Brexit stupidity.

      1. Jack T, of course they will blame Covid-19 for the economic downturn we are about to experience as a result of Brexit.
        Plus, I bet the Tories would blame too those pesky Europeans that didn’t allow the UK to have its cake and eat it.

      2. Interesting rehearsal for the future Dover – Calais run; Macron now in charge. 3000 working class lorry drivers without toilets or hand washing facilities; without food or beds. Nobody saw this blockade coming as it’s never happened before? Are you sure? Why a London virus & not Liverpool? What’s different about the London virus as opposed to a French virus & what are the determinants of its mutation, is it geography?

        Interesting pictures on MSM News last night. A brand new highly infectious mutated version of Covid 19 in London & pictures of tens of thousands of Londoners fleeing Euston Station to travel North & spread the message, followed by interviews of people who had been stranded in other European countries & couldn;t return.’home’. I watch MSM News programmes in disbelief, when will a journalist ask ‘difficult’ questions as Julian Assange remains in jail.

      3. Fauci says the US should test everyone arriving from the UK, despite the US being the worst-affected, least prepared country in the world – and Trunt’s probably calling it “the English virus” already.
        France stops EU truck drivers returning and UK drivers entering – when it’s clearly too late for that.
        Apparently ours aren’t the only politicians more concerned with public image than public health.
        I’m all in favour of testing, tracing, isolating and caution in everything – but shit, these dummies have had a year to get their heads around this and STILL they’re running around screaming like a blonde in a horror movie.

    2. “Agree agree agree”!
      The Tory Parliamentarians along with those Right leaning Labour MPs are doing a right stitch up job on not just us Lefties, but every man woman and child in this Country!
      Not only this Johnson leadership which has been the very worst even worse than Thatcher!
      Which I thought wouldn’t get any worse!
      This PM is the worst I have ever experienced in my lifetime!
      If you believe in your God then God help you all!
      I’m Agnostic!

  4. Oh so some MP’s have remembered they are meant to be doing a job? Pity the Tory scum have forgotten that…

    Oh while were on the subject shame you forgot to say something about Jeremy isn’t it or does your socialism and solidarity only matter when there is a good headline in it for you?

    Nice try but you do realise you will be ignored as usual don’t you?

  5. …………& now the piece de resistance; the ‘Fishermen’ are sold out (how come there are no deep sea fisherwomen?) Fishing is only 1% of our economy so it doesn’t matter; just keep stuffing your face with red meat & burgers! We don’t need a fishing fleet as we can buy fish from the French & the comfortable bourgeoisie never have to get their hands dirty nor earn a crust by the sweat of their labour. The UK fishing fleet was sold off some 50 years ago in exchange for the City of London being granted access to European financial markets, I wonder what’s next for sale? Brexit deal agreed?

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