As MPs began Xmas holidays, Corbyn spent last night unannounced at homeless shelter

Unmentioned by the media – because they weren’t told – as MPs began a seventeen-day holiday Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spent last night helping at a London homeless shelter.

With no fanfare and no photo opportunities, Corbyn spent his evening talking to homeless people and listening to their experiences during an appearance so closely guarded that even close ‘LOTO’ staff were not aware of it.

The SKWAWKBOX has obtained a candid snap taken during the visit to the Crisis centre in North London:

SKWAWKBOX comment:

While May headed off to whichever residence she prefers for Christmas and centrists continued to tilt at windmills and undermine, Corbyn was out among some of this country’s most vulnerable, connecting as a human being and learning about their lives and the issues they face and understanding better what they feel and need.

If a better illustration of the disconnect between the elite of any rosette colour and people suffering in this country – and the change a Corbyn government will bring – you will struggle to find it.

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  1. He is a man of the people. We need to support him against the MSM and members of his own party that have wreaked so much damage on our society. JC4PM.

  2. What a brilliant man of the people. He has my total support. Feliz Navidad Steve and everyone else. #JC4PM2019

  3. In times where a brutal regime has chosen Austerity over Growth and at a time of year when it has become the norm for most of us to stand by and watch poor people being deprived of the means to buy food, have a roof over their head, and die on the streets as a consequence, such genuine compassion should evoke what little humanity survives in even the most extreme Right Wing amongst us.

    Keep on doing what you do Jeremy…Your actions speak much, much louder than Their words…and we’re still right behind you…all the way to Downing Street…and beyond.

  4. in fact Skwarkbox might not have noticed buy Jeremy did tweet his intention to do this shortly before doing so. But it was still not meant to be a big publicity stunt – the man genuinely says what he does and does what he says – but he needs real support as the pressure mounts on him and the leadership to turn away from the path set out clearly at Conference.

  5. A person with so much love, sympathy and help to the Needy People deserves to be a Prime Minister of the Whole World not just the UK

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