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Video: white supremacist asks Starmer why she can’t have same rights to exclude others that Israel has. Starmer “We all have those rights”

“Why can’t I as a white British female have that same right?” No condemnation from Labour leader who called BLM a ‘moment’

Keir Starmer has provoked outrage with a – to put it extremely charitably – less than full-throated condemnation of the racist comments of a white supremacist who called into this LBC radio phone-in.

The woman called in to discuss the racist booing by Millwall fans when players ‘took a knee’ before a recent football match – and began with a rant about condemnation of her husband, who took part in the booing, as a racist and about white ‘identity politics’. She then went on to ask Starmer why she can’t have the same apartheid right to exclude black people and others from ‘self-determination’ in the UK that the Israeli government uses to exclude Palestinians.

The condemnation of such racism wherever it occurs was conspicuous by its absence in Starmer’s response:

Starmer completely ignored the woman’s regurgitation of the racist ‘great replacement theory’. Then, to heap irony upon outrage, Starmer also said ‘of course’ he agrees with freedom of expression – even when it comes to racist booing. However, he and his acting general secretary are resorting to escalating suppression of non-racist and legally-protected freedom of expression among Labour members.

Starmer, who hosts the programme with Nick Ferrari – who created similar outrage when he asked black British journalist Afua Hirsch why she didn’t leave Britain if she thought it had so many problems – said at least twice earlier this year that the Black Lives Matter movement is a ‘moment’, condemned the toppling of a statue of a notorious slave-trader and, during a cosy interview with the same LBC presenter, welcomed comments by Jeremy Clarkson that he might now vote Labour.

Black MP Clive Lewis’s reaction to Starmer’s response

Starmer also marked the UN’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People by meeting with a group that blamed Palestinians for their own murder by Israeli forces and failed to tweet any comment about Palestinians at all during the following week.

At the weekend, Starmer’s predecessor as Labour leader launched the Project for Peace and Justice to promote equality for all.

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  1. I heard that woman. Extraordinary. She showed the racism Starmer has stirred up in a few months. She felt brave enough to spout her racism because people like her feel encouraged by Starmer’s open racism. That’s why she used occupiers as her ideal. That’s a mess Starmer has made. Starmer’s racist sewage. Starmer’s mess.

    1. The racist was glad to get a chance to speak to Starmer. She heard his dog whistles. Encouraged by his racist foghorns. SIR Establishment Starmer, this is the mess you have created with your bigoted plotters⚠️⚠️⚠️

    2. This is conclusive proof of Starmer’s right wing credentials. Does anyone think for even a micro second that the BBC would allow anyone with left wing views uncontrolled use of a microphone?

      1. CORRECTION re below Milne’s slot may be 🕠17:35-17:57 🕕 Talkradio.

      2. Jack T, i’v heard Naomi, Seamus Milne and SUPERB callers from the “Left” on LBC and Talkradio. I even heard the leader of the ¿Communist Party?!!! Never knew there was one!!! He was excellent re presentation and logic. Gorgeous voice+++ I remember thinking, why have i never heard him before???

        Ken Livingstone had a 3hr prog for years on LBC. I doubt i missed a single one. Same re George Galloway for years on Talkradio. I certainly heard George pleading for Jeremy to come on. He never took the invitations. Milne is on at least weekly since Starmer sabotaged Jeremy and deceived the membership.

        Milne is on with 17:04 – 17:30 ish mon – fri Talkradio. He started very well. Since 21st October ish alas, he has become too chummy. Also there is a typical “Left” prob of White Flagging at the start of an answer. In micro / domestic situation / friends scenarios that’s best. In my view, not so in the macro public sphere.

        Interview time is limited. Plus, there are multitudes of diverse competing messages. What eg Milne FEELS are ‘peace offerings’ is used by Right Wing presenters & production TEAM to undermine what he says next. Furthermore it almost always detracts from clarity. In the mind of the multitasking listener – the residue is a sludge, blurry, neither this nor that, limp, apologetic… We’ve ignored these basics at our peril…

        The mind drifts to feeding the babies and bath time, WORK… the weather ❄️❄️❄️

      3. Well,because the woman feels let down and marginalised by the lack of interest from the mainly middle class representatives of the elite in all partys,she looks for the blame game.Bitter,angry and dangerous,a recipe for violence against what she sees as the enemy…and what does our knight from Surrey do he stokes her prejudice because he and his misfits are unable to offer the working class of any colour,or ethnicity any future or even the basics of life in Britain..The chickens are coming home to roost after years of the working class being marginalised up and down the country.Starmer and johnson with their elite private education and pampered lifstyle are not the answer for anyone other than the failed politics of the 1percent..Labour under Corbyn offered the beginnings of a future,but like a mad dog beaten and abused the working class couldnt believe the gentle kindness and turned on him and attacked..One year on from the defeat and look around,freedoms lost along with jobs a roof over their heads and a social security system all disappearing if we allow the neo liberal alliance to succeed in RESET of the country to a victorian nightmare.

      4. Joseph – Distorting the truth won’t help your case. Starmer had a typical working class upbringing and his parents did not pay for his education whereas Corbyn had a very middle class upbringing with his parents paying for him to attend a prep-school.

      5. Starmer had a typical working class upbringing…whereas Corbyn had a very middle class upbringing.

        Not in Oxted he didn’t, SteveH. There’s absolutely nothing ‘typical working class’ about that commuter town in leafy Surrey. He went to grammar school in Reigate, also in leafy Surrey and which, as Joseph O’Keefe will confirm, is most definitely not a working class area. And you’re the one who talks about others posting ‘drivel’.

        It seems to me you don’t have the first clue about what is a ‘typical working class upbringing’. Just because someone’s parents may have come from the working class doesn’t automatically bestow those credentials on their offspring, especially if the environment they grew up in is far removed from a working class one.

        I grew up not too far from Oxted, in what was a decidedly working class area back then (and still is to some extent), the Medway Valley, with its cement factories (we had one at either end of our village), paper mills (Aylesford once had the largest factory estate in Europe), engineering, boat-building, and other assorted industries — Chatham Dockyard alone employed thousands until it closed.

        As for Corbyn. Yes, he did come from a middle class background but as I said earlier on here, he spent time on leaving school teaching in Jamaica, where he would have seen and experienced first-hand the poverty that so many people in this world have to endure, with some of the worst of it on that island itself.

      6. PW – Keir’s parents were typical skilled working class and were involved in the Labour Party all their lives. Have you seen the modest house where Keir grew up?
        Whilst Jeremy spent a couple gap years roughing it in Jamaica on the same salary as a middle ranking local teacher would receive Keir spent his gap year working on the shop floor in the same factory as his dad.
        Why you would seek to diminish any argument you put forward with such distortions is beyond me.

      7. Whilst Jeremy spent a couple gap years roughing it in Jamaica on the same salary as a middle ranking local teacher would receive

        They weren’t ‘gap years’ since he never went to Uni, and it was with the Voluntary Service Overseas for which they were provided with ‘basic accommodation’ and ‘pocket money’, not a salary.

        As for Starmer’s ‘modest house’ and gap year on the shop floor with his father, beyond those the environment he grew up in outside of the household and in his schooling was in no way ‘typical’ of the working class.

        Most working class kids didn’t go to grammar school, they went to secondary moderns — I was one of the few exceptions where I grew up. And I wonder how many of his friends as a youngster/teenager were from working class families, given the areas he came from and went to school in, both of which I am quite familiar with.

        It’s actually you who’s distorting the truth, SteveH, by using the word ‘typical’ but then I don’t expect you to admit it, you seldom do.

      8. PW – I wasn’t aware that gap years were exclusive to the transition between school and Uni. People take gap years at all sorts of different times in their lives. I have on more than one occasion.
        Whilst I can’t swear to the situation in the late 60s I do know that the way that VSO has operated for the last few decades and it is not anything like you describe.
        There were 1,000s upon 1,000s of working class kids who went to a Grammar School back in the 60s and 70s. Nearly every town had a Grammar School and northern mill towns were a very long way from the stock broker belt. I was one of those 1.000s, and the vast majority of the kids I went to school with came from quite ordinary families many from council estates. Given that 33% of ABC1s vote Labour many of them have clung to the ideals and values instilled into them by their parents and their roots.
        Regardless of the school friends he mixed with Keir was heavily involved with the Labour party throughout his teenage years and apparently had quite a reputation for arguing about socialism with some of his more privileged class mates. He also edited a radical socialist magazine in his early 20s.
        You appear to be condemning Keir on the basis that he has had the temerity to make the most of his talents and opportunities. Keir is a working class kid who has made an outstanding success of his life and career but instead of just chasing the money he has spent much of his working life fighting on behalf of the vulnerable against the rich and powerful.

  2. I thought Temporary Embarrassment handled that call well, what does scare the shite out of me is how mainstream racism has become in this county
    Cummings glove puppet has unleashed the beast and it is going to end in tears

    1. Starmer “has unleashed the beast”. It was always on a very long Tory leash. SIR Starmer worked to unleash it⚠️⚠️⚠️

      1. Sir Starmer – ‘of course’ I agrees with freedom of expression – even when it comes to racist booing. approx. Racist booing OK under Starmer’s intermittent respect for free speech.

        A few trawled ancient social media stuff in search of offence. If something upsets them, a handful of allegers, why spend thousands of hours digging out and compiling thousands of “offences”? Hunting for offence? Why did Starmer fail to “stamp racism” out of the caller? Is it because he is a deceitful racist? Only keen to “stamp out” some racism while the rest of humanity can go hang❔❔❔

    2. Keir whatever his background seems to have forgotten what socialism is really about I fear.

      1. Starmer certainly is determined to smack Corbyn for being truthful and embarrassing him.

  3. I think we should all take a knee for Gemma from Cambridge.
    See, white supremacists are good for something other than rendering down for lipid fats.
    Not so sure about Sturmer…

  4. As a loyal member of the Labour Party for many years, I cannot longer in good conscience vote Labour, while Starmer is leader.
    I will only campaign and vote for Cllrs and MPs that are members of the Socialist Campaign Group. Since my local Labour Cllrs and Labour MP support Starmer, I will abstain from helping and voting Labour on the oncoming local elections next May.
    I will follow the example of the JLM during the 2019 General Elections. It is with regret that I cannot longer support Labour’s electoral efforts, I believe that under the present circumstances abstention is the honorable option.

    1. Maria Vazquez, the caller was chilling. Calm and cold with her anti black & brown racism. That calm confidence comes from feeling she was in agreeable company. You could tell she felt sure Ferrara & Starmer would love her call. In emergency they may pretend the don’t but she feels she has their approval. Starmer and Evans use racist fog horns rather than old Tory dogwhistles. Its’s because he is DESPERATE to get his turn so out-nasty Theresa May’s “Nasty Party”. That’s his plan♦️♦️♦️

      1. Signnost, the way Starmer is using censorship in the Labour Party in order to protect “Jewish members sensibilities” is giving oxygen to the Gemmas around us.
        I believe Starmer doesn’t really care about protecting Jewish members, he is using them to stop criticism directed at him and David Evans.
        It is the latest example of blaming the Jews, when the Jews as Jews have nothing to do with Starmer’s tactics. Why is it that MSM ignores the views of JVL or the charedim Jews? Aren’t they Jews too?
        It makes me wonder if this sordid episode will be used in the future to stoke antisemitism. The Jews would be blamed for Labour losing the 2017 and 2019 General Elections rather than the right wingers saboteurs within the Party’s bureaucracy.
        Starmer’s sabotaged our chances at winning the GE in 2019 by promoting a “constructive ambiguity” on Brexit. Hence, his desire to shift the narrative from the disastrous People’s Vote that he pursued, to ” we lost the GE in 2019 because Corbyn was perceived as antisemitic”.
        Plus any future electoral loses would be blamed on antisemitism and eventually all would be the fault of the Jews, no Starmer and friends that have nothing to do with Jews to start with.

      2. Maria Vazquez – “I believe Starmer doesn’t really care about protecting Jewish members, he is using them to stop criticism directed at him and David Evans.”

        The sooner people realise that the better.

        HALLELUJAH SPOT ON‼️‼️‼️
        🌟🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟 🌟🌟🌟

      3. Maria vazquez…Starmer is a masorti Jewish convert and brings his children up in the conservative tradition of this part of the Jewish community.OF course he has the welfare of jews and others in his heart,but they have to be the right type of jew and the right class of person.

      4. Joseph, your valuable posts always put the finger on the sore, reminding us of the source of the pain and distress.

    2. ” It is with regret that I cannot longer support Labour’s electoral efforts, I believe that under the present circumstances abstention is the honorable option. ”

      You are not alone Maria. Under Sir Keir’s regressive leadership, many members have decided to subject their membership activities to their personal moral compass. Like you, although a once-proud member of the party, I will only support and vote for Labour candidates that believe in demcratic socialism. The rest can go and whistle.

  5. We all knew what Tories are. We all know what Tories have always done. Yet Starmer worked with Blair to sabotage the Labour party🔴

    1. Starmer abuses the name Labour. That is how the Right have always stitched up the “Left”.

      1. Label itis. That’s what it is. Kick the “Left” in the head because they will be happy that Tories in obvious poor disguise are better than no disguise at all.

    2. You are right sign posts Blair has always been anti Corbyn. Corbyn always voted against a lot of his policies and wars He also I guess helped to fund Starmers campaign to be Leader. Starmer has to follow him and his other backers. Hodge Austin Streeting Smeeth Berger JLM BoD CAA. Otherwise they will monster him as they did Corbyn.

  6. Racism in any form is disgusting but it seems to me there is a hierarchy of racism within Labour. It is not OK to make a mild criticism of the treatment of Arabs by Israel as this is anti-Semitic but e.g. of vetoing a charity event to raise money for needy Arab children is not considered anti Arab racism – which it most certainly is but to deprive Arab children of food and comfort is OK by our party.
    When our Black brothers and sisters objected to the glorification of slavers and demanded that statues to these animals – no insult to animals intended – were removed they were arrested and called vandals. The Labour party did not support them and demand that these monuments to the lowest of the low to be immediately removed. It appears that this was because the slavers only destroyed the lives of Black people and Black lives don’t matter to Labour.
    When protections for our Windrush citizens were removed only a handful of our MPs objected -principal among these was Jeremy Corbyn- and Labour has not pursued compensation for those who suffered because of their loss of rights deportation etc. Same with Grenfell because it was mostly BAME people who lost everything as a result of the fire there.
    BAME people are under represented in the PLP and no effort is made to encourage them In fact some of them have been unfairly expelled or suspended for alleged antisemitism the most notable being Marc Wadsworth a campaigner for racial equality who fought hard for justice for the Lawrence family after the murder of Steven.
    I witnessed the incident between Marc and Ruth Smeeth on live TV when he challenged her about receiving a document from an anti Corbyn journalist. I have no doubt whatsoever that he would have challenged anyone in the same circumstances – their ethnic origin was not an issue – but Ruth claimed he was being “antisemitic”.
    The LFI in the PLP accompanied her to his hearing for “protection”. Marc, a BAME rights activist , was expelled and we never found out just what was going on between Ruth and a hostile press. However she lost her seat at the next election.
    In light of all of the above Starmer was unable to take the high moral ground with the White Supremist. She’s bad, probably through ignorance but our leadership is worse because they can’t claim ignorance as a defence.

    1. Hardly surprising that Corbyn objected over the Windrush scandal.

      I’d never even heard of him before he stood for the leadership but sensed a man of principle. Then, lo and behold when I read Comrade Corbyn it transpires that on leaving school he spent time in Jamaica teaching Caribbean geography to classes of 70!

      To someone who grew up as a teenager on the music and culture of that island, and which forms the bedrock of my life, even to this day, this really resonated. I knew then that he understood the poverty and suffering in the world, the likes of which so many politicians just don’t have a clue. For sure, many pay lip-service to it but that’s about it.

      1. Exactly PW!!! He was not a careerist bag carrier nor PPE graduate. Sadly, i think he undervalued his worth. He gave way to “advice” of those he may consider his ‘betters’ eg Thornberry, McDonnell, Gardner et al, desperately out of touch all of them.

        That’s not his fault. None of us can be everything. The metropolitan elite failed to do their part to support. Jeremy needed ‘real’ people around him… HONEST people. People who enhance. People who improve us.

        Many want change but are actually afraid of it. When that develops into a culture, it’s fatal. The culture grows with aggressive ‘silencing’. More energy is applied to silencing ourselves, than rebutting right wing narratives. That’s my hypothesis for now

      2. windchime – Corbyn’s closest advisors were the ‘4Ms’. They were the one’s that thought that month after bloody month of ‘constructive ambiguity’ was a viable substitute for a policy.

      3. Jeremy Corbyn was always a pain in the side of Labour leaders and always managed to get a interview on TV and radio He has always been a thorn in the side of the establishment.Strangly on becoming leader of the opposition he struggled to get a look in on radio or tv except to ridicule or smear. Him

      4. Joseph – Or maybe he was hiding away to avoid any confrontation.

      1. I don’t like to talk to Tory trolls but I can tell you my comment about Cambodia Joseph was entirely non sarcastic.

      2. Paul – More fool you. I’m not the one who is actively campaigning to thwart the Labour party’s electoral prospects and enable another Tory term

      3. Come off it. You are relentless in the age old techniques of distraction and diversion. Please don’t reply.

      4. Actions speak louder than words Steve H.
        Do you think Doreen would approve of the Party ‘s anti Arab racism as evidenced by the banning of a charity event for poor Arab children because it was deemed “anti-Semitic” or the vetoing of a small donation to charities helping the hungry and the homeless and providing a toy for little children at Christmas.

      5. Smartboy – Actions speak louder than words

        Doreen Lawrence agrees with you on that. Perhaps you should do a little research in future.

      6. I have done my research which reveals that Starmer is an Anti Arab racist. Under his leadership the party regards support for Arabs living in Palestine Israel and Gaza as Antisemitism. If you voice support for them you are likely to be suspended and then expelled from the party. Angela Rayner his Deputy promised the LFI and JLM to expel 1000s and 1000s of us. The most vocal supporter of Arab Human Rights is Jeremy Corbyn . He was suspended, reinstated to membership then denied the party whip – they way he has been treated demonstrates that there is re is no place in our party unless you are a Friend of Palestine but Friends of Israel are always welcome.

      7. Smartboy – The sudden and unexpected change of subject has been noted.

      8. correction – delete word unless in the 2nd last line of my post . The sentence should read-
        ….there is no place in our party if you are a Friend of Palestine but Friends of Israel are always welcome

  7. You could almost hear Stalin’s clockwork turning, “indiginous Gemma eh, best be careful, all those red wall bigots won’t vote for me if I slag her off. Also, she might be a plant trying to get me to agree with Israel’s racism openly….nicely done Keith boy.”

    1. Surgical stuff Lundiel. Recipe; take the sweatiest, louchest pig, add dose of Headroom and one helping of received English bigotry. Stir, watch it rise to requisite size and boom. Lovely grub from the grubs. Regards ☮️

  8. I sent this letter to Seamus Milne last year, probably never read it.
    Imagine if the UK had in its statutes, and the USA had in its constitution measures to ensure only white people had the right to immigration [one of Israel’s basic laws is only Jews have the right to immigration into Israel]. Continuing the analogy with Israel’s recently passed ‘Nation-State’ [basic law].

    1. “The states of the UK and the USA are the nation-states of the ‘white people”.

    2. “The actualization of the right of national self- determination in the states of the UK/USA is unique to white people”

    3. “The UK/USA will labour to ensure the safety of sons of white people”.

    4. “The UK/USA will act to preserve the cultural, historical and religious legacy of white people among the Diaspora”.

    5. “The UK/USA views ‘white’s only’ settlement as joint national values and will labour to encourage and promote its establishment and development”.

    Now let us look at one of the IHRA examples which members of the Labour Party, some of Jewish origin, some not, have incorporated into the Labour Party rule book:

    “Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination – e.g. by claiming that the existence of a state of Israel is a racist endeavour”.

    Who could deny that examples 1 to 5 above and Israel’s Jews only immigration law if incorporated into UK and US law would prove 100% that the UK and US were inherently racist and that their ‘existence were racist endeavours’ and that anyone in the UK/US [including Jeremy Corbyn] who disapproved of 1 to 5 above, and said so, would fall foul of the IHRA definition, be accused of being Anti Semitic and drummed out of the Labour Party and possibly ostracised from society for life. The Labour party capitulation to the Israel lobby is disgraceful, they will come to regret it.

    1. In my experience, any letters sent to either the LP or any of the right wing/Zionist Labour MP’s, criticising any aspect of Israel and asking for an opinion, never gets a response.

    2. fao Harry Law…..I’d report you to H.U.A.C. & the British Equivalent (any suggestions?) Where is the new Walter Cronkite?

  9. As Starmer has repeatedly demonstrated he, of course, is far from comfortable with any form of self expression, excepting where he has to pretend to be so (as in this clip), or where his is the supreme power with which to override such expression.

    Two points this lady was able to slip through the net: that of self expression and that of Israeli apartheid. Quite bizarre that such points can slip through at LBC, but not officially at any CLP. Maybe he’s simply more at ease when discussing these issues with someone who appears to espouse certain racist sympathies?

  10. Starmer rounded off his morning by saying schools MUST stay open. How long can this idiot last? Miliband would make a very reasonable interim Leader, although it’s a lot to ask of him after his last experience. Goodness knows what pressure he was under from Israel. He was good on TV v Marr yesterday.

  11. I would have a sneaky skin diver on Gemma being a plant, don’t believe there are that many Millwall fans in Cambridge
    Methinks Temporary Embarrassment is being set up as next in line for neo liberals, LBC is one of them
    Watch the Murdoch media fall into line next

    1. Doesn’t mean there isn’t one or two, though, does it?

      I’ve personally known a Millwall fan, who was a regular at The Den and lived in Folkestone, which is near 80 miles from London — Cambridge is only about 50 miles.

      I also knew a Port Vale fan who lived in Maidstone and had no other connection with Stoke at all other than supporting it’s lesser known football team.

      1. PW I knew a Bolton wanderers fan who lives in the jungle in Cambodia,but being a millwall fan must be like living in the S..Pole,funny old game football ⚽ innit?

      2. yes the trouble with football today it is so hyped up. it lost its working class roots years ago. they are grossly over paid and over rated. I watched the real greats who played on muddy pitches wet leather balls not the plastic light ones, heavy boots not slippers. These great players like Best Greives, Charlton Johnny Haynes, Marsh Tom Finny wilf Manion stan Mortison Tommy Lawton Denis Compton Billy Wright Denis Law. Could go on and on /.It will reveal my age. IT was a sport not a business.
        When will it die. Its become a national religion.

  12. Shouldn’t be surprised Starmer’d volunteer to be a populist’s dummy on a radio phone-in show – anything for a bit of publicity, right, Keith?
    Great face for radio, shame about the voice.
    I’d be unaware of the show’s existence but for the odd TV news clip so I didn’t even know he whored himself out to Ferrari on a regular basis.

    1. David I have seen raging drunks with a less ruddy complexion than the knight.He must be a Alcoholic,maybe this explains a lot.Must be all that inns nonsense he practised before haunting the Labour party.

  13. Wonderfull the cult of New Labour 2.0 has sunk to a new low. Racist bags of crap are not challenged and given rights huh?

    Explain why I whould EVER help or listen to this cult ever again?

    So we all have the same right to exclude people we don’t like do we? Fine, add your dam cult to the list… What a scumbag!

  14. She makes a very interesting point that is not being addressed……….Israel is an apartheid state by definition.

    1. ‘People will look at it different ways’. Mr Keir Starmer, UK Labour. ‘There are fine people on both sides’. Donald Trump, US Republican.

  15. Not constructive at all. Implicitly legitimising racism and spreading confusion. Keir doesn’t get it. Hate speech is punishable by law. That’s where free speech stops. He made no attempt to educate that woman in how close to hate speech was that booing, nor to challenge her ludicrous assertions that the indigenous ‘white’ population would be in a minority by 2066. He mollified a white supremacist. He supported her call for ‘free speech’…for all’, and let her lies stand, with nothing but a vague, thrice repeated, generality about injustice in response.
    Everything not to scare a racist! Meanwhile, his hands are round the necks of the Labour party’s members.

    1. [H]er ludicrous assertions that the indigenous ‘white’ population would be in a minority by 2066.

      That was the same clap-trap I heard when I left school and started work in 1969. Then it was Indians and Pakistanis who would be overtaking the white population (of which I am one) in the not too distant future — except, of course, they haven’t.

    2. izzyworks – I wonder how Corbyn would have dealt with it. As it is I think Keir let the woman do a good job of exposing her own idiocy, do you know anyone who was convinced by her argument.

  16. And whilst we are studying the religious Zealot knight maybe we can as a community study the decimation of the homeless on the streets,thats totally out of hand.We cannot allow this depravity in front of our faces to carry on.The knight denys money and help to the children and the homeless whilst his little helpers shed crocodile tears 😢and nothing is done.The constituency Labour party must follow the lead of other CLPs and do something anything to help these poor sods from starving or freezing in this heartless world we live in,Open your CLPs and save lives…..Morning star..front page.scandal on the streets.

    1. Joseph – I do wish that you would do some basic research before wasting yours and everyone else’s time.

      “Commenting on the figures, Shadow Housing Secretary Thangam Debbonaire said: “The rapid increase in these deaths over the last six years is a shameful sign of government failure and should raise alarm at the top of government.
      “Before the Covid crisis, a record number of people were dying while homeless. This winter will be even more dangerous. The government must commit that nobody will spend Christmas on the streets – this is a matter of life or death.
      The intervention from Debbonaire follow a letter from Keir Starmer sent to Boris Johnson earlier today, in which the Labour leader warned that rough sleeping is “just the tip of an iceberg” of poverty and destitution this winter.
      Starmer urged Johnson to work with councils and mayors to ensure access to Covid-secure shelter ahead of a visit to the West Midlands to meet with homelessness projects in Worcester and food poverty campaigners in Birmingham today.
      The Labour leader also warned that Tory policies had “pushed so many more into hardship” even before Covid. Research recently found that destitution increased by 54% between 2017-19, with 2.4 million adults and 500,000 children affected.

      1. you are defending keeping people on the streets….parasite you are.Steve H,god save us from people like you and the knight.

      2. The intervention from Debbonaire follow a letter from Keir Starmer sent to Boris Johnson earlier today, in which the Labour leader warned that rough sleeping is “just the tip of an iceberg” of poverty and destitution this winter.

        Christ, it MUST be Christmas?!

        …A mildly critical letter, instead of one supporting toerag policy?

  17. ……..& now it is illegal to boo? Now that frightens me. To paraphrase Voltaire, ‘I may disagree with what you say, but will fight to the death for your right to say it’. Gemma from Cambridge (aka White Supremacist) makes an excellent point & the ‘wokes’ scream ‘Racist’ @ her. Too busy virtue signalling to comprehend the implicit criticism of Israel she makes, that Israel as an apartheid racist state. I may disagree with what she says but this tells me a lot about the authoritarian fascism of the ‘left’.

    1. Gotta agree with you here about the ‘authoritarian fascism of the left’

      It was pointed out to me yesterday (By someone who’s as racist as a tree, there isn’t a mean bone in his body, god bless him) that in the Fulham vs the shite match the other day, Fulham started the match with one white player.

      One..He was also a foreigner, but that’s for another discussion.

      Many years ago, the daily mirror had a ‘satricial’ cartoon of the crests of top-flight clubs. I can only rmember two of them… Arsenal’s had a cartoon of tony adams and A.N.other holding their hands up in a take on their ‘offside’ culture.

      Everton’s crest had become a version the ‘ghostbusters’ sign….×277-1.jpg

      Except the ghost had been replaced by a portrayal of a black player in an Everton shirt. We were viewed as a racist club for many years, in the 80’s & 90’s because we were late to recruit black players….Except for the fact that our hero of the 1966 cup final – Mike Trebilcock – was black.

      Long before most other cubs had entertained the notion of having a black player. Overlooked by everyone

      While the shite (libpewl fubball chlub) didn’t employ an Irish Catholic in any capacity from it’s inception until the early-mid 1970’s… But they had john barnes…Who they threw bananas at when he played for Watford prior to him joining them…That, too, has been airbrushed from history,

      But I digress; I wonder what BLM would’ve had to say about there being only one black player in the team? Also the proportion of black players to whites is way disproportionate to society as a whole. what happened to equality there? And there are plenty of shite black players (As many as there are white) on £££millions for being cack.

      And we hear of a lack of black managers? John Barnes has a bit to say about it – but he was utterly shite at Celtic so it’s no wonder nobody would employ him.

      By the way, did anyone watch that show about anton ferdinand and racism? Did they make mention of his brother calling another black player a ‘Choc ice’?

      Just askin’…

  18. SteveH15/12/2020 AT 12:54 AM
    PW – Keir’s parents were typical skilled working class

    So what? javid’s dad was a bus driver…patel’s mam & dad own a few papershops, norman tebbit’s arl fella got on his bike.

    …And tony b. liar – with his whippet and his flat cap – sat on his dad’s knee at the Gallowgate end, watching ‘Wor’ jackie milburn beat (The greatest ever) W.R.Dean’s all time, never to be beaten record by scoring his quitillionth goal – against Brazil, no less! Got a treble hat-trick that game; , didn’t he, ‘tone’ ? And that was despite having several broken bones…

    …As it’s that time of year, why not tell us all that tale of how stammer was born in a stable because there was no room at the inn.

      1. So what?

        patel had the same humble background and humble upbringing as the noble sir Keith, innit?

        And that’s given them the same sort of politics.

        Or are you gonna tell us what the difference is?

      2. Toffee – ….and up pops my pet little troll again, it’s like being followed around by a needy stray .

  19. Keir is a working class kid who has made an outstanding success of his life and career but instead of just chasing the money he has spent much of his working life fighting on behalf of the vulnerable against the rich and powerful.

    Of course he has…..Of course.

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