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Exclusive: CLPs already discussing affiliation to Corbyn’s new Peace and Justice Project – and they can

Affiliating to PPJ is an additional option for local Labour parties – and one not prevented by PPJ not being an official Labour organisation

Supporters of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have welcomed his announcement today of the launch of his new Project for Peace and Justice (PPJ), a venture that has been described as a step on the road to a society in which people come before capital.

But while thousands have already signed up to become individual supporters, many who are still in the Labour party are planning to go a step further – by affiliating their local Labour parties (CLPs) to PPJ.

PPJ is not officially affiliated or linked to the Labour party, but the party’s rules do not prevent individual CLPs voting to affiliate to PPJ. In 2018, right-wing officers of Liverpool Riverside CLP resigned their positions when members voted overwhelmingly to affiliate to left-wing Jewish group Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), although JVL is not affiliated to Labour. Other CLPs in the area and further afield followed suit.

Affiliating to PPJ would serve both as an opportunity to engage and energise members disgusted by the party’s lurch to the right and treatment of its members, but also serve to send a message to Labour’s leadership which is frantically trying to prevent other forms of member democracy and self-expression, despite legal protections for freedom of speech under human rights laws.

Members in a range of CLPs are already planning to table an affiliation motion at their next CLP meeting. Hundreds of CLPs have already voted in solidarity with Corbyn or expressed no confidence in Keir Starmer and acting general secretary David Evans. Similar numbers could ultimately affiliate to Corbyn’s new Project.

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  1. – “In 2018, right-wing officers of Liverpool Riverside CLP resigned their positions when members voted overwhelmingly to affiliate to left-wing Jewish group Jewish Voice for Labour (JVL), although JVL is not affiliated to Labour. Other CLPs in the area and further afield followed suit.”

    Brilliant then!!! Way to go!!! Drive the parasites out!!! What’s not to like??? 🎉🎉🎉

    1. Jack T, i’m waiting 2 c Starmer snd its drip Evans “get out of that one”!!!

  2. Expect this new initiative to be proscribed any time now! The PLP will just ignore the rule book if necessary

    1. marty, they will try. They always do. So must we always too. Starmer is untrustworthy + a parasite + treacherous + desperate to let Johnson’s racist 1% operators feel safe and secure to continue oppressing the most vulnerable EVERYWHERE + continue fermenting social unrest + stealing resources – oil, diamonds, gold, rare earths, historical artefacts, art, EVEN SYMBOLS – LIONS in Trafalgar Square…eg coats of arms… everything… stolen by Tories for Tories before they were called Tories. Call them common thieves. That’s what they are. Today Tories hand £BILLIONS to chums exploiting Covid-19. Bandits. SIR Keith Starmer ? ? ? silent 🔴

      1. I thought you were having a day off today signposts and we would be spared your rants – disappointed

    2. It is WE who must bring about changes we know are correct. Dump hoping Starmer will, or even wish to change. He proudly LOVES wickedness. Makes him feel powerful. Otherwise, why be so cruel as to refuse to help children? Why greed for the love of greed? More millions for himself rather than improving the circumstances of those less fortunate than ourselves❔❔❔

  3. Way to give Starmer the big finger, Jeremy!

    I think the whole thing is brilliant.
    I wanted him to make a break and form a new party but this is so much better – sends exactly the same message but gives them no grounds or opportunity to fight back.
    Open to be corrected but I see no reason Project can’t rapidly be converted to Party if the sudden need arises – preparations should probably begin immediately – can imagine Brexit OR Covid crashing the Tory clown car any time from first quarter next year.
    Genius move though – I don’t drink but I’d buy a night out for whoever thought this up.
    I can’t stop chuckling 🙂

    1. In every respect, the establishment represented and slavishly desperate to please them, SIR Keith Starmer, are bandits. Greedy bandits who scrounge everything. They live on the labours of the many WORLDWIDE and plunder

    2. Absolutely agree. Build it from the ground up, and sheer weight of numbers joining could bring the inertia for a new Party in the near future. Genius move IMO.

      1. You have very succinctly written about my concerns with Britain’s BLM. He many times have we tried to build support for local justice? How hard did we find it to find an office, get a phone line, buy cow gum? Do you remember when coach companies wouldn’t take groups to demos. Now we have an overseas movement travelling nationally en mass around the country unharrassed by the police who are bending the knee. The media actually support it unless they can then turn against it for their own nefarious purposes. I am writing as a black man who grew up in London. After the Deptford massacre 15,000 people marched. They say more but on Skwakies it’s that counts. Within our ranks were petty criminals and agent provocateurs, who abused white members on the march. No worries those brave comrades were kept very safe from the mouths. Do Londoners remember the difficulties getting to t’North during the great strike and vice versa? I am not berating the young members but I feel that it is right to ask questions. This blanket acceptance from some quarters should make people pause. If my concerns are shown to be ilconceived then I will donate gladly. Why are our anti mask, needle, house arrest marchers brutalised? It all needs looking at. J.Cc’ project has been years in the making. This appears sudden but look back at posts over the years. It was embryonic since Blair and the Euros had the benefit of the Kinnock purges. I’m no Trot, my post tells my political background to anyone who knows their left history. Just look at what is going on across the pond. Even Jimmy Fore, the arch cynic of the progressives, is barely supportive. The ruling classes are raising glasses and toasting the further division of the working class. Yeah, I have often been wrong but I said we were badly led during the Great Strike. Attacked. I said that Wapping was doomed because we were divided and uneducated even though we knew that the electrician’s would scab. We have a jewel in our palms let’s keep it and shine it, but let’s use natural ingredients. Workers should never take the knee. We raise a clenched fist. Always have always will. BTW I’ve been in touch with some old panthers and they have expressed concerns. This is too long and I apologise but it will serve to explain my views as I will continue to address this very important matter. Regards ☮️ and we’ll done.

    1. The PLP could declare it to be a racist organisation. After all, they’ve as good as called JC a racist!

      1. Surely that would precipitate the creation of a new socialist party in direct opposition to Labour involving many of its former members who found themselves expelled by Labour. Worse for Labour any new party would already have the bones of an organisation – contacts / mailing lists / potential donors – set up around PPJ. The PPJ has not been set up for that purpose of course but it seems a likely scenario should the Labour Party seek to expel lots of its present members who already have expressed a common interest in the form of the PPJ

        Despite the “kick em all out” bravado of some of the Labour right a split would spell disaster for Labour. The party would be domed to compete for Tory votes just like the Lib Dems who have been doing that for over 100 years without any sort of success. Disaffected Labour voters in the Red Wall are not necessarily committed to the Tories rather they are just no longer permanently committed to Labour. A new Party with a new approach might very well appeal to many of them which would spell more trouble for a narrower version of Labour.

      2. Yea, is the PPJ going to avoid the issue of Palestine? If so it would make a mockery of it’s stated aim. I’m sure Starmer and co could find some grounds for expulsion on this issue if not. Prepare for severance!

      1. Exactly – what possible grounds could there be to proscribe any brand new project – even if it hadn’t declared itself founded to build Peace and Justice?
        How could Starmer even begin to explain being opposed to Peace and Justice?

      2. On the grounds that they are in power now, and can call the shots!

      3. Why silence others? Seems not just a Stalinist nature but some thrill Starmer and his tentacles like Evans et al gets … ¿ ego inflation ? … some odd Headroom pleasure to outlaw a charity bike ride to help children. A sick heartlessness … conscience decayed Starmer… a rotted rotten mess of a human being. Head at Max. Humanity at zero🚨🚨🚨

      4. NO more APPEASEMENT. NO more laughable “BROAD CHURCH” pathetic FANTASY. NO more disgustingly ridiculous REPEATEDLY FAILED
        WHITE FLAG MAN weird shameful, disgraceful COWARDICE🚨🚨🚨

      5. Starmer is untrustworthy + a parasite + treacherous + desperate to let Johnson’s racist 1% operators feel safe and secure to continue oppressing the most vulnerable ❌❌❌

      6. Starmer shares FULL responsibility for every single excess death. He, Mandelson, the Blair creature and same old tools, STOPPED Jeremy becoming Prime Minister.

        Starmer failed to condemn those who boasted – they “worked night and day to undermine Jeremy”. Starmer failed to condemn those who sabotaged the election of a Socialist government. Why?Because he’s one of them.

        Max Headroom’s “STOP CORBYN” gang preferred more Tory austerity, injustice – ripping off the many by their 1% few.
        Sir Starmer sabotaged a Socialist Labour Leader and the Labour party. We must get rid of him. Urgent. No confidence in Starmer must go 📕📕📕

      7. They don’t need grounds Jenw2049 – our leadership seeks total control and therefore the rules of our party as well as the rules of decent behaviour mean nothing to them. As Marty says above they could call the Project racist- after all they called a charity event for needy Arab children “anti-Semitic”. They have already called Corbyn supporters anti-Semites as well as scum and other vile names so be sure they will find some reason however spurious to ban the project and expel Jeremy from the party.

  4. If they wanted to expel Corbyn from the party they could have done so by now. They daren’t try again. They would lose too many members and their money.

    1. They DO want to expel Jeremy jenw2049 but you hit the nail on the head when you say they daren’t try again. Before Jeremy became leader we were up to our eyes in debt. Because our membership went up to approx. 550,000 the debts were cleared ( by our subs and donations)and we had a healthy bank balance. Once we leave, the party will be back to square one because the big corporate donors don’t bankroll losers.

      1. Some will but I agree nowhere nearly enough. He’s a bad poker player and listens to his fat wallet and not his cards. What are the tapeworms going to do. Bluff and we’ll see em. Cheers

    2. Smarboy they don’t need lodgic or rules and regulations…we don’t want to be left with egg on our faces using “lodgic” and jenew Corbyn is a reminder that going against the knight leads to oblivion thats why they keep him sat alone and off the Labour benches.Total humiliation its a wonder they didnt nail him to a cross for all to see…

      1. I guesss you haven’t been following Corbyn since he stopped being leader. He is still doing lots of things, has been in lots of zoom meetings, etc., for anti-austerity and pro-Palestinian causes. He has been photgraphed in food banks and other places, always working for the people. He is 71 and has more stamina than lots of people under 50.
        What I like is that he just gets on with it and never appears to be bitter.

  5. Depending on the level of support for PPJ it might not matter if Jeremy is expelled.
    It did occur to me that a running total of contributions might be a good idea if the project is as popular as I hope. Carole Morgan’s GoFundMe for Jeremy’s Legal Fund did that and it was incredibly cheering to watch it rocket up to a quarter million in a couple of days.
    If a couple of hundred thousand of us Labour Leavers pay 20 quid each that’s 4 million – a pretty good start for a new party I’d have thought.
    I don’t actually know, obviously.
    There’d still be the issue of natural justice to consider – and I doubt acting like a dictator will win Starmer as many right wing votes in the country as he loses left wing votes.

    1. Ps…I have seen every dirty trick in the book in Ireland when the establishment system was threatened by the very same people we are up against now.Get that donations out of the acount and dont be suprised if your acounts are frozen very soon.Even today in Ireland ordinary citizens see their Bank accounts frozen with no explanation and reputations and jobs ruined for going against the system.The CLPs are not immune to the knight and his misfits moving quickly…Get the money out and get the motions and affiliates later.You Have Been warned.

  6. And slightly off topic a caught a news item this morning that johnson has agreed a extension of brexit talks with his opposite number van der lyden in a telephone conversation on Sunday deadline day or crash out.I wonder who phoned whom,but as per usual sub standard reporting from establishment BBC world and every other part of the bbc they missed the point of who blinks first….anybody know ,its crucial to the negotiations but my guess would be Europe,but Billy bluster hasn’t got any either.?

  7. Imo affiliation of a certain well funded right-wing organisation backing a foreign government is a large part of the problem. Let’s hope they’ve made a rod for their own backs. Bring it on.


    Didn’t take the fucktard fascists long to attack.
    Is it from something officially funded like integrity initiative I wonder, or just more shit from the you-know-who’s?

    1. Well reported David…..obviously a bunch of Zionist cranks who new before us or knocked up a passable piss take on peace and justice in record time….Now whats the knight been up to lately in isolation working on a smear or two no doubt.

      1. Interesting. Cages have already been rattled. Good work, but remember lads and lasses that care and maintenance only count with good security. Good grief, 48 years an activist and more paranoid than before. March 2003, 50 years an activist. Big social distancing piss up in Scarborough. All welcome, it’ll be a masque event. XX

    2. I only just noticed that “you-know-who’s” rhymes with Jews – or I’d have written “the usual suspects” – apologies for any offence to anyone except the usual suspects.

    3. David McNiven14/12/2020 AT 9:53 AM,
      The old man deserves all the ridicule that is coming his way. Can you not see it? He is getting pelters now on ‘politics live’ their laughing at him.

      1. No, sonny. I’m laughing at you because you can’t spell “they’re”.

  9. A word of caution for those wishing to start a new Labour party, at the last election the very high profile George Galloway received just 1.4% of the vote in West Bromwich East with just 489 votes, the Conservative won with 16,804 votes followed by the Labour party with 15,211 votes. Chris Williamson in Derby North received 635 votes 1.4% Conservatives received 21,259 with Labour at 18,719. Williamson lost his deposit. The Labour party has the brand name however that brand has been tarnished by Starmer and Evans. Corbyn may be going in the right direction with this initiative. Providing he can remain a member, Starmer, the BoD, JLM and CAA have other plans for Corbyn.

    1. Absolutely right. In a FPTP system there is only room for two parties and the PLP are hogging the second position. It will only change if the PLP crashes and burns like the Liberals did a century ago, and that’s not v. likely.

      There is, however , scope for a massive alternative social movement. Remember, change will never come through parliament, it will only come through the people!

    2. Did our saviour get 489 votes. Thought you could only vote once. Mind you he wasn’t Jock the Hat then. Milliners vote could’ve been relied upon. Thanks for the info. He never spoke about it much when he was never in the media. Pip Pip.

    3. Forgot to add, that was a very chilling last sentence. Thanks, from behind the couch. Regards ☮️

  10. Just a thought. This is a fantastic reason for Corbyn to start his rallies again to attract the same audiences from 2017. Massive crowds will turn up again, Starmer and his dip stick Evans will be shitting their pants.

    The @BBC and MSM will start again with the aggression and news black outs, we will need ALL of the socialist media groups to join together and make sure the public gets the news they deserve

    1. Excellent thought David Lowton!!!
      BRILLIANT idea. I hope it’s done

  11. “Within minutes of our submission of a complaint against former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and fifteen other sitting Labour MPs in relation to antisemitism, Sir Keir Starmer has suspended Mr Corbyn, pending an investigation”.
    I have a very serious complaint against Tony Blair when he called Jeremy Corbyn an anti Semite, what more can tarnish a person’s reputation and ostracize that person for life, and in flagrant breach of party rules which could also have cost the party the last election .”No member of the Party shall engage in conduct which in the opinion of the NEC is prejudicial, or in any act which in the opinion of the NEC is grossly detrimental to the Party”.
    Get this, within minutes of the CAA complaint being made, Corbyn was suspended. I have been waiting over 19 months with still no action over my complaint, nor do I expect any.

  12. Needless to say it was slagged off by 4 rightwingers and a rightwing BBC host on today’s “Politics Live” TV programme (BBC2).They don’t get it.

    1. Daily Politics
      When the Red Tories are telling the Blue Tories that they have no policy for Brexit then you know you are in La La Land

  13. Thought there was something amiss when Starmer chose a Stormzy record on his desert Island disc selection, then may have insinuated that Jeremy would have chosen George Formby singing ‘My Grandad’s flannelette nightshirt’ [1939]. What a phony Starmer is.

  14. Every CLP and socialist should be supporting Jeremy and I hope it turns into a Socialist party we desperately need this in UK politics as the cult of New Labour 2.0 hate us and want us out. I sure was happy to leave and now we can all join this.

    Personally, I see no future in Labour any more or any desire to support it with this BS tory lite mandate they now want to pursue. Rules are ignored and membership sidelined. There is no changing this cult and staying is just appeasing and hoping for the best in the future. History repeats we tried that under Blair…

    The quicker we have a truly socialist party to support and vote for the better the lives of the UK people will be. Appeasers and abstainers like Starmer will not help anyone..

    1. Nice one gramps. Total sidestep. I’ve just researched Bill Brand on youtube. Gosh, everyone should get away from coronaporn and AS and sit down and watch them all. History, our history is all there. I can’t get Beggs’ speech from the ‘ Party’. Anyone know how to get classic left wing drama? All the best. Some good news at last. Regards ☮️

  15. It would do no harm at the moment if all CLP’s affiliate to JVL and PPJ
    Whats more interesting is this appears oven ready, all left wing organisations should affiliate and then wait for the signal to jump together
    FPTP would work for a serious 3rd Party 33 33 and 34
    Its a winner takes all system
    My preference 8s to sit and negotiate division of Labour party assets on agreement that Red Tories leave and form their mythical centrist party

  16. tomlondra14/12/2020 AT 2:34 PM,
    Thanks for marking my spelling, but what about my argument?
    Corbyn has become an embarrassment to himself. Watch the video again. Try and look at it objectively. 2 minutes in and he has already mentioned, black life matters, global wildfires, Covid19, Rolls Royce workers, Indian farmers, the many not the few, research, campaign, organise, hungry children, refugees.
    I cannot believe the regulars on this site dont see it for what it is. I used to feel sorry for Corbyn (long time ago). but not after this. He is a narcissus like no other I can think of. (I thought Blair was bad) He refuses to leave the scene. He is his own biggest deluded fan. He cannot slip away with a bit of dignity. Why not leave the stage after the humiliation of the 2019 general election? Go tend the allotment? Read a book? He cant do it.
    He must believe he still has a message. The messiah of the left. Someone should have a word in his ear.

    1. Does Johnson have websites like Skwawkbox (and at least a dozen others) supporting him? Does Starmer? Of course not.
      Find me a single site or blog dedicated to either.

      You haven’t presented an ‘argument’ because you don’t have one.
      All your comment consists of is unsupported assertion learned by rote from the Mail – which dupes like you regurgitate as if it were holy writ.
      Your comments are gleaned from the antisemitism scam, the Russian spy scam, the associating with terrorists scam and all the other desperate efforts of the right to discredit Corbyn.
      They ALL prove one thing.

      You? You’re like a piss-pale facsimile of Al Murray’s Pub Landlord but minus the humour.
      In this forum you’re out of your depth – I suggest you fuck of back to the Con Club where they’re all as retarded as you.

      1. Correction – fuck OFF – my rare spelling errors are due only to failing eyesight – thankfully not to a piss-poor excuse for an education like yours.

      2. You’re like a piss-pale facsimile of Al Murray’s Pub Landlord but minus the humour.

        I appreciate the quality of the insult vis-a-vis the pub landlord character, but surely you’re not serious about murray being ‘humourous’? He’s about as funny as an unflushed khazi, that unfunny, talentless bliairte establishment twunt.

        I mean, who could forget the over-exaggerated reaction and his congraulating sex-case mckinlay when he beat farage in the election. 🤦‍♂️

        I hate farage and I detest toerags,..and mackinon’s just a stammerite buttplug…but murray?

        Gimmee the gun 🤬🤬🤬

  17. David McNiven14/12/2020 AT 7:44 PM
    Your education may well be better than mine but your upbringing is not. Why? Because I can disagree with others without hating them.
    That is an undeniable fact with this website; if you have the audacity to challenge the group think of Skwawkbox subscribers you receive a torrent of abuse. You are not the worst. There are some commentators I will not engage with.
    The mentality seems to be “Fuck off, leave us alone. We like each others blinkered prejudices. We dont want to know what you think”.
    Unfortunately for you, as long as Skwawkbox is in existence and allows me to comment, Im not going anywhere.

    1. Not my mentality because, for a start, I never swear. I also prefer to engage with people and explain why I think they are wrong rather than telling them that I don’t want to know what they think.
      However, there is nothing in your last comment that I can engage with as it is a rant against people who agree with Corbyn. Why do you feel the need to do that?

    2. The mentality seems to be “Fuck off, leave us alone. We like each others blinkered prejudices. We dont want to know what you think”.

      What you think isn’t worth wanting to know, you just force it on people anyway.

      You’re like those militant gays who do nothing but go on about how gay they are and how everyone MUST tolerate them or else, then scream ‘homophobe’ when you’re told to fuck off because you’ve annoyed people.

      Nobody’s remotely arsed about gobshites like you until you open your trap. And the reason you open your trap is to deliberately provoke the reaction you get so YOU can pathetically claim to be the victim of the vitriol you liberally pour on others.

      If you’re so correct and Corbyn’s so wrong, then why havent you been elected once in the last 37 years, nevermind re-elected nine times? Anyone as wrong as Corbyn’s consistently been (According to you) simply wouldn’t put themselves in the frame to be elected, would they?

    3. Richard, I too am I’ll or badly edjumakated but I realise that if I posted on a RW blog I will get slapped. As for Toffees post about the “satirist” pub landlord he’s spot on. I imagine that Owen Goal and his entourage find him hilarious. Yeah, he’s a funny imperialist. All the best. I’m off to Tesco’s, two jabs for the price of one, today only. BLM supporters get three and a fiver off their t.v license. Cheerio.

  18. jenw204914/12/2020 AT 11:40 PM
    When you say;
    “However, there is nothing in your last comment that I can engage with as it is a rant against people who agree with Corbyn. Why do you feel the need to do that?”
    If you refer to my comment at 5.28, the reason I am compelled to ‘ran’t at Corbyn is because I see him for what he is, a fraud.
    I dont like preachers, and that is what politicians are. They think its their duty to tell the rest of us, this is how we should be, how we should live our lives. I dont need others to tell me how I should live my life. So when a politician comes along, especially an arrogant politician like Jeremy Corbyn it annoys me and I have to say something. Call it out as they say these days.
    If you refer to my comment at 11.19, that is not a rant that is a measured and precise account of the reaction I get to my comments on this website.

  19. “I dont like preachers, and that is what politicians are. ”
    In that case why single out Corbyn? In fact, why go on a thread which is about politics if that’s your view of politicians?
    I admire Corbyn because he has principles and sticks to them. The one thing he is not is arrogant. I think you can label a lot of other politicians that way, but not Corbyn. Ask the many people he represents and they will agree with me.
    There is nothing measured about what you say about Corbyn.

  20. jenw204915/12/2020 AT 11:46 AM
    I’m not singling out Corbyn. Tony Blair was another one that saw it as his duty to preach.
    OK maybe ‘arrogant’ was the wrong adjective. Pompous. Deluded, are nearer the mark. And an argument can easily be made for ‘unwitting arrogance’ but I cant be bothered.
    Fair enough, if you cant see it, so be it. But believe me, all serious political commentators are with me on this. I realise Corbyn genuinely thinks he has a serious message, I dont doubt his sincerity. But that makes him look all the more ridiculous.
    Lets leave it at that because we are never going to agree, but watch what the reaction is from the media if he carries on with this absurd ‘Project for Peace and Justice’. I mean? even the name is, over the top, desperate, vain, ‘holier than thou’. I’m sorry you cant see it.

    1. Reread what you wrote. You did single out Corbyn.
      You are right, I will never agree with you about Corbyn. What I really can’t understand is why you are on this thread, unless it’s just a space to pour vitriol on someone who will not read it.
      Again, why? Sad, really, that you don’t have something more positive to say about anyone.

  21. You ask “why (I) don’t have something more positive to say about anyone?”
    Its a fair question. I ask myself the same question.
    But when I think about it Im OK with my cynicism. I think its justified. Especially when it comes to the British Labour Party
    Im 67 I was active in politics from the late 70s to 2014. 18.09.2014 to be precise.
    Ive seen the Labour Party at work in what used to be called Labour’s Scottish heartlands. The nepotism and the sycophancy and the corruption. Thats all gone now. Labour are finished in Scotland.
    And I will tell you why.
    Scotland had a referendum in 2014. The choice was, vote No and maintain the union or vote Yes for an Independent Scotland in Europe. An independent nation at the the table with the other 28. Had Scotland voted Yes, apart from gaining our independence, Scotland would have rid itself of all that goes with Great Britain and the Commonwealth of Nations. Privilege, The Royal family, The House of Lords, Entitlement, Eton, Oxford, Cambridge, toffs……. the list is endless.
    What did the Labour Party campaign for in 2014? Vote No. Not only did the Labour Party say to Scotland vote No, it joined forces with the Conservative and Unionist Party in a coalition called ‘Better Together’.
    The result? Well done the The Labour Party. Labour saved the Union.
    Now, what is Scotlands future? Scotland voted 64% to remain in the 2016 EU referendum. What is our future with Brexit?
    I could go on all night, but I need a drink.
    Scotland and the Labour Party have fallen out. Its irreconcilable. The Labour Party in the last 20 years has given us a war criminal, Gordon Brown and his moral compass, Milliband the Labour leader that saved the Union. And then there is Jeremy Corbyn. Hallelujah. Peace and Justice to all mankind.


    Is it any wonder I come across as a wee bit negative.

    1. O fukaye I forgot to mention Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC MP.
      Thanks Labour

      1. I think peace and justice for all is a good aim, and I’m a month older than Corbyn.
        If I thought peace and justice for all wasn’t a worthwhile aim, I would feel like giving up altogether.
        Considering everything that Corbyn has had thrown at him, I am surprised he is still as positive as he is.
        The positive thing for you would be to stop writing on this thread, unless you enjoy upsetting yourself.

  22. The people of Scotand had and have every justification in feeling oppressed and discounted by every English government in history, and therefore to demand independence – whether it improves their lives or, sadly but more likely – doesn’t.
    The exploitation of labour won’t be changed one iota by independence alone – workers will still be milked and the rich will continue to steal the cream without red socialism.
    Despite ‘Labour’ being equally guilty in the ignoring of three of the four quarters of the UK, everyone should understand that each quarter is weaker alone and more easily bullied and exploited by the 1% who actually govern the world.
    Divide and conquer works just as well in financial imperialism as in the territorial kind.

    I reject your implication that Corbyn would have behaved in the same way – he’s a socialist to his bones and treating Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as poor relations is unconscionable.
    There’ve been few genuinely moral or socialist Labour leaders and only Corbyn who combined immense popularity with innate incorruptibility – that’s what shrivelled the 1%’s balls and forced them to send in ALL the tanks, build bunkers in New Zealand and pay Israel to go nuclear with fake antisemitism.

  23. And STILL they fear Corbyn.
    This posturing little fucktard with his dead eyes and the tics of a coke-head clearly hopes his amateur propagandising will earn him a safe Tory seat.
    He claims 205,000 subscribers so he may even be right – but he has the perception, reasoning and maturity of a two-year-old.
    “Corbyn’s 2021 Communist Campaign DESTROYED”

  24. Oh… and the haircut and dress sense of a thirteen-year-old of uncertain gender.

    1. What a wanker. Is this what passes for student politics these days? Stand aside and give him some safe space. Jesus wept, who in the name of God, are his followers

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