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Number of CLPs who’ve passed motions or written to Starmer to demand change: 230+

Well over one in three local Labour groups have registered anger and demanded leadership respect rules and principles of party

The SKWAWKBOX revealed yesterday that almost 20% of local Labour parties (CLPs) have voted solidarity with former party leader Jeremy Corbyn and/or no confidence in Keir Starmer, David Evans, or both.

But the number of those who have registered their anger at the conduct of Starmer and his acting general secretary is far higher than the 130 or more who have passed motions, or would have if not blocked from doing so.

According to Labour insiders, more than another 100 CLPs have bypassed Labour’s ban on motions of solidarity or no confidence by writing directly to Starmer to express their anger with his actions and demand that he and Evans respect the party’s rules and principles – and members’ right to freedom of speech.

Taking the total to at least 230 – well over one in three of the 630 or so CLPs in the UK – and well on the way to a half.

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  1. Is the idiot, with the help of his creature going to suspend them all.

    1. Is the idiot, with the help of his creature going to suspend them all

      For a moment, I thought you meant wee steve h… (Or is that ‘the idiot’ you refer to? 👍😋)

      It’s easy to imagine wee stevie as that shitehawky looking pet of Jabba the Hutt off ‘Star Wars’ , or Baron Greenback’s pet thing off Dangermouse…

      ..or the likes of the godawful richard hammond.

      1. Little stevie is also one of His lesser creatures 😉

  2. Well the CLPs are doing very well,but it is all or nothing in the sense that once committed they must now show overwhelming discontent at least three quarters need to be onboard.The best tactic will be to open up the constituency and use money for the relief of victims of the politics of the right including the Sir keir party..and the right wing drift.

    1. Ps And for those who say we cant afford to use the members money and assets(constituency office)I say we cannot afford not to!.A new socialist working class membership will spring up on the backs of the Labour party members who stood up and helped there own and not the Torys and the tribute band the Sir keir party.The title itself is a sign of the cancer inside the democratic socialist Labour party.


        I don’t think he ‘gave up’ or ‘ran away’. He’s applying his practical socialist instincts and energies to other (more ethical) projects. Truth is, the pettiness and mendacity of the neoliberal right in Labour often causes many of us to look for less sordid projects than staying and fighting to sustain our once-wonderful Labour party, which, until the powers of FPTP and the Billionaire Press are reduced, is the ONLY parliamentary vehicle through which democratic socialism can be achieved.

        And we don’t have to do anything clever or dirty to disable the clown called Starmer, just remain and resist. And you know what, It’s working a treat.

      2. You don’t Get it do you judas H I am a international Socialist in much the same way I paid for the privalage of being an international member of the Labour party.You don’t actually know what goes on outside of your fascist bubble do you.You are a dangerous little man? I presume ?. but I wouldn’t trust you or your kind with even your dog ..Tiny minds are often the most dangerous especially to the most vulnerable.I have no respect whatsoever for the damage caused to the Labour party by your lot ,but even though I left to help more deserving projects abroad I still regret not having done more to remove the cancer of the broad church brigade when it was staring into our socialists faces.You acheive nothing by your comments on here and only add to a more sustainable Socialist revival than that under Corbyn…pack your bags SH

    2. Weirdly I’ve only just considered the possibility that Evans’ refusal to allow Bath to spend money on local people might have been because the “centre” is scared by the loss of subs from leaving left members.
      If funds really are draining away, the Socialist thing to do might be to help it along and spend, Spend, SPEND.

      1. Spot on David….Spend the money on the victims of the Conservative politics and of course that includes the Sir Keir broad church brigade.Glad to see your comments in the early hours are inspirational and forward thinking.

    3. A thoughtful and very apt idea Joseph , wrt to opening up the CLPs , ours has launched a shadow CLP grp for all members who have either resigned or been expelled/suspended , to support them / meet and continue comradely activities as socialists .
      To hell with the RW twat Starmer and his minions we will continue supporting our people regardless of his petty dictates , he will become irrelevant in the end.

      1. Rob, what an excellent move by your CLP – good idea to have means of contacting each other outside the party system too.
        I might get in touch with my ex branch, see what they think.
        Thanks for that!

      2. I can’t take any credit for the idea but it is a really good one and shows solidarity with ALL our socialists in or out of the party , we have the same goals . Please spread the idea around as much as you like , the more that do this the less impact and effect Keith and his tool have on us all.

    4. The only thing to fear is fear itself,IF the rules and regulations that they ignore,then whats to stop the membership from operating along the same lines suspended or not.Swop the locks on the offices appoint a couple of meet and greet members or comrades and enforce our democratic rights.6feet and over seventeen stone and a polite but “forcfull” Get the picture we are dealing with scum lowlife that are attacking the most vulnerable in our communities,Respond accordingly.I will let you into a little secret,we somtimes had to take the gloves off in Ireland and SAfika but we won through in the end…..your turn now….!

  3. It’s a sad irony that the man who swore to fix the “problem” is now worsening what can be proven to have once been a virtual non-issue.
    Even if Starmer continues to pretend that the EHRC report was honest and the IHRA definitions (as currently misinterpreted) are reasonable, and tries to enforce them, I really don’t see that Jewish people will feel safer today or tomorrow than in 2016.
    On the contrary I think the more perceptive might be concerned that their traditional support base in Labour might now be eroding – that some less perceptive Labour members may be feeling resentment towards them, having believed those right wing antisemitism fakers really did speak for all Jews when they made their ridiculous false allegations.
    I’m sure there’ll be a few Labour members and many supporters who’ll discount the fact that Jews like everyone else are divided over political issues including socialism and Israel.

    1. The right’s use of false anti Semitism accusations was primarily aimed at the Left for its socialism. No doubt other players like JLM etc are intent on protecting Israel from criticism. Now of course, stupid Starmer and the rest have put themselves out on a limb on the subject and could not retreat now, even if they wanted to. They have given the Zionists control over them and dare not backslide because they would soon fall victim to the same lies as has been used against the Left. Though it can be argued they have actually been guilty of anti Semitism for running with the “wrong sort of Jew” argument.

      1. Spot on John , Starmer is a self confessed ZIONIST and that is all one needs to know .

    2. Good post. Will the expected benefactors cover the losses of mass migration? I don’t know but it must be a concern. The elites might realise that the party’s wealth producers are more powerful than they thought.
      I thought Joesephs’ post was great. There is a need for assertive defence. How many occasions have been disrupted by people wearing light green pseudo military garb. Ranting, howling obscenities at the elderly, socialist and wise members of your party. They must realise that the days when their bullying was sanctioned and given free rein are over. New times call for a new party. Regards ☮️

  4. Jonathan Cook as always tells it like it is in his latest piece on the witch hunt in Europe.
    “The same European leaders who a few years ago marched in Paris shouting “Je suis Charlie” – upholding the inalienable free speech rights of white Europeans to offend Muslims by insulting and ridiculing their Prophet – are now queuing up to outlaw free speech when directed against Israel”

      1. Yes I have always thought that the filth to insult Mohamed and by virtue ISlamic belief is a scandal…Charlie Hebdo is a low life publication that plumbs the depths because their journalism is zero standard and the only way to flog off the toilet paper is to be a qualified bottom feeder.They take advantage of France’s liberal laws on free speech and racism,and drag the constitution into the mud.ITs a shame really because I always admired the French system,but like all of the western world they are under pressure from the neo liberal alliance.

    1. “Irony” is too small a concept to cover the unthinkable circumstance of world Judaism’s nation state having so completely embraced totalitarianism that it weaponises nonexistent antisemitism abroad to crush opposition to its own apartheid at home.

      Israel clearly doesn’t give a shit about the potential for its victims to react against Jews in the countries it targets.

      As a lifelong atheist I hardly ever give a thought to religions or their adherents – “believe THIS bullshit or be stoned to death” – is the original totalitarianism and I’ll have nothing to do with it.
      Deluded bible thumpers of any stripe or anyone else lying about socialists to defend imperialism make me VERY angry and I’ll defend my right to hate the cowardly lying pussies as I see fit.
      NOT for their religion OR for their ethnicity – just for their pure fucking lying despicable Toryness.

  5. Time to launch the ‘Socialist Profanisaurus’
    Once you have been nominated, its up to you to give us your definition
    First nomination goes to David McNiven with ‘under troll’
    No names otherwise it will fall down very quickly

    1. Have I used the expression “under troll?” I don’t remember :-/

      Smartboy at 12:44 wrote
      “some CLPs will just be too scared to risk suspension”
      – but the members elect the leader, not the other way around.
      To suspend intransigent CLPs is to deny your opposition the vote and that’s definitive of dictatorships.
      Probably a waste of time but the Electoral Commission might have an opinion on mass suspensions of electors of any kind.

  6. 230+ CLPs demanding change and the rat’s STILL there, acting like his shit don’t stink.

    Firstly: How many of these CLPs have a sitting MP?

    Secondly: How many of them have instructed/asked their MP to convey their dissatisfaction to stammer and evans, personally, on their behalf?

    Third: Of those MPs instructed, how many of them have actually done so? And if not, WHY not?

    Fourth: How many CLPs have threatened to, or are in the process of ‘triggering’ their sitting MPs if they haven’t done as instructed/asked?

    Also, I trust each and every one of those CLPs arrived at their decisions democratically; by which I means each individual member had a vote…Before stevie shitty-arse comes on here, spouting his usual guff, again.

  7. It is likely that there are a lot more than 230 CLPs dissatisfied with the way Jeremy Corbyn has been treated but the banning of discussion about this, motions of support for Jeremy or no confidence motion in the Gen Sec and Leader will have their effect – some CLPs will just be too scared to risk suspension and so won’t discuss/put forward any motions on the issues. Additionally we are in the middle of a pandemic with no face to face meetings, no annual Conference etc so there are no informal discussions between members at any level about the vindictive act against a Jeremy, the anti Arab racism which it exposes and which is now ingrained in the party.
    The resentment most people feel will fester and will erupt at the next Conference if not before it.
    I think and hope that once the pandemic is over we will see a challenge to Starmer and perhaps a Special Conference at which Evans’s appointment will not be ratified. How could any decent person support them when they regard a fundraising event for little Arab/ Palestinian children as “anti-Semitic”? When they hound and harass Jeremy Corbyn because of his vocal opposition to the suppression of human rights of Muslim and Christian Arabs in Palestine Israel and Gaza? When clearly the believe Arab lives don’t matter?

  8. And?

    What effect has it had on the cult of New Labour 2.0?

    That’s correct NONE nothing you’re wasting your timer and efforts and still supporting them with your membership I am amazed at the people that can’t grasp silent acceptance = Membership to them. The longer you pay your subs your silently accepting their leadership despite all the motions and letters you send. Until you say not in my name no vote and support until my views are respected then this cult will continue and increase it’s hatred of socialism.

    Really is that so hard to understand. But still the shills will scream stay and fight but never explain how your going to remove 95% of the MP’s with no constant press attacks on speed dial and the same of the party workers all sold cult members that will be spreading lies faster than a farmer spreads fertiliser.

    It’s simple until we have a socialist party or a split your playing by their rules and were losing!

  9. After the 2019 election defeat, I was very impressed with this article from the Isle of Wight Labour Party who bucked the trend and doubled their vote.
    Because they are remote, they manage to operate under the radar so are not bothered by the cretins in Regional Office. I looked yesterday, one year on, and they are working to eleviate and eliminate poverty on the island, just like a proper Labour Party should be doing. Moral – do what you can for the community despite the Party, and it will pay dividends.

    1. This is very encouraging, and shows a welcome alternative to the sterility of the “parliamentary approach”.
      The membership should be working seriously on the adoption of mandatory reselection.
      It was the great error of the Corbyn years that this was not introduced. The problems of the Labour Party begin with a PLP compromised by the presence of too many careerists who moved in under the Blair leadership, who enjoy safe seats, and swallow and spout all the Burkean guff about exercising their judgement, rather than functioning as delegates. They must be deliberately ignoring the coach and horses that the whipping system drives through that argument, or they are genuinely thick.
      Either way, they are unsuitable for their role, and need a career change.

    2. Too right Ellie gates….motions are meaningless if the other side laughs at them.And now committed they have to get the majority onside and thats not easy with a party of rulemakers and the keir party of rule breakers.The best method would be to take control of the constituency and the money and invest in the community and the vulnerable.Lets see The knight and his misfits try to get them out,Homless,hungry..disabled living in poverty Do it and it’s the most effective solution to deal with the knights scum.We did it in Ireland in the sixtys and stopped the RUC in their tracks.None of the fascists want the glare of publicity and local coverage.After all its Christmas do something practical and good and follow the example of the isle of Wight

      1. We in Kingswood CLP voted to spend £3,000 of our funds to help our local community. We were threatened by Gaskin not to put it on the agenda but we did it anyway and it passed. We are still working on wresting the cheques from the hands of the CLP treasurer. Separately, the Social Events Committee voted to spend £1,000 of its funds on the local food bank. Again we were warned but it passed and we handed over the cheque a couple of days ago. We are able to do this because the Left is in the majority.

    1. So what ellie ,ignore them,the knight and his misfits ignore everything that doesnt fit their plans for the Labour party….Well done now we hope it will catch on.There is nothing more fulfilling than making a difference to the lives of ordinary people struggling.Thats what real life is about and it often makes me wonder why people take enjoyment like the knight and his little helper on here?…still don’t want to anylise too much we could start believing in evil and the devil.?Bravo comrades

    2. Fantastically well played, Ellie & Kingswood CLP. *Doffs Proverbial*

      Other CLPs take note; and if any single member of Kingswood, or the CLP itself are suspended, you owe them your unbridled solidarity. And the way to show that is to do exactly what they’ve done in Kingswood.

      Give the charities the money stammer would rather spunk on his cronies who try to rid the party of it’s own members; the ones that stand for REAL, ORIGINAL labour values – Not the professional class ponces who think they can dictate to the impoverished what impoverishment is. Them ‘bollinger bolshevik’ types who think it’s a fucking shakespearian tragedy that the local delicatessen might run short on free-range fucking tofu post-brexit ffs.

      It’s not exclusively THEIR money, is it? And what are they gonna do? Prosecute for misappropriation of funds? Demand it back off the charities?

      1. I remember watching one of the great films of years past “Spartacus” Written by a Hollywood writter that did time in prison for his left wing veiws under the Joe McCarthy witchunt of the late 50s and early 60s When the Romans captured Spartacus and his men,the Roman soldier asked them all “who is Spartucus” ?..They all replied “I am Spartacus” and so began a revolution that brought down the Romans and freed the jews from enslavement.That is the only reply that will defeat the knight.Real solidarity and support comrades backed by helping the community.You own the Labour party and the assets,Act like it..!

      2. Misappropriation of funds
        Threaten police action for settlement with Panorama Drama Cockwombles

  10. Ellie Gates12/12/2020 AT 4:19 PM

    We are still working on wresting the cheques from the hands of the CLP treasurer.

    As far as I’m aware (Might be wrong in certain circumstances and I’m no lawyer but even I’d fancy me chances against stammer in any courtroom, given his recent showings), charitable pledges become enforceable under contract law.

    Especially if the charities involved are aware of the pledge, and the pledges are in writing (They’ll be in the minutes of the meeting, I’d imagine?).

  11. Doug13/12/2020 AT 10:15 AM
    Misappropriation of funds
    Threaten police action for settlement with Panorama Drama Cockwombles

    It’s stammer, dougal. Nothing is beyond the realms of even the wackiest imagination when the ‘legal expert’s. involved.

    1. Get control back and you are free to look into it, either it was legitimate or not, its the threat of an investigation and personal bankruptcy that gives you leverage
      Now Temporary Embarrassment off you and Red Tories must fuck

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