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Chair shuts down Norwich all-member Zoom with no agenda item complete, to prevent vote on whether motion of no-confidence in Starmer and Evans should be heard

More anti-democracy to prevent action against diktat

The chair of a Norwich-wide all-member meeting shut down the group’s Zoom meeting to prevent members voting on a motion of no confidence in Keir Starmer and David Evans on Friday evening – or even voting on whether the motion should be heard and voted on.

Members objected to an attempt to ‘rule out’ the motion on the basis that it discussed antisemitism – even though it didn’t. Local MP Clive Lewis proposed that an indicative vote should be taken to see whether members wanted the motion to be heard – and the meeting chair instead shut down the meeting, to prevent any further discussion.

According to members present, not a single item of the meeting’s agenda had been completed when the chair cut the feed. Labour’s London regional officers have resorted to similar tactics.

Anti-democratic measures are alive and well in the Labour party to shore up the leadership’s Stalinism. In spite of that, CLP officers in many areas continue to show courage and respect for the legally-protected right of members to freedom of speech and expression. In addition to around 130 CLPs (constituency parties) who have voted through motions calling for Jeremy Corbyn’s reinstatement and/or of no confidence in Starmer and Evans, over a hundred more have bypassed the party’s attempt to ban free speech by writing directly to Starmer and Evans to express their outrage and demand the pair follow Labour’s rules and principles.

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  1. It ought to be heartening to democrats to see the extremes to which the right wing-and there was never anything about crushing democracy that Stalin could teach them- is reduced to in order to stave off these challenges. It shows how little thinking they had done. Did they ever imagine that expelling the most popular person in the Labour Party would not lead to members in every CLP putting forward motions of protest?
    They probably thought after getting the notorious DPP, open member of the Trilateral Commission and architect of the 2019 losses, elected meant that they could get away with anything.

    1. It’s also heartening to see how terrified they are of ad hoc democracy.
      Bottom up, grassroots democracy makes Kez’n’Dave’s perms fall out.
      They only like the kind of top down democracy they’re accustomed to. The kind where we get to vote – under close supervision – once every five years and do what we’re told the rest of the time.
      Fuck that and fuck you, Keith.

    2. I think that the did expect chaos after giving J.C the elbow. Perhaps they want a leaner, fitter, meaner er focus group. The fat lady has sung, encore!

  2. Bevin I agree that its “heartning” but unfortunately it is not even close to hard enough to stop the knight.Take over the democratic constituency with a new chair,and a more flexible arangment in members financing Bann anyone from the constituency that refuses to follow the democratic mandate of the membership.Have meeters and greaters on all doors to the office,and most importantly record everything on camera.Be in no doubt that the knight will not be stupid enough to involve plod and eject all troublmakers.including regional troublmakers who are unable to follow the democratic mandate of the Labour party.Fight back and open the door to the victims and close the door on broad church brigade corrupt councillors and all who are a law unto themselves…..You only get one chance and grasp it.

      1. Davidh stevie h,I wasnt thinking along the lines of being trampled and constrained by rules you lot ignore.I have just repositioned myself to support Socialism,but that is a No No for you bottom feeders isnt it stevie boy šŸ‘¦.

  3. Need zoom facilities outside the machine – can’t keep the SteveH’s out entirely but if the “centrists” dare to call hundreds of democratically-held votes “not properly constituted” they need to remember there’ll be a live conference eventually and these people will be able to make their voices heard – in front of the media.

  4. The Chair of Nottingham will be in for a very rough ride I suspect at the next meeting , perhaps the membership of the CLP would do well to circulate amongst themselves the address URL of an alternative Zoom session invite .
    Have that on standby and let the chair know in no uncertain terms if they try to crush debate and democracy the meeting will go ahead without them. Vote of No Confidence in the chair being now a matter of inevitability on the next agenda I would say.

  5. ……..& if you compare these actions to events in Germany during the 1930s you are being …………? How convenient?….sssssssssssh you dare not speak its name, just in case.

  6. And clive lewes proposes a vote for the vote and the chair bales out.Typical tactics of appeasment from another of our brave socialist mps.No wonder the “sound of silence” is deafening from our socialists in parliament.No guts and more worried about the job….well I have news for you ,clive and pals ,Starmer will have you and your pretend socialists out on your ears…dont expect any sypathy you lot helped to bury Chris Williamson and I havnt forgot.

      1. The reaction to the news of this upcoming announcement is remarkably subdued. I guess many are holding their breath and praying that their dreams will finally come true.

  7. “There is a clarity and simplicity in [WTO/Australia “deal”] that has its own advantages” said the sheepish and considerably less ebullient than usual BloJob about what nobody is calling a “collapse” in the easiest trade negotiations in history.
    “Where there’s life there’s hope” he squeaked, passing the 31st floor at terminal velocity.
    1922 Committee come out, come out, wherever you are…
    How does this compare to your deal Mrs. May? Any comment?

    1. I think it’s starting to dawn on the Lexiters that they have made a dreadful mistake. The UK out of the EU will be a cold and hostile place. It’s a lesson in the benefits of carefully sorting out the myths from the lies and not following without question a Messiah, be it Jesus Christ, Tony Benn or even, I’m sorry to say, Jeremy Corbyn.

      1. JackT
        Quickest way to end neo liberalism in this country is ?

      2. Doug, you cannot stop greed and selfishness any more than you can stop the rain. Anyone who thought that the EU promoted those traits was being led by the nose by the very people who are guilty of them.

        The only way to combat those who have corporate power over us is to have even greater power over them through solidarity. Allowing ourselves to be hived off from the EU by the very people who wish to exploit the weak, when we could have had strength in numbers, is the stupidity of the narrow minded ideologues who are forever sloganeering and introvert.

        Ask the average person what neoliberal means and the majority of them won’t know but they will certainly know what unemployment means and it will be coming to many as a result of our self-inflicted harm in leaving the EU.

      3. JackT
        Until economics changes we are better out than in, but all bets are off with No Deal
        When next financial crash hits and euro disintegrates, way better out than in

  8. “Until economics changes”
    I’ve been wondering how the Brexiters who swallowed the transparent bullshit of “the easiest trade deal in history” would explain the “totally unexpected” no deal, food shortages and high prices.
    So economics is going to change to suit Brexit. Thanks for the explanation Doug.

    Going to blame the EU for defending its own member states against the UK that threatened to undercut the EU on corporate taxes and wreck its entire economies if it didn’t get its own way on everything, are you?

    Brexiters definitely won’t blame the UK PM for only last week desperately attempting to divide and conquer the EU with some last-minute under-the-counter negotiations with individual EU leaders – because Brexiters couldn’t possibly have been stupid to believe Farage – and a democratic choice can’t possibly be wrong anyway – so it must all be the fault of the evil EU, right?
    Yeah, let’s all believe that, shall we?
    Doug, how come the euro didn’t disintegrate after 2008 like the EU-haters said it would? Or did they mean after the next six applicants are accepted?
    And when IS the next financial crash going to hit? Too soon to start shorting the EU is it? How about Sterling?

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