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Well over 100 CLPs have voted no confidence in Starmer/Evans or support for Corbyn

One in five local parties have, or would have if allowed

Last month, the SKWAWKBOX called for Labour members whose constituency party (CLP) has voted to support motions calling for Jeremy Corbyn to be restored to the Labour ‘whip’, or of no confidence in Keir Starmer and/or his acting general secretary David Evans, to submit details so a tally can be kept.

The number of CLPs that have now passed such resolutions stands at more than eighty – and at least a further twenty-five have voted no confidence in Starmer, Evans, or both.

At least thirty-one CLPs, possibly many more, have been denied the opportunity to vote on motions because regional officials banned them based on Evans’s Stalinist diktat banning freedom of speech on the issues, in breach of the EHRC report’s affirmation of the legally-protected right to discuss them. If they had been allowed to go ahead with the motions and only half had passed them – far below the current rate of success for motions on the issue – more than one in five local Labour parties would have publicly sided against the leadership.

The revolt against the shameless attack on the left – and on left-wing Jews – continues to grow.

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  1. Now that we are committed to a course of action against the leader of the Labour party,then a win can only be the majority of CLPs calling for No confidence…But the only way to force him out will be to make a move he would not expect.So far the CLPs have gone down the route that he probably expected.What he didn’t expect was for the CLP in Bath to offer money to help the vulnerable and he stoped that very quickly before it caught on.Extend the help to the homeless and open up the constituency for food and warmth and a friendly face.Starmer will panick if thats route is taken,and dont forget to drag the press in.ITs Christmas and scrooge is alive and kicking in the lotto office.Make it a xmas to remember and one old scrooge will fear..!

    1. Agree Joseph. Surprise is key. Plus, no let up. Alway be on the front foot. Active not forever being reactive. Always hoping that the crocodile won’t bite our heads off, as is their nature. As the children’s song warns: “Never smile at a crocodile!
      No you can’t get friendly with a crocodile.
      Don’t be taken in
      By his welcome grin.
      He’s imagining how well you’ll fit
      inside his skin!”

      or something like that. LOVED that song as a child🎶🎶🎶

      1. above should’ve been “… NOT always hoping that the crocodile won’t bite our heads off, as is their nature.”🚨🚨🚨

    2. Joseph – Apart from bleating ineffectually from the edge of the field what action are you going to tale now that you’ve resigned.

  2. I think it’s important to publicise to as many people as possible that Stalin will never become prime minister. Craig Murray has made a good assessment of Stalin’s chances which I broadly agree with.
    The sooner centrists accept he’s never going to represent them, the sooner we can be rid of him.

    1. lundiel – “The sooner centrists accept he’s never going to represent them, the sooner we can be rid of him.” True but SOD the so called “centrists”. Keith DOES represent them. They are at their very centre, warmongers racist and snouts in troughs. EVERY trough. The terms “centrists” and “moderates” was concocted by their spin masters to distract from their EXTREME nastiness. They never moderate their support for ever single Blair war and invasion. They are EXTREMIST. Violence loving extremist.

      i totally agree with you that we must work as we’ve never worked b4 “to publicise to as many people as possible that Stalin will never become prime minister”🚨🚨🚨

      1. CORRECTION + please excuse other errors “… The terms “centrists” and “moderates” WERE concocted by their spin masters to distract from their EXTREME nastiness.”

      2. He has more chance than Jeremy or his replacement. Have you managed to find a new ‘leader’ yet, or are you still looking?

  3. SteveH, davidh, SH it’s your count job. Count percentages. SH it’s you’re count challenge. Stumped past 1%, but try SH, try. You’ll never know till you try.
    Over 100 CLPs. ZERO confidence in your SIR Keith Starmer. How many people today have ZERO confidence in your Max Headroom’s disastrous “leadership”❔
    Get your abacus out SH.

      1. ooohhh errr well ,,,,, somewhat embarrassing for the Starmerites 20 points ahead checks calculator does the maths annnnnnnnnnnnddddd nope ,, more feverish button pressing , steam now erupting from it ,,, annnnnnnnndddd ,,, nope I still can’t make the dam thing add up to 20 points ahead , must be a duff calculator ,,, all Corbyns fault don’t yah know

        Westminster voting intention:

        CON: 39% (-)
        LAB: 37% (-)
        LDEM: 8% (-1)
        GRN: 5% (+1)
        BREX: 1% (-)

        via @Survation
        , 04 – 10 Dec
        Chgs. w/ 06 Nov

      2. That was a good start to the day,I fell out of bed laughing(Reginald Perrin SH….davidh…Stevie H and finally morphs into regie boy!,A reminder why British comedy is second to none…and thats why Starmer tory tribute band are struming the wrong song,the comedy club in the PLP are beginning to see themselves for what they are the nemesis of regi perrin and not a force to be reckoned with…Traitors to the Labour party and a mutant upon the membership…How are they ever going to reconcile neo liberalism with socialism?…They are not and thats why they do everything to cling on to the gravey train..Time is running out for a second rate tory led Labour party.

      3. It’s a big improvement on Survation’s polling prior to the 19GE

        10–11 Dec 2019
        Tory – 45%
        Labour – 34%
        LibDems – 9%

  4. Fuckin TOAST , not credible , untenable , where now is the protest from the Socialist Labour MPS , any calls for him to go or retract his dictates ……………………….. tumble weed……….

  5. Starmer is a liability, a billionaire-supporting, membership-angering,, liability. Evans is his keeper.

    Neither of them are the sharpest tools in the box – politically inept and emotionally retarded.

  6. Here’s some good news
    West Yorkshire Mayor Candidate Selection.
    Tracy Brabin – 4,389 – ELECTED
    Hugh Goulbourne – 801
    Susan Hinchcliffe – 3,475

    1. What’s ‘good’ about it, little fella? I’m sure W.Yorks has an electorate of quite a bit more than 8.5k or so?

      Therefore, by your reasoning, it simply cannot be ‘good news’ as the majority DIDN’T vote for the winner, did they? In fact I’ll even go as far to claim that more people abstained** than voted brabin…

      **I forgot…abstention is stammer’s answer to everything, his panacea, so it MUST be a GOOD thing then, eh, wee man?

      1. Toffee – What’s your point, You’ve boasted about abstaining yourself.

      2. Oh, I get it… It’s for the Labour mayoral candidate, isn’t it?

        (Still think there’s a fair few more than 8.5k members in W.Yorks… but nevermind)

        Now, the cynic in me suggests that brabin isn’t a fully paid up stammerist, therefore you hope brabin will win the mayoral election so she’ll have to give up her seat and stammer can parachute an acolyte in….

        Am I right?? Is that your ‘good’ news? It IS, isn’t it?

      3. Toffee – So it’s one rule for you and a different rule for everyone else. 😏

    2. Yes I’ve boasted about not giving illeagle my vote…and I’m not in any way ashamed of having NO part in that witch’s re election.

      1. Not really.

        See, my abstention was a protest against as well as a refusal to vote for, conservatism in all but name.

        Whereas stammer’s multiple abstentions have essentially aided conservatism…And he was doing that before he became an MP, nevermind so-called LEADER of the OPPOSITION, when he “abstained” on prosecuting a couple of them. 😕

  7. And, as Corbyn was the de facto labour leader at the time, I didn’t want to vote outright against the party.

    Whereas you shat on democracy, and still do by virtue of your outright support for toerag Brexit rather than a labour negotiated one.

    Anyone’d reasonably think stammer was shit scared of negotiating Brexit, given the way he’s carried on.

    But enough of us know he was never up to THAT job, neither.

    1. Toffee – “See, my abstention was a protest against as well as a refusal to vote for, conservatism”

      Not unlike Keir Starmer then, don’t be a hypocrite all your life.

      1. What the fuck are you on about…NOT UNLIKE Keith stammer?

        Prick’s been bailing toerags out and supporting them throughout both his careers.

        Or do you deny he point blank refused to prosecute green and shapps, despite having enough evidence to do so?

        (In the case of green it was stammer’s OPINION that green had committed no crime… But strangely enough, stammer wants Assange prosecuted for an almost exact same set of circumstances.)

        Do you deny he’s failed to oppose a single toerag measure since usurping the leadership?

        Do you deny he’s sacked his own MPs for voting AGAINST toerag legislation?

        Do you deny he’s called on his own MPs to support a toerag Brexit after quickly dropping the pretence he was previously against (negotiating) it?

        Do you deny he’s broken every single one of his ten promises within six months since gullible gobshites like you ‘voted for the best of a bad bunch’ (you still expect us to believe that was the case, so that’s a daft question in itself)

        Do you deny that stammer, once again, misjudged with his OPINION when he gave them shithouses the £600k instead of taking EXPERT legal advice that the case was. eminently winnable?

        Of course you deny all those things, despite overwhelming contradictory
        evidence almost literally punching you in the face.

        Because you’re a poor excuse for a moron. You’ve got some fucking chutzpah calling ANYONE a hypocrite.

        Fuck me, you even make stammer look positively bona fide. As Vic Reeves’d say: ‘Thats a helluva boast, ladies and gentlemen.’

        ..Except it’s an ignominious one.

  8. So are YOU, like your beloved, still backing a toerag Brexit?

    The Brexit he was never gonna allow?

    Not even a labour negotiated one that HE HIMSELF would’ve negotiated had he not conspired to throw the election so he wouldn’t be in that position, because he’s incapable as well as incompetent and impotent?

    …Just answer the question instead of going off on an irrelevant blab as you usually do, ta.

    1. Toffee – It was idiots like you that supported a Tory Brexit and the f’wits who voted Tory that enabled it,

      1. *Yawns*

        And it’s retards like you openly support the tory who openly brags of his support for the tories…

        …And no longer pretends he doesn’t want Brexit anymore but essentially DEMANDS a TORY Brexit.


  9. No answer was the stern reply…As per

    Still, I suppose we can all cheer ourselves up by looking at Hansard to see what tory failing stammer’s put on the record in the commons this week…As opposed to actually opposing them outright, instead of offering his support for their next caper, in his very next sentence…

    “Putting toerag failings on the record” ..Jesus wept. The mark of a true champion of the oppressed, I’m sure.

  10. I Noticed the champagne as been corked in the numerous bars and feeding holes of the elites parliament.The mps are now going to have to struggle with the measly eighty thousand and all ya can grub for this coming year.The penny dropped and our knight and PLP are devastated at the loss of 3000bigys but will now be forced to dive into the make the ultimate sacrifice….loss of pay rise and champagne corked at festive season.ITs a jungle out there ?

  11. ps. RE: The Establishment of which SIR starmer is a desperately willing stooge. Air Miles Andy is the very stench of entitled establishment. Repulsed by Prince Andrew? Then, ALWAYS remember he’s the sort Johnson & Starmer prioritise over thirty million of us. The sort who have only a vague thread of an idea of driving time between one of one’s homes in Sunninghill Ascot and a pizza place in Woking🔴

  12. For the record here are the minutes of a number of meetings and correspondence between comrades H Pollitt and J V Stalin from 1950/51. I shall post them every time you continue to associate Keith Stammer with uncle Joe. As I’ve said elsewhere Corbyn wisely decided to surround himself with “Stalinists” like Murray, Milne, Clark, Howell etc. but was ultimately sold down the river by trots like McDonnell. Uncle Joe was a socialist, Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist: the silent knight Steer Calmer IS NOT.

    1. labrebisgalloise – Nice old Uncle Joe.

      Official records reveal 799,455 documented executions in the Soviet Union between 1921 and 1953; 681,692 of these were carried out between 1937 and 1938, the years of the Great Purge.[895] However, according to Michael Ellman, the best modern estimate for the number of repression deaths during the Great Purge is 950,000–1.2 million, which includes executions, deaths in detention, or soon after their release.[896] In addition, while archival data shows that 1,053,829 perished in the Gulag from 1934 to 1953,[897] the current historical consensus is that of the 18 million people who passed through the Gulag system from 1930 to 1953, between 1.5 and 1.7 million died as a result of their incarceration.[898] The historian and archival researcher Stephen G. Wheatcroft and Michael Ellman attribute roughly 3 million deaths to the Stalinist regime, including executions and deaths from criminal negligence.[899][900] Wheatcoft and historian R. W. Davies estimate famine deaths at 5.5–6.5 million[901] while scholar Steven Rosefielde gives a number of 8.7 million.[902] The American historian Timothy D. Snyder in 2011 summarised modern data, made after the opening of the Soviet archives in the 1990s, and concludes that Stalin’s regime was responsible for 9 million deaths, with 6 million of these being deliberate killings. He notes that the estimate is far lower than the estimates of 20 million or above which were made before access to the archives.[903]

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