Exclusive: regional director pulls Zoom plug to block London executive committee vote on pro-Corbyn motion

Zoom meeting settings changed to prevent motion going to vote

London’s Regional Executive Committee (REC) has been prevented from voting on a Unite motion opposing Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension this evening. The union’s motion read:

1.           antisemitism is a poison in society and has no place in the Labour Party; there is agreement across the party that we must redouble our efforts to eradicate it

2.           publication of the EHRC report presented an opportunity for the party to reflect on its findings, unite and move forward, ensuring that all communities see  Labour as a progressive and anti-racist party where all feel welcome and valued irrespective of their class, race, religion or ethnic background

3.           events since the report’s publication have overshadowed the important task of rebuilding solidarity and unity within the party and showing ourselves as a credible alternative to the inept Tory Government that is incapable of dealing with the health crisis or the economic crisis  it has created.

London Labour Party REC calls on:

i.            all party units and elected representatives of the Labour Party, including the NEC, to take the necessary steps to avert what threatens to become the biggest internal crisis facing Labour in decades

ii.           the Leadership of the party to reverse the divisive course of action it has embarked upon, to work for party unity and to ensure Labour becomes a credible government in waiting

We stand in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn and look forward to him resuming his place in Parliament under the Labour whip as soon as possible.

Right wing delegates challenged the REC’s right to discuss the motion but failed even to get close to the threshold required to challenge the group’s chair. The motion proceeded a discussion and looked set to pass, with an amendment to express solidarity with the Jewish community at this time. 

However, as the meeting was held on zoom, Labour’s new London regional director removed the Zoom co-host facility from REC chair Jim Kelly, blocking the meeting from voting on the motion.

A regional executive member said,

We are elected by the members to represent their view. To take advantage of technology and have an unelected officer simply press the ‘mute’ button on an elected body conducting a democratic motion is an affront to us and the members we represent. It was clear there was wide support on the REC for Jeremy and it is shameful to resport to this to stop a vote. This isn’t how we expect to work in the Labour Party and will be calling for an investigation into the conduct of those who would silence us.

The committee has just issued a statement on its social media:

Labour has written to local parties instructing them not to vote on Corbyn’s suspension. However, this has not prevented various groups tabling motions.

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  1. After the hash they’ve made of this EHRC/Expulsion affair, since last Thursday, a stunt like this was only to be expected.

    The next Party Conference – whenever that’s going to be – will be a doozey. I wonder who will be leader then?

    1. George Peel, I tell you who wound’t be General Secretary at the end of Conference with any luck: David Evans. We need to stay put to make sure that the control of the CLPs that are now under left control, don’t fall into the right wingers hands.
      Use this outrage to mobilise members persuading them not to leave the Party and those that are in arrears to pay their arrears and stay. So that when it comes to select delegates to Conference we elect delegates that are going to refuse to ratify David Evans as the General Director. Plus passing motions asking for his suspension from the Labour Party for all the distress and offense he has caused to Party’s members while bringing the Party to disrepute.

      1. I fear it may be too Late –
        The right have been rigging the NEC vote.
        Lets see what Friday 13th brings.
        Have the Members shot the Labour Party in the head again.

  2. How many Tories does it take to change a lightbulb?
    None. They prefer gaslighting.
    How many Labour party members does it take to change a lightbulb?
    We all know, but we aren’t allowed to say……..

  3. Does that mean that Labour central is monitoring all Labour zoom meetings ready to step in at any signs of unauthorised behavior?
    ( Looks like Zoom has some sort of administration access that would allow this and breach any privacy settings)

    Looks like 1984 has arrived with Keir “Big Brother” Starmer and David “O’Brien” Evans

    1. Oh no! I have just been kicked you of a party of which I am not a member. X

  4. What would happen to people in another workplace setting who deliberately disrupted a meeting to prevent decisions being taken.
    Suspension ? Sacking?

  5. “those who would silence us…”

    It’s not as if we don’t know who those people are. Suspended CLP meetings, suspended opposition to a heinous, police state spycops bill, a suspended former-leader and email instruction to members forbiding them from disagreeing with, or criticising the Party.

    So forensic is Sir Keir he probably realises that it is the Party itself that he and his ‘new management’ is suspending (as in, rendering temporarilly ineffective).

  6. Undemocratic, autocratic, dictatorial and authoritarian come to mind. I do not recognise the Labour Party anymore.

    1. Sabine – Where were you when Jennie Formby issued the same instructions banning CLPs from discussing and passing motions on individual disciplinary cases.

  7. Why don’t we all file complaints against David Evans and the London Regional Director for upsetting and offending Labour Party members and bringing the Party into disrepute.

    1. Maria – Because Labour has more than enough on it’s plate with responding (within 6wks) to the Enforcement Order that the EHRC has served on us. Plus, like it or not, the polling indicates that most either support his suspension or are indifferent..
      Q – Do you think that suspending Corbyn was the right decision or the wrong decision
      All Voters – Right 58%, Wrong 13%, Don’t Know 29%
      Labour Voters – Right 41%, Wrong 26%, Don’t Know 33%

      1. Still Steve H, David Evans took a decision to suspend Corbyn when it isn’t his place to do so without consulting the NEC. Hence, as members it is our right to file a complaint if so we wish too.
        That the Party has only six week to respond? That should them be our concern either. The NEC has the choice to fire David Evans, because it is him after all that has precipitated the complaints.
        As for the public been indifferent? Why should we care? Did you care that 52% voted in favour of the People’s Vote for you to support the campaign? No you didn’t? Did your campaign achieve anything apart from leaving the EU possibly without a deal? No you didn’t.
        So dear Steve what make you think that I or anybody else here should care for what the public think, or the political consequences since clearly you don’t care either. Otherwise, why did you support the People’s Vote?

      2. SteveH, the polls you persist in basing your specious arguments upon have ALL been corrupted by the antisemitism scam and all the other Tory/MSM lies, as well you know.
        Every poll since the beginning of JC’s leadership has been corrupted by those same lies – that makes you a liar, every journalist in the country a liar and every politician happy to benefit from the lies a liar too.
        Some of the public are innocent of wrongdoing but only the stupid ones. The rest are as guilty as you and the Tories. You’ve turned the country into a cesspit where lies and truth are equally valued and that’s unforgivable.
        Do you begin to see the scale of your cuntness?
        You’ve earned your steamrollering ten times over for all the people who’ll die too soon because of you.

      3. David – Oh come on David get a grip of yourself, you are emulating Trump.

  8. The right wing of the party seem to be trying to reduce the party down to pre-2010 levels of membership by getting all the people who joined to support Jeremy Corbyn policies to self-purge in disgust, in the belief it will turn the party a pale purple election winning machine like it was in 2010. Their memories are faulty

    1. Ian Crawford, let us not leave but instead file complaiints in the appropriate form as below. It will send automatically a reference number for the complaint.
      Then when we don’t hear anything after a month write and email to the Director of GLU with the ref to our complaint. explaining that after a month from filing a complaint we have heard noting.
      If still we heard nothing after waiting for another month, we file a complaint as to whatever is GLU’s Director for lack of response. Still heard nothing, we can all file a complaint at the EHRC since our Human Rights are been violated since Party Officials are denying us our Human Right of Freedom of Speech and not dealing with our complaints.
      So please, don’t leave, stay and fight back.

      1. Good in theory
        How long do you wait after EHRC do not respond?
        Who do you complain to shot them?

    2. Iain Crawford 03/11/2020 at 12:51 am
      “The right wing of the party seem to be trying to reduce the party down to pre-2010 levels”

      In which case they are failing miserably, the membership has increased by approximately 120,000 since the 19GE. A nett increase of about 27%. 🤔.

  9. Little steven – resident champion of democracy – conspicuous by his absence…once again.

    …When it suits, eh?

    1. Toffee – Thanks for the adoration, but I fear your are exaggerating my influence.

      As for me posting ‘when it suits’, doesn’t everyone? There is no compulsion for any of us to post comments, nobody’s getting paid.

      1. Influence?


        You’re about as influential as a fart in a hurricane. Get your head out of your arse, get back in the waste bin of humanity; and only lift the lid when stammer’s actually done something worthy of a supposed opposition LEADER.

      2. Toffee – It was you that referred to me as the “resident champion of democracy “. that would be very flattering if it were true.

      3. Oh of course I was vei g deadly serious when I labelled you the site’s resident democracy champion but you’re so far up your own arse you’ll ge expecting a ticket tape parade when you come out the other end.

        You can’t even recognise extreme sarcasm when it’s in front of you.

        Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. Small wonder that party’s knackered if you’re representative of the membership.

      4. Toffee – You can’t even recognise extreme sarcasm when it’s in front of you. Says you 😘

  10. “Move along..move along..nothing to see.Digger Evans and Rodney the knight plonker….Move discussion …Move along Now or else..Stay and rebuild .And I moved along permanently.Silk purse and pigs ear come to mind.

  11. Kier Starmer´s reputation is declining by the day! It looks more and more like a serious mistake was made voting him as the new leader! A sad time for the LP.

    1. Which of the other two numpties that were on offer would you have proffered.

      1. lundiel,
        Aye. Corbyn’s suspension is classic Machiavelli.
        This quote is from the first paragraph of Wikipedia “He (Machiavelli) has often been called the father of modern political philosophy…”. Every politician should read The Prince.
        Starmer has read it, clearly Corbyn did not.
        I read The Prince years ago and I remember a piece of advice Machiavelli gave; it went something like this – if a leader is challenged or perceives of a possible challenge, he has two options open to him. He can either bring the challenger on side and ensure he holds no animosity or, the alternative is, he must destroy the challenger completely to make sure there is no risk in the future of a return.
        Its makes sense to me.

    1. What ‘leadership’ has stammer shown, butlplug? Openly lending support to the oppostion without once opposing them on ANYTHING – AND bragging about it?


      Sacking your MPs who actually DO oppose toerag policies that allow human rights violatons as standard practice?

      Mackinon – putting the ‘tory’ in suppository

      1. Toffee,
        “What ‘leadership’ has stammer shown?” you ask. He has rid himself of his turbulent priest. In public. Like what real leaders do. Fast, decisive and as I say in full view. Shows the rest who is the boss. Put a bit of stick about and the Corbynistas are a thing of the past. Real leadership. The sort of leadership that not only makes his Party sit up and take notice, it frightens the enemy. And most important of all, it impresses the voter.
        I hope that makes things a bit clearer. One more thing. As I have said in the past; name calling is not an alternative to debate. It reflects badly on you. I don’t give a flying fuk what you call me. You can call me a Tory I don’t care. That is not a form of debate, its not even an insult. Most people a Tories.
        Leftys do that. “Tory Scum” They think that is a substitute for argument. I suppose it is? When people start that, you know they’ve lost it.
        So keep on with the abuse Toffee, as they say, sticks and stones will break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.

      2. WRONG, buttplug

        He THINKS he’s rid himself of the ‘turbuent priest

        Oh, and hstory looks far more favourably on Thomas a Becket than it does henry II. Off you pop, buttplug.

        I couldn’t give less of a fuck what you think of me or my terms for vermin like you and the blockheaded one. But you’re royally fucked if you think supporting the toerags instead of opposing them, and trying to dictate terms of what the labour party’s supposed to stand for to me, gobshite.

      3. Toffee – …..and yet despite all your impassioned protestations of love you aren’t a member of the Labour Party and you have repeatedly stated on these pages that you would rather vote Tory than vote Labour at the next GE. It’s a strange kind of love that you portray.

        ps: What’s with the obsession with ‘butt plugs’, is there something you’re not telling us?

    2. Nope not a chance , what “that ” is , is NOT leadership in any way shape or form , Stamer the establishments toolboy( the dark night ) couldn’t defeat Corbyn by argument, or with honesty using the facts , so took the ball away , ie sacked him ,,, That’s weakness, not strength , that’s dictatorship NOT LEADERSHIP EVER .
      Real strength and real leadership is what Corbyn shows every day in standing up to the bullshit battering from the MSM and the establishment and of course the Zionists.

    3. Richard MacKinnon, I agree with you that Starmer has been effective in getting ride of his political enemies. Only one problem, he would never be PM and his time as leader is on a count down already.May 2021 is going to be an electoral disaster for Labour under Starmer we are going to lose Labour held seats big time.
      Starmer has miscalculated, in the past I have been active within my local party, helped during Kinnock, Smith, Blair, Brown, Miliband leadership.
      That isn’t going to be the case from now on and I am not the only one. Some older members like it Corbyn and some didn’t. However, in the pass few days while talking among ourselves on the phone, we didn’t agree with Corbyn’s treatment of getting, for the whip suspended from him. All of us agree, that even Blair didn’t dare to suspend the whip from Robin Cook. Plus, Corbyn never suspended any of his political opponents.
      Hence, for the British that love the under dog this was too much to swallow. Too harsh, drawing negative attention into the Party instead of focusing on the Conservative government failures, were some of the comments, from the better predisposed members towards Starmer.
      Hence, perhaps Starmer needs to start doing what the Tories do: hire help to do deliveries, to staff envelopes. Because a lot of us oldies that use to do it without complaint no matter who was leader, are not willing to do it no more. We are ashamed of what Starmer has done.
      You see Richard come February/March when the campaigns start, older members are going to make excuses ” it is too cold” “I don’t feel very well” ” I am afraid of Covid-19″ “I am in France, or in Italy, Spain” and would not help with deliveries, staffing envelopes, been tellers at the local polling stations.
      It isn’t like we are Cllrs and have our own positions to protect. Plus, we aren’t going to donate money to the campaigns because other worthy causes to contribute too. Hence, very soon the Party is going to be in debt and is was during the leadership of Miliband.
      Unless Sir Kier managed to get donations from his millionaire friends, financially speaking we are going very soon to hit the buffers..

      1. Maria – Oddly my experience is almost the polar opposite of yours. Everybody I know just can’t understand why Corbyn decided to die on this particular hill
        I find a common reaction is along the lines of “What the f’ is Corbyn playing at”. Nobody I know can work out what on earth he hopes to achieve by doing this, either personally or for the party. (do you have any sensible ideas about what he’s trying to achieve?)
        I suppose the good news is that most of us are pretty upbeat about both the local elections and the increase in membership which had sunk to a low level prior to the 19GE. Fortunately there has been a significant nett increase of about 27% in the membership since the 19GE, The 120,000 extra members will help with funding.

      2. Maria Vazquez
        03/11/2020 at 10:50 pm
        Thank you for taking the time to reply. I read your comments with respect and interest. I appreciate good manners. I am old school.
        Please allow me to challenge your view point.
        I think, that you think, that Starmer thinks, that he needs the old Labour Party machine behind him to win.
        I don’t agree.
        I think you are mistaken. I think that social media has changed everything. I think that the old style door knocking, stuffing envelopes shit, is now….., last century .
        I think Starmer is going to do a Tony Blair on the LP. I think he is going to ignore it’s institutions; as in, ignore the PLP, the CLPs, the trade unions, especially the NEC, all the BAME stuff, all of it.
        Maria, The times are changing.
        Starmer is a one man band. He is already a successful man. I think he is thinking, ‘why not have a bit of fun’ , ‘at my age in life, what have I got to loose?’
        Here is my prediction, the Tory government will ditch Boris at some time in the near future, maybe in early 2021. When Brexit turns out to be an unmitigated disaster. And the Virus? who the fuck knows where that will lead us?.
        What then?
        Who can save us?
        Is there anyone out there?

        Yes. I am he. My name is Starmer, Sir Keir Starmer.

      3. SteveH – “Everybody I know just can’t understand why Corbyn decided to die on this particular hill”

        Simple, because he is correct. His major fault is he didn’t do it sooner.

        Advice – get a larger circle of aquaintances.

      4. Jack – So would I be right in saying that some of your friends and acquaintances agree with me.

        What is the positive outcome that Corbyn is hoping to achieve by adopting this stance,

      5. SteveH, no, none of my friends or aquaintances would agree with you.

        It’s not up to me to say what Corbyn wants to achieve other than he has an opinion and he is entitled to express it if he so wishes. One result of course he has shown just how petulant and vindictive Starmer can be…. not to be mistaken for firm leadership, hopefully not even by you.

      6. Jack – Advice, get a larger circle of acquaintances.

        As JC was in discussions with KS on the Wednesday night by phone and was also in discussions with AR on the Thursday morning before he released his written statement and then doubled down on it he obviously must have thought through the likely ramifications and weighed those up.
        Unfortunately like you I am struggling to see what he hoped to achieve that was in any way a positive outcome.

      7. SteveH, I’m particular who I associate with.

        I’m struggling to know why you are struggling? It cannot possibly be because you’ve any concern for Jeremy Corbyn, therefore it’s more than likely it’s because his action resulted in showning your man up to be a bigot, a positive result in my book and probably what got you so anxious. There, we finally got to the souce of your depression. No charge, feeling better?

      8. Jack – I guess opinions will differ dependant on whether one wants the next government to be Labour.or not.

      9. Now come on SteveH, you are not trying to tell me Starmer is “Labour” are you? Even if you accept that Labour is a broad church, Starmer is not even in the congregation, he is floating around the city looking for the next revolving door, possibly as future ambassador for Israel. Now that would be a nice little earner for him wouldn’t it, with a retirement home overlooking Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. You think I’m kidding?

      10. Jack – Keir Starmer has been active in the Labour Party since his teens.

      11. Jack – I’ve seen zero reports of Starmer behaving in the manner you describe, it is also noteworthy that he isn’t a career politician who took the SPAD route into politics. Most of Labour’s members and voters don’t follow your minority vision. they believe in a well regulated mixed market economy not some fantasy ‘socialist’ Utopia.

        If you want to refresh your memory regarding what Labour really stands for then I suggest you consult the ‘Labour Party Rule Book 2020’, Chapter 1, Clause IV, Aims & Values.

      12. SteveH, yes, I know all about Keir Starmer and his appalling record, which we’ve discussed before. I had ‘teen’ right wingers like him in my own CLP sucking up to whoever they thought could progress their ladder climbing, as for integrity – zero.

      13. Jack – Could you provide some evidence that the youthful Keir behaved in this way?

      14. SteveH, why go back to Starmer’s teens, which you brought up in the first place? Starmer’s contemporary record is proof enough to convince all but the faux Socialists that he is an establishment groupie.

      15. Jack – I brought up Starmer’s teenage involvement in the Labour movement in response to you saying ” Now come on SteveH, you are not trying to tell me Starmer is “Labour” “ simply to illustrate that unlike many of his contemporaries he has been active in the Labour party since an early age.

  12. I know why Jeremy was suspended so quickly! Remember the MP of the year award? A great many of people voted Chris Williamson last year but as he was suspended, he was excluded. Just an excuse because they did not want the wrong MP to win. The same thing is happening to Jeremy Corbyn now: they will say that because he is suspended, he is not eligible to receive the award. Jeremy has to be reinstated ASAP and scoop that award.

  13. I knor bugger all about Zoom but I understand there are free accounts available.
    Perhaps now that the little corporal has shown his disdain for democtatic process, the troops need a fall-back communications system?

    1. I agree, they should have foreseen this and had an alternative zoom group already set up and ready. Surely they weren’t naive enough to think that the Regional Office were ever going to facilitate their vote after the GenSec had issued his directive.

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