Approving statements then punishing for them – once is bad enough, but Starmer’s treatment of Corbyn and Long-Bailey makes a pattern

Rebecca Long-Bailey received the weasel treatment over statement after she was attacked for retweeting true article

The confirmation today of what SKWAWKBOX told readers two weeks ago – that Keir Starmer and his staff knew what Corbyn’s statement was going to say and didn’t object, then u-turned and withdrew the whip after Corbyn’s statement was issued and his suspension was lifted – has established a shameful pattern.

Corbyn’s statement was approved by ‘LOTO‘ – as Corbyn’s team has always insisted – and then Starmer weaseled on the deal, the most charitable interpretation being that he buckled under right-wing screams of outrage that their attempt to oust Corbyn from the party had hit the buffers.

And when Starmer sacked Rebecca Long-Bailey from her post as Shadow Education Secretary in June, on the pretext that she had retweeted an article – an accurate article – by actor Maxine Peake, Long-Bailey revealed that she had also agreed the content of her subsequent statement with Starmer, who then sacked her anyway once it had been safely issued:

Twice a statement has been agreed – and twice the agreement has been binned as soon as the statement was made.

Starmer’s track record, even just on this issue, is a scandal.

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  1. So what more proof is needed? How can we “work around” criminally deceitful silencers like Starmer & Evans et al ???

  2. Some are bullying anyone who says we cannot continue like this!!!
    Who can disagree with that? Surely only those who want the “Left” continue to be used and abused🔴

  3. NB note who are attacked here on SB by three or four. NB the attacks on those who say stay and fight or change. Think about it. Those who say – Don’t expect a better outcome by repeating the same errors🔴

    1. Signpost Do you think that a party that likes to smother rebellious CLPs and deny hungry children at the same time refusing help to the disabled and unemployed people ,would not stoop to vote rigging.How soon before the Labour party inspired Dominion voting machine will be used to enhance the votes ,owned and operated by Lord mal Brown…for smoother and faster election results..inspired by the neo liberal alliance…and uncle joe Biden’

      1. Joseph u r spot on. There has already been enough evidence, few who exploit the planet by same old same old, stoop to any low. Electronic voting is a new tool. IT’s “convenience” is seductive. But, there’s no oversight… not even pretend oversight… yet. PLUS silencers can bully enough into silence. Nature and “nurtured” culture of “keep heads down”, “don’t make a fuss”, is ruthlessly exploited by the Right.
        The’ve also mastered pushing emotional buttons to displace and distract the “Left”. With Biden, prepare for a return to endless wars. Propaganda already heating up “we are threatened” etc NB we’re always “threatened” by those with raw materials, strategic locations, and who’ve NEVER rained bombs thousands of kilometres from their own regions. Funny that🔴

      2. I have always thought that a system that produces two sides of the same coin means that the only thing that’s good about Biden is hes not Trump and the only thing good about trump is hes not uncle Joe Biden.Funny how we’ve got the same result here innit?

  4. The party’s beyond redemption. Corbyn and RLB should be telling the blockheaded prick where to get off, nevermind agreeing statements and further encouraging his megalomania.

    They’ll not see a shiny penny from me, ever. Nor will I even entertain the thought of voting for them and I will do my best to discourage people from doing so.

    You saying stay and fight…well how many CLPs have flicked the ‘V’s at the hierarchy – and what’s happened?

    That’s right… Instead of taking any notice whatsoever, they’ve doubled down and are ORDERING CLPs to ignore…or rather shit on… democracy. . You’re pissing in the wind trying to change them, don’t start blaming those that can see what them bastards are about and playing the victim by them telling you.

    Corbyn and RLB aren’t the victims, nor the left, nor the jews, nor stammer. Nor are you who are repeatedly told that nothings gonna change by funding their power trip.

    The victims are the already disenfranchised and the impoverished of this country who get just as shite and barely any different a deal off the ‘rags as these bastards are offering…. Which amounts to the sum total of piss-all but more misery.

    They’ve been shafted good n proper.

    1. Agree completely with Toffee, if the Corbyn era taught us anything theres little chance of turning Labour into a socialist party

    2. Toffee – “They’ll not see a shiny penny from me, ever.”

      What’s new, Jeremy didn’t see one shiny penny from you either.

      1. Yeah – because ‘moderate’ reptiles like you had the party well boxed off (Still do) and Corbyn didnt do enough to eradicate the vermin to even get close to entice me back.

        But you claimed you voted for jeremy TWICE, didn’t you? 🤔

        Lad, we’re not as fucking stupid and as easily taken in by centrist bollocks as you.

      2. Toffee – I honestly don’t care much what you think of me, I’m not the saddo who posts endless expletives to make himself feel like a man.

      3. I’m not the saddo who has me arse handed to me on every matter I post about by just about everyone else on the site.

        ICG less of AF what I do about you and what you think I think of you.

        You are nothing but a sad, unliveable friendless (no doubt) asexual, lying imbecile with nothing better to do than to get a rise out of people by your own admission.

        And you have fuck all else than to chastise me for my use of expletives that you have admitted you come on here explicitly to solicit out of me.

        May the misfortune you have wreaked upon others (by delivering this country a toerag government for the next decade and more, with your beliefs and woeful lack of scruples)
        plague you and yours for the rest of your days.

        Christ knows YOU deserve it every bit as much as those gated bastards in government

      4. Toffee – How’s Brexit going to date
        The prime minister has urged the British public and businesses to make “proper preparations” for an Australian-style deal with the European Union – meaning no post-Brexit trade deal.
        Boris Johnson said there was now a “strong possibility that we will have a solution that’s much more like an Australian relationship with the EU than a Canadian relationship with the EU”.
        Which, Mr Johnson added, was not “a bad thing” and could be “to the advantage of both sides”.

        Are you still supporting Boris?

      5. Best ask yerself if you’re still supporting Boris, seeing as stammer does all your thinking for you and he openly brags about his support for toerag policies.

        Didn’t want a LABOUR negotiated Brexit under ANY circumstance; however, he’s not so unenthusiastic about a Boris Brexit, is he, gobshite?? 😁

        Go on…. Have yet ANOTHER go, bellend.

        I keep telling you; you’re not even a challenge. But you won’t learn.

        Any chance you’re gonna tell everyone the difference between Dr piffle and stammer, plums?

        Nah, thought not. Again 😁

      6. Toffee – …and yet here you are again. like a moth to the flame. You’re the one who feels the need to write long diatribes to defend your position, whatever that is.

  5. Look ..I was given the bullying treatment by my group leader and collegues.My reply was to laugh and point out whilst clearing the cups and saucers off the desk and on the floor was to show that intimidation does not work and told the group leader and his deputy leader to clean up the mess as the office stunk.of collaberators.Corbyn and long Bailey bent the knee to thugs and look were it got them.PS ..we suffered in the Blair years but nothing like the scale of cruelty that this mob like to dish out.Fight fire 🔥 with fire and never wave 👋 the white flag,unless of course you walk away from the continuel fall out from the Broad church brigade Labour party.

    1. When circumstance hands ‘power’ to the fearful more used to the role of victim, some can hardly wait to strut their new stuff.
      I mostly know about the male of the species in this regard but I’ve seen it in more than a handful of females, but of shorter acquaintance.
      Even without alcohol some can turn from normal to maliciously mouthy when their new big friend makes them think themselves untouchable.
      And back again once it’s explained that friendship depends on their reasonable behaviour.
      Don’t ask, it’s a parable 😉

    2. Yawn yay stay and fight but they never say how in there fever dream of reality. They will remove 95% of MP’s who of course won’t be making endless BS up as there kicked out nope that won’t happen. If that fantasy happens let’s move onto the party machinery.

      This is almost comic how are you going to change them? That’s right you can’t! Yes, you may mess around with the useless NEC and maybe the person elected maybe head of the party. But the party machinery will be endlessly working against anything close to socialism this is now a cancer that has destroyed Labour. Your fantasy of Labour doesn’t exist anymore, we have instead a cult of new Labour 2.0 and they will work night and day against you!

      So tell me how are you going to change that? Because I and many other socialists will never believe in Labour and I can’t believe as a socialist ever saying that before this year. My family going back to my great grandfather have been socialists my grandkids are socialists. They don’t believe in any party now, until we have a SOCIALIST party my money, vote and assistance is withdrawn.

      Labour walked away from us, so sadly I have done the same. You want to waste your time, money and vote on this lot go ahead but stop with telling good socialists they must do the same because of a fantasy of old labour returning because it will NEVER happen.

      Labour party of the past is dead we have New LAbour 2.0. I stayed despite Blair and all the abuse of membership then, I won’t see history repeat..

      1. disabledgrandad, if your reply is to me (sorry, I only just read it) I think you may have mistaken the target of my comments.
        “The fearful” are not particularly the Labour leadership, but the antisemitism scammers. All of them.
        I quit Labour when Jeremy stood down and I saw the ‘quality’ of the runners and riders for his job.
        I learned about Red Clydeside at my Grandad’s knee aged about six and I’ve never seen any reason to change my political views.
        I want a new Corbyn-led party and I want legislation to jail the media liars and the traitors who subvert democracy.

  6. Did not Starmer come out with the excuse that it wasn’t him who agreed with the statements from Corbyn and RLB.
    Alas his weakness towards certain MPs nothing would surprise me if he is lying and using the demands from some as an excuse to expel anyone they don’t agree with.

    Starmer is so transparent that his plan to refer Corbyn’s case back to a new independent disciplinary organisation which he’s hoping will overrule the NEC and expel him.

    With all that in mind no wonder you’ve got Starmer, the Chief Whip and now Hodge demanding Corbyn apologise. The threat of a court case from Corbyn could reveal the lies and duplicitous crowd running the LOTO and the party.

    One more thing if LOTO succeeds in expelling the left and those who choose to leave the party. Come Conference 2021 the ratification of Evans as GS will be easier.

    1. Starmer should be sued. Civil Servants are suing Johnson re failure to sack Freelance “Minister of Foreign Affairs” Pritti Patel.
      Months ago, posted that the Civil Servant who resigned was not backing down by accepting a backroom deal to silence him🔴

  7. “… a new independent disciplinary organisation …”
    OOH, I WONDER what it’ll be called?
    “The BoD would be good for me” said Starmer, “From now on refer all antisemitism cases to the BoD for independent adjudication.”
    “BoD stands for ‘BOARD of DISCIPLINE’, stupid, not what you thought.”
    “Any similarity with the name of any other organisation is purely coincidental.”
    All direct quotes, I swear.

  8. If they do Joseph they are certainly whipping a lot of hate. They are whipping everybody and seem to be loving it.

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